10 SEO Tips SEO for Beginners by roka55


									  Seo SEO (creating a search engine) include many things, mastering
 the subject "SEO SEO", and learn more secrets is a difficult process,
holy and wants to learn it, but I know that the only problem is, "Where
  do you start?". This is a common problem for 90% of the owners of
    websites or forums or even blogs, geeks, and here I would like to
  answer this question. Yes, this is a step. Unites 10 points to make a
    move to all Sioux SEO for beginners and novice webmasters. The
  best way and simple to start working your "Suy SEO", whether your
                            personal or clients.
    This is a real time experience in dealing with new customers, and
these are the basic steps you must follow in the start-up phase. These
   include tips 10 and starts from a browser add-on to press releases
  "articles marketing." And everything is well articulated and easy for
  you, and I have written this article for beginners Suy basic SEO and

This model is the most suitable material for business and blog sites
or Digg (Word Press, Blogger, etc.), and let me know if you have any
            questions or suggestions about this article.

                       SEO SEO tips for beginners:

                       Step 1: Install the plugin SEO
   Be sure to Sitb Firefox browser and Sioux SEO plugin before you do
                               anything else.

                         Step 2: Find good words
  Use Google Keyword Tool to find the words word 2 or 3, which has a
search high and low but competition. Go through each keyword relative to
   results using Firefox Sioux SEO program of assistance as a result.


               Step 3: Domain bought word research
Buy domain keyword research. . com is the best but if not, buy. net or. org,
and buy domain with - in between words research 'enhances your visibility
             in the search results with the word research

                          Step 4: Create a blog
Create a blog, whether on Digg or on your roses Press. Within minutes Be
            sure to change all the basic settings to suit you. ..

                          Step 5: Improve Page
Insert words or research keywords in the title, the title last H1, H2, and the
   last sentence, the body (2-4% saturation), the PIC file name, names

                        Step 6: Optimization office
                  Service RSS, Yahoo, MSN to your site.

          Step 7 : Let the confidence of a large group forums
 An attempt to create some of the educational background pages edu .(
   Please try this at your own risk , it is the most effective method ) .

                       Step 8: Get a high - Pak Links

        Add your site in this list of 20 sites puck Link to your site .


               Step 9 : Press release of the contents of your
This is another supportive arrangement Alipidj Rank .Use my list of 12 free
                  sites , and create a strong Pac - Link .


                        Step 10: new content
Writing always new content of articles and unique and exclusive , search
            engines are always looking for unique content .

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