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CAREERS - Sample


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									 CONTINUING EDUCATION                               &

CAREERS                2012 SPRING
                       CLASS SCHEDULE

                                              WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT
HOSPITALITY • LAW • INDUSTRY & TRADE    Hor r y Georgetown

TECHNICAL SKILLS • COSMETOLOGY          843-477-2020 | 843-349-5363
ONLINE CLASSES                               www.HGTC.edu/ce
                                  Attention all Medical Coders!
                                  Are you ready for ICD-10-CM Implementation?
                                  Start planning today!
                                  Beginning January 2012, HGTC’s Nursing & Allied Health Institute
                                  will have updated program training available.

                                  SPRING 2012
                                  Part 1: Diagnostic Coding ICD-10-CM Anatomy and Pathophysi-
                                  ology will introduce the theoretical principals involved with ICD-10
                                  that will differentiate it from its predecessor.

                                  FALL 2012
                                  Part 2: Diagnostic Coding ICD-10-CM
                                  will introduce the actual code formats (which are not yet available)

                                  Each class will consist of forty hours (40) of classroom instruction. At the
                                  completion of the class, students will receive a certificate from HGTC.

                                  The mandatory transition from ICD-9-CM to ICD-10-CM on 10/01/2013
                                  marks a huge transformation in medical coding. The code choices
                                  have become more specific therefore increasing the number of codes to
                                  choose from. The greater level of detail in ICD-10-CM demands that the
                                  coders have an in-depth knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and patho-
                                  physiology to assist in the selection of the most appropriate code in the
                                  new coding system.

Call our Nursing & Allied Health Institute at 843-477-2010 or 843-477-2079 for more information.

Program is geared towards the Hospitality &
Tourism industry. This 6 month program will
include various site visits along the Grand Strand
as well as instruction in areas such as Customer                   EXPLORE
Service & Sales, Operational Management,
Leadership Skills, Human Resources, Finance plus
much more! Target audience is current hospitality                   of Hospitality & Tourism on the Grand Strand
              employees that excel in their roles
                or those seeking a career in the
                 Hospitality industry.

                                                                         Launching in

     New!                                                             September 2012
                                                                               For more information, contact
                                                                                      Cindy Ott at 477-2072
                                                                                    or Cynthia.ott@hgtc.edu
A Letter From the Vice President…
                                                                                                                             Contents 2012
                                                                                                                    ALLIED HEALTH                                      4-10


Due to the current economy many people look at Continuing Education
classes as difficult to afford, however these classes can be much
more valuable than you think! Looking past the price of these classes                                               CAREER CONSULTING                                     12
is important as they enable you to learn new skills or upgrade your
present skills to improve career and financial situations.                                                          COMPUTERS & TECHNOLOGY                           12-15
When most people hear “Continuing Education” they immediately think
of pursuing a bachelor’s degree or going for a more advanced degree,                                                LEADERSHIP                                       14-15
however consider taking a short-term Certificate program. You might
even start with just one class that is designed to improve employment                                               CULINARY                                         16-17
skills. For example, completing a computer class will make you more
valuable to your existing or potential employer.
                                                                                                                    COSMETOLOGY                                           17
We offer a variety of reasonably priced courses such as computer
software, starting a small business, trades classes and more. We also
                                                                                                                    HOSPITALITY                                           17
offer personal enrichment courses such as cooking, gardening and
dance classes.
                                                                                                                    DRIVING                                          17-18
Options are abundant for people who want to learn! It is never too late
for anyone who goes back to school to reap the benefits of Continuing
Education!                                                                                                          INDUSTRY & TRADES                                18-20

As we start preparing the catalog for the Summer and Fall 2012
                                                                                                                    EXAM PREP                                             21
semesters, email us with any thoughts of classes we can add to our
course offerings at ceinfo@hgtc.edu.
                                                                                                                    LAW                                                   22
Enjoy your class!

                                                                                                                    MEDIA ARTS                                            22
Greg Mitchell, Vice President
Workforce Development & Continuing Education                                                                        ONLINE CLASSES                                23 & 28
Provost, Myrtle Beach Campus
                                                                                                                    PROFESSIONAL TRAINING                                 23

What is Continuing Education?                                                                                       PERSONAL INTEREST                                24-26
Continuing Education is training for adults of all ages and back-
grounds. These classes are designed for non-degree seeking adults                                                   REAL ESTATE                                      26-28
who desire specific skills to enhance their working lives, need continu-
ing education hours to stay current in their field or are life-long learn-
ers who want to learn something new. We offer courses, workshops                                                    REGISTRATION FORM & INFO                         30-31
and seminars in the day, evening and weekend, on campus, online
and off-site at business and industries.                                                                            INDEX                                                 32

     843-477-2020 | 843-349-5363 | 843-546-8406
DISCLAIMER: Statement of Equal Opportunity. Horry-Georgetown Technical College shall not discriminate in employment of personnel decisions or in student
admissions, or in student decisions, or in all other segments of the religion, disability, ancestry, political affiliation, marital status, or unfavorable discharge from military
service, in the educational programs and activities which it operates and the College is prohibited from discrimination in such manner by applicable laws.
Practices and requirements for non-discrimination extend to the enrollment of students in programs and activities of the College. Inquiries concerning the federal
laws and their application to the College may be directed to the College Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Officer, the Associate Vice President for Human
Resources and Employee Relations, U.S. Department of Human Affairs Commission.
Horry-Georgetown Technical College
Continuing Education Division

Phone: 843.477.2020 or 843.349.5363 or Fax: 843.477.0775 for class information and registration                                                                                      1
       FAQ’s                         ANSWERS TO FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

       When and where can            The College is open for registration Monday through Thursday from 7:45 am
       I register?                   until 7 pm; Friday, 8 am until 12:30 pm. You can register online at www.
                                     hgtc.edu/ce , call our registration center at 843-477-2020, 843-349-5363,
                                     or 843-546-8406 to register by phone with a credit card or stop by the
                                     Continuing Education Office at any of our campuses and register in person.
                                     No registration is complete until all fees have been paid. It is recommended
                                     that students enroll in class at least 1-week prior to the start date. Horry-
                                     Georgetown Technical College reserves the right to cancel classes that do not
                                     meet minimum enrollment.

       Where do I park?              There are designated areas for student parking on each of our campuses.
                                     Parking passes will be mailed out with your confirmation and are also
                                     available from Campus Security and/or Continuing Education offices on
                                     each campus. Place the pass on the passenger-side of the dashboard in
                                     your car whenever you’re on campus.

       My class is in the            Security is on duty at all times. We also have emergency call boxes
       evening – how safe            positioned at strategic locations throughout the College.
       will I be?

       My class requires a           Textbooks may be purchased the first day/night of class through the
       textbook. Where do            bookstore on each campus.
       I get it?

       How do I find my              Building and room numbers are usually listed on your confirmation. If
       classroom?                    no building or room number is listed, go directly to the main building at
                                     Georgetown, Building 200 at Myrtle Beach, and Building 1100 at Conway
                                     for room assignments before 7pm or contact us by phone.

       What is a CEU?                CEUs are Continuing Education Units, which are awarded for all
                                     Continuing Education Classes except those designated as Personal
                                     Interest. One CEU represents 10 class hours of instruction. The CEU is
                                     not a substitute for college credit, but is a means of recording someone’s
                                     Continuing Education activities over a period of time. Everyone who
                                     successfully completes a course for professional development will receive a
                                     certificate of completion.

       I can’t make class,           If you choose to cancel your registration, you must do so at least
       how do I get a                one working day before the class begins. Some classes, such as our
       refund?                       motorcycle classes, require more notice for a refund or transfer into
                                     another section – these should be listed in the class description.

       What happens if the           In case of inclement weather, please listen to your local radio and
       weather is bad?               television stations or go online at www.hgtc.edu for cancellation notices.

 2       In order to avoid class cancellations, it is recommended that students register 1-week prior to start date
CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS                              EKG MONITOR
                                                  This program prepares students to become
Clinical Medical Assistants work in physi-
                                                  an EKG Technician in a hospital, clinic or                                                       HGTC
cian’s offices where they prepare the patient      physician’s office. Students will learn the

                                                                                                                                                   CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS
for examination, perform venipuncture, ad-        mechanics of the EKG machine, interpreta-
minister injections, provide patient educa-       tion of the EKG strip and will do a clinical
tion and assist with EKGs.                        rotation.
• WorkKeys Assessment
                                                  • WorkKeys Assessment
• Medical Terminology              40 hours
                                                  • Medical Terminology              40 hours
• Anatomy and Physiology           60 hours
                                                                                                  MEDICAL BILLING/CODING
• Bloodborne Pathogens              8 hours       • Bloodborne Pathogens               8 hours
                                                                                                  Students will become familiar with the fun-
• Medico-Legal Issues              16 hours       • CPR for Healthcare
                                                                                                  damentals of medical coding and the pri-
• CPR for Healthcare                                Provider/AED                       8 hours
                                                                                                  mary skills needed to bill accurately within a
   Provider/AED                     8 hours
                                                  • Medico-Legal Issues              16 hours     physician’s office.
• Career Preparation               20 hours
                                                  • Career Preparation               20 hours     • WorkKeys Assessment
• Medical Assistant Lecture       120 hours
• Medical Assistant Externship     40 hours       • EKG Monitor Technician                        • Medical Terminology               40 hours
                                                    Lecture                          48 hours     • Anatomy and Physiology            60 hours
                                                  • EKG Monitor Technician                        • Medico-Legal Issues               16 hours
                                                    Externship                       16 hours     • Diagnostic Coding ICD-9-CM        40 hours
                                                                                                  • Procedure Coding CPT- 4           48 hours
                                                  ELECTRONIC HEALTH RECORDS                       • CompuSystems                      24 hours
                                                  SPECIALIST                                      • Career Preparation                20 hours
                                                  This program will cover the usage and man-      • Medical Insurance
                                                  agement of health information and the elec-       Billing Lecture                   44 hours
                                                                                                  • Medical Billing &
                                                  tronic health record (EHR). Students will
                                                                                                    Coding Externship                 40 hours
                                                  learn about converting paper documents to
                                                  a digital system framework, and will learn      MENTAL HEALTH TECHNICIAN
                                                  how to implement an electronic health re-       This program is designed to prepare you to
                                                  cords system from inception to “go-live.”       work with emotionally disturbed or mentally
                                                  The program will provide students with a        impaired individuals.
                                                  practical understanding of the duties of an     • Mental Health Tech Lecture        35 hours
                                                                                                  • Mental Health Tech Externship 30 hours
                                                  electronic health records specialist. Elec-
(NEW)                                             tronic health records specialists have op-      PATIENT CARE TECHNICIAN
This program will prepare students to work        portunities in acute, ambulatory, long-term,    This program is designed to prepare stu-
in the dental industry. Includes instruction in   home health, and specialty settings, and in     dents for an entry-level position in a medical
communication, dental record management           population/statistical health (Geographic In-   office, hospital or other health care setting.
and administrative duties. A passing Work-                                                        • WorkKeys Assessment
                                                  formation Systems-GIS).
Keys assessment in Math, Reading and Lo-                                                          • Medical Terminology               40 hours
                                                  • Medical Terminology              40 hours
cating Information is required before begin-
                                                                                                  • Bloodborne Pathogens                8 hours
ning this program. Exam $60                       • Medico-Legal Issues              16 hours
                                                                                                  • CPR for Healthcare
• Dental Terminology                  25 hours    • Anatomy and Physiology           60 hours
                                                                                                    Provider/AED                        8 hours
• Dental Billing                      25 hours    • Diagnostic Coding ICD-9-CM       40 hours
                                                                                                  • Medico-Legal Issues               16 hours
• Dental Office Management             25 hours    • Procedure Coding CPT-4           48 hours
• Bloodborne Pathogens & HIPAA for                                                                • Career Preparation                20 hours
                                                  • Electronic Health Records        48 hours     • Certified Nursing Assistant        80 hours
   Physician and Dental Offices 10 hours
• Career Preparation                  20 hours    • Geographic Information                        • Phlebotomy Basic                  12 hours
• Dental Office                                      Systems (GIS)                    12 hours     • EKG Monitor
  Receptionist Externship            16 hours     • Career Preparation               20 hours       Lecture/Externship                64 hours

Phone: 843.477.2020 or 843.349.5363 or Fax: 843.477.0775 for class information and registration                                                          3
                        VETERINARY ASSISTANT                                       Myrtle Beach Campus                      YMED 515-71-2082         TWTh
                        CERTIFICATION                                     YMED 898-70-2076           MW                       Jan 31-Feb 23          8:00am-3:00pm
HGTC                    This program prepares you to work as a vet-         Jan 23-Jan 25            9:00am-1:00pm          YMED 515-81-2086         MW
                        erinary assistant. You will learn receptionist    YMED 898-80-2077           MW                      Feb 27-Mar 21           4:00pm-9:00pm
                                                                            Feb 20-Feb 22            5:30pm-9:30pm

                        duties, medical terminology, laboratory pro-                                                        YMED 515-72-2083         TWTh
                        cedures, and how to relate to clients.            YMED 898-71-2078           Sat                     Feb 28-Mar 22           8:00am-3:00pm
                        • Veterinary Lecture                 80 hours       March 17                 8:00am-5:00pm
                                                                                                                            YMED 515-73-2084         TWTh
                        • Career Preparation                 20 hours     YMED 898-72-2079           MW
                                                                                                                             Mar 27-Apr 19           8:00am-3:00pm
                        • Veterinary Assisting Externship 30 hours          Apr 9-Apr 11             9:00am-1:00pm
                                                                                                                            YMED 515-80-3029         MWTh
                                                                          YMED 898-80-3024           MW
                                                                                                                             Apr 16-May 6            4:00pm-9:00pm
                                                                            May 21-May23             5:30pm-9:30pm
                        All externships are based on availability                                                           YMED 515-70-3026         TWTh
                                                                          YMED 898-71-3025           MW
                        at the various facilities. It is the student’s                                                       Apr 24-May 17           8:00am-3:00pm
                                                                            June 18-June 20          9:00am-1:00pm
                        responsibility to be available when the ex-
                                                                                                                            YMED 515-71-3027         TWR
                        ternship has been arranged with the facility.     CNA CERTIFIED NURSING                              May 22-June 14          8:00am-3:00pm
                        Arranging an externship on your own is pro-       ASSISTANT                                         YMED 515-81-3030         MWTh
                        hibited without prior HGTC approval.              This is a comprehensive training program           June 4-June 24          4:00pm-9:00pm
                                                                          for individuals who desire to become a certi-     YMED 515-72-3028         TWTh
                        ALLIED HEALTH CLASSES                             fied nurse aide for long-term care facilities.
                                                                                                                             June 19-July 12         8:00am-3:00pm
                                                                          Clinicals may involve some weekend cov-
                                                                                                                                    Georgetown Campus
                        ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY                            erage. Clinical dates will be discussed the
                                                                                                                            YMED 515-50-2087         MTWThF
                        This course offers a basic understanding of       first night of class. Students who success-
                                                                                                                             Jan 9-Jan 23            8:00am-5:00pm
                        the anatomy and physiology of the human           fully complete both the classroom and clini-
                        body. Upon completion, students will be                                                             YMED 515-51-2088         MTWThF
                                                                          cal training will be eligible to take the South
                        able to identify and explain the functions of                                                        Feb 6-Feb 17            8:00am-5:00pm
                                                                          Carolina Nurse Aide Certification Exam (at
                        the major cells, tissues, and organ systems.      an additional cost). Before entering any          YMED 515-52-2089         MTWThF
                        Instruction will include an interactive lecture   patient care facility, all students must pass      Mar 5-Mar 16            8:00am-5:00pm
                        style format and will utilize the Anatomy in      a background check (included in tuition).         YMED 515-53-2090         MTWThF
                        Clay learning system. Textbook/workbook           Students will also be required to provide          Apr 9-Apr 20            8:00am-5:00pm
                        is required. 60 hrs, $449                         proof of a negative PPD. Textbook/Work-           YMED 515-50-3031         MTWThF
                                 Myrtle Beach Campus                      book, a blood pressure/stethoscope combo           Apr 30-May 11           8:00am-5:00pm
                        YMED 899-70-2074            MW                    kit, PPD, and solid-colored scrubs will be at     YMED 515-51-3032         MTWThF
                          Jan 18-Mar 7              9:00am-1:00pm         your own expenses. ** Students participat-         June 4-June 15          8:00am-5:00pm
                        YMED 899-80-2075            MW                    ing in the Georgetown Campus Fast Track           YMED 515-52-3033         MTWThF
                          Mar 12-Apr 30             5:30pm-9:30pm         program are required to complete a 2-Step         July 9-July 20           8:00am-5:00pm
                        YMED 899-70-3023            MW                    PPD screening which must be initiated at                     Conway Campus
                          May 7-July 2              9:00am-1:00pm         least 2 weeks prior to the first day of lecture.
                                                                                                                            YMED 515-40-3034         MW
                                                                          Limited enrollment. 80 hrs, $750
                                                                                                                             Feb 27-May 2            5:30pm-9:30pm
                        BLOODBORNE PATHOGENS                                          Genesis Complex
                        This basic course is a prerequisite for the
                        Clinical Medical Assistant and EKG techni-
                                                                          YMED 515-01-2091           Sat
                                                                                                                             CAN’T ATTEND ON
                                                                                                                                  CAMPUS CLASSES?
                                                                            Jan 14-Mar 17            8:00am-5:00pm
                        cian certificate programs, although anyone         YMED 515-02-2092           TThSat
                        is welcome to attend. Information includes          Jan 17-Feb 18            5:30pm-9:30pm            We offer online certificate programs in
                        what healthcare personnel need to know            YMED 515-03-2093           MTWThF                   Medical Coding, Transcription and
                        about Hepatitis B & C, HIV, Tuberculosis,           Feb 20-Mar 2             8:00am-5:00pm            Dental Office Professional.
                        MRSA, infection control, and OSHA stan-                    Myrtle Beach Campus
                                                                                                                               FOR MORE
                        dards. No textbook is required. 8 hrs, $99        YMED 515-70-2081           TWTh
                                    Genesis Complex                         Jan 3-Jan 26             8:00am-3:00pm
                                                                          YMED 515-80-2085           MWTh                                     45
                                                                                                                               Call 843-477-2045 or
                        YMED 898-01-2080            Sat
                                                                            Jan 23-Feb 12            4:00pm-9:00pm             www.hgtc.edu/online
                          Mar 24                    8:00am-5:00pm

     4                                                                                                                or
                            In order to avoid class cancellations, it is recommended that students register 1-week prior to start date
                                                 completed an NHA-approved training pro-           CPR FOR HEALTHCARE
                                                 gram. 4 hrs, $200                                 PROVIDER/AED
                                                          Myrtle Beach Campus                      This is an American Heart Association           HGTC
                                                 YMED 572-80-2005           T                      8-hour cardiopulmonary resuscitation and
                                                   Jan 10                   5:30pm-9:30pm          AED course. Textbook and CPR mask re-

                                                                                                                                                   ALLIED HEALTH CLASSES
                                                 YMED 572-81-2271           Th                     quired. Limited enrollment. 8 hrs, $69
                                                   Feb 16                   5:30pm-9:30pm                    Myrtle Beach Campus
                                                 YMED 572-81-3079           W                      YMED 501-70-2097          Sat
                                                   May 16                   5:30pm-9:30pm            Jan 21                  8:00am-5:00pm
                                                 YMED 572-80-3037           W                      YMED 501-71-2098          Sat
                                                   June 6                   5:30pm-9:30pm            Feb 11                  8:00am-5:00pm
                                                 YMED 572-82-3080           W                      YMED 501-72-2099          Sat
                                                   July 18                  5:30pm-9:30pm            Mar 3                   8:00am-5:00pm
                                                                                                   YMED 501-73-2100          Sat
                                                 CLINICAL MEDICAL ASSISTANT
CNA ADVANCED: DEMENTIA                                                                               Mar 17                  8:00am-5:00pm
                                                 LECTURE & EXTERNSHIP                              YMED 501-74-2101          Sat
                                                 Prerequisites:      WorkKeys     Assessment,       Apr 7                    8:00am-5:00pm
This program is designed for current South
                                                 Medical Terminology, Anatomy & Physiol-           YMED 501-75-2102          Sat
Carolina Nurse Aides who wish to further
                                                 ogy, Bloodborne Pathogens, Medico-Legal            Apr 28                   8:00am-5:00pm
their skills in providing care for individuals
                                                 Issues, CPR and Career Preparation. Clini-
living with dementia/Alzheimers. Classroom
                                                 cal Medical Assistants work in physician’s        DENTAL OFFICE TERMINOLOGY
instruction emphasizes the importance of                                                           This course covers the dental vocabulary
                                                 offices where they prepare the patient for
safety and the prevention of complications                                                         and terms used in dental offices. The course
                                                 examination, perform lab work including
while highlighting communication and care-                                                         covers root words, word parts, general ap-
                                                 venipuncture, administer injections, and
giving techniques throughout the multiple                                                          plication, abbreviations and dental terminol-
                                                 perform EKGs. Course work includes lec-
stages of dementia. 25 hrs $259                                                                    ogy. Textbook required. 25 hrs, $250
                                                 ture, lab skills and an externship in a local
          Myrtle Beach Campus                                                                                Myrtle Beach Campus
                                                 physician’s office. A background check,
YMED 519-80-2094           T                                                                       YMED 913-80-2012          MW
                                                 drug screening, PPD, scrubs, stethoscope
  Feb 7-Mar 6              4:00pm-9:00pm                                                             Jan 23-Feb 15           6:00pm-9:00pm
                                                 and textbooks/workbook will be at your own
YMED 519-80-3035           T                                                                       YMED 913-81-2230          MW
                                                 expense. OPTIONAL: Students may sit for
  May 29-June 26           4:00pm-9:00pm                                                             Feb 27-Mar 22           6:00pm-9:00pm
                                                 the National Healthcareer Association Cer-
CLINICAL MEDICAL                                 tified Clinical Medical Assistant exam at an       DENTAL BILLING
ASSISTANT EXAM PREP                              additional cost. 160 hrs, $1,499                  The course covers reimbursement for dental
OPTIONAL: Prepare for the National                        Myrtle Beach Campus                      services. It covers the ADA codes, dental
Healthcareer Association Certified Clinical       YMED 900-70-2095           MW                     terminology, the claims process, and docu-
Medical Assistant (CCMA) exam. Prerequi-           Jan 9-Apr 23             9:00am-1:00pm          mentation. Textbook required. 25 hrs, $250
site: Completion of an NHA-approved train-                                                                   Myrtle Beach Campus
ing program. 4 hrs, $200                                                                           YMED 914-80-2231          MW
                                                 Prerequisites: Computer Literacy, Medical
          Myrtle Beach Campus                                                                        Apr 2-Apr 26            6:00pm-9:00pm
                                                 Terminology, Anatomy & Physiology, Medi-
YMED 765-80-2004           W
                                                 co-Legal Issues, Diagnostic Coding ICD-9-         DENTAL OFFICE MANAGEMENT
  Jan 4                    5:00pm-9:00pm
                                                 CM and Procedure Coding CPT-4. Compu-             This course covers the full scope of a dental
YMED 765-70-3036           W
                                                 Systems is a computerized blend of medical        office receptionist. This class will help you
  May 30                   9:00am-1:00pm
                                                 billing and medical records that is utilized in   better understand the dental business, com-
CLINICAL MEDICAL                                 healthcare facilities throughout the country.     munication, dental record management and
ASSISTANT EXAM                                   Handouts included. Limited enrollment. 24         administrative duties. Textbook required.
OPTIONAL: To take the National Healthca-         hrs, $249                                         25 hrs, $250
reer Association Certified Clinical Medical                Myrtle Beach Campus                                Myrtle Beach Campus
Assistant (CCMA) exam, one must have             YMED 512-80-3038           MW                     YMED 915-80-3077          MW
                                                   Apr 9-May 2              6:00pm-10:00pm           May 7-June 4            6:00pm-9:00pm

Phone: 843.477.2020 or 843.349.5363 or Fax: 843.477.0775 for class information and registration                                                          5
                        DIAGNOSTIC CODING                               delve into the details of anatomy and physi-   gens, CPR, Medico-Legal Issues, Career
                        ICD-9-CM                                        ology for ICD-10-CM and the code set differ-   Preparation and High School Diploma or

HGTC                    Prerequisite: Medical Terminology, Anato-       ences between ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM.          GED. This course provides comprehensive
                        my & Physiology, and Medico-Legal Issues.       40 hrs, $400                                   training to become an EKG Technician in
                                                                                  Myrtle Beach Campus                  a hospital, clinic or physician’s office. Stu-

                        Diagnostic Coding ICD-9 is an international
                        standard coding system that correlates dis-     YMED 947-80-2244          MW                   dents will learn the mechanics of the EKG
                        eases and diagnosis based on regulations         Jan 23-Feb 22            6:00pm-10:00pm       machine, interpretation of the EKG strip and
                        set by the Health Care Financing Adminis-                                                      will do a clinical rotation. Dates below do not
                                                                        PROCEDURE CODING CPT-4                         include 16 hour externship. Students may
                        tration. ** This course will also address the
                                                                        Prerequisites: Medical Terminology, Anato-
                        upcoming transition from ICD-9-CM to ICD-                                                      be required to provide proof of a PPD test
                                                                        my & Physiology, Medico-Legal Issues and
                        10-CM. Textbook required. 40 hrs, $349                                                         and complete a background check at their
                                                                        Diagnostic Coding ICD-9. Procedure Cod-
                                 Myrtle Beach Campus                                                                   own expense depending on the clinical ex-
                                                                        ing CPT-4 is a systematic coding method
                        YMED 929-80-2103          TTh                                                                  ternship training facility’s current policy at
                                                                        used to bill for procedures and services.
                         Jan 24-Feb 23            6:00pm-10:00pm                                                       the time of the student’s clinical. Textbooks,
                                                                        Learn to understand the fundamental regu-
                        YMED 929-80-3039          MW                                                                   EKG Caliper and white lab coat will be at
                                                                        lations issued by the Health Care Financ-
                         May 30-Jul 2             6:00pm-10:00pm                                                       your own expense. 64 hrs, $595
                                                                        ing Administration. Textbook/workbook re-               Myrtle Beach Campus
                                                                        quired. 48 hrs $399                            YMED 902-80-2104            TTh
                                                                                  Myrtle Beach Campus
                                                                                                                         Mar 6-Apr 12              5:30pm-9:30pm
                                                                        YMED 944-80-2114          MW
                                                                          Feb 27-Apr 4            6:00pm-10:00pm       EMT BASIC
                                                                                                                       Prerequisite: Satisfactory scores indicat-
                                                                        EKG CERTIFICATION EXAM PREP                    ing competency on WorkKeys Assessment
                                                                        OPTIONAL: Students may sit for the Na-
                                                                                                                       tests in reading, math and locating informa-
                                                                        tional Healthcareer Association EKG Moni-
                                                                                                                       tion. You may be exempted from WorkKeys
                                                                        tor Technician exam at an additional cost.
                                                                                                                       testing, if you provide a copy of your results
                                                                        4 hrs, $200
                                                                                                                       from an entrance exam, i.e. Hobet, Com-
                                                                                  Myrtle Beach Campus
                                                                                                                       pass, or an unofficial transcript from your
                                                                        YMED 865-80-3040          T
                                                                                                                       college. This class includes the weapons of
                                                                          May 8                   5:30pm-9:30pm
                                                                                                                       mass destruction and hazardous materials
                                                                                                                       modules. You must be physically capable to
                                                                        EKG CERTIFICATION EXAM
                                                                                                                       perform normal duties of ambulance atten-
                                                                        OPTIONAL: Students may sit for the Na-
                                                                                                                       dants in order to become certified by DHEC.
                                                                        tional Healthcareer Association EKG Moni-
                                                                                                                       You must be 18 years of age before the last
                                                                        tor Technician exam at an additional cost.
                                                                                                                       night of class and must also possess a high
                                                                        4 hrs, $200
                                                                                                                       school diploma or GED. A SLED check will
                                                                                  Myrtle Beach Campus
                        DIAGNOSTIC CODING                                                                              be required. WorkKeys testing, Textbook +
                                                                        YMED 866-80-2235          T
                        ICD-10-CM A&P (NEW)                                                                            a mask are required and will be an added
                                                                         Jan 10                   5:30pm-9:30pm
                        Prerequisite: The mandatory transition from                                                    expense. Upon successful completion of the
                                                                        YMED 866-80-3041          W
                        ICD-9-CM to ICD-10-CM on 10/01/2013                                                            course, students will be eligible to sit for the
                                                                         May 16                   5:30pm-9:30pm
                        marks a huge change in coding. Not only                                                        National Registry Certification Exam at an
                                                                        YMED 866-81-3081          W
                        have the code choices increased five-fold,                                                      additional cost. *These classes are based
                                                                         June 6                   5:30pm-9:30pm
                        but the code descriptions themselves are                                                       a shift schedule. Call Catherine Riggins at
                                                                        YMED 866-82-3082          W
                        much more specific. The greater level of                                                        843-477-2026 prior to registering for class
                                                                         July 18                  5:30pm-9:30pm
                        detail in ICD-10-CM demands that the cod-                                                      dates and times. Other fees may apply.
                        ers have an in-depth knowledge of anatomy,      EKG MONITOR TECHNICIAN                         Limited enrollment. 200 hrs, $1399
                        physiology, and pathophysiology to assist in    LECTURE & EXTERNSHIP                                       Conway Campus
                        the selection of the most appropriate code      Prerequisites:    WorkKeys     Assessment,     YMED 590-40-3072            Shift Schedule*
                        in the new coding system. This course will      Medical Terminology, Bloodborne Patho-           Jan 23-May 4              9:00am-5:30pm

     6                      In order to avoid class cancellations, it is recommended that students register 1-week prior to start date
EMT BASIC                                          empted from WorkKeys testing, if you            ciation Certified Electronic Health Record
Prerequisite: Satisfactory scores indicat-         provide a copy of your results from an          Specialist exam at an additional cost. $439
ing competency on WorkKeys Assessment              entrance exam, i.e. Hobet, Compass,                          Myrtle Beach Campus                HGTC
tests in reading, math and locating informa-       or an unofficial transcript from your col-       YMED 920-80-2105          MW
tion. You may be exempted from WorkKeys            lege. This class includes the weapons            Jan 11-Feb 22            6:00pm-10:00pm

                                                                                                                                                   ALLIED HEALTH CLASSES
testing, if you provide a copy of your results     of mass destruction and hazardous ma-           YMED 920-80-3042              TTh
from an entrance exam, i.e. Hobet, Com-            terials modules. You must be physically          Jun 14-Jul 26            6:00pm -10:00pm
pass, or an unofficial transcript from your         capable to perform normal duties of am-
                                                                                                   GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION
college. This class includes the weapons of        bulance attendants in order to become
mass destruction and hazardous materials           certified by DHEC. You must be 18 years
                                                                                                   This course involves mapping and statisti-
modules. You must be physically capable to         of age before the last night of class and
                                                                                                   cal data. Health statistics can be seen and
perform normal duties of ambulance atten-          must also possess a high school diplo-
                                                                                                   studied visually to give a geo-perspective of
dants in order to become certified by DHEC.         ma or GED. A SLED check will be re-
                                                                                                   health trends and diseases. This course is
You must be 18 years of age before the last        quired. WorkKeys testing, Textbook + a
                                                                                                   also suitable for many different industries,
night of class and must also possess a high        mask are required and will be an added
                                                                                                   such as engineering, architectural firms, pri-
school diploma or GED. A SLED check will           expense. Upon successful completion
                                                                                                   vate firm GIS analysts and technicians, ge-
be required. WorkKeys testing, Textbook +          of the course, students will be eligible to
                                                                                                   ography students, and teachers. The focus
a mask are required and will be an added           sit for the National Registry Certification
                                                                                                   is on the healthcare industry; however, the
expense. Upon successful completion of the         Exam at an additional cost. Other fees
                                                                                                   basic mapping principles and concepts are
course, students will be eligible to sit for the   may apply. 200 hrs, $1399
                                                                                                   the same from industry-to-industry.
National Registry Certification Exam at an                            Virtual
                                                                                                   12 hrs, $149
additional cost. Other fees may apply. Lim-        YMED 589-40-3071            Apr 3-June 28
                                                                                                            Myrtle Beach Campus
ited enrollment. 200 hrs, $1399                                                                    YMED 921-80-2106          TTh
                                                   EMT REFRESHER
            Conway Campus                                                                            Mar 20-Mar 27           6:00pm-10:00pm
                                                   All EMT Basic candidate who recertify the
YMED 590-30-3097            MTh
                                                   initial course, refresher course or by the      HIPAA TRAINING AND
  Jan 23-July 17            6:00pm-10:00pm
                                                   CEU method MUST become a nationally             PATIENTS’ BILL OF RIGHTS FOR
EMT BASIC ACADEMY                                  registered EMT-Basic in order to receive        MEDICAL OFFICE
This accelerated program is designed               a South Carolina EMT Basic Certification.        This course is designed to provide an over-
to provide training and education to de-           This class includes the weapons of mass         view of the Health Insurance Portability and
velop competent EMT Basic profession-              destruction and hazardous materials mod-        Accountability Act of 1996. For medical of-
als in a short period of time. All students        ules. Textbook required. Enrollment limited.    fice personnel, home health long-term care,
interested in this program MUST attend             *These classes are based a shift schedule.      as well as anyone interested in learning
the mandatory 2-hour orientation. Pre-             Call Catherine Riggins at 843-477-2026.         more about the HIPAA privacy rules.
requisite: same as EMT Basic. Textbook             44 hrs, $400                                    2 hrs, $35
and mask required on first day of class.                                                              Call Catherine Riggins, 477-2026, for
                                                   ELECTRONIC HEALTH RECORDS
Required: Academy T-Shirt included in                                                                dates & times.
                                                   Prerequisites:     Medical      Terminology,
tuition. Other fees may apply. Limited
                                                   Anatomy & Physiology, Diagnostic Coding
enrollment. 200 hrs, $1499
                                                   ICD-9-CM, Procedure Coding CPT-4, and
Mandatory orientation will be held on Tues-
                                                   Medico-Legal Issues. The program will pro-
day, June 26 at 6pm.
                                                   vide students with a practical understanding
             Conway Campus
                                                   of the duties of an electronic health records
YMED 591-30                 Shift Schedule*
                                                   specialist. Electronic health records spe-
  July 9-Aug 24             9:00am-5:30pm
                                                   cialists have opportunities in acute, ambula-
EMT BASIC (ONLINE)                                 tory, long-term, home health, and specialty
Prerequisite:      Satisfactory scores in-         settings. This program has been approved
dicating competency on WorkKeys As-                by the National Healthcareer Association for
sessment tests in reading, math and                national certification. OPTIONAL: Students
locating information. You may be ex-               may sit for the National Healthcareer Asso-

Phone: 843.477.2020 or 843.349.5363 or Fax: 843.477.0775 for class information and registration                                                          7
                        HOSPITAL BILLING SPECIALIST                     MEDICAL BILLING AND CODING                       MEDICATION TECHNICIAN
                        (NEW)                                           EXAM                                             ASSISTANT
HGTC                    Prerequisite: Successful completion of          Take the National Healthcareer Association       This program will provide the student an op-
                                                                                                                         portunity advance their skills. The course
                        Medical Billing/Coding Specialist. Learn the    Medical Billing and Coding exam. 4 hrs.
                                                                        $200                                             will include common diseases, body system,

                        fundamental skills of insurance billing for
                                                                        YMED 885-80-2107          T                      medications, and limited medication deliv-
                        inpatient and outpatient medical claims. Pri-                                                    ery. 24 hrs, $240
                                                                         Jan 10                   5:30pm-9:30pm
                        mary focus is on the UB-04 claim form with                                                                 Myrtle Beach Campus
                                                                        YMED 885-81-3083          W
                        emphasis on Form Locators, hospital set-                                                         YMED 925-80-2224           TTh
                                                                         May 16                   5:30pm-9:30pm
                        tings and management of patient accounts.                                                           Mar 6-Mar 29            5:30pm-8:30pm
                                                                        YMED 885-80-3084          W
                        Coding and reimbursement systems tech-           June 6                   5:30pm-9:30pm          MEDICO-LEGAL ISSUES FOR THE
                        niques will also be covered. Contact Wat-       YMED 885-80-3045          W                      HEALTHCARE EMPLOYEE
                        son Felder at 843-477-2010 for additional        July 18                  5:30pm-9:30pm          Prepare for the challenges faced as you
                        information.                                                                                     maintain patient records, stay within the
                                                                        MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY                              guidelines of HIPAA laws, avoid malprac-
                        MEDICAL BILLING/CODING                          This traditional classroom course is a basic     tice, practice medical ethics, and exhibit
                        LECTURE WITH *EXTERNSHIP                        integrated study of medical terms that will      professional etiquette. This course is a pre-
                        Prerequisites:     WorkKeys     Assessment,     enable you to communicate with other medi-       requisite for all certificate programs. Text-
                                                                        cal professionals efficiently and effectively.    book required. 16 hrs, $199
                        Medical Terminology, Anatomy & Physiol-
                                                                        Textbook required. 40 hrs, $329                              Genesis Complex
                        ogy, Medico-Legal Issues, Diagnostic Cod-
                                                                                    Genesis Complex                      YMED 904-01-2112            Sat
                        ing ICD-9-CM, Procedure Coding CPT-4,                                                               April 14-April 21        8:00am-5:00pm
                                                                        YMED 903-01-2108          TWTh
                        CompuSystems and Career Preparation.                                                                       Myrtle Beach Campus
                                                                          Jan 17-Feb 7            5:30pm-9:30pm
                        Become familiar with fundamentals of medi-                                                       YMED 904-80-2110            TTh
                                                                                  Myrtle Beach Campus
                        cal billing and the fundamental skills needed                                                       Feb 14-Feb 23            5:30pm-9:30pm
                                                                        YMED 903-70-2109          TTh
                                                                                                                         YMED 904-70-2111            MW
                        to bill accurately within the medical insur-      Feb 7-Mar 8             9:00am-1:00pm
                                                                                                                            Mar 19-Mar 28            9:00am-1:00pm
                        ance network via the HCFA 1500 form. Stu-       YMED 903-80-3046          TTh
                                                                                                                         YMED 904-80-3049            TTh
                        dents will complete a 40-hour externship          Apr 10-May 10           5:30pm-9:30pm
                                                                                                                            May 15-May 24            5:30pm-9:30pm
                        upon successful completion of the 44-hour       YMED 903-81-3048          TTh                    YMED 904-81-3051            MW
                        coursework for this class. Textbook and           June 12-July 17         5:30pm-9:30pm             Jun 18-Jun 27            5:30pm-9:30pm
                                                                                   Georgetown Campus                                 Georgetown Campus
                        Background Check will be at your own ex-
                                                                        YMED 903-60-3047          TTh                    YMED 904-60-3050            TTh
                        pense. 84 hrs, $549
                                                                          Apr 10-May 10           5:30pm-9:30pm           May 15-May 24            5:30pm-9:30pm
                                 Myrtle Beach Campus

                        YMED 922-80-3043          TTh
                          May 8 - Jun 12          6:00pm-10:00pm
                                                                          VETERINARY ASSISTANT CERTIFICATE
                        MEDICAL BILLING & CODING                          This program prepares you to work as a veterinary assistant.
                        EXAM PREP                                         You will learn receptionist duties, medical terminology, labo-
                        OPTIONAL:        Prepare for the National         ratory procedures, and how to relate to clients. Students will
                        Healthcareer Association Medical Billing &        also learn correct restraint positions for various procedures;

                        Coding exam. Prerequisite: Completion of          basic anatomy, genetic, reproductions, aging, understanding
                                                                          prescriptions, and varying forms of sterilization. Upon comple-
                        an NHA approved training program.
                                                                          tion of the program you will qualify for an entry-level position
                        4 hrs, $200
                                                                          as a veterinary assistant. 80 hrs lecture and 30 hrs of extern-
                                 Myrtle Beach Campus                      ship. Dates below include externship. Externship hours may
                        YMED 884-80-2002          W                       vary based on facility availability No textbook required $650
                          Jan 4, 2012             6:00pm-10:00pm                              Myrtle Beach Campus
                        YMED 884-80-3044          W                                  YMED 926-81-2063              TTh
                          July 11                 6:00pm-10:00pm                         Jan 10-Apr 26             6:00pm-9:00pm

     8                      In order to avoid class cancellations, it is recommended that students register 1-week prior to start date
LECTURE WITH EXTERNSHIP                         Personal Care Assistants work with elderly
Mental health technicians/aides work with       and/or those recovering from an illness on
                                                a one-on-one basis in the client’s home, pri-
emotionally disturbed or mentally impaired
                                                vately or with an agency – where you would

                                                                                                                                                 ALLIED HEALTH CLASSES
individuals, usually in psychiatric hospitals
                                                provide comfort and companionship rather
or mental health clinics. They work as mem-     than medical care. This course will provide
bers of interdisciplinary teams of mental       you with an overview of home care, safety,
health professionals such as psychiatrists,     skin care, communication techniques, medi-
psychologists, registered nurses, and oth-      cation side effects, nutrition, medical emer-
                                                gencies that may arise, and infection con-
ers. Students interested in the MHT certifi-
                                                trol. Textbook required. Limited enrollment.
cation must possess a current South Caro-
                                                15 hrs, (was $200) Now only $150!
lina Nurse Aide License (CNA). The course                 Myrtle Beach Campus                    IV THERAPY FOR HEALTHCARE
is composed of 35 hours of classroom lec-       YMED 860-70-2229            Sat                  PROVIDERS
ture and 30 hours of clinical studies. After       Mar 3-Mar 10             8:00am-4:00pm
                                                                                                 This SCNA program is designed to offer
successfully completing the class, students
                                                CAREER PREPARATION CLASS                         healthcare professionals an understand-
may sit for the American Medical Certifica-                                                       ing of the principles and practice of IV
                                                You will develop and strengthen life-long
tion Association’s Mental Health Technician     learning skills important for success with in-   therapy with an emphasis on venipuncture
Certification Exam at an additional cost.        ternships, expressed occupational interests,     techniques, equipment, complications and
65 hrs, $350                                    future employability & career paths. This        troubleshooting as well as documentation.
          Myrtle Beach Campus                   course is required for students enrolled in      Course materials include instruction on pe-
                                                Clinical Medical Assistant; Dental Office Re-     ripheral IVs, PICC lines, and central lines;
YMED 932-80-2113          TTh
                                                ceptionist; Electronic Health Records; EKG
  Mar 20-Apr 26           5:30pm-8:30pm                                                          manikin practice included. You do not have
                                                Monitor Technician; Medical Billing & Cod-
                                                                                                 to have experience inserting peripheral IVs
                                                ing; Patient Care Technician; and Veterinary
MENTAL HEALTH TECHNICIAN                                                                         to take this course. Limited enrollment. Ex-
                                                Assistant. 20 hrs, $189
EXAM                                                                                             clusively for RNs, Dental Assistants, Medi-
                                                For an upcoming class schedule, contact
OPTIONAL: Students may sit for the Ameri-       Kimmy Raymond at 843-477-2058 or Kim-            cal Assistants, LPNs and Surgical Techni-
can Medical Certification Association’s Men-     berly.Raymond@hgtc.edu.                          cians. No textbook required. 12 hrs, $200
tal Health Technician Certification Exam. 2.5                                                              Myrtle Beach Campus
hrs, $200                                          SOUTH CAROLINA                                YMED-558-70-2064          Sat/Sun
          Myrtle Beach Campus                     NURSES ASSOCIATION                              Jan 28-Jan 29            8:30am-3:30pm
YMED 935-80-3052          Th                                                                     YMED-558-71-2065          Sat/Sun
                                                  “Horry-Georgetown Technical College
 May 31                   5:30pm-8:00pm            Continuing Education Division is an            Mar 24-Mar 25            8:30am-3:30pm
                                                 approved provider of continuing nursing         YMED-558-70-3016          Sat/Sun
PATIENT CARE TECHNICIAN                            education by South Carolina Nurses             May 19-May 20            8:30am-3:30pm
                                                   Association, an accredited approver
                                                  by the American Nurses Credentialing           PHLEBOTOMY FOR HEALTHCARE
Students may sit for the National Health-        Center’s Commission on Accreditation.
career Association Patient Care Technician           ” SCNA Provider # 1006-018PR
                                                                                                 Learn or enhance phlebotomy skills includ-
Exam at an additional cost. 4 hrs, $200
                                                  Participants must attend 90% of the
                                                                                                 ing order of draw, venipuncture techniques,
          Myrtle Beach Campus                     program in order to receive a certifi-
                                                  cate of attendance. No partial credit          complications, and documentation. This
YMED 933-80-2236          T
                                                  will be given.                                 course is for the practicing healthcare pro-
 Jan 10                   5:30pm-9:30pm
YMED 933-80-3085          W                       For more information regarding ap-             fessional and will not enable the participant
                                                  proved classes contact our Allied              to seek employment in a laboratory setting.
 May 16                   5:30pm-9:30pm           Health Dept at 843-477-2026.
YMED 933-81-3086          W                                                                      12 hrs, $200
                                                  Open Enrollment – You do not have
 June 6                   5:30pm-9:30pm                                                                   Myrtle Beach Campus
                                                  to be a nurse to take SCNA courses.
YMED 933-82-3087          W                       Tuition includes handouts in all SCNA          YMED 560-70-2149          Sat
                                                  courses.                                         Mar 3-Mar 10            8:30am-3:30pm
 July 18                  5:30pm-9:30pm

Phone: 843.477.2020 or 843.349.5363 or Fax: 843.477.0775 for class information and registration                                                        9
                                                                  BUSINESS                                        business or to improve the profitability of
                             BUSINESS                             48 DAYS TO THE WORK YOU LOVE                    their existing businesses.
HGTC               Sales and Service = SUCCESS!                   Are you working in a job that you hate, don't
                   This 3-part series uses improvisational                                                        Workshop Notifications –If you want direct
                                                                  love, or don't even care about? Why? Why
                   and role play activities to improve your

                                                                  waste the majority of your life in a place      email notification of upcoming workshops,
                   sales and customer service skills while
                   having fun! Classes include:                   where you are not happy? 48 Days to the         seminars, and webinars sponsored by

                                                                  Work You Love is a best-selling book by Dan     SCORE, please send your request to info@
                   Part One – Relationship Based
                                                                                                                  mbscore.org. You will receive monthly no-
                   Selling                                        Miller and has led numbers of people to oc-
                   Feb 15, 9:00am - 11:30am                       cupations where their passions and dreams       tices of the business training offerings.
                   Did you know that is costs six times more
                                                                  are realized. This course will lead you
                   to attract a new customer than it does
                   to keep one? How we acknowledge the            through the steps necessary to help realize     EasySTART Series
                   customer and determine their needs from        that dream. In this course you will learn how   If you are well along the way and have a
                   the beginning establishes any future re-                                                       good idea about your business idea or are
                                                                  to discover your buried talents, take those
                   lationship and rapport. We will discuss
                   ways to improve listening and actively         talents and create a clear focus, embrace       already in business, the “EasySTART - Se-
                   participate in “improv” activities that will   the “gift” of meaningful work, experience       ries” workshops will give you extensive
                   “retrain the brain” to improve listening                                                       detailed guidance to develop a meaningful
                   and relationship skills and ultimately         the absolute release that comes from find-
                   make these skills more retainable and          ing your passion, understand the differenc-     business plan and a good, workable project
                   FUN!                                           es between “vocation,” “career,” and “job”,     plan aimed at a successful startup or an

                                                                  learn from the shared life stories of those     improved operation. Save by taking all six
                   Part Two – Stages of Selling (The
                   Selling Process)                               already living the 48 Days principles, go       courses: Starting A Business-Basics, Mar-
                   Feb 22, 9:00am - 11:30am                       through defeat and “failure” and come back      ket Planning I, Market Planning II, Manag-
                   Neil Rackman’s SPIN selling® model is                                                          ing Your Business Startup, Financial Plan-
                   an effective example of a consultative         twice as strong, find job possibilities that
                   selling process and needs-creation sell-       never appear in the newspaper or online,        ning, and Business Plans. Guest speakers
                   ing approach to sales. SPIN® teaches           make $1,000 a minute by negotiating your        will contribute on topics selected by the
                   how to be customer focused and build
                                                                  offer, turn your own ideas into extraordinary   students. Extensive use of homework and
                   rapport with the buyer. We will discuss
                   this approach and the four stages to a         income, decide whether you want a “tradi-       student presentation of business ideas. 18
                   sale as well as other sales strategies.                                                        hr. $150
                                                                  tional job” or one of the new work models,
                   You will participate in interactive impro-
                                                                  recognize the only kind of “education” that                Myrtle Beach Campus
                   visational exercises that reinforce fast
                   thinking and presentation skills.              has value, build up your assets , even while    YBUS 595-80-2206             T

                                                                  unemployed, and, most of all, find your            Jan 24-Feb 28              6:00pm-9:00pm
                   Part Three – Value and Service-
                                                                                                                  YBUS 595-80-3066             T
                   Based Selling (Strategic Selling)              IDEAL WORK – and LOVE it! This course
                   Feb 29, 9:00am - 11:30am                       will be taught by an instructor who has per-     Apr 17-May 22               6:00pm-9:00pm
                   Key strategies to yield more sales growth
                                                                  sonally worked with Dan Miller, the author
                   included learning how to identify your
                                                                  of 48 Days to the Work You Love. A copy of
                                                                                                                  EasySTART #1 – Start-up Basics
                   best customers – promising a lot but de-
                   livering more. We will discuss the impor-                                                      A quick walk through of the necessary tasks
                                                                  the book, “48 Days to the Work You Love,”
                   tance of presenting a “service culture” in                                                     required to start your own business. The
                                                                  a participant workbook, and audio CD's are
                   your organization so that employees un-                                                        concepts of focusing your business idea,
                   derstand their role in relation to customer    included in the tuition. 16 hours. $179
                                                                                                                  planning the business, organizing the re-
                   service and revenue generation. We will                 Myrtle Beach Campus
                   use interactive improvisational exercises                                                      sources, directing the action, and controlling
                                                                  YBUS 628-80-2014          TTh
                   and role play activities that reinforce                                                        the tasks will be explored. Handouts includ-
                   customer service skills. The class will          Jan 10-Mar 1            6pm-8:00pm
                                                                                                                  ed. 3 hrs $35
                   end with a review and recap of the three
                   classes and a question and answer ses-                                                                    Myrtle Beach Campus
                   sion.                                          BUSINESS – SCORE                                YBUS 529-80-2207             T
                   For more information please contact            SCORE and HGTC present the EasySTART              Jan 24                     6:00pm-9:00pm
                   Cindy Ott at 843-477-2072 or
                                                                  combined workshop and mentoring program         YBUS 529-81-2208             T
                                                                  aimed at helping individuals start their own     Apr 17                      6:00pm-9:00pm

 10                  In order to avoid class cancellations, it is recommended that students register 1-week prior to start date
EasySTART #2 – Business and                                                                         EasySTART #6 – The Business Plan
Marketing Concepts                                                                                  Students will give brief presentation of their
Counselors will assist you directly in the
development of your business idea. Market
                                                                                                    Business Plan. Develop a complete, con-          HGTC
                                                                                                    cise, and completely usable Business Plan,
planning activities will include determin-

                                                                                                                                                     BUSINESS - SCORE
ing your ideal customer, matching them to                                                           the key milestone for every small business.
your product differentiators, pursuing and                                                          Use of the information from the earlier
conversion of business leads, developing                                                            workshops along with Business Planning
your core marketing message, and match-                                                             Software will be demonstrated. Software
ing your message and your image. Prereq-
                                                                                                    will be available for use by the students in
uisite: Week 1. Starting a Business, Basics
                                                                                                    follow-up individual counseling. Suggested
or permission of the instructor. Handouts
included. 3 hrs $35                                                                                 prerequisites – Starting a Business -Basics,
         Myrtle Beach Campus                                                                        Your Business Idea, Market Planning, Sales
YBUS 506-80-2209          T                                                                         and Advertising, Managing Your Business
  Jan 31                  6:00pm-9:00pm                                                             Startup, and Financial Planning. Handouts
YBUS 506-81-2210          T
                                                                                                    included. 3 hrs $35
  Apr 24                  6:00pm-9:00pm
                                                                                                             Myrtle Beach Campus

EasySTART #3 – Marketing Plan                                                                       YBUS 516-80-2214           T
                                                 EasySTART #5 – Financial Plan
Students will present their business custom-     Student will present their startup timing and        Feb 28                   6:00pm-9:00pm
er descriptions, core marketing message,         funding needs. Presentation will show how          YBUS 516-80-3070           T
differentiators, and product summaries.          to develop the critical financial information         May 22                   6:00pm-9:00pm
Market planning will continue with review of
                                                 for use in the Business Plan. Topics will
media methods to find prospects and con-
                                                 include the necessary information to ob-           CAREER DEVELOPMENT
vert to customers. Advertising concepts,                                                            FACILITATOR (TRADITIONAL)
                                                 tain funding and to use as a guide in the
suggestions for pricing, and developing a
                                                 startup and operation of your new business.        Take your skills to the next level! If you
marketing budget will be covered.
                                                 Emphasis will be on budgets, cash flows,            have a background in career development
Prerequisite: Week 2. Market Planning I.
Handouts included. 3 hrs $35                     startup costs, financing requirements and           you may be eligible to complete training for
          Myrtle Beach Campus                    timing. Ensuring your new enterprise’s prof-       your Career Development Facilitator Certifi-
YBUS 594-80-2211           T                     itability is the key objective. Additional guest
                                                                                                    cation. Topics include: Career planning pro-
  Feb 7                    6:00pm-9:00pm         topics from student selections. Prerequi-
                                                                                                    cess; informal and formal assessment ap-
YBUS 594-80-3067           T                     sites- Starting A Business-Basics, Market
                                                                                                    proaches; Case management and referral
  May 1                    6:00pm-9:00pm         Planning I, Market Planning II, and Project
                                                 Managing Your Business Startup. Handouts           skills, Cutting edge job searching and much
EasySTART #4 – Project Plan                      included. 3 hrs $35                                more. No Textbook necessary.
Students will present their pricing, sales es-          Myrtle Beach Campus                         120 hrs. $475
timates, and market budgets. Use of basic        YBUS 518-80-2213    T                                          Conway Campus
project management tools will be shown. Re-       Feb 21             6:00pm-9:00pm                  YBUS 601-31-2010           TWTh
sults will be a focused management plan for      YBUS 518-80-3069    T                                Oct 11-Jan 12, 2012      5:30pm-9:00pm
the successful startup of your new business.
                                                   May 15                    6:00pm-9:00pm
Topics include setting up project tasks, tim-
ing the use of resources, and achieving best
startup performance. Guest presentations          CAN’T ATTEND ON CAMPUS CLASSES?
of topics selected by students. Suggested
prerequisite – Week 1. Starting A Business-
                                                   We offer online business career certificate programs
Basics. Handouts included. 3 hrs. $35
                                                   for Administrative Assistant, Accounting Clerk, Legal
           Myrtle Beach Campus
YBUS 592-80-2212           T
                                                   Transcription and Office Clerk
  Feb 14                   6:00pm-9:00pm
                                                   FOR MORE INFORMATION:
YBUS 592-80-3068               T
  May 8                    6:00pm-9:00pm            Call 843-477-2045 or www.hgtc.edu/online

Phone: 843.477.2020 or 843.349.5363 or Fax: 843.477.0775 for class information and registration
                                                                          ti     d    i t ti                                                          11
                                                                               CAREER DEVELOPMENT                              DISCOVERING COMPUTERS
                                              NEW!                             FACILITATOR (Traditional)                       Learn basic computer skills to work with
HGTC                                                                           Take your skills to the next level! If you      word processing, spreadsheets and the In-

                                    CAREER                                     have a background in career development
                                                                               you may be eligible to complete training for
                                                                                                                               ternet. Prerequisite: Computer typing and
                                                                                                                               keyboarding skills; minimum speed 20 wpm.

                                  CONSULTING                                   your Career Development Facilitator Cer-
                                                                               tification. Topics include: Career planning
                                                                                                                               USB thumb drive required. Enrollment lim-
                                                                                                                               ited. 20 hrs $169

                                    CENTER                                     process; informal and formal assessment
                                                                               approaches; Case management and refer-
                                                                                                                                        Myrtle Beach Campus
                                                                                                                               YCOM 797-70-2008          MW
                                                                               ral skills, Cutting edge job searching and         Jan 9-Feb 1            9:30am-12noon
                                                                               much more. No Textbook necessary. 120           YCOM 797-80-2048          TTh
                                                                               hrs. $475                                          Feb 21-Mar 15          6:00pm-8:30pm
                                                                                        Myrtle Beach Campus                    YCOM 797-71--2047         MW
                                                                               YBUS 601-80-3062            TWTh                   Mar 19-Apr 18          1:30pm-3:30pm
                                                                                Jan 9-May10                5:30pm-9:00pm
                                                                                                                               Learn the process for turning a concep-
                                                                               COMPUTER AND                                    tual design into a working construction
                                  CAREER PREPARATION CLASS                     TECHNOLOGY                                      document from which structures are built.
                                                                                                                               Prerequisite: working knowledge of Win-
                                  The purpose of the “Career Prepara-          CREATING AND USING A                            dows software. Textbook and USB thumb
                                  tion” class is to provide an educational     FACEBOOK ACCOUNT                                drive required. Enrollment limited. 65 hrs
                                  experience for students to develop and       Let us introduce you to the wonderful world     $650
                                  strengthen life-long learning skills im-     of Facebook! Our instructor will guide you                  Conway Campus
                                  portant for personal success with intern-    through creating a Facebook account; dem-       YCOM 891-30-3098       MW
                                                                               onstrate how to find friends and acquain-           Jan 9-May 4         7:15pm-9:35pm
                                  ships, expressed occupational interests,
                                                                               tances, explain the facebook “wall” and what
                                  future employability & desired career
                                                                               to do with it and more. Discover what the       EXCEL, BASICS
                                  paths. A textbook is not required. Materi-                                                   Build worksheets using formatting, printing,
                                                                               excitement is all about! $24
                                  als will be provided during the class. 20                                                    formulas, common functions, and charts.
                                                                                        Myrtle Beach Campus
                                  hrs. $189                                    YCOM 906-70-2056            T                   USB thumb drive recommended for saving
                                                                                 Jan 24                    10am-12noon         created documents. Enrollment limited.
                                  *** NOTE: This offering is open to the
                                  general public but it is a mandatory, re-    YCOM 906-71-2057            Th                  10 hrs $99
                                  quired course for students who are cur-        Mar 22                    2pm-4pm                      Myrtle Beach Campus
                                  rently enrolled in one of the Continuing                                                     YCOM 916-71-2049       TTh
                                  Education Allied Health Certificate pro-      YCOM 906-80-2058            M
                                                                                                                                  Jan 31-Feb 9        9:30am-12:00noon
                                  grams listed below:                            Apr 23                    6:00pm-8:30pm
                                                                                                                               YCOM 916-80-2051       MW
                                    • Certified Clinical Medical Assistant
                                                                               A USERS GUIDE TO WINDOWS 7                         Feb 20-Feb 29       6:00pm-8:30pm
                                    • Medical Billing & Coding
                                                                               This course will provide you the basic skills              Genesis Complex
                                    • EKG Technician                           needed to get started with the new Microsoft    YCOM 837-01-2115       MW
                                    • Certified Electronic Health Records       Windows 7 operating system. Discover the           Jan 23-Feb 1        6:00pm-8:30pm
                                       Specialist                              various features, tools, and options avail-     YCOM 837-02-2116       MW
                                    • Veterinary Assistant Certificate          able.   In this course, you will familiarize       Feb 20-Feb 29       6:00pm-8:30pm
                                    • Dental Office Receptionist                yourself with the Windows 7 environment,        YCOM 837-03-2117       MW
                                    • Patient Care Technician                  customize Windows 7, and manage folders            March 19-March 28 6:00pm-8:30pm
                                                                               and files. 2 hrs $15
                                  Please contact Kimmy Raymond for ad-                  Myrtle Beach Campus
                                  ditional information, including upcoming     YCOM 902-70-2060        F
                                  class dates and times:                         Jan 27                 10am-12noon
                                  Phone: (843) 477-2058                        YCOM 902-80-2061        T
                                  Email:    kimberly.raymond@hgtc.edu            Mar 20                 6:00pm-8:00pm

  12                                In order to avoid class cancellations, it is recommended that students register 1-week prior to start date
EXCEL, INTERMEDIATE                             common problems that PC users experi-            QUICKBOOKS II
For those who have learned basic Excel          ence. Preventative measures and updating         Learn about month end procedures, deter-
skills, but would like to learn more. What
is a hyper-link? How can advanced auto
                                                are covered. Prerequisite: Basic working         mine which reports should be printed and       HGTC
                                                knowledge of Windows operating systems.          viewed and saved for future reference.
fill make things easier? How can I use mail      7 hrs $65                                        Learn to modify your reports for more mean-

                                                                                                                                                CAREER, COMPUTER AND TECHNOLOGY
merge for e-mails, letters, envelopes, etc?               Myrtle Beach Campus                    ingful information. Learn how to set budgets
What is V-lookup and how do I explore ad-       YCOM 809-70-2222         Sat                     and business plans. QuickBooks 2010 ver-
vanced formulas? This course will answer
                                                 April 14                8:30am-4:30pm           sion will be used. Textbook & USB Drive
all of this and more. 10 hrs $99
                                                                                                 required. Taught by Certified QuickBooks
           Myrtle Beach Campus                  MICROSOFT PROJECT LEVEL 1
YCOM 869-80-2050            MW                                                                   Instructors. Limited to 12 students
                                                Learn the basic concepts of managing com-
   Mar 5-Mar 14             6pm-8:30pm                                                           20 hrs $199
                                                plex projects using Microsoft Project. Define
              Conway Campus                                                                               Myrtle Beach Campus
                                                a goal and plan your project. Create task
YCOM 891-30-3013         TTh                                                                     YCOM 907-80-3014          MW
                                                lists, define task relationships, and calculate
   May 8-May 17           6pm-8:30pm                                                               Apr 30-May 21           6pm-8:30pm
                                                project durations. Create resource lists and
EBAY - THE EASY WAY                             assign resources: use project templates:         WORD, BASIC INSTINCTS
Discover how to buy and sell items on EBay.     work with deadlines and multiple cost rate       Learn the basic functions of the most pop-
Watch as the instructor sets up accounts,       tables.     10 Hrs.   $99                        ular word processing program in the busi-
structures the “auction”, and bids on items.              Myrtle Beach Campus                    ness field. Create and modify documents,
                                                YCOM 927-80-2238         TTh
Bring your questions! 4 hrs $35                                                                  change font types and size. Prerequisite:
                                                  Jan 24-Feb 2           6pm-8:30pm
         Myrtle Beach Campus                                                                     keyboarding skills; USB thumb drive recom-
YCOM 791-70-2059          MW                    QUICKBOOKS I                                     mended. Enrollment limited 10 hrs. $99
  Feb 13-Feb 15           2pm-4pm               Learn how to use QuickBooks to manage a                   Myrtle Beach Campus
YCOM 791-80-3015          MW                    company’s financial accounts and comput-          YCOM 856-80-2055          TTh
  May 7-May 9             5:30pm-7:30pm         erized daily financial tasks. Prerequisite:         Apr 10-Apr 19           6pm-8:30pm
                                                working knowledge of Windows software.
PC TROUBLESHOOTING, REPAIR                      QuickBooks 2010 version will be used.
AND UPGRADE FOR THE HOME USER                   Textbook and USB thumb drive required.
Learn to maintain and optimize a stable         Taught by Certified QuickBooks Instructors.
Windows PC. This course takes you step-         Limited to 12 students. 20 hrs $199
by-step through the typical hardware and                  Myrtle Beach Campus
operating system problems encountered by        YCOM 522-80-2053         MW
the home user. It teaches you troubleshoot-       Feb 6-Feb 27           6pm-8:30pm
ing techniques to recognize problems and                     Conway Campus
gives you the skills to solve them. You learn   YCOM 522-30-2054         MW
how to diagnose and fix some of the more           Mar 26-Apr 18          6pm-8:30pm

                                          HUMAN RESOURCE TRAINING INSTITUTE
                                          Coming Spring 2012!
                                          This brand new Institute will offer certificate programs that reflect best practices
                                          and principles of Human Resource Management and Training and Development.
                                          Working in partnership with local Coastal Organization of HR (COHR), American
                                          Society of Training & Development, and local HR professionals and practitioners,
                                          Continuing Education will be offering a variety of educational courses and programs
                                          that focus on staffing & selection, recruitment, employment law, training & develop-
                                          ment, employee relations, performance management, total rewards (compensation
                                          & benefits), workforce planning & talent management, strategic HR and so much
                                          more! You will learn how to increase your HR knowledge and obtain skills neces-
                                          sary to successfully fulfill a role in the HR & Training industry. An information ses-
                                          sion will be held on Thursday, February 2nd, 6:30pm at the Grand Strand Campus
                                          Conference Center. Please rsvp to Kimberly.Raymond@hgtc.edu or 477-2058.

Phone: 843.477.2020 or 843.349.5363 or Fax: 843.477.0775 for class information and registration                                                    13
                                     - THE LINDA HOSIER LEADERSHIP CENTER -
HGTC                                HGTC LEADERSHIP & SUPERVISORY PROGRAM
                                   CUSTOMIZED LEADERSHIP & SUPERVISORY TRAINING

                      The HGTC Leadership & Supervisory Program develops the skills and confidence for you to be an effective supervisor.
                      Participants have an opportunity to discover and share supervisory skills that will enable them to create a learning and productive
                      environment within their organization.
                      Each program is designed to prepare participants for the daily challenges of being a supervisor. Participants will leave each class ses-
                      sion with knowledge and skills that can immediately be applied on the job. The modules are customized to meet organization needs
                      for leadership and supervisory soft skills training.
                      Examples of skill and competency based modules include: Introduction to Supervision & Leadership, Communications, Delegation,
                      Conflict Resolution, Planning for Results, Analyzing and Solving Problems, Accepting Personal Responsibility and many more.
                      Let us customize a supervisory program to meet the specific training needs for your organization. For more information, contact Cindy
                      Ott at 843-477-2072 or Cynthia.ott@hgtc.edu

                      ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIP….                                             BRINGIN’ THE OLDIES                       (but still goodies)
                      Classes begin February 8, 2012                                          BACK!
                      Discover the path to your vision
                                                                                              Revisit old favorites … Enroll in one of these spring workshops,
                      This program targets current leaders seeking to develop or strength-
                      en their leadership skills. This is a 3-month program meeting twice a   which are based on bestselling training resources & book topics.
                      month for a 3 ½ hour session. Participants will explore:                Give a gift to yourself & nurture your professional growth by ex-
                         • Vision, Mission & Direction                                        periencing one of these “tried and true” training topics that have
                         • Customer Focus                                                     sustained their value & effectiveness and the concepts learned
                         • Organizational Self-Assessment
                                                                                              are still useful today. Go ahead & treat yourself to an “oldie but
                         • Decision Making & Performance Expectations
                         • Process for Deployment & Leadership Behaviors                      a goodie!” You’ll be glad you did!
                         • Leading the Organization to Improve Profits
                         • Communication Vision, Mission & Goals                              “The FISH! Philosophy Series” (ChartHouse Learning)
                      Tuition is $299.00. Limited Enrollment.
                      Contact Cindy Ott at 843-477-2072 or cynthia.ott @hgtc.edu to reg-
                      ister today! Don’t miss this great opportunity!                         “Who Moved My Cheese? An Amazing Way to Deal with
                                                                                              Change in Your Work & in Your Life”
                      OUTDOOR ADVENTURES COURSE                                               (by Spencer Johnson & Kenneth Blanchard)
                       “Training Among the Treetops”
                      Want to re-energize your staff / employees? Step out of your com-
                                                                                              “First, Break All the Rules: What the World’s Greatest
                      fort zone & step into nature by participating in these adventure
                      courses that can be tailored to accommodate a wide spectrum             Managers Do Differently” (by Marcus Buckingham & Curt Coff-
                      of group dynamics. These experiential learning activities engage        man)
                      both the intellect & the emotions to ensure that participants are
                      fully immersed in the learning process. Try one of these enriching
                                                                                              “Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remark-
                      & fun courses that are guaranteed to cultivate high performance
                      work teams, increase self-confidence, encourage problem-solv-            able” (by Seth Godin)
                      ing & enhance group effectiveness.
                      Low Ropes Challenge Course: Teams work together to                      “Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productiv-
                      tackle ground-level activities & overcome obstacles while using         ity” (by David Allen)
                      props, sharing ideas and strengthening levels of team trust, re-
                      spect, communication, risk & creativity.
                        Team Survivor-Style Scavenger Hunts                                   “Eat that Frog: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating & Get
                        Customized Adventure Experiences                                      More Done in Less Time” (by Brian Tracy)
                        The “Playground for Professionals” Series
                        The Corporate Challenge (an Olympics-style competition)               “The Red Rubber Ball Series” (by Kevin Carroll)
                        Company Retreats … that use both indoor and
                        outdoor elements
                                                                                              “How Full is Your Bucket” Positive Strategies for Work
                      … And Many More Programs for Adventure Enthusiasts who Love             and Life (by Tom Rath & Donald O. Clifton)
                      to Learn!!!

 14                   In order to avoid class cancellations, it is recommended that students register 1-week prior to start date
  LEADERSHIP PROGRAMS AND SOFT                                          Interested? Need More Information?
  SKILLS TRAINING                                                       Are you looking for fun and challenging activities for your

                                                                                                                                         COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY, LEADERSHIP TRAINING
  This spring, our training team will unveil leadership, teambuild-     business, company, corporate group, non-profit organization,
                                                                        membership, educational institution, youth club, camp, school,
  ing & organizational development workshops based on some of
                                                                        sports team, etc? Let our Training Team design a unique &
  the best experts & trainers in the business, which include:
                                                                        meaningful experience for your group. Workshops & training
                                                                        programs are only limited by the imagination! Contact us today
       John C. Maxwell’s Leadership Series
                                                                        for more information:
                                                                        Cindy Ott at (843) 477-2072 or Cynthia.Ott@hgtc.edu
       Development Dimensions International (DDI)                       Kimmy Raymond at (843) 477-2058 or Kimberly.Raymond@
       Talent Management                                                hgtc.edu

       Situational Leadership for Organizational

       “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team”
       (by Patrick Lencioni)

       “Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary
       Companies” (by Jim Collins & Jerry Porras) and
       “Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make
       the Leap … and Others Don’t” (by Jim Collins)

                                                 CISCO TROUBLESHOOTING
                                                 The fourth and final course required for the
                                                                                                   CAN’T ATTEND ON
                                                 Certified Cisco Network Associate (CCNA)
                                                 certification will teach you advanced con-
                                                                                                       CAMPUS CLASSES?
CERTIFICATION                                    cepts of Cisco router networking, including       We offer online classes for many
                                                 Network Address Translation (NAT), Dy-            computer applications including
                                                 namic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP),          Word, Excel and Workplace
FIGURATION                                                                                         Computer Basics.
                                                 WAN Design, Point to Point Protocol, Frame
This course is a study of configuring Cisco
routers and will provide students with a
                                                 Relay, ISDN, and basic network adminis-               FOR MORE INFORMATION:
                                                 tration. Participants will learn current and
background in switching basics and interme-                                                               Call 843-477-2045 or
                                                 emerging computer WAN – LAN networking
diate routing techniques, including hands-                                                                www.hgtc.edu/online
on experience with switching and routing         technology and will acquire the necessary
hardware. It is the third of four courses that   background in WAN Design to successfully
provide the knowledge required for Certified      qualify for the CCNA designation. Enroll-
Cisco Network Associate (CCNA) certifica-         ment limited. 65 hrs. $650
tion. Enrollment limited. 65 hrs. $650
                                                            Conway Campus
             Conway Campus
                                                 YCOM 868-30-3021          TTh
YCOM 867-30-2071            TTh
                                                  Mar 6-May 3              5:15pm-9:55pm
   Jan 10-Mar 1             5:15pm-9:55pm

Phone: 843.477.2020 or 843.349.5363 or Fax: 843.477.0775 for class i f
                                                                   information and registration
                                                                          ti     d    i t ti                                                15
           CULINARY INSTITUTE                             culinary pleasure. During each class, stu-       DAZZLING DESSERTS
           OF HGTC                                        dents will have the opportunity to participate   Like desserts? We do! Join this delicious
HGTC       The Culinary Institute of HGTC provides a
                                                          in the preparation as well as sample all of      class and learn how to make your own! You
                                                          the items! Bring your appetites as well as a     will have a great time creating and sampling
           wide array of continuing education offerings                                                    simple yet dazzling desserts! It will be a
                                                          pad and pencil for the recipes! Participants

           to meet the diverse training needs of the                                                       sweet time! 3hrs. $49
                                                          must be 18 years or older. Children ages 16
           tourism industry. The continuing education                                                               Myrtle Beach Campus
                                                          and 17 may participate if accompanied by
           programs vary with each term and include                                                        YCUL 641-70-2036           Sat
                                                          parent or guardian.
           community interest sessions as well as spe-                                                       Jan 21                   10:00am-1:00pm
           cific industry training opportunities.                                                           YCUL 641-70-3011           Fri
                                                          CHOCOLATE MAKING
                                                                                                             May 4                    1:30pm-4:30pm
                                                          Learn all about how to make truffles and oth-
                                                          er chocolate confections during this course
           Prepare to begin a career in the culinary                                                       EATIN’ VEGAN
                                                          aimed at those who have little or no back-
           arts. Learn the skills, procedures and meth-                                                    Discover the art of cooking without meat!
                                                          ground in chocolate making. Learn how to         This class will explore vegan and vegetarian
           ods every food preparation worker should
                                                          make a basic ganache and understand the          cooking in a creative style, with spice mixes
           know! French or Saduko Knife and Paring
                                                          importance of the emulsion process and           and combinations sure to please anyone.
           Knife required. 36 hrs $369
                                                          properly working with the chocolate. Some        Tasty and good for you – yum! 2-1/2 hrs. $49
                      Myrtle Beach Campus
                                                          items include truffles, nut clusters, fruits               Myrtle Beach Campus
           YCUL 594-70-2033           Sat
                                                          dipped in chocolate, chocolate molds and         YCUL 633-70-2037           Fri
             Feb 4-Mar 31             1:30pm-5:30pm
                                                          more. A $5 food fee will be payable to the         Jan 27                   1:30pm-4:00pm
                                                          instructor. Limited to 15 participants. 2 hrs    YCUL 633-71-2044           Sat
                                                          $35                                                Apr 14                   10am-12:30pm
                                                                    Myrtle Beach Campus
                                                          YCUL 598-70-2041           Sat                   EFFORTLESS GOURMET
                                                                                                           Whether you are cooking for yourself, your
                                                            Mar 3                    10:00am-12noon
                                                                                                           spouse or friends, we will introduce you to
                                                                                                           easy, yet bold, flavorful and satisfying reci-
                                                          COOKING FOR COUPLES
                                                                                                           pes. The emphasis of this class will be on
                                                          Explore a fun, fast and efficient way of pre-
                                                                                                           relatively simple preparation, but gourmet
                                                          paring wonderful meals with a partner. Pre-
                                                                                                           results. Join us for a fun tasty evening of
                                                          pare and enjoy appetizers, entrees, side         tantalizing recipes you can quickly toss to-
                                                          dishes and desserts, then dine on your cre-      gether for a meal after work or use to easily
                                                          ations! $79                                      impress anyone. 2.5 hrs. $55
                                                                    Myrtle Beach Campus                              Myrtle Beach Campus
                                                          YCUL 629-70-2038           Sat                   YCUL 605-70-2040          F
                                                            Feb 4                    10:00am-1:00pm          Feb 24                  3:00pm-5:30pm
                                                                                                           YCUL 605-70-2046          Sat
           Continue on the road to a new career. Learn
                                                          COOKING FOR ONE OR TWO                            Apr 28                   10am-12:30pm
           added cooking skills as well as more com-
                                                                                                            CAN’T ATTEND ON
                                                          There’s nothing unusual about eating alone!
           prehensive sanitation and safety. French or
                                                          Learn to prepare easy, quick delicious and
           Saduko Knife and Paring Knife required. 36
           hrs $369
                                                          nutritious meals that serve one or two. Learn          CAMPUS CLASSES?
                                                          to pare down recipes or use your freezer so        We offer online courses in
                      Myrtle Beach Campus
                                                          you don’t get bored eating the same thing          Alcohol Seller/Server and
           YCUL 604-80-3010           Sat
                                                          over and over. Discover creative ways to           Food Safety.
            Apr 7-June 2              1:30pm-5:30pm
                                                          use your leftovers for new meals you can
                                                                                                              FOR MORE
           DEMONSTRATION                                  savor and enjoy. 2 hrs $42
           COOKING                                                  Myrtle Beach Campus
           Our demonstration cooking classes give you     YCUL 637-70-3012           Sat                                     45
                                                                                                              Call 843-477-2045 or
           a chance to observe one of our Executive         May 19                   11:00am-1:00pm                          nline
           Chefs as he prepares various items for your

 16                                                                                                         t t td t
               In order to avoid class cancellations, it is recommended that students register 1-week prior to start date
                                                                                                   SERVSAFE ALCOHOL
                                                                                                   This practical and comprehensive server
                                                                                                   training program will provide students what      HGTC
                                                                                                   they need to know to serve alcohol respon-

                                                                                                                                                    CULINARY - HOSPITALITY - DRIVING
                                                                                                   sibly. The program covers essential informa-
                                                                                                   tion including alcohol laws and responsibili-
                                                                                                   ties, evaluating intoxication levels, dealing
                                                                                                   with difficult situations and checking identifi-
                                                                                                   cation. 6 hrs. $55 Textbook required.
                                                                                                            Myrtle Beach Campus

EGGS-ELLENT COOKING                              HOSPITALITY                                       YHOS 555-80-2035           TTh

This class introduces the science of cook-                                                           Mar 27-Mar 29            6:00pm-9:00pm

ing an egg in many forms from whole eggs         BARTENDING
to yolks and whites to foams and warm and        This professional, hands-on course offers         DRIVING
cold egg sauces. Recipes include Hollanda-       all you need to begin or advance in a prof-
                                                                                                   DEFENSIVE DRIVING FOR
ise and mayonnaise sauces, omelets, souf-        itable career, including free-pour and mini-
                                                                                                   POINT REDUCTION
flés, and custards. 3hrs. $45                     bottle mixology Get a firm understanding
                                                                                                   Drivers who successfully complete this pro-
          Myrtle Beach Campus                    of bar management and legal liabilities that
                                                                                                   gram can get four (4) points taken off their
YCUL 643-70-2043           Sat                   will give you the edge in a competitive field.
                                                                                                   driving record. This National Safety Council
  Mar 31                   10:00am-1:00pm        The State of South Carolina does NOT re-
                                                                                                   class may be taken only once every three
                                                 quire certification for bartenders at this time.
                                                                                                   years for point reduction purposes; and it is
FLAVORS OF SPRING                                Six hours of ServSafe Alcohol certification
                                                                                                   not applicable to DUI violations. The full-
Warmer temps and longer days mean Spring         training is included and is recognized by the
                                                                                                   eight-hour attendance is mandatory; tardi-
has officially arrived. Get reacquainted with     South Carolina and Myrtle Beach Area Hos-
                                                                                                   ness will not be allowed. Textbook required.
lighter foods, salads, and grilling during our   pitality Associations. Earning your ServSafe
                                                                                                   8 hrs   $90
flavorful new demonstration class. Tasting
                                                 certification demonstrates to prospective                   Myrtle Beach Campus
is encouraged! 2-1/2 hrs, $49
                                                 employers that you understand your role             YDRV 502-71-2202         Sat
          Myrtle Beach Campus
                                                 in preventing alcohol abuse, property dam-            Jan 21                 8:00am-5:00pm
YCUL 642-70-2042           Sat
                                                 age, underage drinking, personal injury and         YDRV 502-72-2203         Sat
  Mar 10                   10am-12:30pm
                                                 drunk driving. Prerequisite: must be 21 or            Feb 25                 8:00am-5:00pm
                                                 older to enroll. *Textbooks required.               YDRV 502-73-2204         Sat
Tuscan cooking today is characterized by
                                                 33 hrs $349                                           Mar 24                 8:00am-5:00pm
simple food, not covered in heavy sauces.
                                                          Myrtle Beach Campus                        YDRV 502-74-2205         Sat
Cooking is done with olive oil—used as
                                                 YHOS 552-80-2034           TTh                        Apr 14                 8:00am-5:00pm
salad dressing, poured over bread, and in
                                                   Feb 21-Mar 29            6:00pm-9:00pm            YDRV 502-71-3064         Sat
soups and stews. Beans are a staple. Sage,
                                                 YHOS 552-80-3053           TTh                        May 12                 8:00am-5:00pm
rosemary, thyme, and marjoram are popular
                                                   Apr 12-May 17            6:00pm-9:00pm            YDRV 502-72-3065         Sat
herbs. Discover the art of Tuscan cooking!
                                                                                                       June 16                8:00am-5:00pm
3 hrs $55
          Myrtle Beach Campus

                                                 COMING OCT. 14, 2012
YCUL 615-70-2039           Sat
  Feb 18                   10:00am-1:00pm
YCUL 615-70-2045           F
 Apr 20                    3:00pm-6:00pm         COSMETOLOGY CLASS FOR CEUs.
                                                 Call Catherine Riggins at 843-477-2026 for details!

Phone: 843.477.2020 or 843.349.5363 or Fax: 843.477.0775 for class information and registration                                                        17
          MOTORCYCLE TRAINING                                                                                • Ability to pass DOT physical examination
            *Please note – refunds for motorcycle                                                              administered during class

HGTC        classes must be requested at least
                                                                                                             • Ability to pass drug/alcohol random
                                                                                                               screening administered during class
            one(1) week prior to start date.
                                                                                                             • Work history from last 10 years

                                                                                                             • Department of Motor Vehicles 10-year
                                                                                                               driving record, no more than 30 days old
          This course meets the standards set by SC
                                                                                                             • Copy of social security card
          law for an insurance discount. Completion
                                                                                                             Class: 160 hrs. $3895
          of this course does qualify the student for
                                                             INTERMEDIATE RIDER COURSE                                Myrtle Beach Campus
          a motorcycle license waiver. Students in-                                                          Plus on-the road training
                                                             Limited enrollment.
          terested in a license waiver must have a                                                           Classes are ongoing. Please contact
                                                             10 hrs $139
          motorcycle learner's permit.                                                                       Michael Hughes at 843-477-2044 for
                                                                       Myrtle Beach Campus
          Enrollment limited to 10 students.                                                                 schedule.
                                                             Bldg 600/Parking Lot on Crabtree Ln
          18 hrs $239
                                                             Classroom Theory Friday 6:00-10:00pm
                    Myrtle Beach Campus
                                                             Practical Application (riding)                  INDUSTRY & TRADES
          Bldg 600/Parking Lot on Crabtree Ln
                                                             Saturday 8am-5pm OR Sunday 8am-5pm
          Classroom Theory Friday 6-10 pm                                                                    BLUEPRINTS, PLANS, AND
                                                             YDRV 504-70-2150           Mar 9-Mar 10
          Practical Application (riding)                                                                     BUILDING CODES
                                                             YDRV 504-71-2151           Mar 30-Mar 31
          Saturday AND Sunday 8 am-4 pm                                                                      This 60-hour program is designed to intro-
                                                             YDRV 504-72-3061           Jun 15-June 16       duce students to various aspects of blue-
          YDRV 503-70-2144          Jan 20-Jan 22
          YDRV 503-70-2145          Feb 17-Feb 19                                                            print, plans and building codes reading and
                                                             TRACTOR-TRAILER                                 interpretation. This program can be used
          YDRV 503-70-2146          Mar 2-Mar 4
                                                             TRUCK DRIVING                                   as a stepping stone to all the construction
          YDRV 503-70-2147          Mar 16-Mar 18
                                                             All-inclusive price includes tuition, DOT       trades including carpentry, electrical, and
          YDRV 503-70-2148          Apr 20-Apr 22
                                                             physical, drug screen textbook, job place-      HVAC. 60Hrs. $580
          YDRV 503-70-3056          May 4-May 6
                                                             ment, permit fees, license fees, motor car-                  Conway Campus
          YDRV 503-70-3057          May 18-May 20
                                                             rier road atlas. Limited enrollment.            YTRD 550-30-3092           TTh
          YDRV 503-70-3058          June 1-June 3
                                                                                                               Feb 21-May 3           6:00pm-9:00pm
          YDRV 503-70-3060          June 22–June 24          Eligibility Requirements

             Motorcycle Class                Requirements for Students

             Beginner’s Class (BC)         • Minimum of 15 years of age. (Students under the age of 18 years must have parental consent.)
                                           • Able to ride a bicycle.
                                           • Available to attend Friday evening and all day Saturday and Sunday.
                                           • A limited number of weekday classes are available.
                                           • Learners Permit Required if interested in license waiver.
             Intermediate Class (IC)       • Motorcycle Learner’s Permit for at least 60 days OR valid motorcycle license.
                                           • Capable of good clutch/throttle control on a motorcycle. (Mileage is dependent on your personality.)
                                           • Can provide a street legal, insured and fully registered motorcycle.
                                            (NOTE - scooters are permitted if properly licensed as a motorcycle - mopeds are prohibited.)
                                           • Available to attend Friday evening and all day Saturday OR Sunday.
             Experienced Class (EC) • Valid motorcycle license OR
                                           • Have held a Motorcycle Learner’s Permit for at least 60 days and provide proof of successful completion
                                             of previous motorcycle course.
                                           • Can provide a street legal, insured and fully registered motorcycle.
                                            (NOTE - scooters are permitted if properly licensed as a motorcycle - mopeds are prohibited.)
                                           • Available all day on Sunday.

 18           In order to avoid class cancellations, it is recommended that students register 1-week prior to start date
ELECTRICAL SERVICE                                entation to occupational safety and health.     OSHA 30-HOUR GENERAL
FUNDAMENTALS                                      Upon completion, attendees will receive a       INDUSTRY SAFETY AND HEALTH
This 100-hour program is designed to in-          certificate and a 10-hour course completion      The OSHA 30 Hour Construction Outreach          HGTC
troduce students to various aspects of the        card. 10 Hrs $250                               Training course is a comprehensive safety
electrical trade’s occupation to include but

                                                                                                                                                  INDUSTRY & TRADES
                                                  Please note: Class will be held on              program designed for anyone involved in
is not limited to electrical codes, wiring, all   Tuesdays 8:30am-5:00pm & Wednesdays             construction. Specifically devised for safety
electrical hand and power tools, layout, and      8:30am-11:00am                                  directors, foremen, and field supervisors;
math as it applies to the trade.                              Conway Campus                       the program provides complete information
100 hrs $925                                      YLSC 603-40-2241          Mar 12-13
                                                                                                  on OSHA compliance issues. OSHA recom-
          Georgetown Campus                       Tues, 8:30am-5:00pm       Wed, 8:30am-11:00am
                                                                                                  mends Outreach Training Programs as an
YTRD 546-60-2227           MTWTh
  Feb 6-Mar 15             6:00pm-10:00pm                                                         orientation to occupational safety and health
            Conway Campus                                                                         for workers covered by OSHA 29 CFR 1926.
YTRD 546-30-3090           MW                                                                     30 hrs $550
  Feb 13-May 9             6:00pm-10:00pm                                                                     Conway Campus
                                                                                                  YLSC 554-40-3094          MTWTh
                                                                                                    Jun 18-Jun 21           8:30am-5:00pm
This 40-hour program is designed to give                                                          OSHA 30-HOUR CONSTRUCTION
basic knowledge of troubleshooting skills                                                         SAFETY AND HEALTH
for everyday electrical, plumbing, and HVAC                                                       The OSHA 30 Hour Construction Outreach
tasks as well as blueprint reading and math
                                                                                                  Training course is a comprehensive safety
as it applies to the trade. 40 Hrs     $375
                                                                                                  program designed for anyone involved in
            Conway Campus
                                                                                                  construction. Specifically devised for safety
YTRD 552-30-3091           TTh
                                                                                                  directors, foremen, and field supervisors;
  Apr 3-May 3              6:00pm-10:00pm
                                                                                                  the program provides complete information
MICROSOFT PROJECT LEVEL 1                                                                         on OSHA compliance issues. OSHA recom-
Learn the basic concepts of managing com-                                                         mends Outreach Training Programs as an
plex projects using Microsoft Project. Define                                                      orientation to occupational safety and health
a goal and plan your project. Create task                                                         for workers covered by OSHA 29 CFR 1926.
lists, define task relationships, and calculate
                                                                                                  30 hrs $550
project durations. Create resource lists and      OSHA 10-HOUR GENERAL                                        Conway Campus
assign resources: use project templates:
                                                  INDUSTRY SAFETY AND HEALTH                      YLSC 602-40-2242          TWThF
work with deadlines and multiple cost rate
                                                  The 10-hour General Industry Safety and           Mar 12-Mar 15           8:30am-5:00pm
tables.    10 Hrs.   $99
                                                  Health course is intended to provide entry
            Conway Campus
                                                  level general industry workers broad aware-
YCOM 927-80-2238           TTh
                                                  ness on recognizing and preventing haz-
  Jan 24-Feb 2             6:00pm-8:30pm
                                                  ards on a general industry site. The training    CAN’T ATTEND ON
                                                  covers a variety of safety and health topics          CAMPUS CLASSES?
                                                  which a worker may encounter at a general         We offer online certificate programs
                                                  industry site. OSHA recommends this train-        in OSHA Construction and OSHA
The 10-hour Construction Safety and Health
                                                  ing as an orientation to occupational safety      General Industry!
course is intended to provide entry level
construction workers broad awareness on           and health. Upon completion, attendees will
                                                                                                     FOR MORE
recognizing and preventing hazards on a           receive a certificate and a 10-hour course
construction work site. The training covers       completion card.      10 hrs   $250
                                                              Conway Campus                                        045
                                                                                                     Call 843-477-2045 or
a variety of safety and health topics which a
                                                  YLSC 557-40-3093          June 18-19                              nline
worker may encounter at a construction site.
OSHA recommends this training as an ori-          Mon, 8:30am-5:00pm        Tue, 8:30am-11:00am

Phone: 843.477.2020 or 843.349.5363 or Fax: 843.477.0775 for class information and registration
                                                                                 d    i t ti                                                       19
                    OSHA/NFPA 70E                                    WELDING, ADVANCED
                    Electrical power is a dangerous force that       Continue your welding education including           WEATHERIZATION
HGTC                requires proper understanding in the work-       advanced safety measures, welding sym-
                                                                                                                       Horry-Georgetown      Technical    College
                    place. This course defines the requirements       bols and cutting techniques. Pre-requisite:
                                                                                                                       is committed to expanding access to
                    for work practices that workers should use       Basic Arc Welding or permission of instruc-

                                                                     tor. 120 hrs. $1200                               weatherization and energy efficiency ex-
                    to avoid injury from a release of electrical
                                                                               Georgetown Campus                       perts by providing quality training cours-
                    energy when performing tasks involving
                                                                     YTRD 583-60-2228         MTWTh                    es. Our weatherization training courses
                    electrical power. The specific information in
                                                                        Jan 30-Apr 5          6:00pm-9:00pm            are developed and certified through BPI
                    this course enables the student to prevent or
                    minimize exposure to all widely recognized                                                         (Building Performance Institute) to pro-
                                                                     INTRO TO BUILDING SCIENCE
                    electrical hazards. Based on 70E (2009ed.)                                                         vide new professionals with the skills
                                                                     This fast paced 8-hr class will introduce you
                    8 Hrs $295                                       to the concepts of building science. We           needed to satisfy the ever-growing de-
                                 Conway Campus                       will cover topics including insulation and air    mand for services.
                    YTRD 604-40-2243           W                     sealing techniques on residential structures,
                      Feb 24                   8:00am-5:00pm         mathematics, thermodynamics principles of
                                                                                                                       BPI CERTIFICATIONS:
                    YTRD 604-40-3095           W                     heat transference and controlling the move-       • BUILDING ANALYST (BA)            40 hrs.
                      May 25                   8:00am-5:00pm         ment of heat, air, and water vapor within the     • ENVELOPE PROFESSIONAL (EP) 40 hrs.
                                                                     building. We will also cover health and safe-     • MANUFACTURED HOUSING
                                                                     ty issues as it relates to building concepts         PROFESSIONAL (MP)               40 hrs.
                                                                     and hazardous materials. 8hrs $155                • INSULATION AND AIR
                                                                                  Conway Campus
                                                                                                                          SEALING TECHNICIAN
                                                                     YTRD 570-30-2237           M
                                                                                                                          TRAINING (IAST)                 24 hrs.
                                                                        Mar 26                  8:00am-5:00pm
                                                                     YTRD 570-30-3088           F                      Mandatory courses for ARRA-funded
                                                                        May 11                  8:00am-5:00pm          Weatherization projects by Community
                                                                                                                       Action Agency workers, auditors, and
                                                                     INTRO TO BLOWER DOOR
                                                                                                                       contractors following U.S Department of
                                                                     This class is designed to introduce individu-     Energy priority lists for South Carolina:
                                                                     als to the concept of analyzing buildings
                                                                                                                       WEATHERIZATION WORKER
                                                                     using “Blower Door” technology and other
                                                                     diagnostic equipment. Individuals will learn      SITE-BUILT HOMES: 40 Hrs $1695
                                                                     the basics on how to assess building tight-
                    WELDING, BASIC ARC                                                                                 MOBILE HOMES: 40 Hrs $1695
                                                                     ness, mechanical and distribution systems
                    Begin your training in arc welding, and mas-     and combustion safety from a “Whole-              Please contact Jason Douglas at
                    ter the art of fusing metal to metal with in-    House” performance-based approach. The
                                                                                                                       Jason.douglas@hgtc.edu for more
                    tense heat that is created by an electric arc.   class will also include practical application
                    Apply shop safety. Learn standard welding        of “Blower Door” combustion safety and oth-
                    techniques and positions. Practice melting       er diagnostics for assessing air leakage and
                                                                                                                      form renovations, repair and painting proj-
                    and intermixing metals to skillfully create      efficiency in buildings. 16hrs, $275
                                                                                                                      ects that disturb known or presumed lead
                    strong bonds. Personal equipment such as                      Conway Campus
                                                                                                                      based paint in pre-1978 homes, child care
                    goggles, gloves, etc. will be required and       YTRD 569-40-2239               TW
                                                                                                                      facilities and schools be certified by EPA. To
                    discussed the first night of class. Enroll-          Mar 27-Nov 28           8:00am-5:00pm
                                                                                                                      become certified, individuals must success-
                    ment limited. 60 hrs $549
                                                                     LEAD BASE TRAINING                               fully complete an appropriate course ac-
                                 Conway Campus                                                                        credited by EPA. Horry-Georgetown Tech-
                                                                     Are you involved in retrofit and or weather-
                    YTRD 529-30-3063           TTh                                                                    nical College will be offering the approved
                                                                     ization work in child occupied facilities? If
                      Mar 6-May 10             6:00pm-9:00pm                                                          course for certification as well as refresher
                                                                     so, we can help you become a certified Lead
                             Georgetown Campus                       Based Paint Renovator. Effective on April        courses for those already certified.
                    YTRD 529-60-3096           MTWTh                 22, 2010, EPA required that any firms, con-       8 hrs. $295 For information please call
                      Apr 9-May 3              6:00pm-9:00pm         tractors, and property managers that per-        Michael Hughes – 477-2044

 20                     In order to avoid class cancellations, it is recommended that students register 1-week prior to start date
EXAM PREP                                        YLSC 596-71-3018           ThF
                                                   Jun 14-Jun 15            8:00am-5:00pm
GENERAL CONTRACTORS                              YLSC 596-72-3019           ThF                                                               HGTC
LICENSE EXAM PREP                                  Jul 26-Jul 27            8:00am-5:00pm
Prepare for the exam to obtain the General

                                                                                                                                              EXAM PREP
Contractor’s license regulated by South          RESIDENTIAL HOME BUILDERS
Carolina Code of Laws Section 40-11-410 to       EXAM PREP
engage in commercial as well as residential      If you are solely engaged in residential con-
                                                 struction, you must be licensed by the South
construction.   The Contractors’ Licensing
                                                 Carolina Residential Builders Commission.
Board mandates that you pass a South Car-
                                                 One must pass an examination regarding
olina Business & Law exam regarding prin-
                                                 principles, practices, statutes and regula-
ciples, practices, statutes, and regulations.
                                                 tions. License eligibility requires one year
In addition, you are required to pass a tech-
                                                 experience under a licensed builder or gen-
nical examination. You must have at least
                                                 eral contractor. Should a student not pass
two years commercial experience within the
                                                 the state exam, he/she can audit another
last five years in the general contractor clas-
                                                 class via tuition waiver. Call 803.896.4696
sification in which you’re seeking licensure.
                                                 for licensure questions.       Computerized
Should a student not pass the state exam,
                                                 exam is administered in Myrtle Beach at
he/she can audit another class via tuition                                                        GED TEST PREP NEW!
                                                 1601 N. Oak Street #305 by PSI
waiver. Call 803.896.4686 for licensure                                                           Are you thinking about taking the GED
                                                 www.psiexams.com. 16 hrs $350
questions. Computerized exam is adminis-                                                          Tests? Are you curious about the kinds of
                                                             Conway Campus
tered in Myrtle Beach at 1601 N. Oak Street                                                       questions that appear? This course pro-
                                                 YLSC 502-40-2251           FSat
#305 by PSI www.psiexams.com.                                                                     vides preparation for each section of the
                                                   Apr 13-Apr 14            8:00am-5:00pm
16 hrs $350                                                                                       GED Tests. 12 hrs $120
            Conway Campus                        SOCIAL SECURITY FOR CLE                                  Myrtle Beach Campus
YLSC 504-40-2240           FSat                  CREDIT                                           YEDU 520-70-2226         Sat
  Mar 2-Mar 3              8:00am-5:00pm         Why travel to another town to earn your CLE        Feb 4-Feb 18           9am-1:00pm
                                                 credits? This course will cover the nuts and
CERTIFIED POOL/SPA OPERATOR                      bolts of practicing before the Social Security
                                                                                                  GRE TEST PREP
This two-day CPO certification course is de-      Administration - the Disability process in-      Are you thinking about taking the GRE
signed to provide individuals with the basic     side and out. Pending Approval. 8 hrs, $245      Tests? Are you curious about the kinds of
knowledge, techniques, and skills of pool                 Myrtle Beach Campus                     questions that appear? This course pro-
and spa operations. The CPO certification         YLSC 605-70-2257           F                     vides preparation for each section of the
is a National Exam, approved by SCDHEC             Apr 20                   9:00am-4:45pm         GRE Tests. 12 hrs $120
and offered only by authorized instructors.                                                               Myrtle Beach Campus
The exam is given on the second day of           HOME INSPECTION                                  YEDU 519-70-2247         Sat
the class. Tuition includes study materials,     Approved by South Carolina Residential             Feb 25-Mar 10          9am-1:00pm
handouts, and the Certification Exam, and         Builders Commission for eligibility to take
the National processing and certification         the Home Inspection licensing examination.
                                                 This exam prep course meets standards of
fees. 16 hrs $400
                                                 practice and code of ethics for the American
         Myrtle Beach Campus
                                                 Society of Home Inspectors, Inc. (ASHI).
YLSC 596-70-2066           MT
                                                 Structural concerns; interior/exterior of the
  Feb 20-Feb 21            8:00am-5:00pm
                                                 home; its roof; plumbing, electrical and
YLSC 596-71-2067           ThF
                                                 HVAC systems; insulation; ventilation. Text-
  Mar 29-Mar 30            8:00am-5:00pm
                                                 books required. 40 hrs $795
YLSC 596-72-2068           MT
                                                          Myrtle Beach Campus
  Apr 16-Apr 17            8:00am-5:00pm
                                                                   Bldg 200
YLSC 596-70-3017           MT
                                                 YLSC 520-70-3008           MTWThF
  May 21-May 22            8:00am-5:00pm
                                                   May 14-May 18            8:30am-5:30pm

Phone: 843.477.2020 or 843.349.5363 or Fax: 843.477.0775 for class information and registration                                                21
                  LAW                                              BASIC STATE CONSTABLE
                  PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR 101
HGTC              This course is designed to be a beginner
                                                                   Required for a voluntary state constable
                                                                   commission. A minimum of 24 hours of
                  course in private investigations however it
                                                                   firearm training is required; and the dates/

                  qualifies the student to perform basic func-
                                                                   times/location will be announced. Applicants
                  tions in the field while under the supervision
                                                                   MUST submit a letter from SLED certifying
                  of an experienced licensed investigator.
                                                                   eligibility on the first night of class. For an   PHOTOGRAPHY
                  The student will leave with the basic knowl-
                                                                   application, go to www.sled.sc.gov, click on
                  edge of the laws, the process of investiga-                                                       BASIC PHOTOGRAPHY
                                                                   South Carolina State Constables on the left
                  tions, equipment needed and what and how                                                          CERTIFICATE PROGRAM
                  to do a private investigation. This course is    side of the screen. Dates below are pend-
                                                                                                                    A digital SLR camera is required. If you do
                  SLED approved for 12 hours of continuing         ing SLED approval. Handouts included in
                                                                                                                    not already have one, the instructor will
                  education. 12 hrs $125                           tuition. 82.25 hrs. $650                         guide you on the first night of class as to
                            Myrtle Beach Campus                              Myrtle Beach Campus                    ones you may want to consider purchasing.
                  YLAW 518-70-2120            Sat, Sun             YLAW 501-80-2216           TTh                   Enrollment limited.
                     Mar 31-Apr 1             9:00am-4:00pm          Feb 7-Apr 17             5:30am-9:30pm         Basic Photography Certificate Program
                  ADDICTION AND RECOVERY
                  2012 LECTURE SERIES                              MEDIA ARTS                                       • Fundamentals                        30 hrs
                                                                                                                    • Adobe Photoshop                     28 hrs
                  Join professionals and current and former
                                                                   ADOBE PHOTOSHOP                                  • Business Angles for
                  HGTC students to learn about addiction                                                              Professional Photographers           5 hrs
                                                                   A basic study of digital media as it applies
                  and recovery, the influences, diagnosis, and                                                         TOTAL HOURS                        63 hrs
                                                                   to the needs of graphic designers and pho-
                  medical and psychological aspects. The lec-
                                                                   tographers. In this course, you will learn to    PHOTOGRAPHY FUNDAMENTALS
                  ture series begins with a panel discussion of
                                                                   manipulate images and digital photographs        An introduction to equipment and tech-
                  students in recovery from various addictions
                  through a variety of recovery methods. The       in preparation for publication layout and        niques for making digital photographs,
                  series continues with Jeff Van Vonderen, in-     design, Web output, use in other software        cameras, meters, composition, and light-
                  terventionist well known from his work with      packages, or immediate output. PREREQ-           ing factors and techniques are covered. Al-
                  A&E’s Invention. Also featured author Mau-       UISITE: Basic knowledge of Windows. USB          though no prior photography experience is
                  rita Corcoran Adler discussing her literary      Thumb Drive required. Limited enrollment.        assumed, the course moves rapidly and in-
                  work, "A House Interrupted" in which she de-     28 hrs    $299                                   volves exercises to demonstrate that basic
                                                                             Myrtle Beach Campus                    skills in photography are achieved. A digital
                  tails the accounts of the sexual addiction of
                                                                                                                    SLR camera is required 30 hrs $299
                  her physician husband, Dr. Brian Adler, who      YMEA 533-80-2031           TTh
                                                                                                                               Myrtle Beach Campus
                  will also speak later in the series. In addi-      Jan 31-Feb 23            6pm-9:30pm
                                                                                                                    YMEA 534-80-2029          W
                  tion, psychotherapist, Harold Brown, Jr. who     YMEA 533-80-3009           TTh
                                                                                                                      Feb 1-Apr 4             6:00pm-9:00pm
                  worked with Dr. Adler will detail the thera-       Apr 10-May 3             6pm-9:30pm
                                                                                                                                 Conway Campus
                  pies used to treat addictions. Admission
                                                                                                                    YMEA 534-30-2030              M
                  is free and open to the public and includes      CREATE A WEBSITE WITH
                                                                                                                      Feb 6-May 3                 6pm-8:30pm
                  dinner at 6:00 pm in the Cafe 1100 on the        DREAMWEAVER CS3
                  Conway Campus on all three lecture nights.       Learn how to create a one page web site
                                                                                                                      CAN’T ATTEND ON
                                                                                                                           CAMPUS CLASSES?
                  This program has been approved by the SC         for a web presence. The class covers how
                  Board of Social Workers and the SC Board         to get a domain and hosting package. How
                  of Professional Counselors for recertifica-       to upload your page to the Internet. How to        We offer many Programming, Web
                  tion contact hours. A $75.00 registration fee    create a page with links, email and pictures.      Design and Web Development
                  will apply to those seeking credentialing. For   Requirements: Flash Drive 6 hrs. $59               classes online!
                  program information call 843-349-5378. To
                                                                             Myrtle Beach Campus                       FOR MORE
                  register for certification credential call 349-
                                                                   YMEA 592-70-2069           Sat                      INFORMATION:
                  5363 or 477-2020.
                                                                    Jan 21                    8am-5pm
                                Conway Campus                                                                                        045
                                                                                                                       Call 843-477-2045 or
                                                                   YMEA 592-71-2070           MW
                  YMED 824-30-2121               Th                                                                                  online
                                                                    Mar 12-Mar 14             6pm-9pm
                     Feb 16-Mar 1                7pm-9:00pm

 22                                                                                                            ior
                      In order to avoid class cancellations, it is recommended that students register 1-week prior to start date
BUSINESS ANGLES                                                                                  directors as they learn ways to manage their
FOR PROFESSIONAL                                                                                 childcare centers or family/group homes.
PHOTOGRAPHERS                                                                                    This training may encompass training in         HGTC
Expert advice and quality instruction will al-                                                   Childcare Regulations, tax laws, record
low you to follow your dreams of becoming a                                                      keeping, staff supervision, human resources

                                                                                                                                                 PROFESSIONAL TRAINING
professional photographer under profitable                                                        management, scheduling and emergency
conditions. 5 hrs $49                                                                            preparedness.5 hrs. $40
         Myrtle Beach Campus                                                                              Myrtle Beach Campus
YMEA 521-80-2032           MW                                                                    YCHD 504-70-2218          S
  Apr 16-Apr 18            6pm-8:30pm                                                              Apr 21                  8:00am-1:00pm
WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY                              Curriculum Activities for children encom-       NUTRITION
NEW!                                             passes training that guides teachers in set-    This class includes training that guides
Learn to advance your photographic skills        ting up a learning environment and using        teachers in proper nutrition for children and
to master Wedding Photography. This in-          appropriate classroom materials and activi-     food preparation guidelines. 5 hrs. $40
troductory course walks you through the          ties that meet the learning needs of children            Myrtle Beach Campus
day of the wedding and explores the chal-        within the age group they teach. 5hrs $40       YCHD 525-70-3073          S
lenges that a photographer may experience.                Myrtle Beach Campus                      May 19                  8:00am-1:00pm
12 hrs    $99                                    YCHD 502-70-2219          S
         Myrtle Beach Campus                       Feb 25                  8:00am-1:00pm
YMEA 595-80-2252         TTh                                                                     LANGUAGE
  Jan 17-Jan 26          6:00pm-9:00pm           GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT
                                                                                                 SPANISH FOR HEALTHCARE
YMEA 595-81-2253         TTh                     Child Growth and Development covers top-
  Mar 20-Mar 29          6:00pm-9:00pm           ics associated with children’s developmental
                                                                                                 This valuable course is designed to assist
                                                 stages including physical, social, emotional,
                                                                                                 healthcare workers to better communicate
PROFESSIONAL                                     language, and cognitive development.
                                                                                                 with Spanish speaking patients by incorpo-
TRAINING                                         5hrs $40
                                                                                                 rating expressions and vocabulary spoken
                                                          Myrtle Beach Campus
                                                                                                 by many Spanish speaking populations. 20
CHILD DEVELOPMENT                                YCHD 501-70-2220          S
                                                                                                 hrs. $160
These courses provide the training require-        Mar 10                  8:00am-1:00pm
ments for caregivers and operators of child                                                               Myrtle Beach Campus
                                                 PROGRAM ADMINISTRATION                          YLAN 509-80-2009         WS
care centers under the certification of the
                                                 PROGRAM ADMINISTRATION                            Jan 28-Feb 15          W-5:30pm-8:30pm
Department of Social Services.
                                                 Program Administration meets the needs of                                S-9:00am-1:00pm

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   Horry-Georgetown Technical College has partnered with many       ny
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     Education To Go         ProTrain          George Brown College
     LERN Inc.               360 Training
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Phone: 843.477.2020 or 843.349.5363 or Fax: 843.477.0775 for class information and registration                                                    23
HGTC                    This brand new Institute will focus on the Non-Profit sector as          • Accountability, Transparency & Legal Compliance
                        well as boards of directors of any organization. Program mate-          • Operational Planning & Evaluation
                        rial will include:                                                      • Financial Management & Stewardship

                        • Mission, Vision & Planning                                            • Human Resources
                        • Governance                                                            • Fundraising


                    SPANISH FOR LEGAL WORKERS                        discussed is their use in revitalizing today's
                    Do you want to understand your Spanish           inner city neighborhoods once in decay to
                    speaking clients better? This basic course       thriving hot spots. Also mentioned will be ac-
                    will teach you the most common terms used        tive tourist lines and museums. Questions
                    to assist your clients better. The course will   are welcome! 2 hrs $25
                    include expressions and vocabulary spo-                     Myrtle Beach Campus
                    ken in many Spanish speaking populations.        YPER 601-70-2199           W
                    Textbook required. 20 hrs. $160                    Mar 28                   6:00pm-8:00pm
                             Myrtle Beach Campus
                                                                     FLORAL FOR ALL OCCASIONS
                    YLAN 825-80-2225         WS
                     Mar 3-Mar 14            W-5:30pm-8:30pm
                                                                     How would you like to learn to create your
                                                                     own beautiful inexpensive gifts for all occa-
                    INTRODUCTION TO BRAILLE                          sions? Learn the techniques for bow mak-
                                                                                                                      SQUARE FOOT GARDENING
                    NEW!                                             ing, a filled jar, personalized greetings, and
                                                                                                                      Now is the time to prepare for spring plant-
                                                                     more. Students are required to bring a pair
                    Take advantage of this opportunity to learn                                                       ing. Learn how to grow the most veggies in
                                                                     of stain-steel scissors, pencil, and writing
                    beginner's Braille. The student will learn                                                        the least amount of space. We will discuss
                                                                     pad. Tuition includes: one container, wired
                    the system of reading and writing used by                                                         layout and construction of planting beds,
                                                                     ribbon and curling ribbon. 2 hrs, $25
                    the blind. Learn to recognize the Braille
                                                                                Myrtle Beach Campus                   mulching, fertilizing, planting, weed control,
                    numbering system including Nimith Code,
                                                                     YPER 608-70-2254           Sat                   insects, container gardening and more.
                    identify the Braille alphabet and words using
                                                                       Feb 4                    9:00am-11:00am        2 hrs $25
                    Grade 1 Braille, and recognizing and identi-
                                                                     YPER 608-71-2255           Sat                            Myrtle Beach Campus
                    fying words and sentences using contracted
                                                                      Apr 7                     Noon-2:00pm           YPER 556-70-2118           F
                    Braille. Textbook required. 15 hrs $120
                                                                                  Conway Campus                         Apr 20                   12:30pm-2:30pm
                             Myrtle Beach Campus
                                                                     YPER 608-40-2256           Sat
                    YCHD 826-70-2221           T                       Jan 28                   9:00am-11:00am        HOUSE PLANTS FOR BROWN
                      Feb 21-Apr 24            2:00pm-3:30pm         YPER 608-40-3099           Sat                   THUMBS
                                                                       May 5                    Noon-2:00pm           Learn a practical approach to plant care!
                    PERSONAL INTEREST                                                                                 This class will give you the “scoop” on dirt,
                                                                     HERB GARDENING 101
                                                                                                                      how much water and fertilizer to use, light-
                    FABULOUS TROLLEYS AND                            Discover all the information you need on
                                                                                                                      ing (natural or artificial) and pruning. Other
                    SUBWAYS: A Discussion on                         how to grow herbs, including soil prepara-
                                                                                                                      topics include “what’s bugging your plants”
                    Public Urban Rail Transit                        tion, location of a garden, common pests
                                                                                                                      and plant disease, and the use of tropical
                    Systems                                          and diseases, herb selection (including
                                                                     samples where possible), and herbs in con-       indoor plants for outside landscaping during
                    A historic and nostalgic look on how this
                                                                     tainers.2 hrs. $19                               the warmer weather. 2-1/2 hrs $25
                    form of public transportation helped form
                                                                                Myrtle Beach Campus                            Myrtle Beach Campus
                    America's cities and suburbs. The discus-
                                                                     YPER 590-70-2073           F                     YPER 565-70-2201           F
                    sion covers the rise of the trolley from the
                                                                       Apr 13                   12:30pm-2:30pm          Apr 27                   12:30pm-2:30pm
                    horse car era to today's sleek LRV's. Also

 24                     In order to avoid class cancellations, it is recommended that students register 1-week prior to start date
                                               BALLROOM DANCE                                    VOICE/VOCAL COACHING NEW!
                                               Learn the basics of Rumba, Cha-cha,               Sing, speak without throat strain, project
                                               Swing, Foxtrot, Waltz and Tango. Then             without a microphone, and increase your
                                                                                                 range and vocal fluctuation without pain.
                                               you'll get up and join the party at any social
                                                                                                 Lear proper body mechanics, breath control,
                                               event! 24 hrs, $99

                                                                                                                                                 PERSONAL INTEREST
                                                                                                 how to blend registers, and correct pitch is-
                                                        Myrtle Beach Campus                      sues. Learn professional vocal techniques
                                               YPER 599-80-2119           TTh                    for singers and speakers of all kinds on all
                                                 Feb 28-Apr 19            7pm-8:30pm             levels. From singers to teachers, coaches,
                                                                                                 actors, pastors: anyone using their in a de-
                                               SHAG DANCE BASIC                                  manding way will benefit in learning how to
                                               Never learned how to Shag? Have no time           use their voce properly. Speak louder, sing
                                               for exercise? Shag is a smooth, graceful          clearly, and never go hoarse again. 3 hrs $45
                                               dance with an emphasis on footwork and                      Myrtle Beach Campus
                                                                                                 YPER 603-70-2233           F
                                               danced to classic “beach music” tunes. Not
                                                                                                    Mar 23                  9:00am-12noon
                                               just for retirees, it’s for the young too. Shag
                                               is a great way to burn those calories and         BEGINNING GUITAR
                                               have fun doing it. You will begin by learn-       Learn to play the guitar quickly and natu-
                                               ing the basic start step; pull through, female    rally. Guitar lessons made easy with fast
                                               turn, male turn, female turn into closed posi-    results. Learn the basics of chords and key
                                                                                                 progressions, strumming, timings, rhythms
                                               tion, and pivot. No partner required. 18 hrs
                                                                                                 – then applied to the style the student de-
DANCE FOR THE VERY BEGINNER                    $99
                                                                                                 sires. (Chord structures only, not by tabs or
So You Want to Dance?                                   Myrtle Beach Campus                      lead.) Students must bring their own guitar
Got 2 left feet, no rhythm, too shy and em-    YPER 573-30-2223           MTh                    to class. 3 hrs $65
barrassed to get up and dance at parties         Feb 21-Mar 29            7pm-8:30pm                       Myrtle Beach Campus
                                                                                                 YPER 604-70-2234          T
and weddings? No Problem! This class is
                                               SONG WRITERS WORKSHOP                                Mar 6-Apr 10           11:00am-12noon
for people that need a slow paced class in-
troducing movement for dancing. You will                                                         YOGA, BEGINNER TO
                                               Learn basic skills of songwriting: lyric writ-
patiently be taught proper body alignment,                                                       INTERMEDIATE NEW!
                                               ing and chord progressions, song building,
                                                                                                 Discover how the poses of yoga affect your
basic footwork and style that can be applied   creating melodies and rhythms, and timings.       health and body. You will also learn more
to almost any music and dance. Get ready       With special emphasis on where and how to         about the principles of alignment. Yoga is
to dance your heart out! 9 hrs $49             market your songs, copyright and recording        a weight bearing exercise that will help you
        Myrtle Beach Campus                    tips. How to publish your much CD and get         build stronger bones while helping you to
YPER 600-70-2124          W                    on iTunes! 3 hrs $30                              lose weight. This class is geared to begin-
Mar 14-Apr 18             7pm-8:30pm                                                             ner students as well as those that already
                                                        Myrtle Beach Campus
                                                                                                 have a basic knowledge of yoga.
YPER 600-70-3055          W                    YPER 600-70-2232           F
                                                                                                          Myrtle Beach Campus
May 2-May 23              7pm-8:30pm             Apr 20                   9:00am-12noon          YPER 605-70-2248          Th
                                                                                                   Feb 2                   10:00am-11:00am

        PERSONAL                                                                                 Learn exercise physiology, fundamentals
                                                                                                 of anatomy, muscular strength & endur-
                                                                                                 ance along with hands-on labs in Fitness
       CERTIFICATE                                                                               Assessment, Client Rapport, Equipment
                                                                                                 Usage, Weight Training Techniques and
 Become a Certified* Personal Fitness
                                                                                                 more. Textbook required. 36 hrs $599
 Trainer in only 6 weeks. Training required
                                                                                                            Conway Campus
 prior to issuance of national certification.
                                                                                                 YLSC 585-30-2152        TTh
 • 36 hour classroom training
                                                                                                   Feb 21-Mar 29         6:30pm-9:30pm
 • 30 hour internship
                                                                                                 YLSC 585-40-2153        Sat
 • CPR & AED
                                                                                                   Mar 17-Apr 28         9:00am-4:00pm

Phone: 843.477.2020 or 843.349.5363 or Fax: 843.477.0775 for class information and registration                                                   25
                                                                                            finance, types of value, economic principles,     sales, real property law, agency, federal/
                                                                                            real estate markets and analysis, and ethics     state laws and regulations, pricing of real
HGTC                                                                                        in appraisal practice. A calculator is recom-    property, contracts, finance and mathemat-
                                                                                            mended. Tape recorders are not permitted         ics. You do not need a sponsorship in mind

                                                                                            during class lecture sessions. 30 hrs $279       (broker) to take the Pre-License class. Text-
                                                                                                     Myrtle Beach Campus                     book included in tuition.
                                                                                            YREA 552-70-2192           MTWTh                 60 hrs     $475
                                                                                              Mar 26-Mar 29            6:00pm-10:00pm        CCAR - 951 Shine Ave, Myrtle Beach
                                                                                                                                               YREA 534-70-2156          MTWTh
                                                                                            QE2 – BASIC APPRAISAL                                Jan 9-Jan 19            8:30am-5:30pm
                                                                                            PROCEDURES           091-QE2                       YREA 534-80-2215          TTh
                                                                                            This course provides an overview of real             Jan 17-Mar 8            6:00pm-10:00pm
                                                                                            estate appraisal approaches to valuation           YREA 534-71-2157          MTWTh
                                                                                            procedures, value, property description,             Feb 6-Feb 16            8:30am-5:30pm
                                                                                            residential applications, commercial ap-           YREA 534-72-2158          MTWTh
                                                                                            plication, improvement construction, home            Mar 5-Mar 15            8:30am-5:30pm
                                            CHAIR YOGA NEW!                                 inspection, and appraisal math. A calcula-         YREA 534-74-2160          Sat/Sun
                                            This class is geared to students that require   tor is recommended. Textbook required, to            Mar 17-Apr 8            8:30am-5:30pm
                                            a more gentle type of yoga. Chair Yoga is       be purchased from instructor on first day           YREA 534-73-2159          MTWTh
                                            one of the gentlest forms of yoga available.    of class. Make checks payable to Fortune             Apr 9-Apr 19            8:30am-5:30pm
                                            Most of the poses are done while sitting in a   Academy. 30 hrs $279
                                            chair or by use of a chair. Discover how the             Myrtle Beach Campus                     POST LICENSE                                PL
                                            poses of yoga affect your health and body.      YREA 553-70-2193           MTWTh                 The South Carolina Real Estate Commis-
                                            You will also learn more about the principles    Apr 23-Apr 26             6pm-10pm              sion requires that you upgrade your Provi-
                                            of alignment. A perfect class for anyone who                                                     sional License to a permanent sales license
                                            has limited movement! 1 hr, $15                 REAL ESTATE                                      by completing an additional thirty hours of
                                                      Myrtle Beach Campus                                                                    advanced real estate principles and prac-
                                            YPER 606-70-2249            Th                  PRELICENSE                                       tices by completing Post License. You have
                                              Feb 2                     11:00am-12noon      PREREQUISITES TO ATTEND                          one year from the date of issuance of your
                                                                                            PRELICENSE CLASS                                 South Carolina Real Estate Commission
                                            PRE NATAL YOGA NEW!                             • Must be at least 18 years of age               Provisional License to take Post License.
                                            Discover the benefits of Pre Natal Yoga as       • Be a high school graduate or a recipient       Textbook included in tuition. 30 hrs $299
                                            you learn to breathe deeply and relax! This       of a certificate of equivalency (GED)           CCAR - 951 Shine Ave, Myrtle Beach
                                            class will also help increase the strength,     • LICENSURE BY THE SOUTH                                  (Call for course numbers)
                                            flexibility and endurance of muscles needed        CAROLINA REAL ESTATE                                              MW
                                            for childbirth. 1 hr, $15                         COMMISSION                                     Jan 16-Feb 15               6:00pm-9:00pm
                                                      Myrtle Beach Campus                   • Have proof of completion for 60 hours of                         MTWThF
                                            YPER 607-70-2250            Th                    approved classroom instruction                 Jan 23-Jan 27               8:30am-3:30pm
                                              Feb 2                     12noon-1:00pm       • Have a satisfactory credit report                                MTWThF
                                                                                            • Receive a passing score on the state exam      Feb 20-Feb 24               8:30am-3:30pm
                                            APPRAISAL                                                                                                          Sat/Sun
                                                                                            PRELICENSE                   OPLO18001
                                                                                            This course is the first step for those who       Mar 3-Mar 17                8:30am-3:30pm
                                            QE 1 – BASIC APPRAISAL                                                                                             MTWThF
                                                                                            want a Provisional License to list, sell, pur-
                                            PRINCIPLES           091-QE1                                                                     Mar 19-Mar 23               8:30am-3:30pm
                                                                                            chase, exchange, lease, or dispose of real
                                            This course provides an overview of real
                                                                                            estate for others in the state of South Caro-                      MTWThF
                                            property concepts and characteristics, legal
                                                                                            lina. Topics to be discussed are real estate     Apr 23-Apr 27               8:30am-3:30pm
                                            consideration, value influences, real estate

  26                                            In order to avoid class cancellations, it is recommended that students register 1-week prior to start date
                                                  MANAGEMENT                                        REAL ESTATE,
                                                                                                   APPRAISAL OR                         HGTC
                                                  PROPERTY MGT.                 OPLO18004
                                                  Thirty hours of education is required by the
                                                                                                  HOME INSPECTION

                                                                                                                                        REAL ESTATE
                                                  South Carolina Real Estate Commission to       ARE YOU INTERESTED IN
                                                  receive a Property Management License.         REAL ESTATE, APPRAISAL
                                                  Topics include laws affecting property man-    OR HOME INSPECTION
                                                  agement; rental agreements; tenant rela-       LICENSING AND CON-
BROKER A - BROKER MANAGEMENT                      tions after leasing; and insurance. Textbook   TINUING EDUCATION
OPLO18005                                         included in tuition. 32 hrs $279               COURSES?
Once you have had a real estate license for       CCAR - 951 Shine Ave, Myrtle Beach             Real estate, appraisal and home
three years and show documentation of 150         YREA 507-70-2134          Sat/Sun              inspection pre-license, post li-
classroom hours of instruction, you are eli-       Jan 21-Jan 29            8:30am-5:30pm        cense and professional develop-
gible to take the Broker’s exam to become         YREA 507-71-2135          MTWTh                ment courses are available to you
a licensed Broker. This course covers short        Feb 27-Mar 1             8:30am-5:30pm        through a partnership between
and long range planning; operation of a real      YREA 507-80-2136          MW
                                                                                                 Horry-Georgetown Technical Col-
estate brokerage; liability of broker for torts
                                                   Mar 5-Mar 25             6:00pm-10:00pm
of agents; trust accounting; contracts; and                                                      lege, the Coastal Carolinas As-
                                                  YREA 507-72-2137          Sat/Sun
ethics. Textbook included in tuition.                                                            sociation of REALTORS, and For-
                                                   Apr 21-Apr 29            8:30am-5:30pm
32 hrs $279                                                                                      tune Academy (360 Training, Inc.).
CCAR - 951 Shine Ave, Myrtle Beach                                                               This partnership allows us to pro-
YREA 508-70-2138           Sat/Sun                MANDATED CONTINUING
                                                                                                 vide you the most comprehensive,
  Feb 4-Feb 12             8:30am-5:30pm          EDUCATION (MCE)
                                                                                                 up to date course offerings in the
BROKER B – BROKER’S EXAM                          AGENCY & PROPERTY                              real estate, appraisal and home in-
PREPARATION       OPLO18003                       DISCLOSURE PL-1-004                            spection industries. We also offer
Once you have had a real estate license for       Comprehend fully the key points of agency      a variety of online courses through
three years and show documentation of 150         and property disclosures as required by        the college and 360 Training. Visit
classroom hours of instruction, you are eli-      federal and state laws. Eliminate potential    our web site to get further informa-
gible to take the Broker’s exam. This course      problems by designing a disclosure proce-      tion.
covers real property law; agency, federal         dure that will demonstrate appropriate be-     Whether you are looking for a
and state laws; regulations; pricing of real
                                                  havior and provide documentation. Hand-        new career, need to take courses
property; contracts; finance, math; and clos-
                                                  outs included in tuition. 6 hrs $80            to keep your license, want to im-
ing statements. Textbook included in tuition.
                                                  CCAR - 951 Shine Ave, Myrtle Beach
32 hrs $279                                                                                      prove your skills, or just take a
                                                  YREA 503-80-2021          MW
CCAR - 951 Shine Ave, Myrtle Beach                                                               course for general knowledge let
                                                   Jan 16-Jan 18            6:00pm-9:00pm
YREA 509-70-2139           Sat/Sun                                                               Horry-Georgetown Technical Col-
                                                  YREA 503-70-2017          M
  Feb 25-Mar 4             8:30am-5:30pm                                                         lege and its strategic partners be
                                                   Jan 23                   8:30am-3:30pm
                                                                                                 your choice for quality education.
                                                  YREA 503-71-2018          M
                                                   Feb 20                   8:30am-3:30pm
                                                                                                 Contact HGTC Continuing
 Mortgage CE and Real Estate                                                                     Education for more information.
                                                  YREA 503-72-2019          M
 CE available Online!
                                                   Mar 19                   8:30am-3:30pm
  FOR MORE INFORMATION:                                                                          843-349-5363 | 843-477-2020
                                                  YREA 503-81-2022          MW
  Call 843-477-2045                                                                                   www.hgtc.edu/ce
                                                   Apr 2-Apr 4              6:00pm-9:00pm
                                                  YREA 503-73-2020          M                         Or call 839-1131
                                                   Apr 23                   8:30am-3:30pm         www.fortune academy.com

Phone: 843.477.2020 or 843.349.5363 or Fax: 843.477.0775 for class information and registration                                          27
                                                                                                                                             REAL ESTATE CONTRACTS PL2-004
                                            More than 300 online courses
                                                                                                                                             Critique contracts; analyze and complete of-

                                            Online Courses
HGTC                    t                                                                                                                    fers to purchase; and be able to explain the
                  fromort of
                  comf me!                                                                                                                   common provisions of real estate contracts

                     ho                                                                                                                      for your client and customer. Handouts in-
                                                                                                                                             cluded in tuition. 6 hrs $80
              Our instructor-facilitated online courses are
              informative, fun, convenient, and highly            Horry-Georgetown Technical College                                         CCAR - 951 Shine Ave, Myrtle Beach
              interactive. Our instructors are famous for their                                                                              YREA 504-80-2027           MW
                                                                  Introduction to Microsoft Excel      Introduction to Microsoft
              ability to create warm and supportive                                                                                            Jan 23-Jan 25            6:00pm-9:00pm
                                                                  Discover the secrets to setting up   Access
              communities of learners.                            fully formatted worksheets quickly   Store, locate, print, and automate    YREA 504-70-2023           T
                                                                  and efficiently.                     access to all types of information.
                                                                                                                                               Jan 24                   8:30am-3:30pm
                                                                  Creating Web Pages                   Introduction to Microsoft Word
              All courses run for six weeks (with a               Learn the basics of HTML so you                                            YREA 504-71-2021           T
                                                                                                       Learn how to create and modify
              10-day grace period at the end). Courses are        can design, create, and post your    documents with the world's most         Feb 21                   8:30am-3:30pm
              project-oriented and include lessons, quizzes,      very own site on the Web.            popular word processor.
              hands-on assignments, discussion areas,             Accounting Fundamentals                                                    YREA 504-72-2025           T
                                                                                                       Project Management
              supplementary links, and more. You can              Gain a marketable new skill by       Fundamentals                            Mar 20                   8:30am-3:30pm
                                                                  learning the basics of double-       Gain the skills you'll need to
              complete any course entirely from your home         entry bookkeeping, financial                                               YREA 504-81-2028           MW
                                                                                                       succeed in the fast-growing field
              or office. Any time of the day or night.            reporting, and more.                 of project management.                 Apr 9-Apr 11              6:00pm-9:00pm
                                                                  Speed Spanish                        Computer Skills for the               YREA 504-73-2026           T
              Enroll Now!                                         Learn six easy recipes to glue
                                                                  Spanish words together into                                                 Apr 24                    8:30am-3:30pm
                                                                  sentences, and you'll be speaking    Gain a working knowledge of the
              Visit our Online Instruction                                                             computer skills you'll need to
                                                                  Spanish in no time.
              Center today!                                                                            succeed in today's job market.        ETHICS & REAL ESTATE PL3-004
                                                                  A to Z Grantwriting
                                                                                                       Introduction to Dreamweaver           Identify situations involving real estate eth-
              www.hgtc.edu/ce                                     Learn how to research and
                                                                  develop relationships with           Harness the broad range of
                                                                                                                                             ics; assess the facts of the situation; explain
                                                                  potential funding sources,           capabilities Dreamweaver brings
              or call:                                                                                 to Web development.
                                                                  organize grantwriting campaigns,                                           the ethical choices involved; and state the
              (843) 477-2020                                      and prepare proposals.
                                                                  Medical Terminology:
                                                                                                       Introduction to PC
                                                                                                                                             reasoning behind the choice made. Hand-

                                                                                                       Learn to decipher and solve           outs included in tuition. 6 hrs $80
                       How to Get Started:                        A Word Association Approach
                                                                  Prepare for a career in the health   almost any problem with your PC.      CCAR - 951 Shine Ave, Myrtle Beach
                1. Visit our Online Instruction                   services industry by learning        Introduction to PowerPoint
                                                                  medical terminology in a                                                   YREA 505-70-2125           W
                   Center:                                                                             Build impressive slide
                                                                  memorable and enjoyable fashion.     presentations filled with text,         Jan 25                   8:30am-3:30pm
                   www.hgtc.edu/ce                                Introduction to QuickBooks           images, video, audio, charts, and
                                                                                                                                             YREA 505-80-2122           MW
                2. Click the Courses link, choose                 Learn how to quickly and             more.
                   the department and course title                efficiently gain control over the                                            Jan 30-Feb 1             6:00pm-9:00pm
                                                                                                       Going Green at Home
                   you are interested in and                      financial aspects of your            Step into a green lifestyle as you    YREA 505-71-2126           W
                                                                  business.                            discover simple, cost-effective
                   select the Enroll Now button.
                                                                  Grammar Refresher                    ways to make your home                  Feb 22                   8:30am-3:30pm
                   Follow the instructions to enroll
                                                                  Gain confidence in your ability to   environmentally friendly.             YREA 505-72-2127           W
                   and pay for your course. Here
                                                                  produce clean, grammatically
                   you will enter your e-mail and                 correct documents and speeches.
                                                                                                       Discover Digital Photography            Mar 21                   8:30am-3:30pm
                   choose a password that will                                                         An informative introduction to the
                   grant you access to the                        Intermediate Microsoft Excel         fascinating world of digital          YREA 505-81-2123           MW
                                                                  Work faster and more productively    photography equipment.
                   Classroom.                                                                                                                 Apr 16-Apr 18             6:00pm-9:00pm
                                                                  with Excel's most powerful tools.
                                                                                                       GRE Preparation - Part 1
                3. When your course starts, return                                                                                           YREA 505-73-2128           W
                                                                  Real Estate Investing                Discover powerful strategies for
                   to our Online Instruction Center               Build and protect your wealth by     success in the verbal and              Apr 25                    8:30am-3:30pm
                   and click the Classroom link.                  investing in real estate.            analytical sections of the GRE.
                   To begin your studies, simply
                   log in with your e-mail and the                               MORE COURSES AVAILABLE
                   password you selected during                              AT OUR ONLINE INSTRUCTION CENTER

 28              In order to avoid class cancellations, it is recommended that students register 1-week prior to start date
MEASUREMENTS AND                                 of your intentions to do things the right way.   CCAR - 951 Shine Ave, Myrtle Beach
VALUATION PL4-004                                Handouts included in tuition. 6 hrs $80          YREA 568-70-2194    F
Accuracy is critical when you’re doing the       CCAR - 951 Shine Ave, Myrtle Beach               Jan 27              3:30pm-5:30pm
basic calculations used in measuring prop-       YREA 506-70-2129           F                     YREA 568-71-2195    F
erty. You will be asked to measure specific                                                        Feb 24              3:30pm-5:30pm

                                                                                                                                                REAL ESTATE, ACT WORKKEYS
                                                   Jan 27                   8:30am-3:30pm
examples after which comparable figures                                                            YREA 568-72-2196    F
                                                 YREA 506-80-2133           MW
will be used to perform market analysis on                                                        Mar 23              3:30pm-5:30pm
                                                   Feb 13-Feb 15            6:00pm-9:00pm
the property. Handouts included in tuition.                                                       YREA 568-74-2198    T
                                                 YREA 506-71-2130           F
6 hrs $80                                                                                         Apr 24              3:30pm-5:30pm
                                                   Feb 24                   8:30am-3:30pm
CCAR - 951 Shine Ave, Myrtle Beach                                                                YREA 568-73-2197    F
                                                 YREA 506-72-2131           F
YREA 519-70-2140          Th                                                                      Apr 27              3:30pm-5:30pm
  Jan 26                  8:30am-3:30pm            Mar 23                   8:30am-3:30pm
                                                 YREA 506-73-2132           F
YREA 519-71-2141          Th
                                                                                                  MISCELLANEOUS CLASSES
  Feb 23                  8:30am-3:30pm           Apr 27                    8:30am-3:30pm
YREA 519-72-2142          Th                                                                      STATE REVIEW
  Mar 22                  8:30am-3:30pm
                                                 3 D REAL ESTATE – DISCLOSURES,
                                                                                                  This review class will help those who are
YREA 519-73-2143          Th                     DUTIES & DILIGENCE CEC 2151
                                                                                                  licensed in other states and are seek-
  Apr 26                  8:30am-3:30pm          This 2-hour core course will provide an in-
                                                                                                  ing a South Carolina Real Estate license
                                                 depth review of license law, along with a
FAIR HOUSING                   PL5-004                                                            to prepare for the state specific portion of
                                                 defined focus in the areas of agency repre-
Fair Housing is not just a good idea, it’s the                                                    the South Carolina Real Estate Licensing
                                                 sentation, agent diligence and duties. The
law. Understand the latest regulations and                                                        Exam. 16 hrs       $150
                                                 licensee becomes more familiar with license
guidelines as you work with all individuals.                                                      Classes are held on a regular basis at
                                                 law and utilizes the law to determine param-
Make sure your advertising is in compli-                                                          CCAR, 951 Shine Avenue, Myrtle Beach,
                                                 eters for specific behaviors. 2 hrs. $35
ance. Develop procedures that offer proof                                                         please contact us for dates.

  Horry-Georgetown Technical College is now an ACT WorkKeys Provider
  WHAT IS WORKKEYS?                              Any of the 12 WorkKeys assessments can           TRAINING
  WorkKeys is a job skills assessment sys-       be completed in less than an hour and can        WorkKeys enables educators, individuals,
  tem measuring “real world’ skills that em-     be taken at schools, businesses, or other        and employers to identify skill gaps and
  ployers believe are critical to job success.   locations (including online!) that adminis-      guide training to improve WorkKeys scores
  These skills are valuable for any occupa-      ter WorkKeys. Several assessments are            when necessary.
  tion – skilled or professional and at any      available in computer based and Spanish             For more information about
  level of education.                            versions. Assessments are given regularly          how WorkKeys can help your
                                                 at our Conway & Georgetown Campuses.                  organization please call
                                                                                                  Catherine Riggins at 843-477-2026.
  The abilities to learn, listen, communicate,
  work in teams, and solve problems are im-
  portant assets for any worker, regardless
  of career choice. WorkKeys assessments
  measure these abilities in four key areas:
  Communication – Business Writing, Lis-
    tening, Reading For Information, Writing
  Problem Solving – Applied Mathematics,
    Applied Technology, Locating Informa-
    tion, Observation
  Interpersonal Skills – Teamwork
  Personal Skills – Performance, Talent, Fit.

Phone: 843.477.2020 or 843.349.5363 or Fax: 843.477.0775 for class information and registration                                                   29
                           REGISTRATION IS EASY!                                                                SIGN UP TODAY!
                           Most of our classes are cost-recovery and we need a minimum number of students enrolled early to keep the program running. When too

                           many people wait until the last minute to register, great classes taught by excellent instructors get cancelled.
                           DON’T BE DISAPPOINTED, REGISTER EARLY!

                           REGISTER ONLINE:                                REGISTER BY MAIL:                                REGISTER IN PERSON:
                              www.hgtc.edu/ce.register                        Use the form in this catalog or                   Visit any of our HGTC Continuing

                           REGISTER BY FAX:                                   visit www.hgtc.edu/ce.register,                   Education Offices:
                                                                              print and complete the registration form,           Conway Campus
                              visit www.hgtc.edu/ce.register,
                                                                              then mail to:                                       Highway 501 E, Building 1100
                              print and complete the registration form,
                              then fax to 843-477-0775                          HGTC Continuing Education                         Myrtle Beach Campus
                                                                                P.O. Box 271966                                   743 Hemlock Ave., Building 200
                           REGISTER BY PHONE:
                                                                                Conway, SC 29528-6066                             Georgetown Campus
                              843-477-2020 or 843-349-5363
                                                                                                                                  4003 S. Frasier St

                           GENERAL INFORMATION                             PARKING
                           1. Unless indicated, fees do not include        Designated student parking is available on       REFUND POLICY – PUBLIC CLASSES
                              textbooks or supplies. Call bookstore at     each campus. Temporary parking permits           1. 100% refund will be issued if we cancel the
                              349-5220.                                    must be visible in your front window.               class.
                           2. Minimum enrollment must be met –             Parking permits will be mailed with your         2. If YOU choose to cancel your registration
                              please register early!                                                                           you must do so at least one business
                                                                           confirmation, or may be obtained when you
                           3. Horry-Georgetown Technical College                                                               day before class begins. Some classes
                                                                           register in person. If you do not receive a
                              reserves the right to cancel classes.                                                            (such as Motorcycle Classes) require
                                                                           parking pass, please stop by any continuing         additional notice – please check class
                           4. No registration is complete until all fees
                                                                           education office and request one.                    description for details.
                              have been paid.
                                                                           ROOM ASSIGNMENT                                  3. RefundpolicyforConferencesandSeminars
                                                                                                                               will be noted on their literature.
                                                                           Building and room numbers are usually
                                                                           listed on your confirmation letter. If no room
                                                                           number or building is listed, please go to the
                                                                           main building in Georgetown, Building 200
                                                                           in Myrtle Beach or Building 1100 in Conway
                                                                           for room assignments.

                                    COMING THIS SPRING
                                       HAIR BRAIDING
                                          For more information, contact Catherine Riggins at 843-477-2026

 30                            In order to avoid class cancellations, it is recommended that students register 1-week prior to start date
Name (as it apears on your Social Security card)              1.    Course Title _________________________________         HGTC
________________________________________________                    Course # ________________ Start Date __________

                                                                                                                           REGISTRATION FORM
Date of Birth _____________________________________                 Tuition $ __________ Campus __________________

Address ________________________________________              2.    Course Title _________________________________

City ____________________ State _____ Zip _________                 Course # ________________ Start Date __________

Day Phone ______________________________________                    Tuition $ __________ Campus __________________

Company _______________________________________               3.    Course Title _________________________________

Evening Phone ___________________________________                   Course # ________________ Start Date __________

Email ___________________________________________                   Tuition $ __________ Campus __________________

Please check one:                                             Residential Status:
                                                                I am a U.S. Citizen
    Enclosed is a check for $ _______________________           I am a legal permanent resident 18 years of age or older
    to pay my full registration fee. Payable to Horry
                                                                I am an illegal resident of the U.S.
    Georgetown Technical College. Please include driver's
    license number on check.                                  Gender:          Male       Female
Please charge my credit card:                                 Gender:             African_American       Asian
       Mastercard               Visa               Discover        Caucasian      Native American        Hispanic
                                                                   Other ________________________________________
Card# __________________________ Exp. Date _______
                                                                     CLIP & MAIL T0: HGTC Continuing Education
Signature _______________________________________                       P.O. Box 261966 · Conway, 29582-6066

Name (as it apears on your Social Security card)              1.    Course Title _________________________________

________________________________________________                    Course # ________________ Start Date __________

Date of Birth _____________________________________                 Tuition $ __________ Campus __________________

Address ________________________________________              2.    Course Title _________________________________

City ____________________ State _____ Zip _________                 Course # ________________ Start Date __________

Day Phone ______________________________________                    Tuition $ __________ Campus __________________

Company _______________________________________               3.    Course Title _________________________________

Evening Phone ___________________________________                   Course # ________________ Start Date __________

Email ___________________________________________                   Tuition $ __________ Campus __________________

Please check one:                                             Residential Status:
                                                                I am a U.S. Citizen
    Enclosed is a check for $ _______________________           I am a legal permanent resident 18 years of age or older
    to pay my full registration fee. Payable to Horry           I am an illegal resident of the U.S.
    Georgetown Technical College. Please include driver's
    license number on check.                                  Gender:          Male       Female
Please charge my credit card:                                 Gender:             African_American       Asian
       Mastercard               Visa               Discover        Caucasian      Native American        Hispanic
                                                                   Other ________________________________________
Card# __________________________ Exp. Date _______
                                                                     CLIP & MAIL T0: HGTC Continuing Education
Signature _______________________________________                       P.O. Box 261966 · Conway, 29582-6066

Phone: 843.477.2020 or 843.349.5363 or Fax: 843.477.0775 for class information and registration                             31
                                                                                      CUSTOMIZED TRAINING
HGTC                                                                                       AND ON-SITE TRAINING
                                                                                      Customized courses are available through Horry-Georgetown Technical College Workforce

                                                                                      Development & Continuing Education. We will bring most of our courses to your site to save
                                                                                      your company time and money, or you can elect to send you employees to our Conference &
                                                                                      Business Center at our Myrtle Beach Campus. A few of the companies that have already taken
                                                                                      advantage of our on-site training include City of Myrtle Beach, Georgetown Hospital Systems,
                                                                                      and Comfort Keepers. Most open enrollment courses in this brochure can be customized to
                                                                                      meet your needs. Additional courses offered include the following:
                                                                                       Team Building                      Business Writing        IV Therapy
                               For more information, contact                           Leadership Skills                  Conflict Resolution     Phlebotomy for Healthcare
                               Cindy Ott at 477-2072                                   Supervisory Skills                 ServSafe                Workers
                               or Cynthia.ott@hgtc.edu                                 HIPPA                              Personal Care Assistant

                              A-B                                                           E-F-G                                                          P-Q-R-S
                               Adobe Photoshop ..............................22                Ebay ..................................................13    Patient Care Technician ......................9
                               Allied Health Certificate Programs..3-10                         EKG ....................................................6    Personal Fitness Trainer ...................25
                               Anatomy & Physiology ........................4                  Electric ..............................................19    Personal Interest ..........................24-26
                               Appraisal ...........................................26         EMT ....................................................6    Photography .................................22-23
                               Bartending .........................................17          Excel .................................................13    Private Investigator ...........................22
                               Braille ................................................24      Facebook ..........................................12        Professional Training .........................23
                               Bloodborne Pathogens ........................4                  Facility Maintenance .........................19             Quickbooks .......................................13
                               Building Science................................20              Gardening .........................................24        Real Estate...................................26-29
                               Business ...................................... 10-11           General Contractors Exam Prep .......21                      Registration Information ....................30
                                                                                               Geographic Information Systems ........7                     Res.Homebuilders Exam Prep ..........21
                              C-D                                                                                                                           SCNA Approved Courses ...............9-10
                                                                                            H-I-J-K-L                                                       SCORE ........................................ 10-11
                               Career Development Faciltator..........12
                                                                                             Herb Gardening .................................24             Senior Surf ........................................15
                               Career Preparation ..............................9
                                                                                             HIPAA..................................................7       ServSafe ...........................................17
                               Certified Nurse Aide ............................4
                                                                                             Home Inspection ...............................21              Spanish ........................................23-24
                               Certified Pool/Spa Operator ..............21
                                                                                             Hospital Billing Specialist ....................8
                               Clinical Medical Assistant ....................5
                                                                                             Law ..................................................22
                               Compusystems....................................5                                                                      T-U-V-W-X-Y-Z
                                                                                             Leadership ...................................14-15
                               Computer System Operations ...........15                                                                                 Tractor-Trailer Truck Driving ..............18
                               Cosmetology .....................................17                                                                      Veterinary Assistant Certificate ............9
                               CPR ....................................................5                                                                Weatherization ..................................20
                                                                                             Medical Billing & Coding......................8
                               Culinary .............................................16                                                                 Welding .............................................20
                                                                                             Medical Terminology............................8
                               Dance ................................................25                                                                 Windows 7.........................................12
                                                                                             Medication Technician Assistant ..........8
                               Defensive Driving ..............................17                                                                       Word .................................................15
                                                                                             Medico Leagal Issues..........................8
                               Demonstration Cooking ................16-17                                                                              Yoga .............................................25-26
                                                                                             Mental Health Technician ....................9
                               Dental Billing .......................................5       Microsoft Project ...............................13
                               Dental Office Terminology ...................5                 Motorcycle .........................................18
                               Diagnostic Coding ICD 10 ...................6                 Music.................................................25
                               Discovering Computers .....................12                 OSHA ...........................................19-20

 32                              In order to avoid class cancellations, it is recommended that students register 1-week prior to start date
      at Horry Georgetown Technical College

      Available Amenities:
       •     Wireless Internet
       •     Video Conferencing
       •     Digital Satellite
       •     Audio/Visual Equipment
       •     State of the Art Computer Lab
       •     Custom Set Up Options

    We can accommodate groups
    from 10 to 300 for classes,
    workshops & conferences!
    Call our Conference Center
    Manager at 843-477-2042
    for a tour today!

 "Love the facility - we will be back" - Doris, AARP
 "The Grand Strand Conference Center was a perfect location
 for us and you and your staff were delightful to work with!"
  - Helen, Leadership South Carolina
 "Y'all are awesome beyond belief!" - Create South team
 "Thank you again for all of our help...I will definitely keep
 the Conference Center in mind for future events!"
  - American Heart Association

Let our friendly staff help to make
your next event memorable!
          WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT                                               Presorted Std.
 Hor r y Georgetown                                                           Permit No. 116
          TECHNICAL COLLEGE                                                  POSTAGE PAID
                                                                               Conway, SC
PO Box 271966, Conway, SC 29528-6066

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                          SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE? - see page 25

                                                    START YOUR SPRING GARDEN - see page 24

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