2-Enforcer Resourcer by BookLove1


									Enforcer Resourcer:
   o Get your master vision and plan for your life
   o Imagine your ideal day. Live it and breathe it. Write it out with a pen
     and pad.
   o Opportunity is here! Be committed to work twice as hard for the next 90
     days in order to totally transform your life.
   o Build up your pleasure and pain points in order for you to take massive
     action. (Ex: Away from pain: Evicted from my home, being a loser, can’t
     pay my bills, can’t buy my wife or kids nice things, my family and friends
     don’t believe in my. Whatever pains drive you, you use them. Move
     towards pleasure: 2010 BMW 7 series. Jet Black, Plush Tan Leather
     Interior, New Car Smell, Pure Luxury. Paid off all debts. Send my kids to
     the top schools. Retire my wife from her job. Take a vacation a week out
     of every month. Pay cash for my dream house on the lake. Buy my mom
     and dad a home and a new car. Whatever pleasures drive you to action,
     write them down and look at them every day. Live them like they are
   o Follow the system to a tee: Buyers buy, find your ideal customers pillow
     talk, learn and implement the million dollar script. Make money. Rinse
     repeat. ; )
   o Enrich others with your success

I found through surveys and asking around that most of you have the skills just
not the systems to implement and sell it.

Facebook FanPages, Custom Websites, Mobile Sites, SEO, Google Places etc…

If you don’t have these systems in place I suggest you dig in a little bit and get
your feet wet with this stuff. In 24-48 hours you can become an expert in this
stuff easy.
Can you learn all the techy stuff that fast? Probably not, but you would want to
outsource or hire someone for that stuff anyways. But I do recommend at least
being knowledgeable and learning about each offline element that can help
your clients with their business.

You can search Google and the Warrior Forum to find a lot of free stuff to help
you with this. Need help with your scripts and staying motivated? The
TelemarketingForum.com is an excellent source to help you with all of that as

Here are a few solid products teaching this stuff to give you a head start:

Recommended WSO’s, Tools, and Training:
WP BusinessPress Local Mobile Social Theme

C4 Offline

Social App Creator

Offline Outsourcing Insanity

SMS Mobile System

Wills Make Mobile Sites Easy

Experts Google Places CheatSheet

Easy Facebook Fanpage Design

QR Code Explosion

Extra resources:


Headway Theme


Template Monster






Final but Important Notes:

      These are just a few resources that may help you out. It’s pretty easy to
      find what you need, but that will give you a little jump start if you don’t
      know exactly the types of services you can offer and are looking for
      quality stuff. Just don’t get lost in the Information Grind where all you
      do is learn and read stuff but don’t do anything. There are two types of
      people on this earth. Consumers and Producers.

   Consumers stay poor and remain mediocre.

   Producers set the rules and are rich and live their dreams.

   Make the shift from consumer to producer and watch your life instantly
   change! Decide in essence to go PRO!

   Be committed to Ship It.

  Stay Organized with this free tool.

If you are outsourcing services a few pointers to keep in mind.

   o Let people do a small project first. Start small and give a few people a
     project. Can they listen well, take initiative, follow easy directions, do
     quality work, and meet time deadlines?
   o I use odesk often and a tip is to put a code word in your product
     description: “I need a good wordpress designer; I have a lot of projects
     and am looking for a few good guys to send some work too. I can discuss
     the details further when you contact me. Please respond to this message
         with your first words being “Green Lantern”. If you don’t do this, you
         will not get a response back as it tells me you did not take the time to
         read this message. Thanks and I look forward to speaking with you.”
         That’s just a sample, but it weeds out the canned responses and people
         that don’t even take the time to see what you are hiring out for.
       o Also I recommend on most projects working by the project and not the
         hour. Trust me. 5 or 6 bucks an hour adds up fast when they are giving
         you useless stuff. Motivate them and keep on track by doing it by the
         project. That way too, you know exactly what you are paying. It’s not up
         for question. If you know that the site will cost you 250.00 to get done,
         then you price your service accordingly and you know that you won’t lose
         your shirt.

    Once the business starts flooding in remember to be extraordinary in
    everything you do. Your customers will rave about you; they will send you
    referrals out the wazoo.

    Take care of them and they will take care of you!

                                                        YOU Must ACT!
                                                                      IF YOU
                                                     ARE TO SUCEED!!

Remember: Always focus on closing. That is more important than anything else. It should
be your goal from the moment you start your day to the moment you close it out. Plain
and Simple. 

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