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Apparel and Design I Syllabus


Mrs. O’Brien
(715)349-2277 ext. 204
1st Hour Prep Period

This class is designed to give you hands-on experience with designing your own
projects and expressing your creative talents. One of your projects will need to
include a personalized project using your skill of the embroidery machine. There
will be one required project that all students in the class must complete, for
example, pajama bottoms. Other examples of projects would be memory quilts,
clothing, prom dresses, etc. At least three basic items will be completed through
the semester. You will need to purchase your own fabric and/or kits.

This class will cover the following areas:

*Fashion                                *Sewing Terminology
*Clothing Care                          *Use of Sewing Machine
*Fabrics                                *Use of Embroidery Machine
*Clothing Construction                  *Use of Serger

Grading-will be based on the accumulated total points earned in class throughout
the semester. Areas where points are given:

-Class Participation

You are responsible for the cost of all of your materials for projects.
There are extra projects that can be done for others if cost is an issue.
Please see Mrs. O’Brien if you have a concern with this issue.

You will need to be productive each day in class while working on
projects to earn your points for that day. If you are not working,
points will be deducted from your class participation points!

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