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									                       Angell-3G Medical Equipment Film Digitizer

            Angell 3G digitizer integrates the film digitizer, computer and 3G communication
technology, which comes with multifunction, high-performance and integrated characteristics to
satisfy the flexible telemedicine and remote collaboration requirements. Angell 3G digitizer can
not only provide the high definition digital image but also can be compatible with the 3G
wireless network device. Because of the excellent performance and distinctive characteristics,
Angell-3G digitizer refreshed the application of the whole medical film digitizer.

Specification Of Angell-DF-1000(3G) Film Digitizer
Grayscale                     16bits

Optical Density               0~3.4D

Spatial Resolution            40800pixel/line

Film Size                     5" × 7"to 14" × 17"

Operation System              Win2000/XP/Vista
Specification Of Angell-DF-1000(3G) Film Digitizer (Continued)
Operating Environment      Ambient temperature: 5°C - 35°C

                           Relative humidity: ≤ 80%

                           Atmospheric Pressure:70 Kpa ~106 Kpa

Illuminator                Cold cathode-ray tube

Film Type                  Medical films, Document

Image Format               JPEG,DICOM;BMP

Hardware Interface         USB2.0

Detector                   Professional µ-lens CCD

Power Requirements         220V/50HZ/20W

Scanner Dimension          21.6×15.6×26.4 inch

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