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									A significant cyberspace presence is important in
 modern society for individual professional affairs
or business arena. The online presence offers an
 edge in promoting products or services, in more
                 remote areas.

cloud storage
 Today, a personal email and domain creates a signature offering an insight of
an individual’s resources and skills With so many hosting services
available now, it has become much easier, yet choosing the right web hosting
service is mandatory        Choosing is highly desired owing to its various
benefits, besides its affordability VPS hosting is awesome as you get full
administrator for your server, enjoy custom software and applications, cloud
storage secure server, more power and resources, definite disk space,
dedicated memory and better CPU Power            Pointers to consider in choosing
a VPS hosting       • Affordability
 Selecting over-priced plans alone is not enough Look for web hosting
companies offering cheap VPS plans, real performance, friendly technical
support, opulent features and flexible variety of payment modes •
Bandwidth and Disk Space You need to have a good space to hold your
backup and website codes
 Select plans with better bandwidth to match your needs • Port Speed The
network speed is essential for your websites fast appearance and data transfer
 Port speed is in three types: 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps and 1000 Mbps or 1Gbps
 The best speed is available with a 1 Gbps hosting plan • Control Panel
(CPanel) VPS hosting offers saving money and even a non-technical person
can consider control panel to host websites This is recommended for websites
receiving good traffic, videos and image based websites, forums and blogs
having over 3000 visits each day
     Tips to find a VPS Hosting Company    VPS- Virtual Private Server is
smarter and cheaper than dedicated services Considering these tips may help
in choosing your VPS hosting provider • Keep away from fanciful offers
promising a 4GB RAM server and giving just 1GB • Deal with official
companies verified by other institutions
 Ensure they have a real server to distribute • Before applying understand
the data center of the server, to stay safe from unknown data centers robbing
your data • Check the server qualifications and number of VPS’s 6 to
9 is a good number with a processor
 • License your CPanel for better services and check your server to
evaluate the load status     Hi, Manoj Bisht is an Expert Author If you need
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cloud storage

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