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									Artificial grass for soccer

As to VIVATURF soccer grass made of Holland Tencate Thiolon yarn, we have three
kinds of grass for your choice. Artificial grass models S50431, S50432, S50252 are
made of Holland Tencate Thiolon yarn. You could check the price and detailed information
in attached catalog.

For the grass sample, if you need the samples to check the quality, we are glad to provide
the samples for you. It is no problem. For soccer grass by Holland Tencate Thiolon yarn,
we have already cooperated successfully with other customers from other countries.
Attached are the project photos by our soccer grass.

Ten Cate Thiolon Yarn is tested by LABO SPORT and ISA SPORT which can meet the
strict requirement of FIFA. Please rest assured. When you receive our samples, you could
also check the quality strictly.

About the rubber mat, you would like 25-30 mm artificial grass thick mat. In order to
produce the mats that meet your requirement is it possible for you to provide the photos to
us? Then we can be as a reference.

Regarding the soccer goals by aluminum, we have no much more photos at present. The
appearance of aluminum goal is same as steel goal. Just the difference is material. If you
have some artificial lawn specific requirement, please tell us. The soccer goals could be
customized according to your requirements.

As a manufacturer with ten years’ experience, the quality of our product is ok. In addition,
the appearance of aluminum goal is same as steel goal. The difference is material.

With natural look and comfortable feeling, our landscape lawn will be suitable for your
garden. It is so soft feel that children could play and run on the grass. It will not hurt
children skin. Besides the grass does not contain heavy metals and it is friendly to human

In addition, our grass is permeable, when it rains, rain water will seep down. So it will not
mildew and rot. Please do not worry.


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