The Main Differences Between Virtual Private Hosting And Shared Hosting Are Important To Know

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					The Main Differences Between Virtual Private Hosting
And Shared Hosting Are Important To Know
If you are not technically minded then it can be very confusing to know which type of web
hosting you need for your website as there seem to be so many plans available. To start
with you need to understand the differences between shared and VPS hosting.

In order to run a website, you require a hosting service. This service handles all traffic
requests coming to and from your website and also stores the data. The two most common
forms of hosting are VPS hosting and shared hosting. Each of these two hosting services has
its strong and weak points, so you must be aware of your individual needs before choosing
the most suitable web hosting service.

Shared web hosting is a popular form of budget web hosting. Here, your website gets
hosted on one server with many other websites with whom you share the server. Shared
hosting is an economical solution of hosting websites as multiple clients are able to share
resources of one server. With shared hosting, all the sites share one server hostname, the
same IP address, the same e-mail program and the same FTP services. Whenever a potential
customer clicks on a link in the search engine, they get directed to the correct website by a
software program that resides over the server. However, this form of hosting is not ideal for
sites with high traffic, as it is not often possible to isolate each single website from other
websites sharing the same server. Many people usually go for shared web hosting as it is
affordable but there are some limitations and restrictions you may encounter while using
shared hosting.

A Virtual Private Server Hosting also allows you to share one server with other sites.
However, your partition on the server's disk is much bigger and this gives you a greater
bandwidth. With this type of web hosting, you get your own e-mail service, and your own
FTP service. VPS hosting allows you to be in control and you can choose how to run your

Below are other major differences between shared web hosting and VPS hosting:

Virtual Private Server hosting is more secure as compared to shared hosting. With Virtual
Private Server hosting, each server has its own security configuration and file system. In
shared hosting, all accounts are placed on one server that operates under one operating
system. One malware attack can destroy the operating system's entire file system, and all
the data.


When you choose a shared hosting plan, you pay that for a plan which guarantees a specific
bandwidth. A shared hosting company can however oversell its services as all the accounts
run on a similar hardware. This means that you may end up having a lower bandwidth than
the specific one you paid for. With Virtual Private Server hosting however, a virtual slice of
the main server's hardware gets allotted to your server, ensuring that your resources are
available to you at all times.


With Virtual Private Server hosting, you administer the server by choosing the specific
operating system you want and you also have more say in the running of your website. With
shared hosting, you do not have any control regarding the operating system that is used and
the web host can restrict the software you use on your site.

Anybody that wants to create a web site and go live on the Internet with it needs to
understand the basics of hosting so that they choose the right deal. To understand more
about shared web hosting visit and for more information on VPS
hosting take a look at so
that you can get a good overview on this. If you are going to launch a small web site or blog
then shared hosting should be fine for this. When looking for a deal go for one with a lot of
disk storage and bandwidth transfer and also an easy upgrade path to VPS hosting should
your site grow very large. If you are planning a large web site from the start then VPS
hosting could be a good option for you.

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