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					         Have you ever met someone who you really thought a lot of? For me, it’s

my Aunt Angie. Actually she is my Great Aunt – my Grandmother’s sister.

Angie is in her 70’s. She pays attention to the little things like straightening the

ketchup and arranging the potato chip bowl at family picnics. Angie loves to

garden and she plants beautiful flowers every year. Even in the fall, her flowers

are still blooming. They give her house that special touch that says. “You’re

welcome her anytime. Just like Angie tenderly looks after her flowers, she looks

after her son Billy, but he can still do the basics, like brushing his teeth or

dressing himself. Ever though he is 43 and still lives with Angie, there are lots of

things that Billy does independently. He helps out his senior citizen neighbors

too. My aunt has to write down every penny he makes for cutting lawns. The

government keeps track of his income and spending to make sure my aunt is not

spending the money on herself. (Not that she ever would).

               Billy likes to stay active. Whether he is swimming on the Special

Olympics or telling the family secrets, Billy always manages to find something to

keep him busy.

                As Angie gets older and more fragile, she worries who will take

care of Billy when she dies? Will they know what to do? Will they know how to

do it?

         But everything will work out when to time comes. For now they have

everything in place. You look out for me and I’ll look out for you. You cry in my

arms and I’ll cry in yours, I’ll tell you my good news and you tell me yours. They

are like two peaceful dogwood trees blooming in Angie’s backyard. They just

make toy feel special being around them.

                      Working Draft – Alex

                      from ISTE 2004 workshop by Jeanne Biddle, Scott County Schools

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