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Animated AC/DC Drives PowerPoints                                                                         P U B L I S H I N G

PowerPoint™ presentations!

Schoolcraft Publishing now offers dynamic and animated PowerPoint presentations on AC/DC Drives
concepts from IntelliSchematic. These PowerPoints are designed to enhance your presentation of
AC/DC drives, AC/DC motors, brushless DC motors, and brushless servo motors. Seeing the parts of
an AC/DC drive function separately and together will help your students visualize and better
understand electrical principles.

This package consists of: 8 PowerPoint presentations. These presentations contain over 250 slides!

The animated PowerPoints are versatile and adaptable—they work well with any textbook, in a classroom
or training environment, or as an excellent stand-alone visual resource.

       Fundamentals of AC/DC                         Load Identification                            Shunt Wound Motor
       Drives                                        Concepts                                       Compound Motor
       System Technology                               Constant Torque Loads                        Stabilized Shunt Motor
         Electromechanical System                      Constant Horsepower
         Voltage                                       Variable Torque Loads                   AC Motors
         Current                                                                               AC Motor Operation 1
         Frequency                                   DC Motors                                  Breakdown Torque
         Sine Wave                                   Magnetism &                                Cogging
         Resistance                                  Electromagnetism                           Slip
                                                       Magnetism                                Starting Current
       Electromechanical System                        Electromagnetism                         Starting Torque
         Power Source                                DC Motor Terms                            AC Motor Operation 2
         Controller                                   Armature Current                          Induction
         Drive                                        Base Speed                                Induction Magnetism
         Motor                                        Commutation                               Motoring Action
         Feedback Loop                                Field Current                             Slip Calculation
         Coupling                                     Flux                                      Torque Protection
                                                     DC Motor Operation                        NEMA Classifications
       Horsepower, Torque & Speed                     Power Electromagnetism                    Design A
        Horsepower                                                                              Design B
        Torque                                       DC Motor Classification                    Design C
        Speed                                         Series Wound Motor                        Design D

Key Benefits for Teachers/Trainers:

•   Flexible classroom options. Walk students                            •    Add your own text and information to our slides
    through the explanation of concepts using the                             and animations to enhance and drive home
    hundreds of provided slides, and then bring the                           your curriculum.
    concepts to life with the detailed and high quality
    animation that follows.                                              •    With the Slide View option, students cannot just
                                                                              visualize the concepts but hear the explana-
•   Comprehensive coverage of AC/DC concepts.                                 tions as well—great for quick review to help
                                                                              them prepare for exams and further enhance
•   You can easily customize a presentation to your                           their understanding, freeing up your time.
    lectures and discussions by dropping them into
    your own PowerPoints for even more flexibility.                                           Please Note: Animations are PC compatible only

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                                                                                                                                  Animated AC/DC Drives PowerPoints
Key Benefits for Students

•   Helps you create “aha” moments as students can “see”
    AC/DC principles in action!

•   Builds strong retention when student “see” how things work
    as opposed to just an explanation.

DC Drives                                    Motor Performance                         Brushless Servo Drives
Control Section                               Motor Specifications                     Servo Drive
                                              Speed Torque Curves
Power Section                                                                          Power Input Section
                                             Brushless DC Motors                         Input Protection
Armature Bridge                              Motor Components                            Rectification
  DC Contactor                                 Rotor                                     Filtering
  AC/DC Conversion                             Stator                                    Bus Discharge
  Field Bridge                                 Feedback
                                               Holding Brake                           Power Output Section
DC Drive Functions                                                                       Transistor Types
 Power Conversion                            Commutation                                 Three-Phase Bridge
                                              DC Motor Commutation                       PWM
AC Drives                                     Brushless Commutation
Control Section                                                                        Control Section
                                             Motor Performance                          Commutation
Power Section                                 Motor Specifications                      Loop Closure
  DC Converter Section                        Speed Torque Curves                       PID
  Filter Section
  Inverter                       Selecting a Brushless Motor Input/Output
  Driver Inverter Classification   Constant Torque             Digital I/O
                                   Distance in Motor Rev       Analog I/O
AC Drive Functions                 Maximum Rotational Speed    Fieldbus
                                   Angular Acceleration of
Power Conversion                      Motor Shaft            Power Cables
  Power Conversion Path            Load Component Inertia
  AC/DC Conversions                Motor’s Rotor Inertia     Servo Actuators
  Voltage Spike Smoothing          Load to Motor Inertia       Bottle Filler
  DC to AC Inversion               Acceleration Deceleration   Edge Guide
                                      Torque                   Press
AC/DC Braking Methods              Peak Torque
AC/DC Braking Methods              RMS Torque
  Mechanical Braking
  Electrical Braking
  Dynamic Braking
  Regenerative Braking
  Deceleration Modes

 DC Motor Commutation
 Brushless Commutation
                                                                                       Please Note:
                                                                                          Animations are PC compatible only

A 750 Lake Cook Road, Suite 250 • Buffalo Grove, IL 60089   P 800.837.1255   F 847.808.4003     W

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