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									                         Angry Birds-themed activity parks launch worldwide

   21 March 2012 Last updated at 08:15 GMT                                                                         BBC.COM

            A range of swings, slides and interactive elements will be built into the Angry Birds-inspired play park

Angry Birds-themed activity parks are set to be constructed around the world.
The mobile game's Finnish developer Rovio has paired up with the playground equipment specialist
Lappset Group to create and maintain the parks. They will feature interactive content and
"exclusive" downloads. The first will be built in Finland this summer, with UK locations to follow.
An unauthorised Angry Birds park opened in China last year, but this marks the first official
licensing deal. The game - in which players use a slingshot to fling outsized birds at pigs hiding in
destructible buildings - is the most popular paid-for mobile app of all time.In addition to the game,
the series has spawned a raft of merchandise such as cuddly toys and clothing. The parks, the
creators said, would encourage fans into more physical activity. "Rovio wanted to invite people who
play the game to not only sit inside on the sofa, but to go out, move themselves and have fun,"
Lappset's marketing director Johan Granholm told the BBC. "You have large screens where you can
play the games in the park. There's a tunnel that you have to run though at a certain speed - if you
don't get there in time you get sprayed with water." However, Mr Granholm reassured parents: "We
don't shoot anything in the park, that's important to say!"
Difficult step
Theresa Wise, a media consultant, told the BBC that while Angry Birds-related products had seen
considerable success, moving into physical experiences was a difficult step for any brand. "These
things need a lot of maintenance, there's safety issues - if people film somebody coming a cropper on
something, you need a whole marketing team to deal with it. "There are many many more aspects to
getting that stuff wrong and destroying the brand."

                     The creators hope the park will encourage fans to take part in more physical activity

Since its release in 2009, Angry Birds has been downloaded well over 10 million times - even by
British Prime Minister David Cameron. Ms Wise added that Rovio needed to pay close attention to
the future of their brand to ensure the Angry Birds franchise did not fizzle out after its early success.
"I think the big issue with all games publishing companies is that you can have a bit of a one-hit
wonder on your hands. "It's like any business - you need to have a pipeline, and you need things
coming to market. "However good the brand and the game, you've really got to bring innovation or
else it gets overtaken."
                           Angry Birds theme parks to open in Britain

 By Edwin Kee on 03/21/2012 14:19 PDT                                      

Angry Birds have certainly flown to great heights, and the entire flock do not seem as though they
are about to experience a crash landing any time soon. We do know that it has already flown into
space, not to mention debuting in the highly competitive Formula 1 department, tying up with Wal-
Mart as well, while older versions of the game have been updated with newer levels and bonuses.
Having said that, Rovio, the mastermind behind Angry Birds, wants to further increase the brand’s
presence by introducing themed activity parks in Britain. According to Peter Vesterbacka, he sees
Angry Bird as an entertainment brand instead of just a game. Peter says, “We want to make Angry
Birds a permanent part of pop culture. We’re just getting started.” The Angry Birds theme parks will
feature swings, sandpits, climbing towers, slides and outdoor arcade games that are inspired by
characters and settings from the games itself, and will most logically be present in cities and towns,
although it can be attached to existing large theme parks as well
                 Rovio to Launch Angry Birds Theme Parks Around the World

March 21, 2012 09:46am EST                                                     

One of the most popular games on the planet, Angry Birds, is set to make its way into the real world
in the form of play parks for children. Rovio, the company behind the game, has teamed up with
playground developer Lappset to launch a number of Angry Birds activity areas around the world.
The first Angry Birds play centers, dubbed Angry Birds Land, will debut in Rovio's native Finland,
with additional parks to follow soon after in various locations in the U.K. The company first
revealed plans for the new parks in December. "We will be developing a service which brings
together the digital world and the physical world in a way that's never been seen before," it said at
the time. "The popularity of Angry Birds isn't restricted to any age, sex or social group, and the
activity parks too will be designed to be interesting places for absolutely everyone, all around the
world." The play parks will include Angry Birds-themed animal spring riders, swings, sandpits,
climbing towers with slides, as well as a new Angry Birds arcade game. The promotional video
(below), which offers a better idea of what the final parks will look like, even features an Angry
Birds Café. "Our goal is to motivate the fans, both adults and children, to exercise and enjoy the
outdoors," said Harri Koponen, Rovio's executive vice president of licensing and merchandising.
"Särkänniemi theme park, in cooperation with playground manufacturer Lappset, offer a delightful
Angry Birds experience for the whole family." According to Lappset, one interactive element of the
parks will involve GPS functionality. When you enter the parks you'll get location-based Angry
Birds levels on your mobile phone that you can also play in other locations. The first look the public
get at the real world offshoot of the game will be at Finland's Särkänniemi Adventure Park, on April
28. Un unlicensed Angry Birds theme park opened its doors in China in September. But earlier this
year, Rovio CEO Mikael Hed said the company has used piracy to help fuel its success. "We have
some issues with piracy, not only in apps, but especially in consumer products," he said. "There is
tons and tons of merchandise out there, especially in Asia, which is not officially licensed products.
We could learn a lot form the music industry, and the rather terrible ways the music industry has
tried to combat piracy."

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