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					Taylor Energy Center
Need for Power Application                                    Volume A Abbreviations


AFUDC                         Allowance for Funds Used During Construction
AN                            Apalachicola Northern
ARP                           Acid Rain Program
BART                          Best Available Retrofit Technology
Beck                          R.W. Beck, Inc.
BNSF                          Burlington Northern Santa Fe
B&V                           Black & Veatch
CAES                          Compressed Air Energy Storage
CAIR                          Clean Air Interstate Rule
CAMR                          Clean Air Mercury Rule
CaO                           Calcium Oxide
CAPEX                         Capital Expenditure
CAPP                          Central Appalachia
CEP                           Central Energy Plant
CFB                           Circulating Fluidized Bed
CFR                           Code of Federal Regulations
City                          City of Tallahassee
CO                            Carbon Monoxide
CO2                           Carbon Dioxide
COD                           Commercial Operation Date
Conrail                       Consolidated Rail Corporation
CONSOL                        Consolidated Coal Company
CPWC                          Cumulative Present Worth Cost
CSX                           CSX Transportation
CTG                           Combustion Turbine Generator
DCS                           Distributed Control System
DCSS                          Distillation Condensation Subsystem
DI                            Diffuse Insolation
DNI                           Direct Normal Insolation
Drummond                      Drummond Coal Company
DSM                           Demand-Side Management
EGUs                          Electric Generating Units
EPA                           Environmental Protection Agency
EPC                           Engineer, Procure, and Construct
ESA                           Electricity Storage Association

142601 - September 14, 2006              AB-1                          Black & Veatch
Taylor Energy Center
Need for Power Application                                     Volume A Abbreviations

ESP                           Electrostatic Precipitator
FBC                           Fluidized Bed Combustion
FCR                           Fixed Charge Rate
FDEP                          Florida Department of Environmental Protection
FERC                          Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
FF                            Fabric Filter
FGD                           Flue Gas Desulfurization
FGT                           Florida Gas Transmission Company
FIP                           Federal Implementation Plan
FIRE                          Florida Integrated Resource Evaluator
FMPA                          Florida Municipal Power Agency
FOB                           Freight on Board
FPSC                          Florida Public Service Commission
FPUA                          Fort Pierce Utilities Authority
FPUC                          Florida Public Utilities Company
FRCC                          Florida Reliability Coordinating Council
FRP                           Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic
G&A                           General and Administrative
GC                            Gulf Coast
GE                            General Electric
GDP                           Gross Domestic Product
GFRR                          Georgia & Florida Railway, Inc.
GN                            Georgia Northern
gpm                           Gallons per Minute
HAT                           Humid Air Turbine
Hellerworx                    Hellerworx, Inc.
Hg                            Mercury
HHV                           Higher Heating Value
HP                            High-Pressure
HPC                           High-Pressure Compressor
HPT                           High-Pressure Turbine
HRSG                          Heat Recovery Steam Generator
HRVG                          Heat Recovery Vapor Generator
ICT                           International Coal Trade
IDC                           Interest During Construction
IGCC                          Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle
ILB                           Illinois Basin

142601 - September 14, 2006              AB-2                           Black & Veatch
Taylor Energy Center
Need for Power Application                                      Volume A Abbreviations

IP                            Intermediate Pressure
IPP                           Independent Power Producer
IRP                           Integrated Resources Plan
ISO                           Isometric
JPA                           Jacksonville Port Authority
Kennedy                       Kennedy Generating Station
Keystone                      Keystone Industries, LLC
KUA                           Kissimmee Utility Authority
kW                            Kilowatt
lb/h                          Pounds per Hour
LFG                           Landfill Gas
LHV                           Lower Heating Value
LNG                           Liquefied Natural Gas
LP                            Low Pressure
LPC                           Low-Pressure Compressor
LPT                           Low-Pressure Turbine
L&RP                          Load and Resource Plan
LRDB                          Load and Resource Database
LWU                           Lake Worth Utilities
MBtu                          Million British Thermal Units
MGA                           Monongahela Railway
mgd                           Million Gallons per Day
MOU                           Memorandum of Understanding
MSHA                          Mine Safety and Health Administration
MSW                           Municipal Solid Waste
MTI                           Materials Transfer, Inc.
MW                            Megawatt
MWh                           Megawatts per Hour
NAPP                          Northern Appalachia
Na-S                          Sodium-Sulfur
NERC                          North American Electric Reliability Council
NFP                           Need for Power
NH3                           Ammonia
NI                            Nuclear Island
Northside                     Northside Generation Station
NOx                           Nitrogen Oxide
NOx                           Oxides of Nitrogen

142601 - September 14, 2006               AB-3                              Black & Veatch
Taylor Energy Center
Need for Power Application                                   Volume A Abbreviations

NPRB                          Northern PRB
NRC                           Nuclear Regulatory Commission
NS                            Norfolk Southern
NSPS                          New Source Performance Standard
NUG                           Non-Utility Generator
NYMEX                         New York Mercantile Exchange
O2                            Oxygen
O&M                           Operating and Maintenance
OECD                          Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
OPEC                          Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
OTEC                          Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion
OUC                           Orlando Utilities Commission
OWC                           Oscillating Water Column
Pace Global                   Pace Global Energy Services
PAFC                          Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cell
PC                            Pulverized Coal
PEF                           Progress Energy Florida
petcoke                       Petroleum Coke
PFBC                          Pressurized Fluidized Bed Combustion
PM                            Particulate Matter
PPA                           Power Purchase Agreement
PPM                           Part per Million
PRB                           Powder River Basin
psig                          Pounds per Square Inch Gauge
PTC                           Production Tax Credit
PV                            Photovoltaic
QFs                           Qualifying Facilities
RCAF-U                        Rail Cost Adjustment Factor Index Unadjusted for
RCID                          Reedy Creek Improvement District
RDF                           Refuse Derived Fuel
RFP                           Request for Proposal
RH                            Relative Humidity
RPM                           Revolutions per Minute
SCA                           Site Certification Application
scf                           Square Cubic Feet
SCR                           Selective Catalytic Reduction

142601 - September 14, 2006              AB-4                        Black & Veatch
Taylor Energy Center
Need for Power Application                                    Volume A Abbreviations

SDA                           Spray Dryer Absorber
SEC                           Seminole Electric Cooperative
SEGS                          Solar Electric Generating Station
SES                           Stirling Energy Systems
SIPs                          State Implementation Plans
SJRPP                         St. Johns River Power Park
SNCR                          Selective Noncatalytic Reduction
SNL                           Sandia National Laboratories
SO2                           Sulfur Dioxide
Southern                      Southern Power Company
SPRB                          Southern PRB
SS                            Stainless Steel
SSY                           Simpson, Spence & Young Consultancy & Research Ltd.
TAPCHAN                       Overtopping-Tapered Channel
TCEC                          Treasure Coast Energy Center
TEA                           The Energy Authority
TEC                           Taylor Energy Center
TEC Fuels                     Taylor Energy Center Fuels Committee
TI                            Turbine Island
tpd                           Tons per Day
TPT                           TampaPlex Terminal
tpy                           Tons per Year
TVA                           Tennessee Valley Authority
ULSD                          Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel
UP                            Union Pacific
VOC                           Volatile Organic Compound
VTG                           Vapor Turbine Generator
VWO                           Valves Wide Open
WECS                          Wave Energy Conversion System
WESP                          Wet Electrostatic Precipitator
WS                            Waynesburg Southern
WTE                           Waste-to-Energy
WTI                           West Texas Intermediate
ZLD                           Zero Liquid Discharge

142601 - September 14, 2006              AB-5                         Black & Veatch

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