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   Category          Weak/Poor 1pt.               Marginal 2pts.               Average 3pts.              Competent 4 pts.             Very Good 5pts.              Excellent 6pts.       Enter Points
    grasp of         Content lacks an             Content require              Content clear and          Content clear, focused       Content clear, focused       Content always
   subject and       apparent purpose or          extensive inferences         appropriate to             and appropriate to           and appropriate. Main        clear. Main ideas
  evidence of        central theme.               by audience, not             audience and               audience and purpose.        ideas stand out and are      draw attention and
    research                                      suited to audience or        purpose. Support           Support is present but       developed by strong          compel audience.
                                                  purpose.                     lacks development.         limited.                     details.                     Almost perfect.

  Enunciation,       Voice not clear, volume      Voice not clear, mostly      Voice sometimes clear,     Voice generally clear.       Voice clear. Adopts          Voice always clear.
     volume,         is low, monotonous.          monotonous.                  not always. Some           Some attempt to adopt        appropriate tone and         Tone and volume
      clarity                                                                  variation of volume.       appropriate volume and       volume. Pauses with good     always appropriate
                                                                                                          tone.                        effect.                      to ideas. Pauses
                                                                                                                                                                    add to delivery.

   Choice and        Language extremely           Language awkward,            Language ordinary,         Language original            Language original. Variety   Language original.
  command of         limited. Meaning obscure.    repetitive or misused.       lacking precision,         functional and               of carefully-selected        Words selected
   language.                                                                   variety and clarity.       appropriate to               words.                       carefully for
  Appropriate                                                                                             audience and purpose.                                     maximum impact.
  English usage.

    Ability to       Makes little attempt to      Audience is distracted       Delivery not totally       Shows some enthusiasm        Shows a lot of               Interesting and
  influence the      engage audience. Wants       by delivery problems.        smooth, but gets the       for topic and uses some      enthusiasm for topic and     enthusiastic.
  audience with      to just "get through" the                                 point across.              effective devices.           uses devices very            Speaks to topic as
 use of language     speech.                                                                                                           effectively.                 if from experience.
and other devices

     Poise:          Slouches over lectern, or    Often slouches. Appears      Limited slouching.         Good posture and eye         Good posture. Generally      Great posture. Use
  Body posture,      appears noticeably tense.    somewhat tense. Limited      Some eye contact.          contact. Some effective      good use of eye contact      of eye contact and
   Eye contact       No eye contact.              eye contact.                                            body movement.               and body movement to         body movement
                                                                                                                                       engage audience.             engages audience.
  Cohesiveness,      Lacks structure, no          Little structure, little     Fair organization, some    Easy to follow, transition   Organization adds to main    Very strong
  soundness of       organization. Difficult to   organization. Difficult to   transitions, evidence of   present and predictable.     ideas and development.       organization and
reasoning, clarity   follow. Too brief.           follow with ineffective      planning.                  Conclusion present but       Creative intro. and          development. Very
    of ideas.                                     intro. or conclusion.                                   is mechanical.               conclusion.                  effective.
                                                                                                                                                                     Total Points:

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