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A cartoon is determined as a visible change in a landscape with respect to time The field of movement is a part of both PC style and cartoon technologies in movement the supports needed for cartoon are generated using computers and are then shown on an outcome device at a high speed A primary approach to style a cartoon series includes the four stages namely storyboard structure item explanations key shape requirements and generation of in between supports For example while developing a cartoon series of cricket perform the storyboard structure would contain activity and movement of hitting go carting fielding running and so on For example while developing cartoon for cricket performs the item explanations could be gamblers measurements colors of their consistent size of the ball bat stumps etc.

The next phase in the process of developing cartoon is to specify key shape requirements a key shape is a detailed illustrating of the landscape at a certain period in the cartoon series in each key shape the position color shapes etc of all the things is placed according to a particular point of your energy and energy for that shape more the number of supports better will be the cartoon once the key supports are specified the next phase is to generate advanced supports There are 12 fundamental concepts of cartoon which were introduced by the Disney artists Ollie Johnston and Honest Johnson almost 30 years ago in their book The Impression of Life: Disney Animated the 12 fundamental concepts of cartoon are described as follows: It is the most essential concept of cartoon moment is the most vital element of a cartoon it is the term for the space between movement supports.

The actual action is another important concept of cartoon by the actual the activities of an object's body hair tail clothing etc you can make your cartoon more liquid organic and genuine it is to be noted that while developing a cartoon series an activity should never be brought to a complete stop before

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