Real Estate and Your Retirement

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                                                    Real Estate And Your Retirement
                                                                      By J Harris

    Many people are looking for ways to increase their retirement income. For most of these individuals,
their homes are the greatest asset. A large section of the aging population has failed to plan effectively
in order to have sufficient savings at retirement. They now are looking to their real estate to
supplement their retirement income.

Real estate values are very unpredictable, especially now with the decrease in the real estate bubble.
Prices are falling in some cities and flattening in others. It will take some planning to get the most from
selling your real estate to supplement your retirement.

Be Realistic. To plan effectively, you must be realistic about the price you may get for your home. Real
estate is an up and down market, so you should assume a traditional real estate market for valuating
your home, with gains in value equal to the inflation rate. At retirement, you will have the same
purchasing power you currently have. If gains in real estate values are better than the inflation rate,
then you will have more. Just don’t count on it.

Get the Most from Your Real Estate. People used to work hard to pay off their mortgages for homes
they planned to raise their children in and retire. Since 1989, the number of people 65 and older with
mortgage debt has nearly tripled, adjusting for inflation. Making payments on real estate in retirement
years will deplete your savings and retirement income faster than any other expenditure.

There are three reasons to pay off your real estate mortgage — (1) decrease expenditures in your
retirement years, (2) use the mortgage interest rate that you will save to increase your retirement
savings, and (3) build more equity, in case you need it as income on which to live later. Paying off your
mortgage is a good thing to do, regardless of what the real estate market is doing.

Downsize Your Home. If you are living in a home that is larger than what you need, do not hold on to it
for sentimental reasons. Selling the larger home for a smaller one can: (1) give you a smaller mortgage
payment than you currently have, or (2) purchase a smaller home outright with no mortgage. It also
means less physical upkeep by you, as well as less maintenance and repair costs in the future during
retirement. Please keep in mind that there will be selling, moving and new home renovation costs that
must be deducted from the sale proceeds.

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

Sell the Extra Real Estate. If you have a second home or vacation real estate that will not be your
retirement residence, you may wish to sell this extra real estate now, putting the sale proceeds into
your retirement savings. You can put the mortgage and annual upkeep payments for this property into
your retirement savings, too.

Reverse Mortgages. Though these products have been around for some time, we are hearing a lot
about them lately. Such mortgages give you 50 percent or more of your home’s value with no
mortgage payments, which are collected by the lender at your death or if you sell the real estate.

Beware! Reverse mortgages should be used only as a last-ditch effort at survival. The interest and fees
added to your mortgage debt can be very costly. If you must consider a reverse mortgage, here are a
few smart tips:

• There are only a few reverse mortgage products now on the market, but others are coming soon. So,
wait two or three years to garner more options and possibly better products.

• You must be 62 to qualify for a reverse mortgage loan, but wait as long as possible to take such a
loan. The younger you are, the smaller the loan and higher the cost over time.

• Check out all of the products on the market and get independent financial counseling on the best one
for you. They may look the same upfront, but the number of years and the loan value differ greatly
between products, as well as the costs over time.

• Do not buy into the hype! Mortgage brokers receive a large commission on these products. If you feel
you are being pushed in this direction, check out other lenders.

• Plan ahead. If you move and sell your real estate, the lender receives all that is due on the reverse
mortgage from the sale proceeds. This could actually leave you in a worse financial state.

John Harris is an expert researcher and writer on real estate topics such as economics, credit
improvement tips, home selling advice and home buying preparations. For more on San Diego Homes
for Sale visit

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                                  Real Estate Information Sources
                                                               By Brad Wozny

Knowledge is basically the most important key to success in any industry and specially in real estate
investing. Even if you know some of the basic techniques in real estate, then you can successfully buy
the best property or home without any down payment. However, increasing knowledge among people
has no longer kept real estate investing a specialty of wealthy businessmen only. Today, real estate
investing has become a very common financial motion for almost every individual. This change is
basically because of the concentration and elimination of company pension plans. Personal investing
guides have also replaced these plans as they have become the preferred plans to retirement.

Real Estate Investing Books: Real estate investing books would literally increase your potential
knowledge and information in the real estate investing field. Generally speaking, the people who write
these books are the ones with experience in real estate industry, and thus they write from personal
experiences. There are also real estate investing guide books that are published in electronic format,
which are known as Real estate E-books. Real estate investing books would offer you almost all the
possible information that is used by professional real estate investors. If you have only recently entered
the real estate market then it is important that you posses the required important information which can
be found in these real estate investing books.

Real Estate Online Information Sources: Real estate investing includes various categories and
sub-categories and there is plenty to learn in the real estate investing market. Although you might find
real estate investing books a good source, finding information over the internet is a better idea. There
are tons of websites on the internet, where you can find the desired information. You can even find real
estate companies online who would keep you alert with the latest happenings in the real estate
industry. If you are planning to buy a property or need to invest in real estate, then an online source
would then be your best option. Most of the online real estate companies have a great source of real
estate listings that you can refer to. Apart from this, you can also invest in one of the listed properties if
the prices and the location match your requirements. These online companies would offer you various
real estate investing tips and guidelines on how you could make great profits through the various
properties that you have.

Other Sources of Real Estate Information: Apart from these information sources, you can also opt for a
real estate investing course. You probably could get the most out from a real estate investing course,
but you just have to choose the right one. If you are really interested in discovering all the inside
secrets of real estate investing, then a real estate investing course can teach you just that. The best
part is that that are a number of real estate workshops, classes and courses that educate and offer the
required information about the real estate investing market. You just have to choose the right course
that would fulfill your need and make you a better real estate investor or help you make a great

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