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					Job Description: Estimator
Please give this to candidates and advise them to look at our website so they
have an insight of the type of projects we undertake -

G M Developments is construction company specializing in high end
refurbishments and new builds. We have recently also begun to do our own
"one off" developments of new build houses and we are looking to expand this
side of the company. The candidate may be required to do budget costs and
this would involve working with the managing partner as well as dealing with
investors at times.

We have a reputation for delivering a product of the highest standard that not
only meets but exceeds our client's expectations. The resultant repeat business
and recommendations are testament to the quality of our work, our attention to
detail and first class service.

We are looking for an estimator who is dynamic, adaptable, pro active and will
be able to work on their own initiative. They will have a proven track record of
working within the sector that GMD operates. They should also be able to
procure a number of projects at one time. We use free-lance estimators on the
odd occasion and the managing partner also undertakes some estimating when
we are particularly busy. However the newly appointed person will be
responsible for making sure tenders are submitted on time. They will work
closely with the managing partner until they have developed a relationship
where the managing partner will simply leave the estimator to manage the
estimating on their own

They must be able to communicate effectively with our clients, architects,
surveyors or professional teams and sub contractors maintaining strong
working relationships. In addition they will need to be able to extract from the
client what they require to develop costs or procure products where in some
cases a full specification is not available or needs to be developed
The candidate must have the confidence and ability to deal with clients and
professionals at all levels. They will need the ability to win our client's trust as
we also carry out a lot of work on "cost plus" where our client's complete faith
in us cannot be compromised.

They must be able to work on a number of projects at any one time without
compromise. They must be able to feel comfortable with the work load
expected in a growing company. It can be demanding at times.

They will need to be able to extract from the information provided what can be
sub contracted via procurement; be able to send tenders to sub contractors for
pricing and negotiate a price or set budgets by whatever means.

The candidate needs to be experienced and familiar with rates at the high end
of the market for refurbishments and new build and financially astute.

The candidate should have a full understanding of estimating from ground
works to finishes.

Ideally the candidate will have a working knowledge of Causeway software or be
willing to undertake training

We are looking for someone who will be conscientious and have integrity

Ideally they should live within commuting distance of Wimbledon as they will be
predominantly office based although they will be expected to travel as the job

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