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					Public Sector
          for Local Businesses
             Alwyn Davies,
Worcestershire County Council Chairman
Construction, Building Technologies & The Built

                Dave Meseck

        Sector Development Director
     Business Link in the West Midlands

•   Two way Session
•   OJEU
•   OJEC
•   PSL
•   Barriers
Existing Partnerships

•   West Midlands Centre for Construction Excellence (WMCCE)
•   Build Up North Staffs
•   Find it in Sandwell
•   Find it in Urban Living
•   Solihull
•   Worcester
•   Hereford
•   Shropshire
      Michael Howard,
Worcestershire County Council
• Worcestershire

• Two Tier Authority
• Worcestershire County Council
• Six District Councils

• Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service
What we purchase
• County
• Services
• Social Services: Homecare Contracts - Residential Care Contracts -
  Children’s placements / Transport / Waste Disposal
• Utilities
• Goods
• Works
• Maintenance and Refurbishment / Works to Schools /Engineering
  Works to Roads and Footways
What we purchase
• Districts
• Goods
• Computer Hardware-Software /Office Stationery / Equipment /
  furniture / Vehicles
• Services
• Advertising / Consultancy / Agency Staff / Telecommunications
• Utilities
• Works
• Property Maintenance / Small Construction/ Alteration Contracts
What we purchase
• Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue
• Often goods and services via regional or national framework
  contracts such as those frameworks developed by Firebuy and the
  Office of Government Commerce.
• For procurement outside of these arrangements, goods and
  services are purchased either via an advertised competitive tender
  process or for less expensive purchases on the basis of competitive
  quotations from suppliers / contractors.
Purchase differently according to value
• For example
• Goods – an appropriate number of quotes
• Services – competitive tender e.g. vulnerable people in
• Works – competitive tender
• Contract awarded on outcomes more than just price
• All requirements greater than £5,000 must be advertised on the
  Council’s website
• For requirements below £5,000 an appropriate number of
  quotations should be obtained
• £5,000 to £20,000 requires a minimum number of 3 written
• For requirements between £20,00 to 139,893, a minimum of 4
  formal tenders or written quotations
• For requirements greater than £139,893 formal tender. In the case
  of open and restricted procedures to which the EU Rules apply in
  full requires advertisement in the OJEU
How to do Business

• All tenders above £5,000 are advertised on the Councils E-tendering
• The deadline for replying to tenders will be indicated on the
  contract advertisement
• All interested organisations should send their applications and any
  relevant information required to the specified contact
Formal tender

The application form is split into a number of sections
• Company
• Technical
• Financial
• Health and Safety
• Equalities
• Sustainability
Actions we are taking to help suppliers

• Putting out tenders in plain English
• Ensure suppliers are aware of opportunities
• How to do business guides
• Reduce the information we ask from suppliers
• Splitting contracts into lots where possible without adding
  additional cost
• Looking for local expertise and knowledge
• Looking for innovation
Try not to disqualify on technical grounds but common errors are

• Missing the tender submission deadline
• Not providing the information requested
The benefits of working with the council

Getting a contract with the public sector may not be as easy as the
  private sector but the advantages are

• Immediate payment for undisputed invoices
• Certainty of payment
• Certainty of work over the length of contract
Thank you for listening


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