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3rd World Countries


									                              3rd World Countries
                      Working Conditions Across the World

Use the Internet (any reasonable sites that provide factual information) to answer the following

    1.   What does the term “outsourcing mean”?

    2.   Why would a company choose to outsource their production? In other words, what is the
         benefit to them as the business?

    3.   What are some examples of companies to outsource? Be specific.

    4.   What are some common countries that we (the U.S.) outsource to?

    5.   Find a website that talks about the common working conditions for people who have to work in
         3rd world countries. What are some of those conditions?

    6.   Go to:
            a.    What is the average hourly apparel worker wage in Bangladesh per hour?
            b.    What is the average hourly apparel working wage in Cost Rica per hour?
            c.    What is the average hourly apparel working wage in Indonesia?

    7.   Scroll down in that same website you used above. Look for Table 2. What is the percentage of
         people living on the less than $2 per day in the following countries:
            a. Bangladesh ___________________
            b. Cambodia ____________________
            c. Costa Rica ____________________
8. Scroll down a bit further in the website from question 7, and look at Table 3. List for me some of
   the companies that have utilized 3rd world countries for workers. Give me the company name,
   country location, and how much they paid per hour.
       a. Example: NFL, NBA, MLB in China for .165 cents per hour.

9. Use the web and find an article that shows that utilizing sweatshops in 3rd world countries is a
   GOOD thing for people and for the economy. There are several articles that you should be able
   to find. Explain why they say they are good, and what positive effects does it say it should have
   on the economy.

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