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Animated Literacy Fidelity Checklist


									Animated Literacy Fidelity Checklist            Teacher _________ Date_______

Introducing a character                         Teaching a drawing lesson

__ 1. Related Literature: Use either            Note: Drawings are introduced in the third
suggested literature or your own related        lesson. One or more drawings are suggested
selection to introduce an Animated-Alphabet     in the lesson plans to reinforce new sounds
character.                                      and gestures as each is introduced. The
                                                Draw To Read And Write Book provides step-
__ 2. Storytelling: Tell or read the            by-step instructions.
Animated Alphabet character’s story.
                                                __ 1. Related Literature: Read related
__ 3. Sign, Sound & Symbol(s):                  literature to introduce the object(s) children
                                                will be drawing.
Introduce the Animated-Alphabet
character’s sign, sound, and letter symbol(s)
in association with the actions from the        __ 2. Model Drawing: Students watch
story.                                          and listen as the teacher draws and
                                                describes each part of an object.
__ 4. Echo Singing: Use echo singing
to teach the character’s song and motions.      __ 3. Labeling: The students help the
                                                teacher label the object by gesturing the
__ 5. Tracking: Have the students               sounds in its name and naming the letter(s)
track the words at the bottom of the picture    used to spell each sound as the teacher
with a finger as they echo the song a second    prints (or draws) each letter.
                                                __ 4. Guided Drawing: The teacher
__ 6. Sound Substitutions: After                again models the drawing step-by-step. The
introducing a sound, create words in a          students follow each step and draw the
pattern song.                                   object in their workbook.
     Frére Jacques for beginning
       consonants                               __ 5. Labeling: The students gesture
     Apples And Bananas for vowels             each sound as the teacher prints the letters
     Bay-A-Bay for both consonants and         that names the object. They then draw a
       vowels                                   circle around the label and connect it to the
__ 7. Draw, Write, & Color: Students
color the character’s page in the workbook.     __ 6. Draw, Write, & Color:
This page is sent home at the end of the        Students add related pictures to the
day. A picture-story may also be done as a      drawing. A sentence may be added later in
center activity.                                the year. This page remains in the book.

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