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apartment.psd by lanyuehua



Problem: You are thinking about moving to a new apartment. After visiting the complex, the landlord
gave you a floor plan of a corner unit with two bedrooms. You decide to use Photoshop to experiment
with different placements of the furniture to create the best layout and maintain the most free space. In
a file called apartment.psd, the floor plan is stored as the background, and the sample furniture images
as layers.

1. Open the apartment.psd image file from the webpage.

2. One at a time, click each layer in the palette. Look at the layer and rename it with a descriptive name
such as chair or desk or bed.

3. Choose a layer to place in the apartment. Click the layer’s visibility icon. When Photoshop displays the
layer in the document window, click the Move Tool (V) button in the toolbox and drag the layer to an
appropriate place. If you need to resize the image so it better fits the location, press CTRL+T and then
SHIFT+drag a corner sizing handle. Use the bounding box and the mouse, if you need to flip or rotate.

4. Repeat Step 3 choosing each of the remaining layers.

5. Once you have placed all of the layers, duplicate at least three layers to create more furniture. Resize
and flip as necessary.

6. Use the Internet and copy 3 more images to add to your apartment layout: either flowers, tv, radio,
etc. Paste them on the floor plan and position as necessary. Rename each of the 3 new layers.

7. When you are finished, save the changes and then use the Flatten Image command to flatten all of
the layers into the background.

8. Save the flattened image as apartment.jpg in your Graphic Design folder.

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