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					January 10, 2012

After Prom Planning Meeting:

Food Report: Susan asked that food people stay after the meeting to go over a few things; and,
introduced Amy Schroeder as her “shadow” for this year.
Prize Report: KathyT. Reported that the prize committee was off and shopping! Thought they
were on track and doing great. A general request was made to the group to keep their eyes open
for any good deals or deals that they may have access to that the general public wouldn’t, for
example, if they get special deals through their workplace/employers. The list of last year’s
prizes was passed around for everyone to get an idea of what we get for prizes. Tracey Simmons
will collect the items again this year for the committee. Ana Barnabe dropped off the Vera
Bradley items she purchased.
Activities Update: Steve T. reported that he was going to be contacting Talk of the Town to get
the prices and availability on the activities that we had talked about at the last meeting.
Given that Lauri V. may not be able to stay the night to run Deal or No Deal (and that it may be
time for something new), we may introduce another game. Angie purchased the Are You
Smarter Than a 5th Grader Dvd from a second hand store as a possible replacement. We also
talked about doing both activities, but have the Are You Smarter game be geared toward teams
of 5 with prizes being a “Get a Free _____” card as a prize. Suggested locations to solicit such
cards: Chick Fil A; Kupcakes & Co.; Dominos; Romas; and Dunkin Donuts. Discussion over
not hampering current donations of cupcakes and Chick Fil A took place. Ana B. thought that
the current buy a large get a small tray of nuggets deal was not a “special for us deal” but more
of a general special available to anyone, so we will probably have our CFA person find out about
getting both the nugget deal and free sandwich cards. Julie R. offered to find out if Kupcakes &
Co. would be willing to do both donations and cards or some variation thereof…She will also
solicit the Dominos and Yogopop in the same plaza.
The trivia game idea running in a theater as something to do while in line was not well received
in general; the idea of “tailgate”/carnival type games can still be used to add a little extra
something to do if we think we need to do something extra.

      Mentioned need to have Activities meeting w/ Steve, Lauri, Angie, Susan, Lin to confirm
Corporate Donations: Jackie had contacted the chairs prior to the meeting to let us know she
found out that she was not getting donations from at least one business because our requests were
not being sent on raised, formal letter head. So, after some discussions, we determined that it
would be beneficial to several After Prom subcommittees and potentially other PTSA
committees to invest in the smallest amount of letterhead possible. So, that order was placed
using our Office Depot discount and should be arriving at the school January 24th.
She also noted that the corporate donation letters were sent out in December and the response has
been good already.
College Corner – No Update. We made a general request to folks doing college visits or those
with connections to colleges/universities to please grab a t-shirt or other fun item if you can and
get it to Judy. Also, Lauri V. brought a bag full of University of MD goodies for us!
Security – Amy Robinson received the booklet detailing all of the security notes since 2006, plus
an overview sheet created last year. We talked about how all of the vendors will be wearing a
very visible, very brightly colored VISITOR badge of some sort to make sure that they are not
confused with the general public. I also mentioned that After Prom volunteers may also wear
some brighter shirt or badge type identifier. We talked a little about setting up rotations so no
one is stuck in a theater for hours by themselves. I mentioned we may try to have one or two
additional breakout security meetings prior to the Mandatory meeting in May.
Volunteers: I mentioned that last year we were a little light on volunteers, so please try to drum
up interest and support among your friends and neighbors. Several people reiterated the points
that 1) Your child won’t see you and 2) You won’t see your child unless you go looking for
him/her and even then you might not find them. Some kids seem to think they need to tell their
parents not to come to After Prom, but the kids don’t realize how packed it is and how much
there is to do. None of the kids are worried about their parents once they walk thru the doors.
Which brought up how fun the night is for parents, too. We have several parents who continue
to donate money and time to after prom long after their kids graduate. It is that special of a
I noted that ALL volunteers, including everyone in the room, chair or subcmte chair will need to
sign up to volunteer on the WIKI! The volunteer sign up part of the WIKI will probably be
available for sign ups in March, but we are putting meeting minutes and other updates on the
wiki already. Check it out! You don’t have to”Join” the wiki, just look on the lefthand side bar
and go to Home or any of the other choices there. : -)
Tickets: We noted that tickets sales for After Prom will be held immediately following prom
ticket sales during the day/lunch shifts and that we would like to get volunteers willing to go thru
training in March to be ready. Elaine F. made a good point that there were a lot of volunteers to
sell Homecoming tickets and maybe we could ask Karen K to send out a general request for
volunteers and then follow up by specifically asking those that helped for Homecoming. I asked
if anyone thought they could help and the entire room (almost) raised their hands! How
AWESOME you all are! Here is the list I got (Please let us know if I missed you!): Carol Flock,
Ana Barnabe, Ann Martin, Amy Schroeder, Vicki Price (Mondays/Thursdays only), Julie Rund
(Mondays only). There was a request to give as much notice about training times/meetings as
Also regarding ticket sales, several parents noted that we need to make sure to put in big, bold
print the fact that checks made out for Prom Tickets go to HHS and checks made out for After
Prom Tickets go to HHS PTSA! Parents cannot write one check for both activities.
Jr/Sr Donation Letters – We talked about THE BIG ASK! And, we are going to have to ask for
donations from Junior and Senior parents again this year. That means a big mailing. I asked if
anyone would be willing to help with that and got a great response again! The mailing won’t go
out until after James Munsey. I will work on the letter and get it printed. I want to contact the
PTSA Yahoo group and try to have someone who has worked with the Bulk U.S. Mail system
previously to help us with that part. Other than that we will need to break up the jobs. The
following offered to take a piece of the action: Vicki P., Sandy Keller, Carol Flock, Gail L., and
Joyce Blackburn. Ann Russo may be willing to take a piece of this also, so we need to send a
little note out to her per Ana B.
The meeting ended with many small group, animated discussions, but I think I’ve covered
After Meeting Food Report:

Met with our food committee and it looks like we have each vendor covered as far as a person
to begin contact with them and getting things set up for after prom. Jennifer Frediani will be
contacted since she was not at the meeting to see if she can check with Chick-fil-a about both our
buy one large get one small and possible two dozen of the free chicken sandwich cards. Wendy
Singleton volunteered to pick up the Chick-fil-a that evening and work the station. Gail L. and
Sandy Keller have worked out the picking up of Rita's Ice Cream at 10 PM that evening and
storing it in Sandy's extra freezer - thanks! and then Gail delivering at midnight. Discussions
were held about popcorn being placed in better stand up containers and being placed outside
each of the theatres. No need to purchase anything yet, but good ideas were brought up. Vicki
Price is going to check on donuts for after prom. She is aware of the place that the donuts were
purchased last year and will have an update at the next meeting. Julie is going to see if Kupcake
& Co. will donate the 5 dozen cupcakes that they have said they would as well as maybe two
dozen free cupcake cards. Committee will be sent the new donation letter for this year and when
the new letterhead is available, sheets will be distributed to them for delivery to the vendors.
Committee will also be sent the food spreadsheet once updated with information from the
meeting which will have all the contact information for our vendors, amounts being requested,
etc. – Susan Brand

Submitted by: Angie Kozlowski

Meeting Attendees:
Angie Kozlowski
Susan Brand
Amy Schroeder
Carol Flock
Rosanna Grant
Julie Rund
Amy Robinson
Joyce Blackburn
Ann Martin
Sandy Keller
Wendy Singleton
Elaine Friedman
Lauri Via
Ana Barnabe
Gail Laszczynski
Kathy Tomaszewski
Steve Tomaszewski
Vicki Price

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