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university of illinois trademark complaint

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									         2:12-cv-02236-HAB-DGB # 1                 Page 1 of 30
                                                                   Thursday, 06 September, 2012 05:42:54 PM
                                                                                Clerk, U.S. District Court, ILCD

                                          ~T~~~~~ ~~~I~~~~~i

LJI'~T~~I~~.~~~'~~ C~~' I~,~,II~TO~S,

        ~1air~~zfr,                                                 ~~s~ ~T~.


1~~.U~~~~ t~✓~~k~~,~I°~~, ~n i~~avi~~al d/b/~                       I~~~z~tz°~t~ J~d~~


        I'laxz~ti~ ~'he      flax°d oz Tz°ust~es ~f t~~ IJniv~rsit~ c~z Ill~r~~is (`~~'lai~ti~r ' ox `~t~~

~Jniv~rszty"~ by az~d tl~z°c~~~~h its attor~~y~, ~'r~;~b~~i°n ~ ~~t~rs ~,i,P, ~o~~p~ains ~~ainst ~~f~,~dant

l~~u~i~~ I~/I~hlin~, a~ individual ~/b/a Proje~9 fie' "I~ef~r~d~nt" ox `~~'zr~j~~t ~'~"') ~s ~o11ow~:

         1.       Tl~i~ is a civil ~~;ti~n alleging dix~~t ~~d/oz° ~o~al~z~ib~ztc~ry ~x~d~rnaa°~ ar~~zi~g~~~sa~,

ur~~~zz° ~o~petiti~~, ar~~ tz~d~r~a~l~ dzlutio~ ax~isir~~ u~d~~• ~~~ti~ns 32 and ~3 o~'tka~ Lanham ~c;t, 1 ~

U.S.C. §§ 1114{1)~a) Utz°ode ~z°k in~z°x~g~rr~~x~~), 112~(~) {azz~fai~• ~~~zp~titi~a~), aid X125{~)

(~~~~1~ ~~1~ ~il~t~o~~, as will ~s ~i~l~tfo~~ ~f the ~llz~~~as ~'z°a.~~ ~rl~ ~~~istratzc~n ar~d ~'xs~t~~~~~n

l~.~t, 765 I~,~~ § 103~/l, ~ts~q., ~llzzaois ~?~~~ptiv~ ~'~ad~ ~t°a~ta~~s pct, $1~ I~~~~ ~ 510/1, et.s~q.,

Illia~oas C~nsuz~z~r ~'~aud a~~ ~e~ep~~v~ ~~iszne~s ~ra~~i~~~ l~~t, X 15 ~I,~~ ~ X05/J , et seq.,

~c~~~z~ 1~~~~ zni.sappa•~pxi~t~c~s~ ~f tz°a.d~z~~r~~, and ~~z~zn~n l~vv u~faix ~~~~~t~~~r~.

         2.       ~s d~s~z°ib~d z~.oz~~ f~11y l~elo~v, wit~Z~ut tk~~ authorzty ~f the Ur~1v~x~rty, ~e~~ndant

h~.s ananufactuz•~d and ~~ld c~~hiz•~s t~.~~ ~~pz~~ssly extol "dz•z~l~ing" and   c`d~bau~h~ry,"   ~~d that b~ax

c~~°t~ir~ ~~z of the IJnzv~z~sily, i~cl~din~, but got lx~rzat~d t~, the LJnivcrszty's Ul~iI~T~,I~~~T~I ~~

         2:12-cv-02236-HAB-DGB # 1                   Page 2 of 30

I~~,~I°~iO~S w~z~d .ark, its "~~,~~Y ~" ~~sa_~n r~~a~~c, ar~~ its ~I~~~~' I~,I,I~°~:f~V~~~ ~l~s~~;n ~~xlc.

~~fe~da~t's ~.~~authc~xi~~d u~~ of suc;~ rra~rk~ 1~~~ pz~od~~~d. a~~ will ~~nti~u~ tc~ pzod~~~ ~;~~~~.z~~z

~~nfu~~.~~ ~n~1 ~~~~~o~ic~n, ~n~ will d~lut~ aid taxr~ish the ~J1niv~x~ily'~ tra~~~n~rk~.

        3.       /~lkh~u~h ~~f~ncl~nt ~a~ b~~z~ apps°is~~l cif its i~l~~al ~o~d~~t, at h~~ l~rg~ly i~r~c~r~d

chi ~J~iv~z°sity's cs~rr~r~~tzni~a~i~zas ~n~ d~lib~xat~~_y x~fus~d t~ ~~rr~ply with tie ~J~~v~z~sity's

~l~~azads, thereby     anif~stir~~ its ir~t~z~t icy ~~ntinu~ t~ wx~r~~f~.~lly ~~~i•~r~~~ ~pc~n, ~.ilut~ az~~1 t~rni~~

the Ua~i~~z•szty'~ tx~c~~ ~x1~s. I1~l~s~ ~~jo~n~d, I~~f~r~daz~t ~vz~l ~~.~?~~ fi~Y°tt1~~x z~z°~p~~°~bl~ z~j~ary,

l~,av~r~g ~~~ YT~iv~z~sity with zoo ~.~1~~u~~~ r~ ~dy at law. ~~ ~~l~zti~n, the ~Jz~iv~~•s~~y s~~~~~ ara ~w~rd

of d~rn~g~s a~~ X11 a~~~~nta~g ~f ~~f~r~da~~'s r~~~n~~s ~n~/~x pr~_~its, ~s ;~v~ll ~s attc~z~~ys' ~~~~,

~~sts, end. ~xp~~as~s fc~r 3~~~f~nd~r~t's z~it~ntz~nal ~z~d wzllfu~ ~or~du~t.

        ~.       l~l~i~ti~f, Thy ~o~rcl of ~'rus~~~s o~ the LJ~iv~rsi~y ~f~ ~lliza~is, i_~ a booty ~o~iti~ ~;n~

~o_rps~ra~~ ~~t~blisk~~d ~,~nd~r 11~~ ~!~~stit~tiQ~. ~a~d ~aw~ ofthe ~t~t~ ~f ~llir~c~is, t~o ~ov~~~z~ ~n~. ~~~~~~is~

~u~ka~rity c~~~~r tl~~ '~Tr~iv~x°sity ~f Illinois, wh~s~ oz°igirz~l ~~z~npu~ is lc~~at~d in Urb~r~a-~harz~~~i~n.

~l~i~t~ff is z~f~xr~~ try b.~z°~i~ as "tl~~ ~J~iv~rsit~."

         ~.      ~~;f~~~az~t I~/~au~~ic~ 1~~~1zn~ ~s ~za iradividu~l ~vs~~, ~z~ zz~:co~ ~~is~n ~r~~ belief,

z°~sid~~ ~t 2209 ~~~t U~~v~~°~ity ~v~,, ~t~, ~, IJg°b~r~~, Illz~a~z~ 5~~02, and i~ ~~zng 1~~a.~z~~~~ ~~

~roj~~t ~'~', a ~~ast~~ s~r~~z~ ~rr~tin~ ~n~l°oid~x°y b~szr~~~s ~rztiiy with its pxiz~~ip~[ ~la~~ cif

b~~in~~~ ~1so ~t 2209 East ~Tz~~~~xsity l~v~., Sty, ~, IJzb~r~a, Illizaois 61 ~~2.

                                        ~T~~~~~~'~~~1 ~1~1~ ~1~~T~

         6.       ~'~s ~~tion ~ris~s ~~~~x ~t~.~ ~1~it~d ~tat~s ~'r~d~s~ax°1~ ~,~vv~, ~oz~ra~s~r~l~ ~~~w~ ~~

the I~anha~ l~~t. T'l~as ~oux~Y has c~ri~inal s~bj~~~ m~tt~~ juz•isdi~ti~r~ over ~hi~ act~o~ ~ursu~nt to 15

~J.~.~". § 1121 (Lar~h~z~ ~~~); 2~ IJ.~.~. ~ 1331 (~d~z°~l qu~sti~za)9 ar~~ 2~ IJ.~.~;. ~ 133~(~)

(txader~axk ~c~ions~.       The ~ouz~ h~~ ~Lippl~m.~ntal juris~i~tion ~av~z ~l~intif~'s ~th~r ~lai~s

           2:12-cv-02236-HAB-DGB # 1                Page 3 of 30

pu~•sua~t ~0 2~ ~J.~.~. ~ ~36'7(~). i,h~~ a~tx~n is got ~ ~~ll~siv~ one to ~oz~~~~° j~?x°zscl~~t~or~ o~ ~ ~ol~~t

~f'~1~~ U~it~~ ~t~t~~ that z~ would ~o~ <~th~rwis~ I~~v~.

           %,     ~T~~u~ is ~z~o~~r Sri ti~i~ d~~iz•i~t u~d~x 2~ U.~.~. §§ 13~1(b) ~~~d {~), in that t1~~

~ef~~~~n~ txaz~~~~t~ busir~~~~ within thas ju~ti~~al ~ist~•z~t9 ~_z~~l~di~_~ tk~~ s~l~ ~f iza~ir~giz~g pxodu~t~

~?~dl~~° ~~xvx~~~ ~~at are tl~~ s~abj~~t ~f chis a~ti~r~.

           ~.     `~'k~~ ~J~.iv~xsity c~~n~ nuYraexou~ l~~bmsta~~li~~ a~z~l w~llml~nown t~~~c~~z~ariz~, to°~~1~

~.~z~.~s, and logos that axe used in ~c~nn~~~ic~r~ v~ith the LJnxv~r~i~y, its ~~hl~tic t~;~z~~, and

  ~r~ha~dis~ sold by the LT~iv~~sz~y b~~xin~ those rr~arks.

           ~3.    ~oz~ znan~ y~~z°~, the IJ~iv~rsity grad its au~hc~xia~~ bu~in~s~ p~~°~~~r~, sponsor

aid/air li~~a~s~~s, hive ~~~d tl~e~e txadem.arl~s, sp~~ifi~ally in~lu~i~g, foa~ p~rpos~s of this

C~~ra~l~int, the UI~~SI~~S~~'Y Ok' ~~,LII'~~I~ word z~~rl~, t~~ "~~,O~I~ I'" d~si~z~ maxl~, end the

~~IE~ I~,~,~I~iI~IE~ cl~si~,;n z~ar~c, zn ~~z~~~~tzoz~ with the IJ~iv~p°si~ty's busi~~ss ref s~x~~nazi~~,

~~~du~tz~~, ar~~ ~i°~zn~t~z~~ the Llt~xv~rsi~y cif Illinois ire ~Jrbaz~~Po~h~a~~a~bn,

           1(~.   ~a~ ~lditi~n ~~ ~~z~mon lave t~•~~l~a~~rl~ ir~ht~ in t~a~ z~iarA~s s~~ ~~at~a zza. ~'~r~~~°a~1~ 9,

Thy ~7a~%v~z°sity i~ the ~~~l~siv~ ~~razz~~° s~f t~~ fs~ll~v~in~ v~lic~, ~a~~~nt~s~a'c~l~, ~z~~~ ~z~fo~~~abl~

tr~.d~z~~xlc ~~~istrati~r~s rn~ith t1z~ ~Jnit~~l ~ta~~~ ~~t~nt ~n~1 "~'~aderra~xl~ ~~~i~~("LT~~~'O"), among


                  k~~~i~tx~ti~~n 1°~T~. 1,~3b,2~1 fox LJI~TI~T~~~I~'~' Ok` ~~,L~1,T~I~
                  ~,~,A~ZI~TII~~G ~ ~,1~~3~~ ~~IA~TF~~I~ 1X67 ~.G~ICUI,~'~7~Z~.
                  ~~~~;I~i~~; fi~ A~~'deign ~xl~ fog°, a~z~~n~ ~t~~r ~~o~l~ aza~ s~rvi~~s,
                  ccb~~~S9 ~c~~5~ ~7.~15~ ~~1~~59 ~t~A~~ll~ ~~~CS~y~~ SW~~~S~1x~59 SW~~~p~X1~S~
                  sw~atja~l~~ts, warms-up suits, shiz'ts, sl~~z°fig, j~~l~~ts, ir~~a~t weax,
                  ~l~~pw~~~, paa~ts, r~i~w~ag°, l~nitw~~r; z~a~a~ly ~l~v~~;, ~itt~z~~,
                  ~~arv~s, ~o~l~s" iz~ ~l~ss 25 (IJ.~. Clasp 3~),

         2:12-cv-02236-HAB-DGB # 1                 Page 4 of 30

                   ~gistratz~r~o i~T~. 2431 x,363 fog "~3~,~~5~ I" ~~~i~r~ mark ~o~°, ~z~~~~;
                 oth~~° ~oo~s ~n~ s~~v~~~s, "~1~1~aaz~~, ~azn~ly, f~~rons, ~.d~al'~ az~d
       's ja~k~ts, ~r~d vests, z~~n'~ s~i~-t~, spirt s~iz-t~, ties, z~i~ht
                 shii-~s, ~,~cli~s' tips, adult ~~d chilclr~z~'~ j~r~~y~,, ~po~t yaps,
                 V1bOS ~~~5y 5k1 ~C`~~~J~ 5~~1V~S9 ~W~~L~Z`S9 bOTa.C~7~S~ ~~43V~S~ S~J1L~~;SAS~
                 gold s~v~~t~z~s, la~i~s' ~n~ ra1~~'s and ~hil~r~n's t-shirts, baseball
                 shi~~ts, ~oQtb~l~ shit°ts, f~ot'oa11-style jexs~ys, l~di~s' and rnens's
                 ~~o~1s, so~l~s, adult and ~ha~~lx~r~'s w~rz~-up ~~zts, baby s~~~p~rs,
                 baby shiq-t~, w~st~rca hats, t~z~nis ;~at~, r~v~°ist..b~~i~ds ~~~ sva~atb~n~s"
                 iz~ ~1~~~ ~S (~J.~. ~lass~s 22 ~~~ 39); ~~c1

                   ~gzs~~~~ion I~io. 2,2 2,024 ~o~ the ~~~~~' I~,~~~~~~~I~~ d~si~;~
                   ~z•1~ ~~r, az~~ng ot~~x ~oo~s end sex°vies, "~~t~t~i~g, ~. .~1y9
                 apz°ons, ~~1~1~ ja~l~~ts, arad vests, en's s~i~~1~, spur% shirt, tics,
                 L,~.di~~' t~~~, yaps, spo~'~ ~~ps, visor• ~:~~~, s1~i yaps, ~~~rv~s, sva~at~~s,
                 ~~r~~hos, ~~~z ~w~at~x~, ladies' ~r~d z~~r~'~ .and ~;hild~°en's t-s~~rts,
                 f~c~~ba~l ~hzz~~, baby sl~~p~~°~, baby shits, t~n~1~s h~~s" iz~ ~las~ 25
                 {U.~. ~1ass~~ 2~ ~z~d 3~).

1 11 of t1~~ ~~x~z~aor~ law ~~d ~~~zs~~~ed ~~~°l~s sit foz-t~~ in ~~z°age°aph~ 9 aid 10 are ~c~ll~~~iv~ly

 ~E~~xr~c~ t~ h~z~~~z~ ~s Xh~ 6`~~~e~~~~~~~a~      ~~°,~~." ~'ru~ ~~n~ ~oxr~~t ~c~pz~s cif t~~ r~~i~tr~~z~r~.

 ~~z~tifi~;~te~, ~l~z~~ wzth prim ~~ts ~f ~h~ st~tu~ ~i ~a~l~ z•~giJ~~~~~d rriazk fr~z~ t~~ ~1~~~'~'s

 data~ZS~, ~r~ r~s~~ctiv~ly attash~~l ~s ~xhibit~ ~—~ ~er~to.

        "11.     ~'la~+~~gl~ ~l~~ad~s ~f l~~b~ta~adiz~~ ~n.d ~o~atz~.~~1 use, t~~ ~Jz~iv~7•s~ty'~ tz°~.d~z~~rl~s,

ix~~l~c~~nb, ~u~ ~~t l~~it~~l t~, ~kz~ ~J;~ivexsicy I~~zl~s, k~~.v~ d~v~l~~~d ~xt~~a~iv~ ~~~~~aill ~z~~. h~v~

a~t~~n~d a ~ai~~ ~l~gz~~~ ~f ~°~cog~itios~ ~~ad dist~n~tiv~n~ss tl~zou~~.ou~ ~h~ ~J.~. zn ~~~r~~~tioz~ wz~h

~s~~d~ end ~~.c~~i~~~ ~~g~~~r~ly a.s~o~iate~ ~vit~ ~ ur~iver~~ty as a~ ~d~~~tior~~l ira~t~tu~i~~.

        ~2,      ~~r~k~~~~r~ and ~r~~p~~tiv~ p~x~:k7as~~~, as ~~11 ~s ~~ka~r z~.~~&~~r~ of the pub1~~, are

farnili~,~• with the Ua~iv~~sity 1~✓~~1°l~s ar~~ a,ssoci~t~ the ~Jni~~r~i~y   ~.~~k~ vait~ the ~Jxaiv~rsx~y; ~h~~

~nd~z~tand ~r~d ~~~~~t ~~at ~. wide vex°i~ty of gods ~.n~l s~~vi~~s off~z~~d ire ~on~~~~io~ with Gh~

LJnzv~rsity I az•k~ aa°~ af~ili~t~~, sp~n~~r~~, ~n~/ox l~c~ns~d by the ~Tz~iversit~.

        13.      :~'h~ Uz~iv~xsity I~~•ks az•~ ~r~s~~tly us~~l iz~ ~~~n~~ti~~ ~vitk~ ~, v✓~d_~m~~~z~~~ of ~o~~s

~r~d ~~rvi~~s ~fzer~d by the IJniv~rsity ~~ad its ~uthoxiz~d li~~ns~~:;. (~`e~ E~h~bit ~ ~.ez°eto.)
         2:12-cv-02236-HAB-DGB # 1                   Page 5 of 30

         ~ 4.     ~'h~ Uz~iv~rs~iy Baas ~xp~nd~~l ~~z~~id~~ably azaaouz~~~ ~f t~r~~, ~~f~xt aid ~~p~z~~~ ~~

pr~rr~~t~ xls s~rva~~~ ~n~ prod~~ts throughout the ~Jnit~~ ~tat~~ ~t~~ ~~ prc~t~~t tk~.~ r~~hts ~~~c~~;z~t~d

with the ~Jr~iv~z°sz~y l~ai°l~s.

         1 ~.     ~~ a result ~~ its ~~t~~.~iv~ i~a~~l~~~tiz~~ ~~forts anal its ~fl~ti~~~~as use of t~~

tT~zv~r~ity I ~.xl~s fog° 1~any ~l~~ad~~, t~~ ~T~~~v~x~~~y hay d~v~lo~~~ ~ubst~z~~aal z•i~~~s end ~o~d~wa~l

z~ the I1s~xv~~~ity 1~/~a.~~l~s, ~z~d ~h~ public 'r~a~ ~o ~ ~c~ ass~o~i~t~ ~u~l~ rr~ac•1~s as id~ra~i£z~rs cif ~oux~~,

a~pxc~val, aid/~x licera~irz~ zap ~~~n~ctic~r~ with t1z~ ~ar~~us ~~s~ds and ~~x°v~c~~ ~ff~~•ed by t~i~

~Jz~iv~a~sity end zts ~uthot•i~~d la~~~s~~s.

         16.      ~~~~r~~ani i~ ~n~~g~d zn ~~~ ~dv~z~isin~, r~ark~tx~~, ~an~~'a~tuxi~g, s~11a~1g, ~~d

pro~l~~~i~n ~f ~~s~o~ scz~~~n printing ~~~1 ~z~abroi~~z°Y goods and/~r s~xvz~es, s~~h ~~ ~~shirts ~~~

~t~i~r app~x~l, that i~£iri~g~ ~h~ IJniv~rsity's z~azl~s zn tk~~ ~Jr~it~d ~tat~~.

         1 %.     ~p~~ifz~ally4 ~~f~ndant l~a~ zn~z~ufactur~d ar~d sold t-s'~irts bearir3.g the

~a.z~~~thoxzz~~ ~as~ ~f the IJ~iv~x°sity's t~~ad~z~aaxl~s to t~.i.z~lmpa~~ty ~ons~a~~r~ in ~c~~z~~~tzc~~ vvit~

"`~~J~o~i~i~l" fit. ~~txi~k'~      ~~ ~~x 2~~7.

         1 ~.     ~~ ir~foz°z~a_~.lic~~ ~z~c1 b~~z~f, "~1s~c~ffi~i_~1" fit. ~~.txic~'s   ~y zs a~ ~v~~t h~l~l o~.

~a~~i~~~ ~~r~zv~z•~xty ~~rr~pu~e~ Zr~~un~ tJ~~ ~o~az~tz°y, which aiz~s #c~ z•~pla~~ t~.~ ~~l~bratzo~ ~f t~~

~f~~i~~ St, ~~~tri~k's ~~.~ hc~laday with ~~~~ssiv~ ~riz~~in~ of ~lcc~~c~l. ~'~i~ ~v~r~t z~ ~,ls~al~y

~~l~bxa~t~c~ c~r~~ or two va~elcs'~~~~r~ c~a ~~t~~° a un~v~x~ity'~ ~~px~z~~ b~°~alc.

         1 ~.     ~n ~x about I~~rch 2, 2011, aChard-~~r~~ zaar~~d k~.i~h~rd ~,acy p7~~vi~~~ a d~~x~z~ ~o

~~f~~dazat ~z~d subz~ilt~~ ~n ~z°dux ~~ II~~~'~n~az~t for s~v~nty~ti~~ (12) tashi~°~s, gall b~ar~a~~ t~~.t

d~si;s~, wzt~a a ~l~po~it ~~ X300.00.
        2:12-cv-02236-HAB-DGB # 1                    Page 6 of 30

       20.     The design in question resembles the label on a bottle of Budweiser beer, which

itself may infringe Anheuser-Busch's trademarks. The design says "Genuine" on the left and right

side of block wording in the middle, which states, among other things: "Unofficial Day of

Drinking","Quench our Thirst in the Name of Debauchery","World's Largest Shit Show", and, at

the very bottom, "University of Illinois, Champaign, IL." In addition to the University's

UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS word mark, the design also bears other marks of the University,

including, but not limited to, the "BLOCK I" design mark and the CHIEF ILLINIWEK design

mark. The t-shirts bearing this design that were produced and sold by Defendant are hereinafter

referred to as the "`Unofficial' t-shirts," an image of which is attached hereto as Exhibit E and

reproduced immediately below.

                         2208 E. University Ave.    By aiyning Ehis form I hereby approve the arCwork as print ready
                         Urbana, iL 61802           and am thus liable forthe payment due.
                         prolculLC2209:?   Signature
                         217.344.9833               Date:

         2:12-cv-02236-HAB-DGB # 1                  Page 7 of 30

         21.     ~~ ~~- ~~~~t i~~rch ~, 2011, ~~f~ndant ~~11~~ 1'e/~r. I~a~y'~ ~~•d~r b~ s~x~e~~ pt•intia~_~

t~~ d~si~;~? c~ni~ the "'U~c~~~icz~1" t-shi~~, p~~~in~; ~~~ c~~si~;~. ~n the Ir~_t~~°nit, ~~d s~l~a~~ 1~~

"~J~flf~"~~ial" ~~shir1:s to I~r. ~,~~~. ~~~~~d~r~~ z°~c~iv~~ a total ~~ X61 x.77 a~ ~~ym~~t. (~S'en ~,~~~

Iiav~i~~, ~tr~~l~~d hereto as ~~~ibi~~ ~'.)

        ~~.      ~'h~t ~~.;c~~ ~~y, ~~f~~z~~r~t gold f~~a~ (4) a~~.i~i~~?~~ "~Jc~~~f~~i~.l" tw~hzr~~ to az~~ch~.r

thir~~p~xxy ~on~~as~a~r z~az~aa~~ J~1~~ IVa~axd~~h fir a dotal ~~~~3_.7~. (~~'~c I~✓.~ur~c~~h Ir~voi~~, atta~h~~

h~r~to a~ ~~hibi9 ~.)

        23.      ~n in~ox~~tz~r~ ~x~~l b~~i~~; bo~:h I~x. Lary az~~ Tyr. I'✓~~zz•d~~h x~~s~l~ t~a~

46ITn.~f~i~i~l" t-s~x~°t~ ~z~n~~~ctur~~ by ~~f~nd~r~~ ts~ o~h~$•s ~luxi~.~ thy; "IJz~c~~fi~i~l" fit. ~~t~z~]~'s

        2~.      ~~i~r~~~z~~, I~/~r. ~~a~y and IV~z.        u~~doc;h h~v~ n~v~i~ rcc~iv~d the ~Jniv~rszty's

~~xmisszoiz ~~° ~.p~z°oval ~o u~~ ~th~ IJ~za~~rsity I`~axlcs, nor Piave ~~f~nda~t9 1~/Ix. Z,a~y c~z• l' r.

1'~~rdoc~ ~v~~- ~~nt~~t~~ t~~ ~J~~v~~si~y tc~ ~•~~~~~t p~z~zs~z~z~ ~o use tk~~ ~Jniv~r~ity l a~l~~ ~~a

x~l~,tio~ ts~ its ~~~ds.

        2~.      ~~f~~da~.t i~ z~_ot ~ ~~~.~~ac~ux~z~ licensed by ~~~ ~Jrziv~xsity's ~'ra~~~a~rl~ ar~d

~,i~~~si~g O'~fi~;~, a;nd i~ n~~ auth~z°zz~~ ~~ c~~~ t~~ ~1~a~ve~~s~ty'~ 1r•~~~~~a~r~. `~'h~ ~~.~th~xiz~d

lic~z~s~z~~ ~~px~senta~i~~~ of t~~ ~J~i~r~~~sity i~ ~~al~~i~~~ ~~~~z~si~~~ ~~r~~~r~y ~"~~,~")

A~~;c~rdir~~~y, n~ ~n~ is at~ih~ciz~d tc~ z~a~~,ifa~~ur~, dastz•z1~ut~, ~~v~z°~is~, ~~f~r for s~.l~ az~d/c~~• ~~11

~.~y pr~du~ts b~a~°inb tl~~ IJniv~z•sity's tz•~d~zn~rl~s witk~~ut tie ~x~~~~s~ wxit~~n ~ons~~~ ~f ~~~ {~~a

~~h~lf ~~ the ~J~iv~xs%ty) ancl/~z° t~~ ~Jniversity.

        ~6.      ~n or .bout        arch ~, ?~11, c~uns~l ~~r ~~,~ ~oz~ta~t~~l I~~f_~~dant ~s~ pr~t~st

~~~F~~d~r~t's u~authoriz~d u~~ of tk~~ Uz~iv~rsity'~ ti°•1~~ and tc~ d~z~~a~~l that ~~~~~c~a~t

~~zn~~li~t~iy ~~as~ ~ra~ desist usia~g the ~Jn~vexsity T~~°ins. (~~'~e 3/x/11 ~,~tt~x, ~tta~h~~ h~z•~t~ as

          2:12-cv-02236-HAB-DGB # 1                     Page 8 of 30

~xhibi~ I-~.) Ire z°~sp~ns~, ~~~~n~~nt ~~z~i~~l ~r~y wz°~ra~~c~xs~~ ~a~cl ~ri~~l t~ ~~rziz~~zniz~ its invc~lv~r~~~t

in the ~~afriz~~in~ a~~ivi~y by ~h~~°~~t~a°izi~~ its ~~~xoz~s ~s .ra~~~~~ p~~it~ti~g f_o~~ a ~;li.~~~t.

         2%.      ~'~~ ~~~ti~~ ~~~~zan~~~ cm~ ail ~c~g°r~~~~nd~~~~ iz~ ,Tung 20l 1 in ~~ ~t~~z~p~ ts~ p°~sc~ly~

this disput~9 bit ~v~x~ ~z~suc~~s~ful i~ t1~~ir a~t~~za~ts.

         2~.      ~~ ~'ebru~ry ~, 2~~2, ~s~uns~~ foz° the IJr~iv~a~~i_ty ~~~~t az~~t~.~z° ~~~~~~ t~ ~€~~~d~n~~

~~~in prc~t~stz~.~ ~~f~z~~l~~3:'~ ~a~~ut~oi°i~e~ use of'tk~~ ~1r~av~r~~ty'~ tr~~l~a~z~~~~s end ~~~nandi~a~ th~~

I~~~end~a~t ~rn~edi~i~ly ~e~s~ and c1_~s~~t f~oz~ t~~ ~ria~tinb, ~~1~, ~ff~z°ink for ~~1~ ~n~/or

distxibu~i~z~ c~~ the   66U~~o~fi~ial"   ~-shiz°t~ ~a~~l ~~y other px•oc~ucts b~a~°ir~g ~r~y tz~.d~~~xlcs c~~ the

~J~.~v~~•saty, ar~d de~a~~zdi~g pay~~nt ~o~• 1h~ li~~~si~~, f~~ ~~x prX~~ir~g ~n1 s~l~ ~~ the             `GUr~~ffi~i~.l~~

~mshzr~t~ ~n~ 1~~a1 ~e~~ i~~~~°t°~d ~o ~1~zs p~i~~, ~znc~n~; ~t~~r i~~rns. (~~'~~ 2/$/12 L~~t~z, ~tt~~h~d h~~~~to

as ~xhibi~ I.)

         29.      ~ft~r ~~~ha~~;x~~ voi~~~~x~s, ~ouns~l far• t~~ ~T~iv~~~sity ~r~~zlly sp~l~~ t~ ~~f~nd~r~~

~~ ~~~ about ~.p~il 2, 2012. ~~f~~.d~nt ag~a~a d~ni~a any ~rz~~ngd~i~~ end, d~s~i~~ ha~~in~ b~~z~ ~u~

c~~ r~oti~;~ of the ~Tnz~a~.~~s~~y's tx•~d~r~~~~C z~~~~~is, s~i~ zt ~v~s hzs ~us~~~a~;as' ~•~s~o~~ibiliGy cc~ avoid

uz~~~at~or~z~d use cif t~a~ IJn~~~rsi~y's tz°ad~r~~r~cs, nc~t ~~f~n~~~t'~, which; th~~°~fox~~, s~~~~sts to

t~i~ ~J~av~r~ity that ~~~~~ ~r~fzin~~~~e~ats ~vi11 ~~r~ti~~i~ u~11~ss ~~~~join~d.

         ~0.      ~'.~ d~t~, ~~~~n~ar~t his _r~~~~~d ~o ~;~~~1~ vai~h the ~Jz~a.v~rsit~'~ ~l~~~az~~~.

         31,      ~~f~n~1~~9 z~ l~~ac~d i~ tka~ ar~~ o~c~~ IJ~_iv~rs~ty'~ ~h~~p~~~~9~J~•baa~~ ~~r~~us ~~~,

on zz~F~x•~~~~z~aa ~szd b~l~~~, shc~u~~ b~ ~w~x~ of the Uni~~x~sity'~ ~vv~ll-kr~c~tivz~ tz°~d~z~arks, zn~ludi~~.~

the ~Tniv~~sitJ I~1Iark~, ~n.~ tk~~t such rr~~rlc~ ~r~ ~~rx~z~.tly i~ use. T~~f~~ad~~t i~~~~ fuz~th~_r pit on

r~c~~ti~~ ~~ t~~ ~1n_x~e_r~~ty'~ z~~;~~s in tk~~ ~Jnxv~x°~i~y      axes sine at lest 1'~~z°~;h d, 2011 vvh~~ the

~Ja~iv~rsity (th~c~ugh its ~~~nt, ~I.,~) s~~~ ~n i~i~ial ~~as~ a~~ ~~s~~t l~tt~r tc~ TJ~fend~nt.
          2:12-cv-02236-HAB-DGB # 1                   Page 9 of 30

         ~2.      ~n iz~f~z°rx~ati~n ~n~ b~li~:f, ~~f~nd~~t'~ ~~~utk~oz°iz~d use of tk~~ Ur~i~~rszty l~/~asks

tiv~~ld l~~ult i~a d~ma~~ end z~jury to ~h~ ~Jniv~rsity a~ it ~s lil~~ly to c~u~~ c~r~~i~~i~~9 znistal~e and

d~~~ptio~ ~r~ b~h~l~ of ~~n~um~z°s with z°~~~~~t t~ the o~°i~in ~~ad so~x~~ ~~ ~~f€nd~~t's ~;c~c~~~ i~

that; the ~~~bli~ will r~zsta~C~~l~ b~li~v~ that the "~J~offi~ial" ~~~hirt~, a~~ ~~~ ~i~~r shixt~ b~ara~a~

t~a~ Una~~r~~ty ~/~z~x~cs ~x ot~a~~~ tz~d~~aarlcs ~f tl~~ ~Jni~~~~ity, ha~~ b~~z~ li~~ns~~, sp~n~o~°~c~ c~z

aiat~oxiz~~ by the IJniv~z~ity. !~~ ~ x~sL~lt, ~~r~.~~~z~~z•s ~z~~ ~~~~ive~ a~~ ~n~~z~d by ~~~~~daz~t`~

zz~iz~z~~;i~~ ~~~iviti~s.

         33.      '~'hos~ f~n~ili~z° vaicl~ the ~Ir~iv~rsity I ax1~s w~~J_~ b~ lik~Iy t~ ~u~ I)~;~~nc~a~t'~

g~od~ ~s and fc~r a. px~~u~t zx!ad~ ~~~ ~~ld by tk~~ U~iv~x~a~~. ~~~~x~iz~gly, ~~y d~f~~t, c~bj~~t~,~r~ or

r~~~~~ f~a~x~c~ with ~~f~nd~~t's ~c~ods, car ~~y ~~~~tiv~ ~ss~~;ia~ic~n ~;c~~r~~,~t~d t~~x~vaitl~, would

n~~;~ssaz°ily refl~~t ~~gatively upon ~r~d s~c•a~~asly injuz°~ tk~~ z•~put~t~o~ ~~cl ~o~dwil~ vv~i~h the

~1~iv~rsity has ~st~b~isk~~~ fox its prvdv~t~ sold ~lnd~~° its L7niv~z~sity i~axks.

         34.      ~n ad~itio~, I~~f~~zd~a~1'~ un~uthoziz~d ~~~ €~i~ the ~J~iv~rsity 1'~~xl~~ in ~~nn~~ti~z~

wz~~a ~ t-shirt ~h~t ~x~~~~s~ly ~xt~ls 66dz•inl~ir~~" aid "d~baL~~kz~~•y" ~~ o~ ~~a~~ti~nab~~ t~st~, and h~~

izaj~z~~l end thz°~~~~~~d ~ut~.ix~ iz~juz°y to tl~~ Uz~~v~~°s~~y by sp~~i~z~ally ~Iirnzz~ashir~~ its ~c»dwi1~ i~

t~~ iTz~iv~rsity 1V~az°~~s aid ~~z°r~ishzz~~ th~~~ vv~ll~l~~~wrz zr~az°~~s.

         ~5,      ~~a z~.fc~x~~~tzoz~ and b~li~f, T~~~~z~d~rzt'~ in~'xi~zffin~ a~tij~i.~2~~ ~x~ ~~1 li~~t~~ t~ ~~Z~

~i~~nl~ tm~~irt i~. ~~~sti~~, and ~~f~~da~t ~c~ntxzau~~ ~o use ~h~ IJr~zv~rszty I axk~ ~n~ ~th~r

~rad~z~~rl~~ of the ~Jzaiv~rs~ty vaitk~~u~ ~ ~i~~~s~.

         36.      3~~f~~d~nt's ~r~authvz~zz~d u~~ ~~~ the ~fc~r~z~~~ti~n~d ~z~~zks in~xiz~g~s ~~p~z~ aria

~~i~lac~s ~h~ z°i~hts s~f~h~ IJniv~r~ity in its vv~ll~l~o~rn Paz a~zd has darna,g~d anal is ~ontanuin~ t~

pause iz~?reparabl~ injux~ to the IJr~iv~~sit~'s business, x~~~latioz~ aid goodwill.
          2:12-cv-02236-HAB-DGB # 1                   Page 10 of 30

                                                     ~'~~7I~'~' ~e

         3'~.      ~'~~ U~~zv~xsx~y an~;~z~~or~te~ by x~f~r~z~~~ ~'~~ ~11~gatz~n~ ~~nt~in~d in :~~ra~zaph~ 1

t'~r~~~l~ ~6 as if fully set _forth h~z~in.

         3~.       ~~Z~ LJni~~rs~~y o~vz~~, his the ~x~lu~iv~ c•i~h~ 1~ ~a~~, grad us~~ the tJ~.~v~rsity 1'~a~l~~

ixi ~~n~~~tio~ with a wa~~ r~r~~~ ~~ gc~~ds ~a~d s~rvi~~s, az~~~udi~g, 'gut ~~~ lX~i~t~~ to, t-shzz°t~ az~d

oth~z~ v~~~a•ar~g ~p~az~~l.

         39.       Thy LTniv~~~ity his s~~~nc substantial a ~u~ts ~f z~c~n~y ~n~ ~~foz°t ~.~v~lopi~~ the

~Jr~~v~xsity 1~1~a.~~lcs, ~~ will_ ~s gos~d~vill ~~d ~~nut~tio~ i~ i~~ b~sin~ss.

         40.       ':~"h~ [Tniv~~~~~ty h~~ the ~x~l~~~s~~ zz~ht ~~ ~~rl~~t, brand, ~~d s~11 ~~c~cls throughout

~h~ IJni1~~ ~tat~~ ~asir~~ the ~Jniv~~csity i~~rl~s.

         41.       ~~uti~z~ 32 ref the ~a~h~m l~~r, 15 ~J.~.~. ~ 1114(1)(x), pr~vic~~~ in ~~rt~~~z~t pa~~t

that "[~~ny ~~z°son why sh~li, v~it~a~ut the ~oz~~~r~t o~ the m~~istx~~at —use ia~ ~~t~a~er~~ ar~y

r~~xc~~~,~~tic~~a, ~o~r~t~r~~i~, co~Y~ ~i• ~~~~z•~bl~ iznit~ti~n c~~ ~ z~~gi~~~r~~ zn~rl~ i_r~ ~~~a~~~~~~x~ with tie

s~l~, ~i~~z°i~~ ~o~° s~l~, dis~xzbL~~io~, sir ~.dv~~•tiszr~g ~f any ~o~ds ox s~zvi~~~ ~~z ox an ~s~r~~~~~taon with

~vhz~~ ~~~h u~~ is lik~~y t~ ca~as~ c~a~f~x~i~~z, ~r ~~ ~~~as~ a ~n~sY~~~~, ~x to d~~~iv~ ...shall b~ lia~l~

i.xa ~ ~i~~il actz~n b~ t~~ ~°~~x~~z~~~t , . , ,~~

         42.       ~~~~r~d~~t has, v~zthcj~t ~~z~s~r~~ ~r ~uthorizati~t~ ~i~          x~~ Univ~z~sity, ~~~d tk~~

~J~iv~z•~a~y T~/~~zl~s ~o a~a~~u~astu~~, sill, ~f~~x to s~11, distl°ibu1~ ~,~c~/+~r adv~rt~~~ pr~rlu~ts aid

s~i•vi~es w~a.~~ az°~ 1h~ s~z~~ tyo~ of g~od~ that ~~°~ c~ff~x~~ b~ tl~~ ~Jnz~~~~s~ty (i. ~., tw~hzrts), a~ad

~v~i~~ axe ~f ~~I~siioxl~bl~ t~st~ at~d l~~al.aty ~~rQ~~~h its w~bsit~.

         ~3.       Thy ~s~ ~~ the Unav~x•sity 1V`ark~ by ~~~~r~d~nt ~l~przv~s the ~Jniv~rsiiy oC its

subst~z~taal z~~tic~a~al goodyvill and is li~~ly ~~ ~aus~ ~onfusi~~, z~istak~ znd d~~~~ta~~ tc~ ~~~surnez~~

         2:12-cv-02236-HAB-DGB # 1                   Page 11 of 30

as t~ i~~ affili~,ti~n, ~~ra~ect~~z~, €~r a~s~~i~~i~~ of ~~~~~z~~l.~rzt's ~oo~s, ~~~•vx~~~, ~x ~~a~~z°~~~~

~~tivz~i~s ~~zth t~~ U~.~~~~~~ity, aid a~ t~ the ~~i~i~a, ~~onsc~rs~,~r~, +~x ~~px~val cif 3~~f~r~~lan~'s ~o~ds,

~~1°vies, ~x ~o s~~r~~~l a~tavita~s b~ 1h~ U~i~~x•si~y. ~'~i~s~ f~r~zli~x wi~~ the Uz~~~~~r~ity Paz°~~

~~s~uld b~ 1z1~~1y tc~ kuy T~~f~r~daa~t's ~~od.s as ~~_cl fc~z° a ,~xc~du~t ~~d~ a~z~ sold by t~.~ LJniv~r~~cy.

~~~o~°c~i~~l~, any ~l~f~~t, ~bj~~ti~~ c~~° fa~Xl~ ~~u~?.~ with ~~f~n~l~~t'~ ~~c~d~, sic° ~~r~y ~~~a~iv~,

~s~~~za~a~z~ ~~nn~~~t~d th~x~with, ~~v~u~~ n~c~s~~z~ily ~~~1~~1 ~~~~~~v~l~ ~apo~ ~~~ s~~~iously injux°~ the

~•~,t~u~~ti~~ and ~oc~~vvill w~i~h t~.~ ~T~xv~xszty has ~~t~.'r~li~~ed foz• its ~~rod~a~ts ~~ld u~~3ex i~:~

LJr~ivexsit~ l~~xk~.

         44.      I~~f~zada~t's ~~.~~.~tho~•zz~d ~~~s ~on~~i~~~t~ dir~~t i~a~z~zn~;~z~~zat~ of t~~ IJa~iv~xsi~y's

rz~ht~ x~ the ~Jr~iv~x~ity S~arl~s ~~ viol~t~oz~ ~f ~e~tion ~?(1; ~~ t~~ ~,ank~az~ Apt, 2~ ~J.~.~. §


         ~~.      ~'~~ ~~~r~s~a~ c~nd~~t of T~~f~~d~~~ zs ~aillfial, d~lib~rat~, int~nt~~a~~l, a.~dan bad

~ait~ in tk~at ~~fi~~~~nt infxang~~ end ~~~tinu~d t~ ir~zz~iz~g~ the IJr~iv~rsi~y I'~/~~°l~s with ~uli

k~owl~d~~ that the ~Jniv~x~~tJ Evans ~~zc~ has t1~~ ex~;lusiv~ ~~~~:ht to ~a~~ t~~ ~J~i_v~xsitJ l ~z°ks, end

~f~~x ~otic~ fi-a~zn t1~~ ~J~i~~~rsity t~ its iz~f~ir~~i~a~ a~ti~i~i~~.

        ;~.6.     ~'h~ ~Ja~iv~xsaty is a~~c~~rri~~l ~~~d'u~li~v~s, ~c~d oz~ that ba~z~ ~1~~~~~, ghat ~~f~~a~ta~_t

~~~1 ~~r~tinu~ c~ use the U~~v~x°sity mat°~~s aid otl~~x~ tr~~~ irks ~f t~~, ITni~~.rsity ur~l~~s ~njoin~~.

         ~-7.     A~ a ~ir~~t and ~sc~xir~~~~ Y°~s~lt ~f ~~f~nd~r~t~~ ~ora~luct, the ~Jnzv~~sity h~~

s~ff~r~d, ~z~~ ~~ill ~~n~x~a~~ ~~ ~uff~~•, ~~.l~~s ~~~d ~~~d~~t i~ ~~jc~zr~~~ by thzs ~~uxt, both s~bst~n~ia~

~ra~n~t~ry d~~~~~s, z~a ara ~mac~~az~t t~ b~ px~v~n ~t tz~i~1, and substantial i~r~p~z~ab1~ i.nju~°y i:o its

gs~odwill and z°eput~tzon fox w~z~h thez~ z~ ~~ ad~c~~~t~ r~~.~~1~ ~t lava.

        4~.       ~ux~u~nt t~ l~ U.~.~. ~ 1 l 17(a), ~1~~ ~Jniv~rsity is ez~ti~l~d to ~r~ ac~c~~ntzn~ for, and

~ dis~c~:rg~m~nt cif, X11 c~ ~~'r~nc~ant's z°~venu~s and/or pz~~fi~s d~z°i~~d fr~~a its in~i•ar~~;xn~ use s~fih~

            2:12-cv-02236-HAB-DGB # 1                    Page 12 of 30

Unzve~~si~y Ntaxk~ ~_n ~c~~z~~~tzo~ with ~~~           L`LJz~off~_~za~"   t-sham end ~;ny oth~z- ~-sl~izt~ ~~• ~o~~d~, ~s

~~~11 ~~ ~~zy ~l~ma~~~ kh~ IJr~iv~r~i~y l~~s ~uff~r~~ ~z~d the ~~~t~ c~~bxin~zn~ this a~ti~~.

            ~~.        ~d~x~iozz~~ly, '~y z°~aso~ of the vvillf~l ~r~~ d~lzb~x~t~ ~~t~ ~~ndu~t~~l by ~~~f~~~la~t

~n ~ons~i~~~s ~z~regard for the rig~its of t~~ U~iver~ity, the ~Js~iv~xsi~y as ~~~atitl~~ to tx~ble d~rr~~~~~

~a~c~~x 1~ ~T.~.~. g~ X117{~).

            ~~?.       ~'urth~rz~~r~,1k~~ ~Jr~i~~x~aty ~s ~~~~a~1~d t~ r~c~v~z its ~ttc~r~~y~" fees ~~ l~~f~z~d~~t'~

~~~r~~s w~z~ ~n~~llful end ~~;lib~xat~, ar~d ~~z•ti~u~a~•ly ~~r~~i~~~ ~iv~n t~~ ur~_~~athc~~°i~~~ ~~e o~ ~1~~

~Jniv~r~zty'~ ~z~ade~z~l~~ i~ ~oz~~~ti~n vazth g~~~~ ~z q~aestio~~bl~ t~st~ that ~x~r~ssl~ ~~to~.

"drix~kz~~~~ end ~`d~bz~~c~exy," r~~d~zir~~ tk~i~ ~~ "~x~~ptro~~al" case uz~d~~~ l~ I.J.S.~'. ~ 11170).

                                                       ~~~J~T~' ~~a

                                                     m_ _ _           - _.
                                                 ~~~ ~J9~a~'o ~ ~~~~~~~

            ~1.        ~'h~ ~T~iverszLy in~oz~~or~t~s by x~~~r~~~~ the alleQati~~s ~~z~~air~e~ iii ~a~•~~~~~h~ 1

th~~~~gh ~0 ~s if hilly sit £oz°th ~z~r~in.

            ~2.        "I'1~~ (Trzxv~~i•~ity owns,~~~ the ~x~l~siv~ ~°i~~it ts~ u~~, and_ ~as~s chi ~Jn~~~xs~ly l~~ax?~s

~n ~~~n~~ci~~ v✓i~th a wi~~ z~~.nQ~ c~:f~ g~~~~ ~a~d ~~z°vi~~s, znclud~~g, but ~~~t l~~~zt~d t~, tm~h~z~t~ ~~zd

~t~~x ~a~~ran~; apps;

            ~3.        ~'~~ U~iv~x~zty'ci~s s~~r~t subst~r~ti~~ az~fl~rat~ o~:rnc~~a~y ~nc~ ~f.~c~zt d~v~J.~~an~, t~~

~Jz~zv~x~aty i`~a~~c~, ~s ~v~ll as ~~c~~~~z~l aid ~~~ut~.ti~~ ~z~ its b~a.~i~~s~.

            ~4.        ~'~~ IJniv~~~szty has ih~ ~x~l~sav~ rzgk~~ tc~ ~arlc~t, bzar~~, ~~~ s~lJ. ~~od~ thz~s~~~k~a~~

lh~ U~it~d ~tat~s us~~g tl~.~ ~Js~iv~z•sz~y          ~rk~.

           55.         ~ec~iora 4~(a) of ~~~ ~,~nharn pct, 15 IJ.~.~. § 11~~(~), ~z~vz~l~s rn p~~°~i~a~~at ~~~c

tk~~t   66~a~zay   :P~~s~n ~v~c~, ~n ~~ an ~~~n~~tzc~~ vazth az~y g~c~d~ oz° s~xvic~s .. , ~as~s in ~~z~m~r~~ any

vaord, t~rrn, name, s~s~bol ... or ~a~y ~~~s~ d~si~~aatior~ of origin, false oa° ~isl~adin~ d~s~z•i~ti~~ off'

         2:12-cv-02236-HAB-DGB # 1                  Page 13 of 30

f~~t, oa- £~ls~ ~z~ z~i~l~adzng r~px°~~~~t~ti~~ of~f~~t, which — is l~lc~ly tc~ ~~~?~~ co~f~~ior~, cox io ~~us~

a~ist~l~~, c~~ t~ d~~~iv~ ~s t~ ~fraliation ... ~z° ~s t~ the o~°z~;iz~, ~pc~z?~~rsh~p, car ~~prs~v~~ ~z... ~~~c1s,

s~rvz~~~, ~~° ~~~rr~ex~zal a~~tivi~i~s ... shz~ll be lia~]~ i;~ a civil a~~~~~ ....'~

        56.      ~~f~~adant ~a~, vvithc~lit ~c~~~~r~~ yr ~~th~x°izatioz~ fr~~~ the ~Jz~av~rgaty, u~~d ~h~

~J~r~xv~rsi~y I~~~~ks t~ ~~~.~fa~c~r~, ~~11, ~ff~x• ~~ ~~ll, d~~iribiit~ ar~~/~e~ adv~~~tis~ ~roduc~ts ~~d

s~xvi~~~ vv~ai~~ ~r~ ~~~ s~s~~ ty~~ ~f ~ooc~s that axe ~~'ea-~~ b~ t1~~ ~J~ai~~~r~ity (z.~., ~~~~~rt~)9 and

w~i~h ~z°~ ~f qu~st~~n~bl~ ~ast~ arad ~~~al~~y thx~ugh z~~ websz~~.

        57.      ~'~~ use c~.f the ~Jniv~rs~ty 1~/~~i°lc~ '~y ~e~er~l~r~t d~p~°iv~~ the ~Js~iv~x~ity or zt~

su'~st~nt~al ~atioz~~~ g~~~will a~~~ is lal~~ly to ~~us~ ~on~u~is~~, rn~st~1~~ ~~a~ ~~~~pkior~ t~ ~~n~uzn~z•~

as to the ~~~ilzatzoz~, ~;~r~ne~ti~n, ox as~o~i~ti~r~ of ~~~~~d~~c"s foods, s~rvi~~s, o~ c~z~amer~zal

a~~iviti~s ~witl~ the Uaai~v~xsity, a~c~ as tv zk~~ origin, spo~sors~ap, ~z a~pr~v~l ~~'~~~~z~~1~~at'~ ~o+~ds,

s~xvi~~s, car ~oz~an~x~ial ~~~xv~~i~s by the Univez•sity. Thc~~~ ~~ ~li~r v~ith_ the ~Jr~iv~z~s~ty 1'✓~~r~g

would b~ likely to buy ~~fez~dar~t's ~oo~s ~s end z~z• ~ ~xodLi~t made anc~ gold by t~~ IJniv~rsi~y.

~.~c~oz•clin~ly, ~r~y ~l~f~~t, ~bj~~tx~z~ ~~ fz+.ult fo~n~Y ~~it~ I~~f~~~a~t°s ~o~~~, c~:~~ ~t~y ~a~~~tive

~.~s~~~~ta~n ~~r~z~~ct~~ t~~r~wzt~, ~r~~l~ s~~~;~ssaxily x~#le~t z~~~~tiv~ly u~s~n and s~Yi~u~~J z~jur~ ~h~

~~;~~c~t~c~r~ ~~d ~~~c~~~zll ~v'~z~:~ t~~ ~1~~v~~~ity ~a~~ ~~t~'o~~~~~d fc~z• zts p~•~~lu~xs 5~1~ ~nd~~° its

LJ~iv~z°sity I~~rl~~.

        5$.      I~~~~r~danl's uz~authox~ze~ ~~ts coz~~tit~i~~ ~als~ cl~si~nati~~ cif oxigzn, fal~~

~~v~z~tisin~ az~d ~nf~ir ~ozx~p~tlti~~ in vi~l~ti~n ~f the L,a~~~~n ~~~, l~ ~1.~.C, ~ 112~~a).

        5~,      ~'~~ a~or~s~i~ ~~n~u~~ ~~ ~~f~~d~~~ is ~vX11~u1, ~~lib~r~t~, i~at~~ti~z~al, ~racl i~ b~~

~'ait~ x~ that ~~f~nda~t iz~~z°zn~~c~ ar~d c;c~r~tir~u~d tc~ i~.zz•i~b~ the ~Jz~i~~xsity T~/~~xlcs (a) wit~a null

l~z~owl~d~~ tk~aY the IJ~iv~rsity owns end has the ~x~l~asiv~ z~i~ht to ease the IJniv~~•saty l~/~axl~s9 (b)

         2:12-cv-02236-HAB-DGB # 1                   Page 14 of 30

~r~th the ir~t~r~tz~n cif ~~usi~a~ a lilc~~iho~d cif ~oz~f~2si~oz~ az~d z~istak~ ~n~ ~~ d~~~iv~, a~~ (c) ~f«~

n~~z~~ ~z~z~n t~~ ~Jn~v~xszly ~s~ ~~as~ ~i~ ir~f~°z~~in~ ~~~zviti~s.

         ~0.     "~h~ IJ~zv~~sity z~ in~~~°reed aa~~l b~li~~~s, al~ad ors th~~ b~si~ ~.11~g~s, that ~~f~~cla~t

will ~~z~~iz~~i~ c~ use ~hc; ~Jniv~z~sitJ l~/I~x~k~ ~r~d other tra~~r~~r~~s ~f ~~~ ~Jz~gv~~°pity ~z~~~~s ~z~jc~in~d.

        6~..     ~~ a dix~~~ ~.~~ pzo~~axaa~~ x~~ult of I~~f~nda~t'~ ~~~~~a~~, t~~ ~T~iv~r~it~ ~a~s

s~af~~x~~d, a~ad ~vil1 ~~nti~z~~ to ~~f~~z•, ~r~l~s~ sa~cl ~~n~~ct is ~~.jozra~d by phis ~s~~x-~, b~t~a ~~~b~~~r~t~al

z~~r~~t~x~ d~rn~~~s, zr~ ~.r~ arn~~a~t i~ l~~ ~~°s~v~~ ~t trial, aa~d arr~p~i°ably z~j~ry to ~.~~

~~~~~vill azas~ ~~put~~ioz~ fs~r vv~i~~ th~r~ is r~o ad~q~~at~ z-~r~~dy ~t law.

        62.      ~uxs~a~~i to ~ ~ IJ.~.~. ~ 1117(x), the ~[Jni~~~rszty is ~~titl~d ~~ ~n ~~~ou~ltz~~ ~~x, and

~ disgoi•~~z~~nt ~~', X11 ~f ~~f~~d~~t'~ z•~v~~~~~s ~~~/ox profits ~1~rivea f~~          its z~frin~in~ u~~ ~fthe

~Tniv~~~sity I~~rl~s in ~c~n~l~~taon with. tla~ ~`~T~~f~"i~ial" t~shirt ~~d ~~y ~~h~z~ ~-shiY~ts ~r goods, ~.~

~~11 ~~ ~r~y ~~z~a.~~s ~J~~ Uzziv~z°~xty I~a~ ~ufx~red ~~d the co~~~ ~f brir~~~~g this ~~ti~z~.

        ~3.       ~d~itiaz~~lly, by z~asc~n of the r~~al_~~'ul end d~lib~z°ate ~~t~ ~o~~u~t~~ by ~~f~~.da~.t

i~ ~;oras~;i~u~ diss~~~a~rd z~r the z°i~~ts ~~'~~~ ~Jniv~rsit~, the ~Jx~ivexgi~~ is ~z~tit]~~1 ~~ tr~bl~ ~am~~~s

u~zd~~ 15 ~J.~.~. § ~11`~(~).

        64.      ~'~izth~r_rz~c~x•~, i~~ r7n~~r~~~~~tJ a~ ~z~9ztl~~ t~ ~~~~~v~x• its ~~torn~ys' f~~s ~s ~~f~~adant'~

~~ti~~s ~v~z~e ~v~llx`~ul ~.~~ d~~ib~xa~~, ~z~d p~xta~aa_1~~1y ~~~~gac~u~ give ~h~ u~~~thc~i°xz~~ ~~~ of t~~

~Tz~~v~x°sity's t~°~d~rr~~rlcs i~ ~c~nn~~~i~~ with ~oo~s of gl~~sti~r~~bi~ t~~t~ t~~t ~xp~~ssl~ ~x~o~

"~xi   iz~~'~ ~~a~ `~~~~a~a~h~ry,~' r~r~c~~xzng this ~~ "`e~~~~~i~~~1" ~as~ under 1 ~ IJ.~.~. § 1 117(a).

                                            (1~ ~10~0~'4 ~ ~~~~(~)~

        65.      ~1~~ Uni~~xsity z~1~o~°p~xa~~~ by r~fer~z~~~ the all~~atio~s ~o~.~ain~~ i~ ~~r~~r~p~s J

tl~rc~~gh b4 as it ~~lly ~~t foxth her~i~.

         2:12-cv-02236-HAB-DGB # 1                   Page 15 of 30

        66.        ~'h~ ~1z~zv~z°sity s~v~r~s, hay the ~x~~~sav~ rz~h~t tc~ use, ~~~ u~~~ tk~~ ~Jnz~~~~°s ty 1'~axks

a~ ~~z~~~~t~~~ ~rai~k~ ~. w~~~ r~n~e c~z ~c~~d~ ~n~ s~xvi~e~, ix~clu~zr~~, ~OU~ ~~t lai~~1 t~, t~-sl~i~~t~ ~~zc~

c~th~x ~~v~a~~in~ ~p~ar~l.

        57.        Thy U~ai~v~rsity has sp~rzr s~b~ta~iial ~~ou~ts of ~c~~a~y ~~~~ ~~ort ~ev~lo~zn~ the

Uz~iv~r~~ty      ax~~, ~s ~~a~3.1 ~~ ~~~dwill ~r~~ r~~utati~~ ~~ its b~sin~~~.

        6~.        ~'~.~ LJ~i~v~rs~~y h~~ ~1~~ ~~clu~iv~ ri~h~ t~ zx~arl~~t, bz°~n~, ~.~d ~el~ ~00~1~ thr~u~h~ut

the ~1~it~~l ~tat~s usi~~ the IJa~iv~rsity 1~~r~~s.

        69.        ~~~ti~z~ 43(x) ~~?~h~ I,ar~ha~ A.~~, 1~ U.~.~. ~ 112~(~), ~zovid~~ z~a p~~tin~t~t part

~~i~~ `s[t]~~ ~~~~a~Y~ o~ a fa~~~s     ~.x~ th~~ i~ distin~ti~~ ... sl~~ll b~ ~~~ixl~~ t~ a~ znja~~c~i~~ ~~~~~s~

~nothex° p~rs~~~ ~~vho, ~t any tzn~~ ~ft~;r the ~wn~z's rn~r~ kzas b~~c~zrz~ ~'~.~~us, ~omra~~r~~~s use <~~'

~~rl~ ox txade ~az~~ in ~o~arn~~~~ that i~ 1il~~ly to cause ~il~ti~n by l~luz~•i~~ ox ~ilutio~ by

tarr~ishrrz~~t of t~~ f~znous ~i~rlc."

        7fl.       T~i~ IJ~i~~~xszty I'~~z~~~s axe ~l~stxt~~;~iv~ az~~i h~v~ b~~c~z~~ ~rr~~~s w~thi~ the ~~~~~iz~~

        71.        ~~f~n~ar~~ hay, ~vit~Z~ut ~~ns~~.t ~~ ~u~h~xzz~tior~ f~o~ the I7z~z~v~.rszcy, used. t~~

~Jz~iv~~si~y ~f~~~ks ~c~ r~~z~~?f~~t~are, s~~19 off~~ to ~~11, ~i~tribur~ ~,n~/or a~.v~rtis~ aorodu~~s a~z~.

~~rvz~;~~, ~n~l ~vh~~~~ ~.~°~ ~f ~la~~~tior~~b~e la~t~ end 1~~ality t~~~ ~x~r~s~ay ~x~~l "~xinkz~~~' ar~d

G6~~b~.uch~i   °Y~" 9:hxc~~gh z~~ ~v~bsi~~.

        %Z.                                                                                               {~
                   ~~f~nd~nt's ~~~ ~~ the ~J~aiv~r3ity I~~rk~ b~~~.~~ long ~~t~z° the t7~a~~~c~si'r.J I~~z1

b~~~~ far~.o~~.

        7~.        ~~f~rad~nt'~ u~a~athox~z~d ~a~e ~~ t1~~ ~Tr~iv~xsity 1✓I~rks k~~as c~~~s~d, end will

~onl7nu~ t~ cause, dil~atio~ by bl~x-~iz~,~ (b~s~d orgy tl~~ ~J~i~v~rsaty's l~s~ ~f ~oz~~~•ol over its        ~rl~s)

~~c~ ~liluti~r~ by t~.rnishs~z~nt (ba~~~ o~ the           66Ux~of~i~ial"   t-shz~~' ~xpr~ss asso~iati~z~ wit~i

         2:12-cv-02236-HAB-DGB # 1                  Page 16 of 30

`~~lcz~k~z~~" ~n~ "d~i~a~~~.~xy"~ ~~~h~ ~Jn~v~xsity I~✓[ax~~, wzth ~~~~~~u~~at ~~.~~?b~ t~ rho ~J~z,~~raa~y

a~.d the business ~n1 ~~~dwi11 asss~~~iat~d with i~.

        74.      ~~f~~~d~~.t's ~r~~utl~~~°iz~d arts ~~nstitut~ dilu~:ic~r~ ~~ci ~a~°zai~h~~~t o~~~Z~ IJniv~r~zly

l~~xl~~ iz~ vir~l~tion of l ~ ~J.~,~'. ~ 112~(~).

        I~.      ~h~ a~~r~~~.~d ~s~~d~~t ~f~ ~~f~z~~~~t ~s ~v~llful, ~~1~b~~~t~, int~n~ic~r~~1, and i~ bad

~~~~~ ~n ~l~at I~~f~n~l~s~t iz~~izz~g~d ~~d ~oz~ti~a~~~ ~o d~lu~~ ~h~ ~Tz~i~v~~~sity 1`✓~~rl~s with fi~Illc~iowl~~~~

that t'~~ ~J~~v~~°sity o~v~~ at~d his t~~ ~~c~usiv~ z°ight t~ ~~~ ~~~ ~7~i~~~sixy I°~~r~s, ~~a~ ~~~r~~ t~~

willful zn.~~~tzc~r~ of t~adiz~g ~;~ the r~~~at~tic~n o_f the ~1niv~z°sits r~~ ~ az~d ~~°c~du~t Iir~e ~.n~ ~;~~~iz~g

~iluti~n ~~t~~ U~iv~~~ity Iv✓~arl~~.

        %6.      "~'~~ ~Jrazvers~ty z~ ~z~foxnl~d end b~li~v~s, ~n~l c~rz that b~~is all~~~s, t1a~~ ~~~~x~dant

~~~~11 ~ontinu~ to Lire t~_e IJni~✓~rsity i`~axl~s aid ~tl~~x tra~l~rnaz~l~s of tk~e ~Jnav~~~~ity ua~~~~ ~~jc~i~~~l.

        77,      ~s ~ aid ~x°o~iaz~~t~ result ~f T~ef~~d~.n~'s ~r~n~i~~'~, the Unzvez°sate his

s~~f~x~ ,and ~~all ~;~ntzn~~ to suffer, u~l~ss ~ai~ ~;c~r~d~~t is ~~joi~~d by thzs ~~uz-~, bath s~bst~z~~ial

z~~ora~~axy d~rna~~s, zn ~n ~~z~unt tc~ b~ pr~v~~ ~t 9~ial, ~~~ ~ubstanti~l 1z•z~~p~~~b~~ ~nj~~ry ~~ its

~~c~d~~aXll end ~°~~ut~ii~~ foz° which th~.r~ i~ ~~~ ~d~c~~~.t~ z~ez~~dy ~t l~~r.

        '~~.     ~L~xsLa t to l~ L1.~.~. ~ 11 J %(~), t~~ LT~~v~xsi~y ~~ ~r~t~~l~~ t~ a~ a~cc~~ar~~~~~ for, az~~.

~ ~z~~~r~~~~~~~ ~a`', ~1~ ~~~~~~~d~~t'~ r~v~r~~ae~ and/s~~~ ~r~~it~ c~~~°iv~~ fr~~ its i~~~i~~i~g ~?~~ ~~ t~~

~U~aiv~r~i~-y i~a~~1~~ zz~ ~~aan~~~i~r~ with ~1~~ "~Jnof~i~ial" t~~~~°r_ ~n~ any ~~~~x t~~~aart~ ~z~ go~~~, as

vv~;ll a~ ~~y da~~a.~~s ~:h~ U~iv~z°szty ~~s s~.t~~x•~d aid the ~~>~ts o~ briz~gin~ t~ais ~~tion.

        7~.      l~d~litic~nall~, b~/ z~~~soz~ cif 1~~ wilful ~~d d~1~_b~r~1~ arts c~~du~t~d b~ ~~z~nd~n~

i~ ~o~s~io~~ d~s~~g~~°d for ~1~~ x~ig~ts cif t~~ Unav~xs~iy, the ~1z~iv~~•sity ~s ~~t~tl~d to ~x~bl~ ~la~~g~s

~~c~~x 1~ U.~.~. § 11170).

         2:12-cv-02236-HAB-DGB # 1                  Page 17 of 30

        $0.      ~~a~•th~x~~~°~, the U~zv~~~3.ty x~ ~r~tztl~r~ t~ r~~;€~v~~~ its ~tt~x~~~~s' f~~~ as ~a~f~~a.c~~x~t's

a~ti~~s ~%v~r~ vaill~~ul ~s~d ~~lib~x~t~, ~a~d ~a~°ti,cu~~rly e~x•~~~s~~s ~iv~z~ '~~~ un_aut~~r~z~~ u~~ of ~~i~

LJ~iv~z°~zcy'~ trad~~rzaxl~s z~ ~onz~~~tior~ ~vath ~s~~ds ~f ~u~scic~z~~b~~ t~st~ ~~~t ~xpr~s~ly ~~t~l

"~xiz~ki~~,~ and "d~~b~~,l~h~ry," ~°~nd~xin~ 1hi~ era ~`~~~~ptioz~~l" ~~s~ under l~ U.~.~. ~ 111 ~(~).

                                                  ~~~11~~' ~`~Ia

        ~ 1.     ~'~i~ U~iv~xs~~~ ~n~~xpox~t~~ b~ z°~f~~°~za~~ t~~ ~1]~ga~io~~ ~~~t~~n~~ i~ ~~r~,~x~~hs l

~hrr~u~h $0 ~~ ~f fully ~~t fo~:h hex~zz~.

         ~2.     fit X11 x~l~vaz~t ~irr~~~, ~h~ I~liza~i~ ~~~~acl~rn~l~ ~.~~istxatioz~ an1 T~xo~~~tioz~ ~~~

~"~'}   ~ was i~ ~f~~~t in ~llii~oi~.

         ~3.     ~~f~~d~~t's uz~~uthoris~~ ~s~ of~th~ IJni~~~x~zty ~~xks ~~d Qth~x tx~d~z~ar~~s of the

~Jniv~a•szty, ~z~l~ss ~~j~i~e~l by this ~ouxt, wild ~~z~~zz~~~ t~ ~~u~e a litc~l~hc~od ~~ ~c~~f~sio~ c~z ~f

  ~.s~n~l~rsta~d~.~~ ~s to t~~ ~ouz•~~, ~n~r~s~rsk~~p~ ~~pr~v~l, ar~d/or ~~t°t~~i~~t~~~ ~f ~~f~nd~~t's

~s~ods, ~vz~~a ~~s~s~~~~zat ~1az~n~~~ tc~ the ~Jniv~r,~ity ~~.d the bu~in~ss aid ~;c~c~dv~ill a~so~i~t~d with zt.

         ~~.     ~'hos~ ~~xnilx~z° tiait~ t~i~ Uz~iv~r~ity ~arlcs w~~ald b~ l~~~ly t~ "bey ~:~~~~nda~~'s

~c~~~ls a.~ ~~d for ~ ~x~du~t rn~d~ ~z~.c~ s~l~ by the ~Iniv~x~~it~. l-~~~~xdr~.~ly, any d~f~~t, ~bj~ctio~ ~x

fault f~~~~ v~it~ ~~~~n~l~~t's ~~~~s, ~r ~a~y a~e~~tiv~ ~sso~;ia~a.c~~ corzz~~~1:~~1 t~~x°~with, uvould

ri~~~ss~rily z~~~l~~t ~~~atav~ly upon and ~~ri~usly inj~r~ the ~~p~t~~tion aid ~o~d~v~l1 whi~;k~ the

~Tr~iv~x°saty ~st~blished ~~r zt~ products ~flld un~l~1° its LJz~iv~xsity I~~xlc~.

         ~~.     ~~f~z~dant's knowing ~~~1 vai~lf~l ~~a~~~~t, ~s ~~s~~ib~~l ~bo~a~, ~~r~s~i~ul~s

tz•~d~zn~zk i~fring~~~nt within ~h~ rra~a~in~ ~f ~~~~is~r~ 60 ~:f the T_           ~,%6~ ~~,~~ ~ 1036/60.

         ~6.     ~s a diz~~ct ~s~d pz•oxi;r~~t~ z°~su1t cif ~~f~~~~r~t's unauth~~•iz~~ ~ct~, ~h~ University

his suff~r~~, end will ~~n~inue to suffer, u~l~ss ~~id ~or~~l~ct ~s ~~join~d by this ~~urt9 b~tk~

          2:12-cv-02236-HAB-DGB # 1               Page 18 of 30

s~bstanti~~ ~c~~~~tax~ d.a~~~~~, ~~a ~~ ~noun~ t~ b~ ~z°~v~r~ ~t ~;zi~1, and ~ub~ta~tz~l ~~x~p~~°~bl~ ~~j~y

to ids g~~dwill anal x~~u~~~ion f~~ wr~i~h t~~r~ is ~~ ad~q~~at~ z•~m~~ly at law.

          ~%.   '~h~ ~Jniv~zsity is ~z~titl~d to ~~.j~ara~tiv~ x~li~f ~nc~ r~oaaeta~y da~a~g~s, ~~ ~n~ell ~~ x,11

pz°c~f~~~ ~a~d/or r~v~nu~s ~;~i~~a by 5~~~~ndan~ ~s a r~s~Ct ~~' icy unlaiv~u~ as;i~, un~~z '7~~ I~,~~

~ fl~ x/7(3.

          ~~.    A~~liti~~~lly, ~~fe~~l~.za1's va~llful ~~n~uct           ~ x~~kl~s~ iz~d~~f~x~r~~~ ~t~o the

~J~iv~xs~ty'~ rigkat~ ~z~titl~~ the ~Jn~v~rsity ~o ~. ~°e~o~~~y ~~its r~ason~bl~ attc~xa~~y~' ~~€~s az~d t~•~bl~

~amag~~ pur~u~nt to 76~ IL~~ § ~036/7~.

                                                 ~~~Ji~1'~' ~4

          ~~.    "~'h~ IJz~iv~r~z~y i~~~x~c~rat~s by ~~~~z~n~~ ~~~ all~ga~i~z~s ~c~n~azn~d i~ ~ara~z•aphs 1

tk~z°ouch ~~ ~s zf fully ~~~ forth h~~~i~.

          90.    ~t all r~?~v~nt tzrm~s, t~a~ Illinois ~I'~~d~i~~.xk ~.~ istx~~i~n ~~~ ~z•~tcctz~z~ A.~~

"~'~ wa5 ~~ ~f~~~t iz~ ~ll~~oi~.
{   ")

          9~.    ~'~~ IJriiv~~~z~y I~/i~lc~ are dis~in~;~~~~ ~~a~ l~a~e b~corza.~ fa ~u~ witk~.~ ~k~~ r~~~aa~i~~

of ~~~t~~n 6~ ~f the ~'~~~, 76~ ~~,C~ ~ 1036/65, ~~ ~v~11 ~s S~~t~c~z~ ~3(~) of the ~,~r~~Za            ~~t, 1~

~J.~.~. ~ 112 {~),

          ~~.    ~~f~~daz~t h~~, ~~zt~out ~on~~~~ cox ~.~~thc~xiz~9:ion fz~        1h~ ~Jza~v~r~ity, ~a~~,~ ~:h~

U~~iv~z~sity l~~z°~c~ tc~ r~~~~fa~t~az~~, ~~Jl, ~~~~x• to sill, cli~~i°~b~t~ ~~zd/~z° ~.c~v~~-~zs~ p~o~u~;~s end

~~xvi~~~, and which a~°~ o~ ~u~stz~~~b~~ t~~t~ ~z~d l~~a~zty t~iat ~xpz~~sly ~~~~1 "dra~~a~~~~ ~ncl

"dcb~u~;~~xy," thz~~~~h i~~ w~bsi~~.

          ~~.    ~~£~r~dazat'~ ~~~~ cif the ~Tz~x~~~r~ity lU~ar~s b~~aa1 lo~~ after tk~~ ~Tz~iv~z~ity 1'~at~ks

b~~;am~ f~zn~us.

          2:12-cv-02236-HAB-DGB # 1                  Page 19 of 30

         R4.         ~~f~r~daz~_t'~ ~~aut~a~x°iz~c~ use ~~ the Uz~iv~~•~i~y l~/~~~1~~ ~.~s ~aus~d, ar~c1 w~l~

~~~tir~u~ ~o ~~u~~, diltiti~z~ 1~~ bluxxir~g ~b~s~c1 ~~a tb.~ ~Tz~iv~~sity'~ 1~~~ of ~o~'~rol ~~w~r its s~~.r~~)

~n~ ~lilutio~ b~ t~r~.ish~~nt (ba~~d ~n the "U~~ffi~i~l" tw~~azr~s' ~xpr~~s a~~~~iatxo~a v~zth

66~ri~l~ia~~~~   ~.nd 6L~l~b~uck~~xy")cif the U~iv~r~ily    ~.z-lc~, ~~ith ~ons~~~~~.t d~.zn~.~~ ts~ the ~Tz~iv~z°city

~~d ~k~~ busir~~ss ~~d ~~c~~l~~z~l ~s~s~~~~l~~ it.

         ~~.         ~~f~~d~~t's l~~~o~vzz~~ aa~d va~llf~a:~ ~oz~du~;~, ~~ ~~s~z°a~~~ ab~v~, ~~~~titut~s d~lu~zon

~~d t~z~~as'az~~r~t o~t~~ L7~i~~rsity 1°~~xl~s within tk~~ z~~anzn.~ cif ~~~ti~~ 65 ~~th~ T           ~,~6~ ~~,~~

§ 1fl~6/6~.

         96.        ~~ ~ dzr~~t ar~~ ~rox~~ai~ r~~ul~ ~iF T~~~~~~~nt's u~au~l~c~riz~~ ~~ts9 the ~Jr~iv~~~sity

kz~s su~f~z•ed, and will ~ontira~,~~ t~ suffer, unless s~i~ cc~;~au~~ is ~~~jozr~~d by this Court, both

s~bsta~~i~l z~on~t~r~ ~az~a~~s,i~ az~ ~~z~~nt to b~ p~•~v~n ~~ dial, a~~ s~abst~nti~l az~~•~~a~•abl~ z~juz-y

to its ~;~~dwi11 ~~~ x~~ut~~tion ~~~• wl~i~h tk~~r~ is no ad~~ua1~ z~~zn.~dy ~t l~tiv.

         97.        `~'l~~ ~Jniv~xsi~y i~ ~~~itl~~ t~ inju~~tiv~ x~l~~~ ~r~d    o~~taxy d~z~ag~s9 ~~ will ~s ~Il

p~°c~~i~s ~r~cl/~r r~v~n~~~ ~~iz~ed ~y I)~f~nd~.n~ as a x~sul~ ~~ ~_t~ ur~l~vvful ~.~ts, ua~d~r 76~ I~,~~ §


         9~.         ff~ddatzoraal~y, ~~~'~n~~.~t's ~ai~l~~al c~xac~u~;t grad r~cl~l~s~ ir~~z~f~g°~r~~~ i~ the

~J~aiv~~~ity~~ xi~~its ~ntz~l~~ t~~ U~zv~x~ity t~ a ~°~~ov~~y s~f ~~~ x~~~~~~bl~ att~r~ey~' f~~s ~ra~ tz•~bl~

~~~g~s pur~~~ar~~ t~ 765 ~~,C~ § 106/~Q.

         99.        `~la~ ~J~iv~~~sity ir~~or~~t°at~s by z°~~~r~r~~~ the ~ll~~;~tions ~~~tain~d in ~~~a~x•ap~s 1

t~ou~h 9~ ~~ if~ hilly sit ~~z°t~ h~r~in.

         2:12-cv-02236-HAB-DGB # 1                  Page 20 of 30

         1 fly.   ~~ X11 z°~l~v~t~t tzr~a~~, the I~linoi~ L1~~X~~c~z~z~ ~~~~r~tz~r~ ix°~~~ ~~°~~tic~s ~~;t

(       ")
 "~i~T~~ way iz~ ~~f~~t iz~ Il]in~is.

         1(~1.    ~ef~~i~ant'~ ~n~ut1?~r~z~cl u~~ ~f ~h~ ~Jniv~rsity 1+/4arlss, i~z~l~ss ~njoiz~~~ by ~t1~~~

 ~~ur~, tivill ~ar~~inu~ to ~~us~ ~ lik~li'~o~rl of ~or~f~sao~ oz° o~~ ~isu~d~rstax~dzr~~ a~ ~~ t~~ sour~~,

 ~~or~~~r~~xP~ ~ppz°c~v~l, ~~~/or ~;~x~ifi~a~i~~ ~f ~~f~~d~r~t's ~c~oc~s.           ~'~~c~s~ f~r~xli~r wx~h t~~

~J~~zv~x~~ty I~ar~~s ~vo~~~~ b~ li~~ly 10 bey ~~~~z~cl~r~~'~ g~oo~~ ~s ~z~cl ~~~° ~? pr~du~t ~~~~ and sold by

t~a~ IJnivez~~ity. ~~~fl~diz~gly, any c~~f~~t, ~bje~t~~n <~r f~t,~lt fend w~~h ~ef~~~an~'~ ~~c~d~, ~x az~y

~~~~tiv~ ~s~c~~x~ta~~ ~~~~~~t~d th~x~ewit~, ~vo~l.d n~~~ss~x~~1y ~°~:~~~t ~egativ~ly u~~z~ aid s~ri~usly

ir~ju~~ the ~~p~at~tz~r~ ~r~~1 gc~c~~w~l~ w1~i~~ ~h~ IJz~ivexsity l~_~s ~st~'~lish~~ fir ids pxodu~t~ sc~l~ ~z~~~~°

its ~Jz~ivexsit~ I'~~il~s.

         X02.     ~~f~nd~r~t's knowing ~z~~. willk~ul ~c~nd~~~, ~~ ~~~crzt~~~ ~bov~, ~~~statut~s

d~;~eptiv~ tx~~~ p~•a~ti~~s tivithir~ the c~~ ~e~tio~ 2 of the ~J~~'~~., ~ 15 I~,~~ ~ 5 J_ 0/2.

         ~{~3.    !~s ~ c~ir~ct arad. ~r~~iz~~t~ r~~ult of ~~~~r~~i~~.~'s ur~~LZt~~xi~~d ~~ts, t~.~ IJ~iv~xsity

ka~~ ~uff~r~d, end wzll ~~~tinL~~ to su£~f~x, ural~~s s~a~ ~o~duc~ ~~ ~njoi~~c~ 'oy t~iis ~~u~°t, bs~th

~~b~tan~i~l ~~o~~Lary c~~a~~~;~s, ire. ~n ~~.c~unt ~o b~ prove ~t ~r~.~1, ~n~ ~ubs~~~ti~1 x~°r~,~~r~bl~ zz~~u~°'I

~;~ ~~~ ~€~~d~~all ~~cl x~p~~~i~~;~ ~oz° w~.i~h th~z-~ ~s ~o ~~l~~u~~~ t~~ ~~y ~t lava.

         10~.     ~h~ ~Jn~v~;zs~ty i~ ~~~atl~~_ « ~~~~y o~~' ~~r~z~n~~1 i~j~~n~~iv~ ~~1~~~ ~xohibi~i~~

~~~~r~~~r~t ~i°ozn ~oz~tinuis~~ its ~~fri~gi~~ ~s~ oaf ~~~ ~Jz~zv~rszt~ 1'~az•l~s in vis~l~tzor~ ~ f the ~J~~'~A,,

~n~ az~ ~~va~d of ~~~p~~~~tzon _fix aray X11 ~~d all ~~. ~~~~, injury ~r ~iaxz~ i~~uxred ~s ~ ~~~~]f s~f

~~f~n~l~~a~'s ~z~l~va£~l ~ora~~~;t.

         1~3~.    ~~f~nd~r~t's wxllfi~l ~;~~d~.~~~ az~d r~~kl~ss ira~~fE'~~~~~~~ ~o t~~ U~zv~r~i~y's x~ghts

entitles tkt~ IJr~i~~rsity t~ a r~~~very of ids ~txoz~n~ys' f~~s aid posts puxsuant to ~ 15 ~L~~ § 51(3/x,

~:~ w~11 ~~ pu~ati~v~ d~zna~~s.

         2:12-cv-02236-HAB-DGB # 1                        Page 21 of 30

                                                      ~'~~1~T'~' ~T~~o
                     V ~OJ ~.rE~~M~FlY~   ~i9'~   2A%e'i A9J~~1 ~I Y1'~~ ~+LS"AV~~J 1Y913~J31~ ~   NJ k:P`

         l J6.    ~'~i~ ~Jz~~ver~ity an~oxporal~s b~ ~ef~~~n~~ t?~~ ~11~~~ti~ns an ~~agra~h~ 1

th~~~a~~ 1~5 ~~ if f~l~y sit firth h~x~ir~.

         1 fl%.   ~~t X11 ~°~1~v~~t t~zn~s, the Illinois ~on~~rr~~x ~'xa~~ az~d ~~~~ptiv~ ~u~~z~es~

 z~~ci~~~ pct "~~'~'~) w~~ in e~'f~~l i~ ~11i.z~Q~s.

         ~fl~.    ~~f~ndaz~t's una~choriz~~l ~s~ ~f t~Z~ ~Tr~zv~zs~ty 1~1~~r1~~, uz~l~ss ~r~j~zz~~~ by t~~~

~~~~~t, will ~or~ti~u~ t~ ~a~~s~ a lik~lih~o~ ~f ~o~afuszc~~ ~r ~~ rnisua~d~rst~r~di~~ ~s t~ the s~ux-~~,

~p~r~soz°~l~zp, ~.ppxova~, as~~l/~r ~~z°tifi~~tio~ of ~~{~ez~dant's ~ood.s.                   Th.~s~ ~~mili~~ with the

U~.iv~r~i~y l~/Iax1~~ would. b~ lil~~l~ to bl~y ~~f~rada~t's g~~d~ ~~ ~n~ fog ~ ~xor~u~~ xn~d~ a~~ ~~~d. by

~~~ ~7~iv~~~i~y. ~~~~rdin~ly, ~s~y ~1~~~~~t, objection c~~° fault ~~u~~ r~vzth ~~f~nd~.nt's bonds, six any

n~~ativ~ as~o~iatic~n ~c~~n~~icd tk~~x~v~ith, ~»ul~l r~~c~~s~z°ily r~~~~t z~~g~~ively up~x~ ~n~l ~~r~~usly

injure t~i~ ~°~p~tatzoz~ end goodwill ~~h~~h the Urai~~ersity has ~stablish~d. ~o~ its pra~l~~t~ sold ur~.d~r

zt~ IJ~iv~xsit~ I~~.a°~s.

         a_fl~.     ~~'~nd~.nt'~ 1t~owin~ ~a~d w~1~fu~ ~;~n~~~;t, ~.s d~~crzb~d ab~v~, ~~ns~xtut~s

~~~;~~~iv~ ~~~~d~ p~°~~~~~~~ wit~iz~ ~~~ z~~~ni~~ of ~~~ti~~ 2 ~~ z~~~ ~1~~'~~, ~1S ~~,~~ ~ 51D/2. ~s

5~~h, ~~f~~d_ant'~ ~c~~ac~~.~~t also vaolat~~ ~~~tio~ 2 ~f t~Z~ ~~'~, X15 ~~,~~ § ~~~/~.

         13.0.    f~.~ a ~l~z~~t anal pz~xi~~t~ ~•~~~11 cif ~~f~~d~~t'~ u~.~~t~~~z~~c1 ~,~ts, ~h~ ~J~iv~xszty

has sr~f~'~x~d, a~ad ~vzll ~oratinu~ to suf~~x, un1~~s said ~ond~~t zs ~z~jo~r~~d by this C~~ri, bath

~~~~~t~ntial ~~~et~~~ dazesages,zn az~ ~.rno~z~~ tc~ b~ p~°~~~r~ ~t ixz~~, ~~d s~ab~~a~ti~1 irr~p~r~'~~~ ~~jury

to zts g~od~vill az~~ x~put~tior~ ~~~° ~vh~ch ~~a~r~ is nc~ ~.d~~ua~~ x~zn~~y ~t law.

        11 ~.     T~~ U~~v~zsity is ~nti~l~d to ~~e~ov~c ids ~~t~~l d~r~ag~~ ~az~d~x ~~5 I~.,~~ ~ ~~5/10~.

         2:12-cv-02236-HAB-DGB # 1                  Page 22 of 30

         1X2,     ~~idztio~al~~, ~~f~~~ant'~ vvillfi~l ~c~n~lu~t end x~~l~l~s~ iza~if~ex~nc~ to the

~Jr~~~~r~ity'~ ri~ht~ ~ntitl~s tk~~ L7~it~~rs~~ to inj~ra~tiv~ ~~li~f, a~ will a~ a r~~o~v~rJ ~f ~~s ~os~s,

~tt~z°n~f~' f~~s, ~r~d pua~itiv~ d~zn~g~s ~u~°suan~ to ~ 1 ~ I~,~~ ~ ~~~/1 fly.

                                                ~'~~TT~'~(' ~~~~a

         a ~3.    ~'~~ IJr~i~~~z°pity in~c~z°~~x°~t~~ by r~f~z•~a~~~ ti~~ ~11~g~tioz~s ~n ~~~°~~x~phs 1

~hx~~~~i ~ J ~ ~,s if fully ~~t ~~~~ h~x~iz~.

         114.     ~'~~~ ~Trai~~~~sity has ~p~r~~ ~~b~ta~ti~l a~~z~ts of x~z~r~~y a~~ e~f~~~t ~~v~l~~z~g t~~

~Jr~iv~x~ity S~xl~~, as w~~l ~s goc~dwzJ_l a:~d ~°~~ut~tion ix~ its b~sin~~s.

        115.      `~'h~ Uz~zv~a•sity l~arl~s are tk~e pxo~~x~~ ~fthe ITzs~v~xsify.

         116.     ~'k~~ ~1niv~x°saty owns, ~a~s t'~c ~x~lusiv~ right t~ u~~, a~~d uses ~h~ ~J~iv~r~iYy I~/~arl~~

t~o~ k~~~at ~h~ ~J~ite~l ~t~t~~ ire ~~~~~~tz~r~ vait~ ~, wz~~ ran~~ ~f goods a.~~ spa°vi~~~, ~~~~~dir~~, but

~~t lzr~it~d t~, t-~hirt~ end ~t~~z~ vv~~~°zng ~~p~.x°~t.

         117.     T~~ Univ~~~saty IUf~rks ~r~ znt~~x~.~ p~i~ts oftie lJ~.~v~~•sity'~ b~?sir~~~s,

         ~ 1 ~.   ~~f~~d~~t's u~~u'~horiz~~ u~~ ~f tk~~ IJniv~r~~x~ 1V.~ar~~ s~e~~ ~~ d~~xiv~ ~~.~

IJnav~~•sit~ ~f'th~ ~u~~~~n~x~l ~~~dvai~l ~~~ ~xclu~zv~ ri~~t~ i~~ the ~T~iv~xszly l az°~s, and is lrlc~ly tt~ ~~z~~~~i~a~ ~s Lc~ ti~~ ~~ux~~ cif ~~f~radant's ~oocas iza that t~.~ p~.~bl~~ may ~ss~~z~.t~ su~;h g~o~~

~v1t1~ end a~ ~rigir~atin~ from t~~ ~~Jz~iv~z°pity. ~'hc~s~ f~zz~i~.i~x w~tl~ the ~J~1v~rs~ty I'~~xl~s v~~ulc~ b~

~~l~elJ t~ buy ~~f~~d~~t'~ ~~~ds ~~ ~~d ~o~ ~ p~°~d~~~~t ~ad~ ~~c~ ~~1~ by t1~.~ ~J~~v~z~3_a~,

~~~~.rclin~;ly, ~.x~y ~~~~~;~, c~bj~~tzc~r~ c~z° ~~u~t f~un~ vaith ~~f~nd~z~t's ~c~~~1~, o~• ~~.y ~e;~t~v~

~ssc~~X~ti~n ~or~~c~t~~ th~x~with, ~~ti~ld ~~~~~s~r~ly x°~~1~~t n~~ativ~~y u~o~ end s~~xo~a.~ly ir~ju~°~ t~~

r~~i.~~~ti~n ~n~ ~o~dwill ~a~ich the L7z~i~~xsity ~~s ~~t~.blish~d for zts pxc~~u~ts sold_ ~~~.d~x~ its

IJn~~~rszty 1U~~x1~~.

         2:12-cv-02236-HAB-DGB # 1                    Page 23 of 30

         7.1~.    ~~f~nd~nt'~ a~tic~~s ~c~~sti9ut~ ~ wi~lfi~l azad za~t~~ti~x~l z~zs~pp~•~p~-iatx~s~ cif ~:h~

~T~aav~~~~i~ty 1'~~rl~~, t~~ IJ~a~v~rsity's ~~~l~~i~v~ rigk~t~ i~ the ~Tr~iv~x~i~t~ I~/t~z•l~s, ~r~d the ~Tr~iv~z~~~ty's

~o~~wi~l, ire vz~l~ti~n ~f the ~o~rzz~~~. lam of tra~~~~~°k ~z~f~~z~~~~~~t of the ~tat~ of ~llin~z~.

         120,     ~~f~n~,~t~~'~ ~cti~~s ~av~ k~axrn~d ara~ wall ~on~~n~a~ ts~ ~;~u~~ irr~parabl~ ~~~°,

d~ ~~~ end znj~axy ~c~ tka~ ~Jnav~~•~~'~~, ~~d t~~ IJ~iv~rsa~ty hay ~~ ~d~c~~at~ ;~~r~~d~ ~t la~v ~~x° the

zz~juxy ~~us~~ ~~.~ t~ b~ ~~~zs~d by I~~f~z~danc'~ u~au~hori~~~l a~;ts.

         1~,7..   ~s a ~ir~~t ~r~~ px~x~rrz~t~ ~•~s~lt ~f            ~fe~~~~t's ~~r~d~~1, the Urai~~~z~zty

su~~~r~c~, ~~d is ~ntitl~~l t~, dar~~~g~:~ in an az~~un_t ~~ b~ pz°c~v~ci at trail.

         122.     f~.d~litic>n~~l~, I~~~~n~a~at's ~villf~l ~;ond~~~t ~n~ ~•~~~l~ss z~~dif~'~xeza~~ t~ t~~

~Tni~~a•~~t~'~ rights ~~~itl~s 1~~ IJniv~rsxty t~ i~ijun~tiv~ ~°~l~~f, a~ well as ~ z°~~c~v~xy ~z ~~s ~o~ts,

a~:tc~~~n~y~' f~~s, ~~~d pur~.itiv~ dar~z~g~s.

                                                    ~'~~Tl~t~' ~~a

         123.     T~~ ~7n~v~rs~ty arn~c~z~~or~tes by z•~~~z°~z~~~ t~~ ~1leg~tions ~s~~t~ined ire ~~rag~°~phs .l

~~ZZ°~~a~;~ 122 ~~ ~f fully s~~ f~z-lh k~~~~ir~.

         124.     ~'k~~ ~Jz~~v~rsz~y ~vuns, hay the ~xcl~~iv~ z°~~~1 t~ ~~~, ~~~c1 u~~~ t~a~ ~Jr~iv~r~ity I~/~~rl~s

i~ ~oz~r~~~;~ic~sa vvi~1~ ~ wz~~ r~ng~ ~f ~os~~s aid ~~x~vi~~s, in~lu~a~~, but not li~z~~d t~,, 1~shi~°ts aid

ot~.~r ~~~ari~~ ~~pa~°~~.

         ?2~,     ~~~~nd~at, ~lar~u~h its ~~na~th~riz~~d ~~~ ~f the ~J~iv~~~~it~'S trad~r~~~s, ~~

  ~~~~~r~~xiat~~ v~l~z~bl~ ;~~°~p~~°ty ~z~~ts ~~ the U~~v~x~~ty aid h~.~ c~a~~d o~ the ~oo~vaill

sy~balzz~d 1~y t~~ disti~~tiv~ ar~d vv~llal~~w~ ?J~zv~rszty I~~r~~. I~~f~a~~ara~'~ a~s~ i~ 1i1~~1~ t~

~a~s~ ~~nl~rsion ~n~ ~~~ezv~ t~~~~b~z~ s~f~th~ ~~ra~uan~ p~,ibli~;, i~ vic~l~.tio~ ~~th~ ~~rns~o~ l~.w ~~

u~fazx ~s~ p~t~ti~z~ ~f t~~ ~t~~~ s~f Illinc~i~. ~'hos~ ~~ ili~~ with ~~~ IT~iv~rsity l~~rlcs would l~~

li~~el~ ts~ buy I~~~f~z~~lant's ~s~~ds ~~ ~a~c~ for a pr~duc~t rnar~~ ar~d ~~lc~ by the ~J~xv~~sit~.

         2:12-cv-02236-HAB-DGB # 1                   Page 24 of 30

A~~~r~li~~~y, any ~~f~~9;, c~'~j~~ti~o~ car ~~,~1t found ~v~tl~ ~~f~n~l~z~t'~ g~~~ls, ~~ ~z~_y ~~~at~v~;

~sss~~;iati~~ ~:c~~r~~~t~d, vv~uld s~~~~~~~rily z°~~l~~t n~gati-v€~ly upon ~z~c~ s~~~ioi~sl~ ~~juz-~ 1:h~

r~put~tio~ and ;oodwa~l ~v~~~~a the ~Jniv~xsxty ka~s ~~~~~lish~~ fox its ~rc~du~ts ~ol~ ~nd~r its

IJniv~z°szty l~arl~s.

         126.    ~~~~nd~~~'s ~ozad~.~~t, ~s d~~~~°i'o~~. above, coz~~t~tut~,~ f~,l~~ d~~igr~~~~on ~~£ ~rigi~a

aid i~ lil~~~.y t~ ~a~,ts~ ~~~f~si~r~, ~zst~1~:~, ~r ~~c~~txon zr~ violation of~~h~ ~c~~n~~r~_ l~,~w cif she stag;

of Illinois, in th.~ ~'o~~s of txacl~z~~.r~t°ia~g~ ~~t end ~zaf~.z~ ~~r~p~ti~i~n.

         127.     ~~~~r~d~r~t'~ actions ~~v~ ~arrn~c~. a~~ wzll ~oz~tir~u~ to ~a~~~ i~~~paz~bl~ h~3° ,

d~ ~.~~ ~z~~ i~ajuxy ~~ ~h~ ~Jn.iv~~~zty, ~~.~ t~Z~ Ur~zv~xsi~y has zoo ~cl~~~zat~ r~rrz~c~~ ~t lavv fir the

inj~xy ~~us~d ~~d t~ b~ ~aus~cl by ~~f~nd~nt's un~uthoz°az~d acts.

         124.     ~,~ ~ ~li~°~c~ aa~d ~roxirs~at~ z•~su~~ o~ ~ef~nd~s~t'~ ~~s~~u~~, 1~~ ~Tniv~~sity has

s~~~~x~~, ~~d is ~~~atl~d to, d~~a~~s i~ an az~.o~aaat to b~ ps~~~~d ~t trial.

         1~9.     ~~clit~~a~~lly, ~~~~n.dznt':~ r~aillf~l ~;orz~u~t end x~~l~l~ss i~~z~f~x~n~~ tc~ the

~Jnivex~s~ty'~ r~~k~ts ~nti'~1e~ the ~Jr~iv~x~sit~ ~o injun~tiv~ r~li~f, ~s will ~s a ~~~c~v~~°y of its ~~~~~,

~~t~xn~,y~' ~'~~s, ~z~d puz~itiv~ cl~m~g~~.

         130.     ~1~_~ Univ~x~zt~ in~~xpor~t~s by z~_f~r~r~~~ the ~ll~~~~ior~s ~~~t~i~~d iz~ l~ax~~a-~~~s 1

1:~rc~u~~ 7.29 ~~ i~ ~i~lly sit ~~r~h ~~r~i~,

         131.     T~i~ ~Tz~iv~rsity ~~~z~~, ~a~~ the ~x~lu~zv~ r~~ht ~o ~~~, a~~1 u~~s ~~a~ ~In_iv~rs~t~ ~~z•l~s

iz~ ~c~n~~~ti~~ with ~ ~id~ x~~a~;~ ~f ~s~~ds ~~d s~rvi~~s, i~~luain~, but ~c~t lzmzt~d to, t~-sl~i~•ts and

~~h~z va~~z°i~~ ~ppa~°~1.
         2:12-cv-02236-HAB-DGB # 1                    Page 25 of 30

         l ~2.    Thy tlniv~~°sity hay ~p~nt subst~~ti~l ar~~unts ~z rnoz~~y a~~ ~f~oxt d~~~lopiz~~ the

~Jz~iv~~°~i~y i ~rl~s, ~~ vv~ll ~~ ~oo~l~~zll end r~p~?~t~tion i~z its'~u~in~ss.

         133.     ~'h~ ~Jn.3v~xsaly h~~ the ~x~lusiv~ xz~hc ~o z~arl~~t, b~°~nc~, ~~~d sill ~;oo~~ th~c~u~ho~,~t

the ~T~it~~l ~t~t~s u~i~~ ~h~ U~iv~rszty ~~xl~~.

         13~-.    ~~fe~d~~~ h~~, v~~zt~a~~t cox~s~~t ~x ~~a~hoz~iz~~z~n fi~oz~ t~~ IJ~aiver~zty, 1~~~~ur~n~~y

~z°~~~c~d ~~~_ ~s~n~tx~ibut~d to thiz•d p~xtx~~' x~~~a1~, ~ff~x~ fix x~~~sale, dish°ib~zt~~n                 zcl/o~°

~~v~ztis~~~r~c of p~°oc1~~t~ ~a~~ ~~xvi~;~~ ~i~azzn~ t~~ Uz~zv~xsaty l~~z°1~s whi~1~ ~~~ cif ~u~stior~ak~l~

~a~t~ az~d ~~~ality, with tk~~ in~er~t that said gird ~axti~~ ws~uld put t~~ prod~~l:s ~r s~zvic~s t~ use i~

~c~mznzt~in~ the viol~tio~s. 5~~h con~u~~ h~~ d~pz°iv~d ~h~ ~J~~~~e~~sity ~f its subst~nt~~i ~.atzc~~al

~~~~will ar~d ~s 1i1~~1y ts~ ~aus~ ~o~afusioz~,             istak~ ~n~ de~~p~xoz~ t€~ pe;xsp~;~iiv~ or ~~tua1

~ons~~a~~s, ~~ will ~s dilution ar~~ t~rnishr~~z~t o~t~~ distin~~iv~ ~u~licy ~~~t~~ U~zv~rsity l~~x•lcs.

         13~.     ~'hos~ faznili~~ vdith the Univ~x~sity Niarlcs tivould b~ lzk~ly tc~ buy S~~f~nd~n.~'~

~~~a~ ~~ ~nc1 fog• a pr~~u~t xa~ad~ ~~c~ ~c~ld by t~~ ~Jniv~xszty. A.~;c;ordi~~ly, ~n~ d~~~~t, obj~~;tioz~ ~x

fault f~u~~_ with ~~f~z~d~~t's ~~c~ds, ~r zr~y z~e~ativ~ as~o~;ia~aon ~os~r~~~~~~ ~:h~z•~vait~Z, dv~uld

z~~~~ssa~°~1~ z~fi~ct ~~~~~~_v~~y ~apc~r~ and ~~x°zo~sly i~j~.~z•~ t~a~, x•~p~a~~tio~ and goodwill wi~.i~h the

~~Jc~zv~~°si~~ zaa~ ~~t~.~lis~.~d f~~• zfis prc~du~ts s~~~l ~z~c~er z1s [Jz~zv~xszt~ ~/~~rks.

         X36,     T~~f~nda~t ~r~as ~it~~z• willfully bli~.~ t~ any or~~~zr~~ vic~~~~i~n~ ~~ tk~~ [Jz~av~~°~zty'~

z°fights i~ 9~'~~ ~Jnav~xsaty I~~xl~s, ~or int~xa~i~r~~lly supplied th~~~ thi~~ paa°ki~~ ~r~it~ p~°~~~~ts ~r

s~rvi~~~ ~~~pi~~ 1~~~ivi~~ t~a~ they w~r~ ~ng~~isa~ its xz~f~zz~giz~~ a~txviti~~. 3~~ r~~~~~ t~a~x~o~;

~~f~rzd~~at ~s ~ontz°i~bu~orily r~sp~n~ibl~ f~~° the t1~at has r~sult~~ t~ the ~.Jniv~rsity f~•~zn the

infxingin~ a~tzvi~i~s of th~s~ third ~~z~ti~s.

         13'7.    ~~fendant's ur~a~lhoriz~d acts ~~~st~t~a~~ ~ontribut~xy infring~~~~t of t~~

~J~a~v~xsi~y'~ xi~hts 7_~ ~h~ ~Jniv~x°~at~ 1~a~lcs, as v✓~11 a~ ~c~~tz•i~ut~r~ ~n~air ~orrr~p~ti9i~r~, iz~ vX~lata~n

           2:12-cv-02236-HAB-DGB # 1                 Page 26 of 30

cif ~~~t~~~~ 3~{1)9 ~~(~.), az~d ~3(~) ~~ tla~ Z,~~~aaz~ ~~t, 2~ ~T.~.~. §§ 111~(1)(a.), J_ 12~(a) and

112 {~), ~~~~ion~ 6~ end C~~ ~f the T ~~, 76~ I~,~'~ ~~ ~fl36/6fl and ~036/~~; a~~d the ~~r~r~~~.


           13~.    ~'h~ ~fc~r~s~i~ ~s~z~~~,~~t o~ ~~f~n~.~~t as tivill~ial, ~elib~r~t~, iz~t~~ti~~~l, ar~_~ ~n bad

ac~i~l~ ire th~~ ~~f~r~~~r~t'~ a~t~ off' ~;•y a~fx~~~~~a~~t c~f~ the ~J~iv~xsity l ar~~s w~r~

p~~~foz°zlra~d with ~ul~ ~~n~vvled~~ that ~h~ U~iv~xsaty ov✓~s ~n1 has ~~_~ ~~~lusiv~ t~i~ht cc~ ease the

IJni~a~x°city 1`~arl~s, arzd after n~t~~~ £x°orn t~~ Un~v~~°sity t~ ~~as~ i~~ i~frir~~i~ ~~tivit~~s.

           ~~9.                                                                                        °endaz~~
                   ~,~.~ IJ~iv~Y•~ity is ia~r~rzn~d and'r~~li~v~s, and ors th~~ basis alleges, that I~e~

iv~1J_ ~oa~taz~~,~~ t~ use the ~J~~iv~xszty 1~/Marks and ~th~x ~r~d~~n~rl~~ ~r t~~ U~.~ve~~sily uz~l~s~ ~njs~i~~~.,

           1~~.    l~s a dir~~t end prc~xia~at~ x~~sult of ~~f~nc~az~t's a~~~ c~~ ~ontxibutoxy infi•iz~~~m~nt,

9~~ ~J~i~~~~°sity leas ~uff~~•~cl, ~a~d v~ill cc~ntxnu~ tc~ s~aff~x, u~1~ss said ~~~du~~ zs ~~.j~in~d by this

C~~~, bath saabst~n~ial ~~nc~taxy dam~~~s, i~ ~n ~m~u~~ to b~ pxov~~ ~~ 9ria1, a~~ s~bst~~tzal

a~~~~ar~bl~ izajuzy to its ~~~dv~~~l ~~d ~•~b~~a~a~r~ foz~ ~vhi~h ~h~~~; x~ i~~ a~Y~~~~t~ r~~ae~3y ~t l~~v.

           1~1,    ~~~°~ua~tto l~ ITe~.~. ~ ~11~(a) aa~~ 16~ ~~,~5 ~ 103F~/`7~, ~~a~.IJr~iv~~-sit~i~ ~~ntit~ed

to an ~~;~~~z~~~ng fc~r, end a ~~s~~x~~r~~r~.~ ~f, X11 ~f ~~f~rzr~~~at'~ z°~~~~u~s end/c~x~ ~z~~~zt~ cl~_riv~cl.

 rc~    ~t~ iz~~~i~~~~a~ ~~e of the U~i~~xsity I~~rl~~ ix~ ~c~~~~~ticz~ ~itk~ t~~ "~Tn~ffi~i~l" t--~hzxt an1 any

c>ch~i° t-~~~z~~ ~r ~oc~d~, ~~ will a~ ar~~ daz~~~;~~ the ~J~~iv~~~~ity ~~~~ suff~z°~d end t~~~ ~s~sts s~f'1~~ir~~i~~~

t~ais ~,~~~c~z~.

           X42,    ~.~dzta~r~~1ly, by r~as~n ~~'xh~ ~~vzll~~l ~~d ~l~lib~x~t~ a~;~~ ~c~nd~~~~~~ by ~~f~~d~n.~

icy ~c~aa~~;i~a~s disz°~g~zd :foz~ the rights cif lh~ IJz~i~v~x~z~~, tl~~ ~J~iv~zsity is ~z~tz~l~d t~ t~~bl~ ~~.rnage~

~~~~x 1~ IJ.~.~. § ~ 117(a) ~z~~ '165 ILC~ § 1036/"70.

          143.     ~uz-t~~xz~ao~~, the ~Tniv~xsity ~~ ez~tzt~ed to ~e~ov~z~ its attoin~ys' ~'~~s as ~~~~nda~~t's

~~tzo~.s tiv~x~ willful az~~ ~~liberat~, and p~~ti~ulaz~ly ~gr~~ic~us given the ~r~autk~~oriz~d ~a~e of the

         2:12-cv-02236-HAB-DGB # 1                    Page 27 of 30

xJniv~r~aty's txad~rs~a~•1~~ ire ~onr~~~tzc~n witk~ ~;o~~s o~ ~~~~stic~nabl~ t~sk~ t~~~ ~~pres~ly ~~~ol

"dx~z~lc~ng" end `~~~bau~l~~xy," x~zz~l~rin~ this ~~ "~~c~~ti~z~~~" ~as~ ~~a.~e~ 1~ ~1.~.~. ~ 111"I(~) a~~

7~5 ~i,~~ ~ 1036/70.

         ~~I ~      ~'~ E, ~~ to X11 ~o~nts ~~' ~hzs Ct~ plai~z~, the U~iv~~~a~y prays fez° ~udg~~~zat ~~


         {~)      ~ ~ir~~ir~~ 'ghat:

                  (1)      ~~~~r~d.~nt hay ~~ga~~d ire acc~ of~dzl°~~t and/or ~c~~t~~zbuto~y t~~~.del~arl~
                           ~r~frir~~~m~~t, f~1~e d~~iQn~,ti~~~ o~~ oxi~ir~9 f~ls~ d~~~rxp~i~n ~r Ll~~~ir
                           ~c~rn~~titi~~9 a~~ t~a~~l~~z°~s c~iluti~r~ is~ vXOl~t~c~n ~~ 15 ~J.~.~. §~

                  (2)      ~~f~nd~nt bias ~n~a~~d a~ ~~~~ i~ violation cif tk~e ~ll~~ois ~'x~de ar~~
                             ~~ist~•~~i~n ~z~d ~ic~t~~ti~z~ Act,'765 I~,C~ 1036/1, ~t seq., I_ll~z~~is
                           I~~~~ptive Tra~~ ~~•~.~tic~s ~.~t, X15 ~~,CS § Slfl/1, ~t,~eq., ~n~]. t~~ illi~oi~
                           ~~ns~a~~x Fa~~ud ~~d ~~~~~~~v~ F~z~ines~ ~z°actz~~s Apt, X15 IL,CS § ~0~/l,
                           ~t s~~.; an~1

                  (3)      ~~f~~dar~t has ~s~~~g~~ is~a u~_fai~ ~~xnp~l~tz~n and ~x~~~rz~~k i~frixab~r~~~t
                           in viol~ti~n of the c~rnr~oz~ ~~ chi ~tat~ ~f Illia~c~zs.

        (~)       Pex~as~~z~~ i~j~ncti~~~ ~e~i~~, gxaz~t~d ~~xsu~z~t to 15 IJ.~,~. § ~ 1160.) ~z~c~ c~~k~~x

a~pla~~b1~ ~l~ir~~z~ ~t~tutos°y a7~d ~~~a~c~~~ lavv, zn tl~~ f~xz~z of ~n ~xd~r ~r~hibitira.~ ~~~'~nd~~1, aid

a~i c~~h~~°s a~t~z~~ X~ ~c~~~~s°t ox° p~rti~;i~atin~; with ~~~`'~nd~a~t, ~x~:ra ~n~ :~u~~l~~z° ~as~ ~x day°~~~ ~cx

~;o~tai~~~tc~x°y ir~f~~in~~rn~nt ~f t~a~ ITniv~r~~ty 1V~~z°~~s ~r ~z~y c~th~x° L1~ai~~~z°pity 3:x~~~maz•1<s. ~'~i~ x~lz~~

s~~~~#i~~lly a~~~~~1~s the ~followir~~ ~r~hib~ti~z~~:

                 (1)       d~x~;~~ly or ~~dia•~~t1y ~~z~ufa~t~~~n.~, ~~lling, ~~~~r~z~g fir s~l~,
                           distz•ibu~ia~~, px•odu~i~~, ~;zrcul~.ti~~, aid/or ~dvet°~isiz~~ products ~~° s~r~ii~~s
                           ~v~i~h b~~x ~.ny ~~py ~r ~c~lc~z•abl~ zrr~i~katzon ~f the IJn?~a~~°sity'~ tz•~d~ ~z°1~~,
                           ar~d vahi~~ are likely to ~~a.~s~ ~o~fusi~~, to ~~us~ r~~s1~1~~, ox to ~~us~
                           d~c~pti~~. with ~z• with ~°~sp~c~ t~ tie Ur~iv~rsity's trad~~.~~~ks;

                 (2)       ~as~ng in ~za~ rna~n~Y° the ~Tnzv~~°~i~J l~az•ks ~~~ ~z~y ~~~~r ~~°adez~naY~l~, tr~d~
                           name, s~rvi~~ mark, cc~~-~or~t~ n~~~, ox any otk~~t~ d~sz~z~atz~n kl~~t zs
        2:12-cv-02236-HAB-DGB # 1                  Page 28 of 30

                          co~fusia~~l~/ sirnila~ ~~ the [Ja~iv~r~ity'~ txa~~z~~xlss ~~ t~ b~ l.ik~ly ~k~ ~~~~s~
                          ~~r~fizsaoz~, d~~~pti~r~, c~z° ~rzist~l~~,

                 ~3)     ~assin~ ~f~, zz~cl~~~iz~~, ox• ~~aablir~~ €~t~~xs tc~ s~l~ cox piss off any ~oc~ds car
                         s~rvi~~s ~~ b~in~ ~ppxov~~I by 1h~ ~J~iv~r~i~y, which g~c~~s az~cl s~z°vz~~~
                         are riot ~~ :fait appz•ov~d b~ the L1n~v~rsity, oA° fir ~~1~ under ~t~~ az°ks
                         owr~~~ ~y the Unzv~xsity c~a• any ~~~iex rrr~~rk ~v~aa~~ so x~s~mbl~s tk~~
                         IJr~zv~z•~ity'~ ~~~lcs as to b~ 1il~~~y to ~a~?s~ ~~n~~~aon, de~~pti~~, ~~•

                 (4~)    ~~~~itti~~ az~y ~~t~, in~l~ading use of ~r~y f~ls~ ~l~,~a~z~~t~~n ~f t~r~g~~ ~z°
                         ~~als~ c~e~~;ri~ti~r~, ~1~~~1~ ~~r~ ~r is lil~el~ i~ l~a~ ~h~ tr~d~ ~r p~b~i~, ~~
                         in~ivi~~~1 a~~~~b~r~ t~~x°~~f, t~ ~z~t~lc~s~zy'o~1z~v~ that ~a~y product ~i°
                         s~rvz~~ a~v~~•~is~~l, ~e~rr~s~t~~, of_f~~~d, or sold b~ ~ef~~da~t i~ ~poz~sc~~~~,
                         ~z~dox°s~~, ~~nn~~~~d vvath, ~pp~•s~vecl, oz° aut~.o~•i~~~1 by the I1z~iv~z•sity,

                (~)      i~nit~tiz~~, ~o~yi~~, dupla~atir~~, or ~~h~zvdzs~ rnaki~~ ax1J ~~~ ~f the
                         Ua~iv~~~sity tr~.~~za~a~lcs ~z any z~,~xl~ ~o~f~sz~~~y szrraalax t~ the ~Tz~zv~rsity's

                (6)      ~~~a~~ra~ i~ ar~y o~l~~z° apt ~~nstituting un~aix ~c~mp~tition ~sx• s~~~~~tiv~
                         pra~tic~s with the ~Jn~v~xszty ox ~onstitutir~~ are inf~r~n~~m~z~t ~~ the
                         University's rights i~a anal ~~ its t~°~d~zn~~l~~;

                (%)      fuz~ther ~ilutiz~~ a~~1 ~z~~ri~~~in~ ~~e LTnivexsity's trad~~arl~~ a~c~ da~ag~~g
                         its gc~o~v,~x~l; ar~d

                (~)       ~upplyi~.~ any ~th~z pexs~~ ~r b~.,iszn~~~ ~~atity ~vitn p~oc~~act~, ~~xv~~~~, ~r
                          ~th~r g•~s~uz~c~~ ~u~~~i~~t tc~ ~raabl~, ~z~~ag~, ~t° p~xfc~z•sza ~~ay of tla~
                          a.nfrzs~~i~g ~~~ivXti~s ~~.~zz~~x~.t~c~ in sub~~xa~r~phs (l) k~ {"7) ab~ov~, ~~
                          ~1~.~r~vas~ zn~~~i~~, ~ssi~tin~, ai~in~, ~~• ~b~itzz~~; ~.:~c~t~~z~ p~z°~o~ cox
                          b~si~a~ss ~~tit~ ire ~~~~ i~f~in~iz~~ ~c~xvzta~~,

        ~~)     ~n ~zd~~• ~i~~i~~l ~~fend~~s ~~r ~~y ~~~.~ ~l~ c~~.~a~~~ ~ va~lgbl~ p~z°~u~rzt t~ l 5 ~J.~,~.

§ 111`7(~) ~~~. ~t~Z~x aAr~~l~~~b1~ ~l~izz~x~ sta~ut~xy ~.nd ~o~n~o~ law, zz~ ~~.ount ~~ b~ ~x~~r~~. at t~i~19

~~d ~~~~~~~all~ lz~~lu~lixzg but nit lir~i~~~ t~: (l) z~~n~taxy d~s~a~g~s ~~~t~i~~d by t~~ U~aiv~rszty,

~n~lu~laz~g tz°~bl~ d~~~~es;(2) all ~;aia~~, a°~~a~r~u~3, p~°c~~its end/~r adv~nt~~~~ ~arr~e,d ~~ ~ r~~~alt ~zthe

unl~~vf~l ~~ts ~f ~~f~ndant as sit forih h~r~i~; (3) posts ~n~ px~jLic~grrn~nt z~t~r~st; ~xzd (4)

r~~so~a~bl~ atto_rr~~ys' f~~s.
           2:12-cv-02236-HAB-DGB # 1                  Page 29 of 30

          (~)        ~u_~:~ c~~her ~~d furth~x ~~~1i~in~ry ~~d final r~1i~f that ~~~ ~C~~rt ~~~~a~ j~s~,

~~~it~~l~ ~r~c~ prs~p~z, r~~l~~~lia~g an ~~v~z°d o~ p~ni~i~~ end ~x~ pl~xy c~az~a~~;~~.

                                                ~~J ~` ~~l~il~i~

 ~~reby ~.~a~~nd~ ~ trim by ja~iy s~~z X11 ~~~.~r~t~ ~s~ tri~ble.

~~ate: ~~pt~z~.b~$° 6, 2~3~2                             ~~p~~~fiall~ s~bi~t~r~,

                                                      ~T1~TI~J~~Z~~~'~' ~~' ~~,~,~I~IO~~, ~~ai~~~~~

                                                                Oa~~ ~f Its A.ttor~~y~

~a~ric~ L. Tyr I~~1~z~

3~ ~ ~. ~I~~kex fix°., ~uit~ 3(~Ofl
C111~~P~, I111a~0i~ 6006

1~~to~n~ysfog plaintiff

2.645841 v3/1461 ~-0059

        2:12-cv-02236-HAB-DGB # 1                          Page 30 of 30


          I, Martin I~aufi~la,nrl, ~eiz~~ duly svwoi-il uridcz~ oat~~, he1-eby declaz-e anc~ vez-ify under penalty

of I~erj~~lxy under the laws of tk~e united Mates cif America that the state~~ie~~ats set fortl~l iTZ the

at~tacl~eci t~exi~ed Co~n~~laint are true; and coy-rest, ~xce~~f as to matters therein stated to be o.c~

i~~foz-~mation ~~~d belief ~i~id as to such nlattez:s the uzidersigned ec~-~i~es as aioresaicl that he vca~ily

bclieti'es the same to be true.

                                                                IvIAR"I,IN I~AU~'MNI~                    i'

 this ,~~~•_--day of Scpte~nber 2012
                                                                         O~FfCI~L.~S AL
                                                                       ~,~I~~?1_ ~1. P-I~~f~AFI
                                                                     NOTARY PUBI.lC, 5YATE OF ILLINOIS
                           ~~~,Ir,~..~~,_.~~ ya_,`~.                 MY C~Mliy           ES2~6~2~16,
  ~..__~~...~j,'~~ t.M ~
     ~ _                        ..
 Notary Public

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