Minor in Writing Application Form for Fall 2012

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					                    SWEETLAND CENTER FOR WRITING
     Minor in Writing Admission Policies and Application Procedures for
                                 Fall 2012
Admission Information
The Sweetland Center for Writing invites UM undergraduates who wish to develop as writers, both in and
beyond their chosen academic discipline, to apply to the Minor in Writing. Sweetland Writing Minors refine
their writing over a range of courses to gain skills in writing for a variety of audiences and purposes. In the
gateway and capstone courses, students create an electronic portfolio to reflect on their growth as writers,
demonstrate their proficiency in visual rhetoric and new media writing, and showcase their writing abilities.
Applications are accepted twice a year, in March and October.

Requirements for the application:
    Students must have completed their First-Year Writing Requirement with a grade of B or higher.
       Transfer students who completed the FYWR with a transfer course approved by Sweetland will need
       to show proof of receiving a grade of B or higher.
    Students must have declared a concentration by the end of Winter term 2012.
    Students must have at least three full terms remaining in their academic program beginning with Fall
       term 2012.
    Students must be able to enroll in WRITING 220: Introduction to the Minor in Fall term 2012

Materials for application:
    Completed application form
    Letter of interest
    Writing sample from any college course
    Unofficial U-M transcript (available through Wolverine Access)

Admission process and criteria:
    Submit all materials in hard copy to Sweetland Minor, 1310 North Quad, by 5:00pm, Friday,
      March 23, 2012. Please note: electronic copies will not be accepted.
    The admission process is competitive and space is limited. Because space is limited students must
      complete the minor gateway course, Writing 220: Introduction to the Minor in Writing, in Fall term
    Application materials are reviewed by a committee of Sweetland faculty, who make admissions
      recommendations based upon the quality of the writing sample, the reasons given for applying to the
      minor, and student’s overall academic performance.
    Students are notified of the decision via email prior to the beginning of registration.

    Applications for Fall 2012 are due by 5:00pm, Friday, March 23, 2012.

Questions? Contact sweetlandwritingminor@umich.edu.

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Sweetland Minor in Writing Application
1. General Information

Name:                                                                     Uniqname:

UMID#:                                                                    Concentration:

Expected term of graduation:                                              Credits at the end of this term:

Please indicate the First-Year Writing Requirement course you completed and the term in which you
completed it (i.e., Fall 2010: English 125):                              FYWR course grade:

2. Writing Sample

You may submit a writing sample from any college course you have taken that shows your writing to best
advantage. The sample should be 5-15 pages long.
For what class was the writing sample you are submitting completed? (Please include term, subject, catalog
number, and course title.)

3. Application Letter

On an attached sheet, please write a letter to the admissions committee explaining why you wish to complete
the Minor in Writing. The letter should be 500 – 750 words.

When writing the letter, please keep in mind the following questions:

        How does your previous writing experience contribute to your goals for the minor?
        How will the Minor in Writing contribute to your overall academic goals?
        What aspects of writing do you hope to explore further during the course of the minor?

All writing submitted to the admissions committee is expected to be the student’s own work, including the
application letter and the writing sample. Applications found to contain plagiarism will automatically be
rejected and students will be referred to the Academic Standards Board for further action.

Sweetland Peer Tutors are available to help with composing, editing and revising application materials. For
days/times, please visit Sweetland’s website at www.lsa.umich.edu/sweetland/forstudents/peertutoring.

4. Unofficial Transcripts

Unofficial transcripts are required with the application and can be printed from the Student Center page.

For questions or further information, please email sweetlandwritingminor@umich.edu.

Application Checklist: please be sure that you have included all of these required materials.

         1.   Application Form                                      Fall 2012 deadline:
         2.   Writing Sample                                 5:00pm, Friday, March 23, 2012
         3.   Application Letter                   Submit to Sweetland Minor, 1310 North Quad
         4.   Unofficial Transcripts

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