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LOW COST PROFESSIONAL SERVICES - For clients who wish to take
advantage of low cost high quality bookkeeping using offshore professionals, we
affiliate with CPA’s in the Philippines to prove extremely low cost professional
services. You can review their information at

FIXED FEES - Their service establishes a fixed fee monthly bookkeeping fee as
low as $40/month and is based on professional rates of $15/hour when we are your
tax professional. A bookkeeper locally charges on average $65 per hour. Our fees
represent a 75% discount on those of local competitors.

IRS AUDIT DEFENSE - Theses services are designed for you to document your
tax return so you can defend yourself in an audit. We do produce a compilation
with no disclosures on an income tax basis of accounting. These financial reports
are useful for your own internal purposes to know how much you have made and
also help you in projecting your income for year-end purposes.

                   James D Miller CPA & Associates
James D Miller CPA & Associates

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