; Preparing for an Electricity Outage in New York City
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Preparing for an Electricity Outage in New York City


Ever think about a world without electricity? Well it might be a reality during a power outage this article will help you be prepare in the case of an extended power outage

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									Preparing for an Electricity Outage in New York City
No matter where you live, it is important that you know how you are going to keep yourself safe.
There are many people that have a hard time preparing themselves for emergency situations and
do not realize how much trouble they would be in, should an emergency occur.

Dependence on Electricity
No matter where you live, you are probably dependent on electricity. There are not many homes
in the United States that are not dependent on electricity and if you are dependent on electricity
you want to be prepared to handle any period of time that you do not have electricity.

Not having electricity can be extremely dangerous if you are accustomed to having it and you do
not know how to live without it. When you are in a city setting, like New York City, electricity
                               is probably an integral part of your ability to function on a daily

                              New York City electricity is often required to get from one place
                              to another. Whether it be on the subway or simply travelling up or
                              down in an elevator, there are many people that use electricity as
                              they are getting from point A to point B.

                             Even if you are living in New York City, you will want to know
what to do should your New York City electricity go out. Many people do not even know where
they would start if the New York City electricity were to not function properly in their home.

Learn to Function without Electricity
When you are learning how you would function without New York City electricity, you should
be prepared with a source of electricity you could use for some time. Having a solar powered
generator available is a great way to make the electricity you would need.

Running a heater may be absolutely necessary during the winter
months. Should your electricity go out during the winter, you
have to know that you are going to be able to keep yourself
warm and keep you and your family safe from the cold.

Without a heater there are many problems that can occur in your
home. While you are developing your plan, you will want to
have a stash of warm blankets and coats that you can use in case
you find yourself in freezing temperatures without a heater.

Having something that you can burn a fire in may also be beneficial. If you have a fire place,
you want to know that you have enough wood and that you are going to be able to burn the wood
with the supplies that you have stored in your home.
If you do not have a fire place, finding a way to generate heat may be difficult. Taking time to
develop your plan will ensure that you are prepared for short stint without electricity and you are
also prepared for a longer stint without the electricity that you are used to.

Fearing the future can be stressful and time consuming. Prepare yourself, this way you will not
be afraid of the future, but you will be ready to make it through any disaster that takes away your

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