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Family tree


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									King of Cyprus                      Gynecia m Basilius                                                      Lines of infatuation
                                                                                                               Cecropia furious when Basilius marries
         Musidorus                  Pamela            Philoclea                             Pyrocles           late in life, displacing her son and herself

King of Argos                       Cecropia m.        Basilius’s brother
                                                                                                                            Cecropia first thinks
                                                                                                                            Amphialus is suited for
                                    (Ismenus is his squire)                                                                 Artesia, then Helen (due to
                                                                                                                            her crown), then Pamela.

                  Argalus                                                                                            Phebilus (the squid)
         (cousin of Gynecia 1.5
         and friend of Clitophon)                                                                    Anaxius (mindless 3.26, seeks Pyrocles
                                                                                                                      for killing uncle Euardes)

(rich, joins Helots, where
Argalus kills him for disfiguring                                his friend
                                                      Ismenus             Artesia (raised by Cecropia)\
                                             Timotheus (a good man, fosters Amphialus,
)                                                                 balancing Cecropia’s evil influence)
                                             Philoxenus       (killed by Amphialus;                                  Helen of Corinth
                                                                  had a spaniel)                                            (fell for Amphialus
                                                                                                                             when he was go-between for
         Sister                     Kalander           Basilius’ sister                                                      Philoxenus, but he hates her)
(prefers Demogoras to
Argalus for Parthenia)
         Parthenia                           Clitophon
                                                                                                     King of Lycia

                             King of Macedonia (died young)
                                                                                                            Erona           Antiphilus
                                                                                                                            (low degree)
Sister of Dorilaus m. Euarchus               Sister of Eurarchus m. Dorilaus of Thessalia
(died in childbirth 2.7)                                                   (died young)
                                                                                                     Helen of Corinth       Phalantus
        Pyrocles (Daiphantus, Zelmane)              Musidorus (Dorus, Palladius)                                            (bastard)
               (raised in Thessalia)

                             King of Pannonia
                             (fought his brother)                  second infatuation

                Noble lady                   King of Iberia        Sister                            King of Armenia
                (dies)                       (takes his son’s
                                             mistress)                                     Tiridates                 Artaxia
                                                                                   (killed by Pyrocles)              (seeks revenge for
                      Plangus                                                                                        her brother)
first infatuation     (displaced, works for Tiridates,
                      then Artaxia)
                                                            Andromana’s mother              King of Paphlagonia [Gloucester]
Andromana             “private man” 2.15
      (has affair with
      “noble” Plangus then marries King
      of Iberia when her husband dies)                                              Plexirtus               Leonatus
                                                                   (bastard, later king of Pontus)

                      Palladius (named successor)                                  Zelmane

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