WORKSHEET- Matching Anatomy of Crayfish

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                     Crayfish Anatomy & Function
                 “How do crayfish move/protect themselves?”
Carapace       ________     A. Organs which help crayfish visualize food and escape predators.

Walking legs   ________     B. Large bumpy covering over the thorax used for protection.

Abdomen        ________     C. Help the crayfish touch and taste.

Swimmerets     ________     D. Broad flat plates which form a paddle to move crayfish backward quickly .

Eye            ________     E. Appendages with small pinchers which allow crayfish to walk/move around.

Antenna        ________     G. The muscular posterior end which propels the crayfish backward.

Uropod         ________     H. Small appendages on abdomen which aid in the reproduction &
                               development of crayfish

                          “How do crayfish eat/digest?”
Cheliped       ________     A. Sturdy jaws around the mouth used for chewing

Mandible       ________     B. Second set of internal ‘teeth’ used to grind food in stomach

Mouth          ________     C. Large claws used to catch and break apart food and fight other crayfish.

Stomach        ________     D. Pumps body fluid around inside of crayfish to circulate oxygen and nutrients.

Gastric Mill   ________     E. Large organ which stores and digests food.

Gills          ________     F. Opening which allows crayfish to ingest food.

Heart          ________     G. Organ which helps crayfish breathe.

                    “How do crayfish excrete their waste?”
Green gland    ________     A. Long tube which absorbs nutrients from food passed from stomach.
Intestine      ________     B. Small opening used to excrete solid waste.
Anus           ________     C. Organ which produces bile (digestion) and filters out waste from body fluids.
Liver          ________     D. Functions as a crayfish bladder/kidney used to excrete liquid waste.

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