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									Visual Response
  What ideas and impressions does the visual text suggest to you? Consider the
      context, and develop your response by referring to the visual text.

• In your writing, you should
• select a prose form that is appropriate to the ideas you
  wish to express and that will
• enable you to effectively communicate to the reader
• discuss ideas and impressions that are meaningful to
• respond from a personal, critical, and/or creative
• consider how you can create a strong unifying effect
      Format of Visual Response
• The format of a visual reflection is much the
  same as any other written response.

• you state your idea and then you defend the
  idea with details from the visual text.
                  Prose Forms
•   short essay            •   letter
•   rant                   •   eulogy
•   journal entry          •   interview
•   newspaper article      •   rebuttal
•   editorial              •   screen play
•   interior monologue     •   speech
•   short story            •   anecdote
•   personal observation   •   commentary
•   conversation           •   dialogue
                                             et cetera
• There are many different prose forms – you choose the one
  that will best serve your purpose and communicate to your

• Once you know the format for the piece you are going to
  write, ask yourself, "How do I organize this piece to achieve
  this particular format? Where should it start? What goes in
  the middle? How will it end? What should my writing look
  like? What are the most important organizational issues when
  I write in this format?"

• I will be looking at the conventions of the particular prose
  form that you choose.
             The Assignment
• Reflect upon the ideas and impressions
  suggested by the image.
• What does this image suggest to you
  regarding attitudes?
• Support your idea with reference to the text
  presented and to your previous knowledge
  and/or experience.
• You may respond using one of the following
  – personal
  – creative
  – analytical
             To summarize...
• When writing a visual reflection, you need to
  determine four things before you begin
• 1. theme of the visual (idea, impression)
• 2. supporting details from the visual
• 3. prose form the reflection will take
• 4. perspective the reflection will take
                      The Rubric
FOCUS:                           • FOCUS:
• the student’s exploration of   • voice in relation to the context
  the topic                        created by the student in the
• the student’s ideas and          chosen prose form
  reflection                     • stylistic choices (including
• support in relation to the       quality and correctness of
  student’s ideas and              language and expression) and
  impressions                      the student’s creation of tone
                                 • the student’s development of a
                                   unifying effect

                                 The proportion of error to the
                                   complexity and length of the
                                   response will be considered.

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