Learning How To Attempt Astral Projection

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					                               A Brief Overview of Astral Project

 Just about everyone has heard of Astral Projection how to before. You might have heard
someone talking about it or read of it somewhere, perhaps seen it in a film.

What most people don't know is that Out of Body is something which is a real phenomenon and is
an ability which anyone can use. You've probably astral projected at some point in your life without
knowing it.

Just what is Out Of Body Experience though? Essentially, How to Astral Travel is what happens
when your non-physical, or astral body separates from your physical body. This happens most
commonly while you sleep. Your subconscious mind is the seat of the astral body and when your
conscious mind and your physical body rest, it heads out on its own.

Out of Body allows you to visit any place you like and do anything without limitations imposed by
time or space. As a child, you probably were able to do this easily every time you slept. When we
age though, it's common to forget how to use this ability.

This brings up the next thing to talk about, what exactly the astral body is. The astral body actually
is an invisible copy of your body, this is most commonly called the ethereal body. It is the center of
our desires and feelings. Why is it that the astral body does not just leave and not return? Your
astral body is actually connected to your physical body by a silver cord.

This cord was actually connected the first moment that your astral body went into your physical
body and this cord cannot be cut until your astral body departs the physical body one last time at
your death. This cord is what keeps your astral body from staying away when it leaves your
physical body.

When we astral project, where do our astral bodies go? They go to their natural element, the astral
plane: an ethereal counterpart to the physical world. Experts are not all in agreement about exactly
how the astral plane works, but they generally agree that there are many different levels which
make up the astral plane and that it is tuned to a slightly different rate of our vibration than our
own. We can't perceive it with our physical senses, but our astral bodies can travel through this
plane of reality with ease.

After learning this information, it is only natural to start to wonder if there are any dangers to astral
project. The answer is not as simple as a straightforward yes or no. While out of body is something
that everyone is capable of doing and that the astral body is attached to the physical body by a tie
that can only be broken by death there is still a need to remain conscience of what is going on
while astral projecting and be in a state to maintain that frame of mind.

Out of Body while you're under the influence of drugs or alcohol can be somewhat risky. When
you're not in total control of yourself, your astral body is limited to the lowest and most hazardous
levels of the astral plane. If you're not careful, there is a danger of psychological harm.

Only practice Out of Body when you are in the right frame of mind and after having decided where
you want your astral body to visit in your travels. It's important to have full control over your astral
body to ensure a safe and enjoyable Out of Body experience.

You can learn Out of Body with relative ease and in little time if you prepare yourself. You could
choose to take lessons with Out of Body professionals who can teach you some techniques.
Alternately, you could do as most people do and learn on your own.

There are also a number of books and online resources available. For example, by listening to a
quality Out Of Body hypnosis recording, you can enter the right state of mind. This type of
recording will help you fully relax and will take you through the necessary stages. The advantage
of a recording over a professional session is that you can play the recording multiple times until
your subconscious receives the message that it is okay for the astral body to leave the physical

A new audio recording technology called binaural beats has been shown to help people astral
project as well. The listener hears two slightly different frequencies, one in each ear and the effect
of these sounds is deep relaxation as the listener's brainwaves tune into just the right frequency
for Out Of Body.

You may not be successful on the first few tries, but don't let this discourage you. Out of Body
takes practice just like any other skill. It's a natural ability, but it does take some time and patience
before you'll be an expert at it.

Are you still skeptical about out of body? Let's talk about the times you've done it yourself then.
Those dreams of flying which end with a sensation of falling right before you awake that we all
have those are not dreams at all! These are out of body experiences. The feeling of flight is your
astral body traveling and the feeling of falling is your astral body returning to the physical plane.

out of body is naturally very real. We can all do it and find it beneficial in many ways. It does
however; take time to fine-tune this natural ability.

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