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   When your desires for being a parent have
    been held back because of the big fees of
    assisted reproductive system methods, you do
    not need to lose reason for hope. There are
    techniques to keep the fees low while you want
    to discover how to obtain cheap in vitro
    fertilization (IVF) treatment solution. One of the
    numerous ways is to travel to Utah and save.
   Situated in Provo, the third largest city in the U.S.
    state of Utah, East Bay Fertility Center
    accommodates out-of-area patients throughout
    the country and from across the world and
    promotes fertility tourism. East Bay Fertility Center
    is just a 51 mile drive from Salt Lake City
    International Airport which is the major public
    airport in Utah. Rated as one of the top ten places
    to raise a family by Forbes in 2010, it is easy why
    Provo would appeal to patients, travelers and
    couples who want to start a family.
   Some of the reasons why the fees or costs can
    be lessened utilizing this method and also end
    outcomes prove that it is a realistic choice for
    numerous married couples aiming to start a
    family. When compared to the pricing of other
    fertility centers for in vitro fertilization (IVF),
    East Bay Fertility Center fertility pricing is
    cheaper and affordable.
   East Bay Fertility Center offers affordable and
    low cost IVF. Illustrated below are the prices of
    IVF being offered at East Bay Fertility Center in
    Provo, Utah.

   This IVF option is usually more comfortable,
    convenient, and easier on the patient. It often
    uses oral medication for the first 10 days and
    then adds a few days of injectable FSH.
    Involves less monitoring and can start with a
 Traditional IVF ET (Embryo Transfer) with daily
  injections of FSH: $6,300.00
 Anesthesia and Nurse fee for Minimal
  Stimulation IVF and Traditional IVF: $500
 ICSI Intracytoplasmic sperm injection for severe
  male infertility: $500-$1,000
 Intrauterine Inseminations: $225

 Oocyte or Embryo Cryopreservation: $800
   Prices include all other inherent costs in
    the IVF cycle other than medications. IVF
    Medications for minimal stimulation IVF
    are usually less than $1,200.
   While other fertility treatment centers in the
    United States and Great Britain ask you for
    approximately $6,000 and $12,000 for every
    single cycle, East Bay Fertility Center only
    ask you $4,600.00 for their Minimal
    Stimulation IVF ICSI cycle. This calculation
    simply shows that if you will travel to Utah
    and receive fertility treatments at East Bay
    Fertility Center, you will enjoy affordable
    and cheaper prices compared to other
    fertility centers.
   Aside from offering affordable and cheap IVF
    treatment, East Bay Fertility Center has 86%
    success rates when it comes to IVF Procedures
    for patients 35 and under. These patients have
    resulted in pregnancy in 2011. Moreover, as of
    November 15, 2011, 72% of IVF Procedures
    completed in East Bay Fertility Center for all
    ages have resulted in pregnancy.
   So what are you waiting for, come visit East Bay
    Fertility Center in Provo, Utah for cheap and
    affordable IVF treatments and start building a
    family of your own.

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Description: East Bay Fertility Center is focused on quality patient care. The goal is pregnancy! Our friendly fertility physician and staff value your needs and will spend the time necessary with each individual couple to help them understand their fertility options and formulate a fertility treatment plan to optimize their success. Our Fertility Physician, Dr Glen Andrew DO, and Embryologist have over 20 years of combined experience and one of the highest success rates in the country. We are among the few in the country that have consistently performed Minimal Stimulation IVF with notable success. We have one of the highest success rates in the Country. We were the first to perform IVF in Utah County and the first in the State of Utah to perform Minimal Stimulation IVF.