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					AVCHD Video Converter: convert MTS to AVI
If you have a nice AVCHD camcorder such as Sony HDR-SR12E, you would be so frustrated to find that there are just few devices would support mts video. Usually, you can only play your mts video directly from a camcorder on a HDTV with a HDMI, or play on a Blu-ray Disc player. AVCHD video converter can give you a hand, it is a professional and easy-to-use software, which can convert mts to some common video formats, take avi for example, it can convert mts to avi smoothly and efficiently. By converting mts to avi, you are relieved from the worries of enjoying your videos anywhere and anytime. Features: MTS to AVI converter can convert MTS, TS, M2TS and a variety of other HD Video files. Support HD camcorders such as Panasonic AVCHD camcorders, Sony AVCHD camcorders, Hitachi, Cannon AVCHD camcorders and JVC Manage all video/audio files: Video: mts, m2ts, ts, tp, mov, mpeg, mp4, dv, avi, mpg, wmv, flv, asf, 3gp Audio: aac, ac3, aiff, amr, flac, m4a, mka, mp2, mp3, ra, wma, wav Support various portable devices and video players: iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry, Creative Zen, PSP, iRiver, Apple TV, 3G phone, Gphone Cut off unwanted frame from clips. MTS to AVI converter provides Trim function to help you cut unwanted frame from clps. You can set the Start Time and End Time of the clip you want to get or just drag the slide to the desired position to achieve it. Merge several files into one file MTS to AVI converter allows you to combine and join multiple files together. Just select the files you want to join and check the Merge into one file check box you can finish it easily.

Preview file effect With MTS to AVI Converter, you can preview the original video in the preview window

Step by step to convert MTS to AVI
Step 1: Install and run MTS to AVI converter Free download the software and install it on the specified path on your personal computer, and then run a test. As it is just a test version, there will be a watermark on your converted file. Please don't hesitate to contact us if there is any problem, we are ready for help. avchd-converter.jpg Step 2: Load mts file Click Add File button on the middle of the panel to import mts files stored on the specific location. You can load many files at will at one time. load.jpg Step 3: Select output format and the directory From the drop-down menu of Profile button choose your output avi format that you want to convert to, and then click the upward and green arrow of Output to specify the location to store the converted file. select-format.jpg Step 4: Video Setting The Setting tab allows you to set Resolution, Frame rate, Encoder, Bitrate of the source file. After setting, click OK to finish. video-setting.jpg Step 5: Video Editing Click Edit button to pop up a Video Edit window, there are three options available in this window, that is, Crop, Effect and Trim, you can edit the file by clicking them separately, for example, Effect tab allows you to adjust the Brightness, Contrast and Saturation of the source file. video-editing.jpg

Step 6: Conversion Click Start to convert the file automatically, the time takes depending on the size of the file and the setting you made. conversion.jpg

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