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									How to prevent Cyberbully?

According to experts, Cyberbully often derived from anger, frustration, desire for
revenge, to discredit, or jealous. Sometimes children bully others on the net because of
their sad situation, want entertainment, mischievous. Many other children do so because
suddenly feel some power in the hands, and may abuse others.

Motive of "Cyberbully" actually not different from common bullying (bully) is.
However, "Cyberbully" gives harmful unpredictable because of the quick and effective
way of social networking sites. How to fight Cyberbully? Research centers and
organizations have concluded that anti-"Cyberbully" is required the cooperation of both
the school and parents can prevent and combat this evil.

In terms of school education can help prevent and deal with the consequences of online
bullying, which is why many school districts as ABC and the public schools in Boston
have launched a campaign to educate with children and adolescents. "Students need to
know what to do to avoid inadvertently become bullies out there, understand the
consequences and take responsibility for his actions, as well as how to fight the bad guys
try to bully me through network, "said Mayor Menino.

School can be a very effective way to prevent brokers and overcome "online bullying."
Schools can also moral education of students in using the Internet, and the provisions of

In addition, parents also play an important role in helping their children away from the
cyberbully. Parents can learn and improve their awareness of "Cyberbully" to be able to
help their children more effectively.

Parents can also explain to your child is bullied on the network can cause serious harm to
the victim, so that they avoid becoming bullies others. Once we understand the
seriousness of the problem, they are going to consider more carefully before you post or
transmit a malicious email or comment with others. To watch your child do when using
the Internet, and minimize the chance of joining the social networking sites until they are
aware of the risk of problems.

Teach children to take responsibility for their actions, and to understand that the words
written on the network can also cause harm to others as the words were uttered, but more
dangerous because many people can read at a time, and continue to move. Teach your
child is in the case of "bullying," should not retaliatory response by which to inform
teachers and parents immediately, and to the great deal. If the child is bullying others,
parents should be boldly and resolutely punished severely.
Let take part in cyber bullying to have more information to educate your children.

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