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									                                                     Department of Medicine
                                               On-Boarding Comprehensive Checklist
Done Task                                                                            Academic Ees-in-Train Classified Student                Due
(date)                                                                               Staff    /Student Asst Staff     Hourly
       Business cards--to order use on-line form located                                                                                     Pre-start
       Computer equipment--ensure hardware and software is available and                                                                     Pre-start
       installed, contact IT at help@medicine.wisc.edu or see link for more
       information http://kb.wisc.edu/medicine/12624
       Computer Sign-ons--Determine appropriate information systems needs and                                                                Pre-start
       complete forms for ee signature on first day; see this site for most access
       Computer DOM Email sign-on--Send new employee computer account                                                                        Pre-start
       checklist to IT by sending email to help@medicine.wisc.edu; link for form is:
       (Jennifer/IT working on new policy requring DOM email; link will go here)
       Lab coat--order from typical vendor (currently no standard process for DOM,                                                           Pre-start
       each division has separate process)
       Locker--arrange for at UWHC/VA if needed                                                                                              Pre-start
       New Employee Orientation--schedule NEO session with HR for Wednesday                                                                  Pre-start
       during first week of work (or before) by sending an email to
       HR@medicine.wisc.edu plus schedule meetings with others for initial
       Office space and furniture--ensure available                                                                                          Pre-start
       Pager--order thru UConnect at                                                                                                         Pre-start
       Parking--where to park your first day; alternative transportation; parking                                                            Pre-start
       application requires Net ID; instruct ee to apply for parking on-line at this link -
       Phone--Land line phones, phone numbers and voice mail may be ordered by                                                               Pre-start
       contacting DoIT (authorized divisional user must contact);
       Signage--acquire appropriate signage for MFCB by contacting Facilities                                                                Pre-start
       Designer - mjjelinek@medicine.wisc.edu
Done Task                                                                              Academic Ees-in-Train Classified Student              Due
(date)                                                                                 Staff          /Student Asst Staff          Hourly
       Badge/ID--for UW, provide information on how to acquire WISC card ID:                                                                 NEO too
       http://www.wiscard.wisc.edu/service.html#1 (must have photo ID in order to
       access My UW/Net ID); must appear in person at Union South with ID and be
       entered into HRS; call ahead 262-3258
       Badge/ID--UW Health, give completed form to new ee who presents at                                                                    NEO too
       G5/142 CSC for picture and ID; MUST BE SIGNED BY HR;
       http://www2.medicine.wisc.edu/home/hr/hrforms (This gives general building
       Building access--provide work unit access such as security codes, after                                                               1st Week
       hours access--if needed, keys, etc. (for ADRC, J5/M CSC access--send email
       request to UW Police at access@mhub.uwpd.wisc.edu with badge#; for MFCB
       access send an email to move@medicine.wisc.edu
       Building Guide, Midvale--link is                                                        for all staff located at 310 N. Midvale       1st Week
       Building Guide, MFCB--link is                                                        for all staff located in Medical Foundation      1st Week
       http://www.med.wisc.edu/facilities/mfcb/policies-and-procedures/27491                        Centennial Building (MFCB)
                                                                                        for all staff located in Health Sciences Learning    1st Week
       Building Guide, HSLC--link is                                                                         Center (HSLC)
       Building Guide, WIMR--link is                                                     for all staff located in Wisconsin Institutes for   1st Week
       http://www.med.wisc.edu/files/smph/docs/wimr/wimr-facilities-use-guidelines-                  Medical Research (WIMR)
       Computer training--on use of applicable software systems and familiarize                                                              1st Week
       with DOM/Division website

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Done Task                                                                                  Academic Ees-in-Train Classified Student Due
(date)                                                                                     Staff    /Student Asst Staff     Hourly
       Emergency procedures for work unit--review emergency response guide                                                          1st Week
       and, depending on position duties, also review the blood borne pathogens
       plan; discuss person's specific role regarding safety--fire, tornado, etc.
Employee Health
       TB testing—placement and reading (records not kept by HR or UWHC                    Anyone w/direct patient or study participant           Prior to
       employee health); tests available from UWHC Employee Health Service, call           contact                                                 patient
       263-7535; must present valid SMPH ID                                                                                                       contact,
       Immunizations: It is an expectation that all immunizations are up-to-date,          Any one with direct patient/study participant            then
       including Hepatitis B; however, we don't require proof nor documentation to         contact                                                annually
       personnel file

       Evaluation period (if applicable)--length--12 months                                                                                     1st Week
       Healthlink--the process for healthlink access and training changes frequently                                                            1st Week
       so see link on DOM/HR website for the flowchart and directions:
       http://www2.medicine.wisc.edu/home/hr/healthlink. All documentation must be
       submitted thru your HR representative
       Introductions--to co-workers and functions in work area                                                                                  1st Week
       List Serves--add to appropriate list serves, department electronic calendars,                                                            1st Week
       team folders, proxy lists, etc.
       Mail system--inter-office mail system, CSC mail codes, postage, and                                                                      1st Week
       shipping services
       Mentor--consider assigning mentor, person responsible for initial job training                                                           1st Week
       and DOM acclimation
       Office functions--Info on how to order supplies, requisitions, etc. and how to                                                           1st Week
       use equipment such as fax, printer, copier
      Position description--ensure that four copies of PD that have been sent are                                                               1st Week
      signed by supervisor and employee; return all copies to HR
      Position specific orientation--instruction and training regarding duties,                                                                 1st Week
      training manuals, self-study, expectations, as well as notice of future meetings,
      committees, task forces, and commitments
      Probationary period--(if applicable-new to SMPH or promo) and probationary                                                                1st Week
      evaluation process (classified is typically a six-month probation period unless a
      supervisory position, which is twelveDOM accounting link for forms and
      Purchase card authorization--see months)                                                                                                  1st Week
      process, http://www2.medicine.wisc.edu/home/accounting/pcard
Researchers - Additional Resources/Training Materials (with PI)                                                                                 1st Week
      Safety Dept for UW--Biological safety, occupational health, chemical &                                                                    1st Week
      environmental, radiation http://www2.fpm.wisc.edu/safety/                                        All Research faculty and staff
      Research Policy & Compliance--research policy advisory council, human                                                                     1st Week
      research protections program, responsible conduct, research misconduct,
      conflict of interest & outside activities, human pluripotent stem cell research,
      reasonable compensation for RAs                                                                  All Research faculty and staff
      Lab Animal Science--American Association for Laboratory Animal Science;                                                                   1st Week
      http://www.aalas.org/index.aspx                                                                  All Research faculty and staff

       Time keeping--appropriate procedures for recording time--leave reports,                                                                  1st Week
       timesheets, and how to have supervisor approve; complete alternative work
       schedule (academic) if part time or not typical 8 hour day schedule
       Tour--work space, i.e., office/lab, work unit, restrooms, break areas                                                                    1st Week
       Training--and professional development opportunities and expectations;
       tuition reimbursement policy
       Vehicle Use Agreement--(for staff who use a fleet car or drive personal car                                                              1st Week
       for work purposes); obtain signed vehicle use agreement, notify staff of
       personal auto liability responsibility, link is
       Work hours and expectations--attendance, punctuality, lunch, breaks,                                                                     1st Week
       overtime (if applicable/hourly), time sheets, on-line calendar, sign-in/out
       procedures, how and who to call for unscheduled absences, how to request
       and schedule time off--permission, confirmation
SECTION III: PRE-START DATE CHECKLIST - HUMAN RESOURCES/PAYROLL                                                                                 1st Week

Done- Task                                                                                 Academic Ees-in-Train Classified             Student
date                                                                                       Staff        /Student Asst Staff             Hourly
      Caregiver Background form--sent out with appointment letter--ee sends                Anyone with regular, direct contact with     Complete 1st Week
      back to SMPH; need prior to requesting healthlink access                             UWHC patients; complete cover letter,        w/in 60
      http://www.med.wisc.edu/files/smph/docs/for_staff_faculty/hr/caregiver-               give to ee for them to complete form        days of
      background-check-form-instructions.pdf                                                     and send directly to SMPH              hire

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Done Task                                                                                   Academic Ees-in-Train Classified Student Due
(date)                                                                                      Staff    /Student Asst Staff     Hourly
       Credentialing/privileging--licensed professionals & faculty
       Electronic personnel record--enter new employee info into WebHR and                                                          Due
       JEMS; start date must be atleast 7 days after entry into HRS
       Net ID--if requested, apply for New Hire Net ID prior to start date (by sending
       email request netid@ohr.wisc.edu at OHR/payroll. This allows ee to apply
       early for parking--typically parking information is given at NEO)

       NEO--add to roster (G/HR/tables/new employee orientation roster)
       Organizational chart--update                                                                                                 ASAP
       Personnel file--create and file--See HR checklist for full scope of duties
       Payroll set-up--(Paydata, JEMS, Kronos)
       Position description--send four copies of to supervisor for his/her and                                                      NEO-HR
       employee's signature; then send fully signed copy to ee
Done- Task                                                                                  Academic Ees-in-Train Classified Student Due
date                                                                                        Staff    /Student Asst Staff     Hourly
      NEO--ensure all new employees complete on-line NEO by checking at least
      monthly the NEO web site (Payroll & HR Manager)
       Email address--HR (PH) adds correct DOM email address to HRS/CPAD
       from NEO roster
COMPLETE DURING NEO - HR/Payroll (see slides and on-line checklist)
     Badge/ID--for UW, provide information on how to acquire WISC card ID:                                                          DA/SUPV
     http://www.wiscard.wisc.edu/service.html#1 (must have photo ID in order to                                                     too
     access My UW/Net ID); must appear in person at Memorial Union with ID and
     be entered into IADS/HRS
     Badge/ID--UW Health, give completed form to new ee who presents at F8/183                                                      DA/SUPV
     CSC for picture and ID; MUST BE SIGNED BY HR;                                                                                  too
     http://www2.medicine.wisc.edu/home/hr/hrforms (This gives general building
     Benefits--personal meeting/overview of all eligible benefits per "Benefits                                                     NEO-HR
     Eligibility Decision Table" at http://www.bussvc.wisc.edu/ecbs/bng-benefit-
     eligibility-decision-table-uw1486.pdf, this may include benefit summary and
     applications, State Group Health, etc. chance to ask questions, refer to UW-
     Benefits 101; also includes info on unclassified and classified earned leave

       Direct Deposit Form--http://www.bussvc.wisc.edu/ecbs/pay-direct-deposit-                                                     NEO-HR
       Emergency contact--complete form with info, turn in to HR                                                                    NEO-HR
       Home and Campus Address Form-completed and gave to facilitator                                                               NEO-HR
       I-9 work authorization--verify and copy employee's documents; enter info into                                                NEO-HR
       HireRight electronic I9 system; print out completed I9 and file with documents
       in I9 file (note: if has an expiring work authorization date--enter into Web HR
       and let Terri P/Amy P know)
       Licenses--provide a copy of DEA license and other WI license (mid-levels,                                                    NEO-HR
       psychologists, other licensed professionals)
       NEO Checklist--provide and inform of due date                                                                                NEO-HR
       Parking/Transportation--provide transportation options form and instruct ee                                                  NEO-HR
       to apply for parking on-line at this link -
       http://transportation.wisc.edu/resources/apply.aspx (also supplied by division)

       Pay Schedule and List of Holidays/Furloughs--currently printed; could                                                        NEO-HR
       provide appropriate link--3 types of schedules, acad, class,
       Pay stubs--provide information on how to access My UW, must first have net                                                   NEO-HR
       ID, Wisc card;
       Personal and Professional Conduct--DOM professionalism; sexual and                                                           NEO-HR
       verbal harassment, http://www.oed.wisc.edu/sexualharassment/
       ;Consensual Relations,
       http://www.oed.wisc.edu/sexualharassment/consent.html ;Nepotism
       http:///www.ohr.wisc.edu/polproced/uppp/1502.html ;and privacy of Patient
       Care Information http://www.wisc.edu/hipaa/

     9/7/2012                                  C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\c489b74f-106d-4ca0-8b9e-67a8fc0c345a.xls                      Page 3
Done Task                                                                              Academic Ees-in-Train Classified Student Due
(date)                                                                                 Staff    /Student Asst Staff     Hourly
       Phone usage policy and basic instruction--provide policy info plus reiterate                                             NEO-HR
       personal long-distance calls from UW land-lines and cell phones are not
       permitted (even if reimbursed); directory assistance calls involve a charge, so
       please limit to essential usage; the department receives data monthly

     Photographs (alert Craig)                                                                                                NEO-HR
     Safety and accident reporting--supervisory and ee responsibilities; policy                                               NEO-HR
     link is: http://www.ohr.wisc.edu/polproced/UPPP/1301.html
     Timekeeping--provide information/instruction on how to enter work time                                                   NEO-HR
     (Kronos) http://www.bussvc.wisc.edu/uwpc/kronos-user-guide-menu.html
     *Currently students only--will be all ees in July 2011?
     W4 Federal and State Tax withholding forms plus Veteran's Survey Form,                                                   NEO-HR
     & Disability Self-Identification Survey for New Employees -
     Computer Usage policy--review policy on “Appropriate use of UW-MSN IT                                                    NEO-IT
     Resources” link is: http://www.cio.wisc.edu/policies/appropriateuse.aspx
     Directory use--within DOM on DOM website, people search                                                                  NEO-IT
     (http://www2.medicine.wisc.edu/home/people-search?preSearch=); UW-
     Madison people search at http://www.wisc.edu/directories/?name=Search
     DOM Website--look here first for directory, HR information, research                                                     NEO-IT
     information, etc. http://www2.medicine.wisc.edu/home/
     Computer systems--group wise training on email, calendar, etc. plus network                                              NEO-IT
     file system and website, remote access (work from home must have a
     Email--DOM policy and how file) contact wisc.mail
     telecommuting agreement onto forward to istraining@medicine.wisc.edu                                                     NEO-IT
     Voice mail--how to set up to be delivered as via e-mail; information regarding                                           NEO-IT
     on line tutorial DoIT at
NEW EMPLOYEE COMPLETES ON-LINE via DOM NEO on-line http:/neo.dom.wisc.edu
     Introduction to UW Policies and Procedures
     Abnormally Hazardous Task Report--SMPH policy link is:                         Anyone who supervises                     checklist
     http://www2.medicine.wisc.edu/home/hr/hrforms                                      classified staff
       Academic staff representation--academic staff link at http://acstaff.wisc.edu/                                         checklist

       Academic/Unclassified Employee Policies and Procedures--links are:                                                     checklist
       http://acstaff.wisc.edu/ASPP/ASPP2006.pdf and
       Attendance and punctuality policy--SMPH                                                                                checklist
       Classified Employee Handbook--link is:                                                                                 checklist
       Classified Employee Policies and Procedures--link is:                                                                  checklist
       Classified staff work rules--                                                                                          checklist
       Council for Non-represented classified staff--link is                                                    class, non-   checklist
       http://www.cncs.wisc.edu/                                                                                rep
       Dean's letter--regarding work environment,                                                                             checklist
       Disability/ADA policies--UW-MSN policies link:                                                                         checklist
       DOM Mission/vision--http://www2.medicine.wisc.edu/home/dom/mission                                                     checklist
       Dress Code--UW Health Dress Code policy:                                                                               checklist
       Employee Assistance Office--the link is: http://eao.wisc.edu/                                                          checklist
       HIPAA training--go to website, create an account (must have an email                                                   checklist
       address to do so); take the training; print out the HIPAA certificate. Keep one
       copy for your records; a hard copy of your HIPAA certificate must be
       presented to HR for your personnel file;
       Inclement Weather--unclassified
       http://www.ohr.wisc.edu/polproced/UPPP/1604.html or classified

     9/7/2012                                 C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\c489b74f-106d-4ca0-8b9e-67a8fc0c345a.xls                 Page 4
Done Task                                                                                   Academic Ees-in-Train Classified Student Due
(date)                                                                                      Staff    /Student Asst Staff         Hourly
       IT Security 101--on-line course for all IT staff,                                                    All IT staff                checklist
       Managers/supervisors, new to UW System--sign up and attend UW-                                                                   NEO-HR
       Madison's "Principles of Supervision and Management"
       New Employee Orientation UW Madison-- http://www.ohrd.wisc.edu/eo/                                                               checklist
       Office for Equity and Diversity--the link is: http://oed.wisc.edu/                                                               checklist
       Ombuds Office--confidential resource within SMPH who is independent from                                                         checklist
       of existing administrative or academic structures and is responsible only to the
       dean http://www.med.wisc.edu/for-staff/ombuds-office/main/786
       Safety and infection control--complete on-line training at                                                                       checklist
       http://elearning.uwhealth.org/course/ "Safety & Infection Control - Non-
       Employees" Take the non-clinical course, if you do not have direct patient
       responsibilities; take the clinical course if you provide direct patient care; print
       out certificate, keep a copy; send one to HR (hr@medicine.wisc.edu or 310 N.
       Midvale Blvd, Ste 304) for your pfile (must have for Healthlink); enrollment key
       is "Student"
       Student association--Associated Students of Madison, the link is:                                                                checklist
       Unclassified leave--vacation, sick, holidays,                                                                                    checklist
       http://www.ohr.wisc.edu/polproced/UPPP/1602.htm plus
       Unclassified Sick leave--unclassified policy                                                                                     checklist
       Union contract--union contracts can be found on the Office of State                                            class             checklist
       Employment Relations (OSER) website at                                                                         represente
       http://oser.state.wi.us/section.asp?linkid=29                                                                  d
Done Task                                                                                 Academic Ees-in-Train Classified Student Due
(date)                                                                                    Staff    /Student Asst Staff     Hourly

       Add picture to website
       Announce appointment on DOM website

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