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					                                 MASTER OF MARKETING MANAGEMENT


Course name:                     Masters degree course in Marketing Management

Award title:                     Master of Marketing Management

Award abbreviation:              M MktgMgt

Course code:                     760AA/2


This course is designed to equip students for managerial positions requiring a broad understanding
of marketing and its essential role within the organisation. It is suitable for students who are
working in a marketing area and want to complement their practical knowledge with a sound
theoretical base, or those contemplating a career in a marketing field.

The course is designed to provide a comprehensive program for those students with no prior
studies in Marketing as well as those who have taken a major in Marketing in their undergraduate
studies. All graduates will have a grounding in the core areas of marketing, consumer behaviour,
marketing research, international marketing, and marketing management, as well as knowledge of
more specialised fields depending on their choice of electives.

2. ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS:                    36   credit points (cp) comprising:

(a) Required ( 12 cp) as follows:
6234 Economics for Managers G
6261 Marketing G
6262 Marketing Management PG
6263 Marketing Research Methods PG

Students who have covered the material of a required unit in their previous studies must, in
consultation with the course convenor, substitute a unit from list (b)(i).

(b) Restricted choice ( 24 cp) as follows:
12cp selected from the following units:
6221 Accounting for Managers G
6230 Consumer Behaviour G*
6233 E-Law for Government and Business G
6235 Entrepreneurship G
6241 International Business G
6244 International Marketing PG*
6246 Internet Marketing PG
6247 Introduction to E-Business G
6255 Management Ethics PG

Master of Marketing Management                                                                 1
6259 Managers and the Law G
6264 Organisational Behaviour G
6265 Project Evaluation and Management G
6271 Sales and Promotions Management PG
6272 Services Marketing PG
6275 Statistical Analysis and Decision Making G
2596 Advertising Operations G
Or any other G or PG units with the approval of the course convener.

* Students who have not covered Consumer Behaviour and International Marketing in their
undergraduate studies are required to take these subjects as part of their Master of Marketing

12cp selected from the following units:
6344 Business to Business Marketing PG
6345 Channel and Logistics Management
6229 Contemporary Issues in Marketing PG
6346 Marketing Research Project PG
6277 Strategic Management PG

Duration of course:
Standard three semesters full-time or equivalent. Maximum eight semesters.

Admission requirements:
Applicants must meet normal University requirements for admission to a master’s degree course or
hold qualifications deemed to be equivalent by the University’s Admissions Committee.

Additional requirements: (eg police checks):

Assumed knowledge:


Professional accreditation:

Approved credit arrangements:
Applicants holding the Certified Practising Marketer qualification from the Australian Institute of
Marketing will be able to obtain credit for two subjects.

Subsumable or exit awards:
The Graduate Certificate in Marketing and Graduate Diploma in Marketing are subsumable into the
Master of Marketing Management.

Master of Marketing Management                                                                        2
Academic Board approval:
Meeting 06/4—19 June 2006


Year                       Semester 1                   Semester 2
  1       Economics for Managers G        Marketing Management PG
          Accounting for Managers G       Marketing Research Project PG
          Marketing G                     Services Marketing PG
          Consumer Behaviour G            Internet Marketing PG
   2      International Marketing PG
          Management Ethics PG
          Marketing Research Project PG

Master of Marketing Management                                            3

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