two_intentionally_set_fires by lanyuehua


									                         Anchorage Fire Department
For Immediate Release:                     Tom Kempton, Public Affairs Director
May 17, 2006                                (907) 343-2902/(907) 317-7233

                  Two Intentionally Set Fires Overnight

The first fire at 3240 Penland Parkway, space 268 at 12:05 AM was reported by
APD who was responding to a reported domestic dispute at this address. They
reported smoke and fire coming from the trailer. Engine 3 (E3), from the nearby
Airport Heights Fire Station got on location first and found the trailer fully
involved. E3 gave a size up and passed command to Truck 3 captain. E3 made a fast
attack and went in the front door. The fire was coming out the front door and the
side windows. E3 knocked down in the living room and then worked their way to the
front of the trailer. E3 had fire all the way to the front of the trailer. E3
extinguished the fire and went out to change air bottles. E3 completed a post fire
check at 4am. Paramedics treated two patients for smoke inhalation on location.
One was transported in stable condition to a local hospital. APD had one person in
custody at the scene who reportedly will be charged with intentionally setting the
fire. Dollar loss is set at $17,000. The trailer is considered a total loss.
   The second fire came in at 4:43 AM at 2221 Muldoon Road, Space 255. Engine-6
from the Muldoon Fire Station at Debarr and Patterson Street, responded code-
red for report of structure fire. They arrived to find a single-wide mobile home
with moderate smoke coming from the trailer, no flames noted. E-6 crew advanced
a preconnected hoseline to the front door and placed a fan for ventilation. They
found the front door knob was locked although door easily pushed open with
minimal force. Heavy smoke noted in the interior. Upon entry, E-6 crew found a gas
can with the spout melted off just inside front door, a small amount of gasoline
remained in container. There was a small fire extinguished under the kitchen sink.
A search of the residence found it to be clear of occupants, no other evidence of
fire was found on the interior search. Heavy smoke noted from the underside of
the trailer. Skirting was pulled, the fire extinguished and the area overhauled.
Further exam of interior found that fire had apparently burned in a plastic drain
pipe below kitchen sink, extending to piping underneath trailer. Fire under the sink
burned through rubber hose that supplied the faucet resulting in partial self-
extinguishment. Heavy smoke damage was noted throughout residence. Inspection
of the front door found heavily damaged frame from apparent forced entry prior
to arrival of AFD units.
E14 was passed command from B3. E14 spoke with the neighbor who called in the
fire and another who lived across the street. The neighbor reportedly arrived
home shortly after 0400. He did not notice any smoke until he heard what was
described as a 'groan' noise as if from a water pipe and a 'pop' coming from the
trailer. This is when he saw white smoke coming from the skirting near the center
of the trailer. He then called 911.
   He stated that he thought that the trailer appeared vacant but the past few
weeks there had been activity. Another neighbor stated that trailer had been
under going a remodel in the past few weeks by new owners until recently.
Yesterday evening the 16th, around 2100, he stated that APD arrived for a
disturbance at the trailer. APD stood by as appliances and equipment were removed
from the trailer. The neighbor stated that he spoke with the owner and
understood that the sale of the trailer fell through with the buyers who were
remodeling the trailer.
   In speaking with the E6 officer, he noted that there was a gas can near the
front door with the spout melted off. Also, it appeared that someone had poured a
flammable liquid down the kitchen sink. The drain under the sink cabinet was
burned way. The water line next to it was broken, which appeared to have put most
of the fire under the cabinet out. The investigation is continuing. No damage
estimate is available as yet.

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