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									Various Models of Vacuum Cleaners
Gone are the days when vacuum cleaners were big, bulky and it was a chore in itself just to lug them
from one room to the next. In fact, these days it is just the opposite. Vacuum cleaners have come
such a long way that manufacturers have even invented models that do all of the work themselves
with no manual labor required. How is that for convenient?

The most popular of the vacuum cleaner reviews, which is the upright, features a pump located
directly above the suction. Lightweight models are available in a variety of designs that allow
                                                  vacuum cleaners to glide across the floor with
                                                  ease. The handles are coated with non-slip
                                                  material that allows the owner to easily hold
                                                  onto the device while in use.

                                                      Canister vacuum cleaners feature a bag and
                                                      the motor in a separate canister, which is
                                                      usually connected to the vacuum cleaners
                                                      with a hose that is attached just above the
                                                      wheels. Again, these vacuum cleaners are
                                                      available in lightweight designs that are more
                                                      convenient than the heavier models of

                                                      Wet and/or dry vacuum cleaners are
                                                      commonly used to clean up wet spills, but
                                                      they can also handle dry dirt just as easily.
Robotic vacuum cleaners which, as the name implies, are operated by an internal robotic chip that
guides the unit blindly until it bumps a chair, wall or table and is redirected another way. A robotic
model is usually very small, which makes them lightweight, and are usually round in design.

Small handheld vacuum cleaners are commonly used to clean out automobiles or small areas of the
home that a regular unit could not reach. These models are very lightweight and compact in their
design, which makes them ideal for travel and automobile cleaning or for college students who are
living in a dorm and have little space for their belongings.

Vacuum cleaners are commonly found in almost every retail store, both online and local, and are
priced at $20.00 and up depending on the selected model. All new best vacuum cleaner will be
accompanied by a manufacturer’s warranty, which will generally cover defects related to material or
workmanship. Most warranties will not cover misuse or the negligent operation of the unit, but will
be very valuable should the cleaner fail to operate or develop a problem related to its configuration.
Owners should retain all paperwork involved with the purchase of any new vacuum cleaners,
including the original purchase receipt, the owner’s manual and other warranty papers.


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