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									                A great speaker makes the difference between a
                    day of learning – and a day of yawning.

                Are your looking for experience, energy and a thought-provoking style from the
                speaker you hire? Whether conducting training classes, workshops or keynote
                presentations since 2000, Angie Skinner has spent over 15,000 hours training
                dental teams to be highly successful.

                Want to get your room laughing and learning? Angie utilizes adult learning
                techniques which ensure participants retain the material and gain the skills
                necessary to put the learning to work on Monday morning. It’s about results.
Angie Skinner

                Select one of Angie’s engaging topics, or contact us to create a presentation
                specifc to your needs.

                                             Marketing SecretS...Revealed!
                                                               Skeptical? Frugal? Inexperienced?
                                                                             You’re in good hands.
                                                       Get started attracting quality patients, now.

                                                                             SySteMS go!
                                                                   Let’s kick-off your profit engine.

                                                                        Secret Service
                                                         Are you ready to give world-class service
                                                        in your dental office, starting on Monday?

                                              Angie Skinner
                                                         In today’s competitive marketplace, the most successful
                                                         dental practices have mastered secrets to aggressively
                                                         market their services to attract the lion’s share of quality
                                                         prospects. Yes, even in tough times, marketing works! If
                                                         you’ve held back because you lack the experience to make
                                                         confident marketing choices, or even if the word ‘marketing’
Marketing Secrets...Revealed!

                                                         makes you cringe; Angie Skinner’s day-long presentation
                                                         will provide you with the tools to expertly craft your image,
                                                         make discriminating choices and acquire the new patients
                                you need to see that uptick in business you’ve been waiting for. Don’t fear making
                                a mistake – learn from Angie’s marketing bloopers! Leave her session ready to gain
                                quality new accounts – without overstepping boundaries, spending a fortune or
                                appearing desperate. Skeptical? Ultra frugal? Inexperienced? This class is for you.

                                Participants will learn:

                                • How to articulate your brand in a powerful and consistent manner
                                • The right strategies and ad placement to double your new patient numbers in 90 days
                                • Which promotional offers work, without cheapening your services or compromising your image
                                • The best resources in the country for cost-effective marketing
                                • The difference between soft and traditional marketing efforts and how to layer them
                                • How to leverage social networking tools to increase referrals and drive practice production
                                • What to expect to spend on marketing strategies that work best
                                • How to track ROI on valuable marketing dollars

                                                                      Angie Skinner

                                “If you are looking for a dynamic individual who can speak on a vast number of topics look no
                                further than Angie Skinner. I feel lucky to have her as a regular part of our Guest Star Webinar
                                Series as she makes my job as host very easy. Professional with quick wit and Southern charm,
                                Angie never disappoints!”

                                                      Charlene Ward, Webinar Coordinator
              Learn everything you need to know about skyrocketing
              your collections, setting up systems for teamwork,
              scheduling to goal and making enough profit to create
              a bonus system in just a few hours. This is Angie’s
              first consultation in a new client’s office, condensed
              into a short time frame. This presentation is guaranteed
              to make your team excited about business again, and
              will kick off your profit engine. The best part? You can
              implement all these ideas on your own, right away.

                 Participants will learn:
                • How to set realistic and attainable financial goals
                • How to get your team invested in practice growth with team leadership
Systems Go!

                • How to run effective meetings (not gripe sessions)
                • The best bonus strategies that encourage teamwork and growth
                • How to schedule to goal and collect it all

                                                      Angie Skinner

              “As a university CE director, I have had the pleasure of working with Angie Skinner many times
              over the last eight years. She is everything you would want in a speaker – flexible, timely,
              considerate, empathetic, and compassionate to the needs of her audience. I’m sure she is as
              gracious to her clients! If I could say one thing about Angie – don’t be fooled by that sweet,
              Southern charm. She’s a powerhouse – and she’ll bring it every time!”

                                            Ann Marie Karaki, Director
                                            Continuing Dental Education, UAB School of Dentistry
                 Everyone talks about “Knock-Your-Socks-Off” Service.
                 Stop talking and start doing as a result of this meeting.
                 Join Angie as she humorously assists you in engineering
                 better service in your practice. Learn exactly what to
                 do and say to generate more patient loyalty, word-of-
                 mouth referrals and massive community buzz. Are you
                 ready to give world-class service in your dental office,
                 starting on Monday? Great for large teams or small
                 offices that are ‘out of ideas’.

                   Participants will learn:

                  • How to create a culture that delivers world-class service, every day
Secret Service

                  • How to empower your employees to go “Above and Beyond”

                  • How to use surveys and other information to improve your image

                  • Select hiring and accountability strategies that make service easier to deliver

                  • New ways of exceeding the patient’s expectations

                  • How to create your Ten Commandments of Service

                                                       Angie Skinner

                 “It has been a pleasure to have the opportunity to meet and work with Angie Skinner. ...I have
                 found her to be one of the most positive and upbeat people I have ever had the opportunity to
                 work with. After spending time with Angie you actually begin to feel you can and will find the
                 sucesses that she shows you are there for the taking. I look forward to a continued association
                 with Angie and Performance Dental Coaching...”

                                             Peggy NcNally, Office Manager
                                             Tate Family Dentistry
                        Angie Skinner has been training and coaching dental practices since 2001,
                        most recently as a principle of Dental Genius™. She received her BA from
                        the University of Memphis and spent fifteen years in sales, management and
                        corporate training in the retail sector, most notably with The Limited Too and The
                        Gap. Her passion for customer service led her to dentistry; since that time she
                        has trained thousands of dentists, hygienists, dental assistants and administrative
                        team members to improve their standards and deliver a better experience for the
                        patient. That improved experience translates into profit, which she passionately
                        believes should be shared by the entire team.
Bio for Angie Skinner

                        Angie’s articles have been featured in countless dental publications, including The
                        Profitable Dentist, Inside Dentistry magazine, The American Association of Dental
                        Office Managers’ Observer, the Trojan newsletter, and Dental Economics. Angie
                        has been an instructor in alumni programs for the University of Tennessee College
                        of Dentistry; she also speaks at dozens of dental meetings at the state and local
                        level each year. She is a proud member of the National Speakers Association, the
                        Global Speakers Federation and is featured in the Directory of Dental Speakers.

                        In addition to writing and speaking, Angie also conducts training via webinar and
                        telephone and has trained clients for such recognizable names as 1-800-Dentist®,
                        The Snyder Group™, SmileVision® and the American Association of Dental Office
                        Managers. She believes strongly in her alliances and their talents.

                        Angie lives in Tupelo, Mississippi with her beloved husband Charles, two spoiled
                        Chihuahuas and a Rat Terrier named Max.

                                                        Angie Skinner
                                    American Academy of Dental Group Practice - annual meeting
                                    American Academy of Implant Dentistry - annual session
                                    American Association of Dental Office Managers - annual conference
                                    Cain Watters and Associates - practice transition seminars
Past Speaking And Training Events

                                    Idaho Dental Hygiene Association - annual meeting
                                    Mid-South Dental Congress
                                    Mississippi Dental Association - annual meeting
                                    Oregon Dental Association - annual session
                                    Tennessee 7th District Dental Society - annual meeting
                                    The Profitable Dentist -Spring Break annual seminar
                                    University of Tennessee College of Dentistry –
                                     past alumni faculty/staff training facilitator

                                    Angie has delivered in-person and video training, webinars and teleconferences
                                    with these partners:

                                    APEX EDI
                                    Caesy Education Systems
                                    Care Credit
                                    Patterson Dental Supply
                                    Public Broadcasting Service (PBS:) Modern Innovations Series
                                    Smile Reminder

                                                                      Angie Skinner

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