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					Math 120 Rubric                      Unacceptable                         Needs Improvement                    Target
Antiderivatives: Integration by      Cannot recognize which function      Cannot do all three levels as        Can recognize when to apply this
Parts                                is f(x) and which function is g(x)   described in the target category;    technique; can complete the
                                     and their derivatives; cannot        can only complete elementary         following problem types:
                                     complete a “level one” problem       problems                                  1. No repetition problems
                                                                                                                    2. Repetitions
                                                                                                                    3. Tabular method
Antiderivatives: Partial Fractions   Cannot do these problems             Cannot do all four levels as         Can recognize when to apply this
                                                                          described in target category         technique; can complete the
                                                                                                               following problem types:
                                                                                                                    1. Linear factors, non-
                                                                                                                    2. Repeated linear factors
                                                                                                                    3. Irreducible quadratics
                                                                                                                    4. Repeated irreducible
Antiderivatives: Trig Functions      Cannot do these problems             Can do only elementary functions     Can find the antiderivatives of
                                                                                                               elementary and complex trig
Indeterminate Forms                  Cannot do these problems             Can do standard problems but has              0     
                                                                          trouble with non-standard ones       Can do     and   indeterminate
                                                                                                                        0     
                                                                                                               forms and apply L’Hopital’s rule;
                                                                                                               can convert non-standard
                                                                                                               indeterminate forms into
                                                                                                               standard forms and solve
Evaluate Improper Integrals          Cannot do Necessary Test or          Struggles with L’Hopital’s rule      Apply Necessary Test to
                                     L’Hopital’s Rule                     and/or finding antiderivatives       determine if improper integrals
                                                                                                               are real numbers and find an
Limit of a Sequence                  Cannot find limit                    Can only find limits of basic        Can find the limit of a sequence,
                                                                          functions, cannot apply Squeeze      can apply the Squeeze Theorem
                                                                          Theorem or L’Hopital’s rule          and L’Hopital’s Rule
Infinite Series                      Cannot do tests for convergence      Can do individual convergence        Determines convergence or
                                                                          tests but cannot apply the correct   divergence by applying the
                                                                          test to a given series               appropriate convergence test
Power Series Functions               Cannot determine convergence         Can do easier problems but not       Given a power series, can
                                     interval                             challenging ones                     determine an interval for
Plane Curves                         Cannot analyze curves            Can only do some tasks in the        Can find slope, length, and
                                                                      target category and/or cannot        determine concavity
                                                                      analyze all curves
Polar Coordinates                    Cannot set up these problems     May be able to set up arc length    Can convert between polar and
                                                                      or area but cannot finish the       rectangular coordinates; can find
                                                                      problem                             the distance between points in
                                                                                                          polar form; can sketch a graph of
                                                                                                           r  f ( ) ; can find arc length,
                                                                                                          area, and slope
Vectors                              Cannot do these problems         Cannot do cross product and/or      Can do the following with vectors:
                                                                      cannot write the equation of a      addition, scalar multiplication, dot
                                                                      plane or line                       product, and cross product; can
                                                                                                          find the magnitude in order to
                                                                                                          write the equation of a plane or
                                                                                                          line in 3-dimensional space
Vector-Valued Functions              Cannot do these problems         Cannot do more than “level one”     Can find limits and integrate and
                                                                      problems (polynomials in each       differentiate vector-valued
                                                                      component)                          functions
Functions of 2 Variables: Limits     Cannot do these problems         Cannot find the limit or cannot     Knows the definition of f(x,y) and
                                                                      determine continuity of f(x,y) at a can apply it to find simple limits;
                                                                      point                               can determine if f(x,y) is
                                                                                                          continuous at a point
Functions of 2 Variables: Partial    Cannot do these problems         Can do elementary but not more      Can find partial derivatives of
Derivatives                                                           complex functions                   functions of 2 variables
Functions of 2 Variables:            Cannot do these problems         Can do elementary but not more      Can find the directional derivative
Directional Derivatives                                               complex functions                   of a function at a given point
Functions of 2 Variables: Tangent    Cannot do these problems         Can do elementary but not more      Given a function and a point the
Plane                                                                 complex functions                   function passes through, can find
                                                                                                          the equation of a plane
Functions of 2 Variables: Relative   Cannot find any candidates for   Cannot solve the system of          Given a function of 2 variables,
Extrema                              extrema                          equations to find all candidates    can find candidates for relative
                                                                      and/or cannot do mechanics of       extrema and can apply the 2nd
                                                                      the 2 partials test                 partials test to determine max,
                                                                                                          min, saddle points
Functions of 2 Variables: Multiple   Cannot do these problems         Cannot set up the integrals and/or Can evaluate multiple integrals,
Integrals                                                             make necessary changes as           changing the order of integration
                                                                      described in target category        or changing a variable to polar
                                                                                                          coordinates as needed

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