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					                              A Brief Overview of Astral Project

 At one time or another most people have heard about doing Astral Projection how to. Maybe they
have a friend that practices it, or watched some movie about it, or even read a book on the

There are however, only a few people in the world who realize that Out of Body is not only real but
is something that is a natural ability that everyone possesses. Many people have already
experienced Out of Body by the time they reach adulthood at least once and in some cases, they
experience it regularly without even knowing or being aware of the experience.

First though, what is Out Of Body? To put it in the simplest possible terms, Out Of Body
Experience is leaving your physical body. It's something that often happens when you go to sleep.
As your body rests, your conscious mind does as well but your subconscious remains active. This
is when we are most likely to astral project, although most people do it without having any memory
of the act.

Many children actually astral project without being aware of what they are doing. It happens
usually when the body is relaxed or even when they are asleep. Time and distance do not mean
anything when talking about out of body. The astral body can travel without these considerations.

You may wonder what the astral body is. It is the ethereal body; it is the duplicate of the body in an
invisible form. All of our desires and feeling originate from there. Can the astral body leave and not
come back? A silver cord unites the astral and physical bodies.

The silver cord is attached from the moment that the astral body and the physical body connect. It
only detaches at the moment of death when the astral and physical body permanently disconnect
from each other. It is this cord that recalls the astral body to the physical body.

Another question that is often asked is where the astral body travels to when a person engages in
out of body. The astral body moves along the astral plane. This is, as the astral body is a duplicate
for the physical, a duplicate of the physical world. There are a number of ways that it can be
described. In some descriptions, it is described as a set of vibrations, which penetrate physical
reality but are at a wavelength that separates it from the physical world. It can also be described
as a secondary reality or another dimension. What is agreed upon with the descriptions is that
there are multiple levels to the astral plane.
Are there any dangers associated with Out of Body? Yes and no you should be careful in your
astral travels just as you would when going somewhere with your physical body. Generally
speaking though, your astral body can sense danger and return to your physical body without
suffering any harm. You should however decide where you want to go before projecting to keep
the experience as safe as possible.

When you're intoxicated, Out Of Body can be hazardous. Psychological damage can be caused
by Out Of Body while you're not in control of yourself. When you don't have all your wits about
you, you can only travel the lowest (and most dangerous) levels of the astral plane.

It is essential that you know what it is you do and where it is you want to go. Your goal is to
consciously astral project. You need to have complete control of what your astral body is doing.
Your thoughts control your Out of Body.

With the correct preparation Out of Body can be done by you quickly. Numerous professionals are
in business to teach you the techniques of how to astral project while being in control so that you
can achieve a better projection experience, but most people like to be at home when the astral

The internet is a good place to find help with your Out Of Body training. Especially good are Out
Of Body hypnosis recordings. These recordings are designed to help you achieve the meditative
state needed to astral project. A lot of people prefer these recordings to one on one lessons since
they can be listened to repeatedly until their subliminal messages reach the subconscious and
your body reaches a state of total relaxation.

In the field of sound technology there have been many improvements in the area of binaural beats.
With this you listen to different sounds in each of your ears. This quickly gets you into the
meditative state that is crucial for you to reach to do out of body with the right results.

Like any ability, even those which we're born with it can take some time to master astral
projecting. We all have this ability naturally, but you'll have to be patient and keep trying. You
might not succeed the first few times, but if you keep trying, you'll learn how to use this inborn

Still need to be convinced? When did you last dream you were flying and then felt as though you
were falling? As the astral body, moves through the astral plane it, feels like flying. The sensation
of falling comes when the astral body comes back into the physical body.

The practice of Out of Body is truly a real thing! Everybody is able to do it and get benefit from it,
they just need to hone their natural skills.
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