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									        Localizing Your Link Building Strategies

The relatively low cost involved in internet marketing has basically evened the marketing playing field,
especially for local business with not much advertising budget. In fact, what everyone is after are
organic searches (comprising 75% of web traffic coming from search engines) than paid searches
(25% of traffic originating from search engines). SEO is indeed inevitable in today’s online marketing

Link building is one of the pillars of search engine optimization. Just recently, as businesses realized
the need for an equally robust SEO plan, the spotlight shifted to locally targeted SEO link building
strategies. How do you do it? Take the example of New York and San Francisco. As two of the most
progressive cities hosting some of the world’s most active internet users, how do you make sure that
your link building strategies will bolster your New York SEO campaign or your SEO San Francisco

The Benefits of Having a Strong Local Linking Strategy

The main benefit of having a strong local link profile is bringing geographically relevant web traffic
which is especially beneficial for businesses that have a very limited scope in terms of target market
and audience. For example, an effective New York SEO effort for a local Manhattan food chain should
be able to make the site visible among the residents of the Manhattan area and nearby
neighborhoods. Clearly, someone living 24 stations away won’t make the commute or the drive to that
diner, unless they have the best food in town.

The second benefit of having a solid geographically targeted SEO strategy is basically ranking
protection. Securing links from authoritative local sites are extremely unlikely to suffer from
devaluation from Google. So, if you’re running a SEO San Francisco campaign and for some reasons,
your links in the national level get affected with algorithm updates, your reputable links from local sites
are the least likely to suffer.

Lastly, having good connection with local businesses online can also translate to meaningful
partnerships which can branch out to offline marketing execution.

How to Build a Strong Local Link Profile

There are various tactics on how you can create a sound geographically targeted link strategy:

       Submitting guest blogs posts to credible local business sites.
       Interview local key opinion leaders in the industry you belong to. Everyone loves linking back
        to these kinds of credible materials. They hold high trust value and are really anticipated by
        your peers in the industry.
       Utilizing your workforce to get local backlinks and drive traffic to your site.This is a great way
        to promote your site to people within your locality as well as get your employees be more
        involved in your business. They can do this via social media or their own blogs.
       Internet marketing is content driven. For a local New York SEO campaign to succeed, you
        need to develop good content that contains local flavor and local nuances.
       Take your initiatives beyond the internet. Sponsor local events and be present in other
        communities. Chances are, people attending those events will link back to your site if they
        had a good experience.

Building a strong local back linking strategy together with other SEO initiatives is a great way to
diversify your tactics, protect your rankings and be seen by the relevant market.
Author is working in an Internet Marketing company as a San Francisco SEO. He likes to write
informative articles on various topics related to Internet Marketing. Through this article, he wants to
share his knowledge with people who are about to hire an SEO company for their businesses.

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