; AP English Language 2012-2013
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AP English Language 2012-2013


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									             Summer Reading Assignment – AP English Language & Composition: 2012

Assigned Works:
      The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck*

Welcome to AP English Language and Composition! The Summer Reading Assignment is a graded
assignment. Although we will discuss the readings in class, your knowledge of each work’s content will
be discerned in three ways: a visual analysis, an in-class essay given the second full week of school, and an
exam administered. Please note: discussion on each novel will take place after the exam, not before.

*Barnes and Noble has ordered these novels, but you may use any edition you have or order yourself.

The Grapes of Wrath is a seminal work of American Literature that depicts extreme hardhship in the time
of the Great Depression. You will notice a distinct form in the novel. It employs intercalary chapters as
well as narrative chapters. The intercalary chapters highlight the world outside of the Joads. The
narrative chapters focus only on the Joads. As you read, try to figure out why Steinbeck employs this
style. This may help you focus your analysis of theme.

I. Exam: The summer reading exam is scheduled for Wednesday, August 22nd.

II. In-Class Essay:
          You will be writing a literary analysis paper in which you discuss the theme from the novel.
          As you read all of the novels, highlight for thematic quotes. One way to figure out the theme
             or author’s message is to consider what new awareness you had when you finished the novel.
             Remember, authors write for a purpose. They get a specific message across. Our job as
             literary analyzers is to determine what the message is.
          An in-class essay will be composed the third full week of school on Friday, August 31st .

III. Poster Project: A Visual Analysis of Theme
             Decide on a main theme from one of the above works. Your poster will reflect this
             Place the title of the work and the author’s name clearly and legibly on the front of the
                poster so that it can be seen from a distance.
             Select a quote that supports the theme that you have chosen to illustrate. Copy the entire
                quote (neatly and accurately) onto the front of your poster (it must be visible from a
             Be sure to cite your quotation with the author’s last name and page number. Such as the
                following example: (Steinbeck 30).
             Draw a visual depiction or representation of the theme based on the details of your
                quotation. You may include key phrases or words to underscore the meaning of your
             Poster must be 12 x 18”.
             Use color! Illustrations should be visible from a distance.
             Please do NOT use foam core or super-thick poster board.
             Due Thursday, August 23rd

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