HG sample paragraph by cuiliqing


									The novel, The Hunger Games, follows a teenage girl, Katniss
Everdeen, who must battle for her life in the Hunger Games.
Katniss’ ability to survive and win is a result of her strength
physically, mentally and emotionally. What three elements of
her personality allow Katniss to ultimately win the hunger

     General Statement An individual’s ability to survive in an extreme
situation is often connected to their physical, emotional and mental
state. Author Statement In her novel, The Hunger Games, Suzanne
Collins puts Katniss in the ultimate test of her survival skills while
fighting for her life in the arena. Argument 1Katniss has physical skills
that she has learned in the woods. Argument 2 She is strategic in her
approach to challenges. Argument 3 She demonstrates that she is
strong willed when dealing with others. Thesis Therefore, Katniss
survives the Hunger Games through her physical skills, by being
strategic and by being strong willed.

     Topic sentenceKatniss learns physical skills while growing up in the
Seam, which give her an advantage over other tributes in the hunger
games. Point 1First, before going to the hunger games Katniss goes to
the woods each day with a bow and arrow in order to kill animals and
provide for her family. This skill is used by Katniss to survive in the
arena. Proof Katniss wipes out the supplies of the career tributes when
she shoots a burlap sack full of apples and, “Then the apples spill to the
ground and [she’s]blown backwards”(220). Discussion By destroying
the supplies of the career tributes with her archery skills, Katniss helps
to prolong her survival in the games. The careers depend on the
supplies in order to triumph. conclusion In conclusion, Katniss’ skill at
using her bow and arrow, help her to become victorious in the hunger

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