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					Edwards Questions. These questions have keys in the text you are reading about Edwards and Hopkins. For
each question look for keys in the text marked this way [1], [2], [3] etc...

    1.   What does Niebuhr claim about the “kingdom of god in America” as a way to understand
         American History?

    2.   What was the relationship between the “kingdom of god in American” and the secular vision of

    3.   In simple form, what were the elements of the kingdom of god in America as Niebuhr understood
         the term?

    4.   What was the Great Awakening? How did ideas of progress and about the future change at the
         time of the Great Awakening?

    5.   Distinguish “postmillennialism” from “premillennialism.” Do you know of any discussion of these
         topics today?

    6.   What was Jonathan Edwards’ influence on nineteenth and twentieth century writings about Utopia
         and progress?

    7.   According to Edwards, can humans do anything to save their souls?

    8.   What did Edwards think of human freedom?

    9.   How does Edwards try to reconcile his belief in predestination with his ideas about freedom?

    10. Is he successful? Questions 9 and 10 ask for your conclusions… You will not find definitive
        answers in the text.

    11. What do you make of the “law of perfect freedom?”

    12. What enslaves individuals and a people? Describe the process. Is his argument “rational” or is it
        simply that God punishes sinners who don’t obey Him?

    13. What motivates humans when they are free according to Edwards? Why do anything and not
        nothing if you are free?

    14. Describe the “spiritual autotelic state” that Edwards imagined.

    15. What did Edwards think was progress’ culmination? i.e., history’s terminus that gives direction
        and meaning to progress?

    16. Specifically, what does Edward think are the worthwhile activities of freedom? Make a list.

    17. What role did reason play in Edwards’ vision of the future? (see question 12 and the texts marked
        with [12].

    18. What happened during the early days of the Great Awakening that disturbed Edwards (and others
        who though the people had lost their minds?)

    19. How did Edwards conceive of abundance? This is a general question – no one place in the text is
20. According to Edwards, can work be excessive? How does views compare with the modern
    serotype of the Puritan world?

21. For Edwards, how would science and reason be brought into service of the things of the spirit?

22. What did Hopkins think about being concerned with future punish and rewards? (Answered in

23. Why did Hopkins think that a person should be willing and happy, to be damned forever?
    (Answered in Class)

24. What is “disinterested benevolence?” Do a word search… (Answered in Class)

25. Do you agree with Edwards Hopkins that the logic of progress forced (or forces) humans to
    grapple with the eternal? (Answered in Class)

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