Blackberry and Social Media: Do They Have Persuading Power? by CrystalSanders6


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									    Blackberry and Social Media: Do They
          Have Persuading Power?

by Francis T.

In the past, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter were only accessible by a person turning
on their computer and then typing in the site and logging on. These users usually posted comments,
talked about issues, and talked to friends. But now, because of cellular phone technology, it has become
possible to access networking sites with just the use of smartphones, like BlackBerry.

BlackBerrys, which were commonly used for business before, are now also used for personal matters. In
the past, businessmen used their blackberries to check business Emails or to schedule upcoming
meetings. But now, people turn to the different applications of this smatphone in their everyday lives. One
can find out about traffic updates and weather reports with just the use of a blackberry.

Most people who are avid users of social media just use their smartphones to post a status or to twit. The
use of these phones is actually convenient since there is no longer any need log to on to the site with the
use of a computer. They can actually take a picture or make a video about anything using their
BlackBerrys and then post them quickly online. These pictures and videos could then turn viral and
generate a lot of comments and intrigues from other people. Hence, the power of smartphones and social
network; they could make or break somebody in a blink of an eye.

Advertisers are actually interested in the other side of these two valuable interfaces. It is actually the
ability to post advertisements on smartphones of social network users that they want more of. Since there
are about 425 million mobile users out there, this is actually a good target for companies to have their
products made known.

The number of users of the most famous social networking site, Facebook is actually millions and half of
the number is mobile users. Advertisers are looking at the potential market they can reach since a lot of
people use their smartphones. It really would not be possible for users not to notice advertisements on
their BlackBerrys.
The problem however, is how to avoid actually annoying people with the advertisement sent to them. In
America where a lot of people are protective of their freedom, people have easily questioned how
advertisers got a hold of their personal information like phone numbers or user names. They turn wary of
advertisers they are not familiar with nor are subscribed to.

Facebook for one began to allow brands to send out information to users who clicked ‘like’ on their
Facebook page. Somehow the action of the reader signified that he or she welcomes any information, be it
sales or otherwise coming from that particular company. It is also possible that the person who ‘liked’ the
product would have his or her friends receive the same information even if they didn’t ‘like’ the product

Facebook also counts on the revenues the mobile ad would be collecting. It would also be possible that
this form of advertising, when used without any hitch could generate more income for the said networking


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