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									    Cheap travel options, be they cheap
airplane tickets or cheap vacation packages
  are becoming increasingly difficult to find
   unless you are flexible as to your travel
dates and the airports you will be flying out
                 of and into.

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 Planes are expected to be tightly packed since airlines have continued to cut
capacity even though more people are deciding to fly There is some good
news for fliers  Children 12 and under will be able to leave their shoes on
when going through security
 Pat downs of children have been curtailed though not totally eliminated  In
lieu of a pat down children can be sent through detectors or image machines
several times and/or have hand swabs applied to check for traces of
explosives New software has been installed on certain body scanners which
improves passenger privacy by replacing the virtual nude images of
passengers with a generic computer generated outline
 Passengers will be able to view the same image that security officers see
on a computer screen as they move through security Later this year, the same
software will be installed on full body airport X-ray scanners, 510 of which are
currently in operation More airlines are offering expedited security lines to
passengers willing to pay for the service
 JetBlue introduced “Even More Speed” in June which enables
passengers, depending on the flight, to pay between $10 to $65 more for a
seat with additional legroom as well as access to an expedited security line at
15 airports  United has been offering expedited security and preboarding,
starting at $9, for the last two years  American Airlines has expanded its Five
Star Service program to more airports, including Boston and San Francisco
 It comes with expedited security as well as lounge access, preboarding, and
assistance with check in, bags, and airport connections for $125 per person
Boarding procedures have started to change  Instead of boarding its planes
back to front, American Airlines now randomly assigns passengers without
elite status to boarding groups
 Economy passengers are allowed to buy their way into the first boarding
group, behind first class and elite frequent fliers, for $10 United which used to
board by row from back to front now loads passengers in window, middle, and
aisle boarding zones
Linux VPS Discounts for prepaying checked bags have largely gone away
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