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									           Career Opportunities at

                   Marketing Management

 Presented By:
 Chris Lemmon
Martin Sambusini
• About Us
• History of our company
• Our products
• Skill sets for an entry level Marketing
• Why Marketing as a career?
• Typical Day
• Questions
About Us

Chris Lemmon
Associate Marketing Manager

Martin Sambusini
Associate Marketing Manager

• Founded in 1905 by Edward Mead Johnson
  who also co-founded Johnson & Johnson
  with his brother
• Pioneer in science-based nutrition for infants
  and vitamin research
• Acquired by Bristol-Myers in 1967
   100 Brand names marketed in more than 110 countries

Infant Formulas    Children Nutritionals Adult Nutritionals
(Enfamil Family)

•LIPIL             •Sustagen             •Boost
•Nutramigen        •Choco Milk           •Choice DM
•ProSobee                                •Subdue
•Enfamil AR
Beginning A Career in
Marketing Management
    Consumer Medical Marketing
•   Adult
•   Infant Formula
•   Pediatric
•   Direct to Consumer
     Marketing Career Ladder
•   Assistant Brand Manager
•   Associate Brand Manager
•   Brand Manager
•   Senior Brand Manager
•   Director
•   Executive Level (e.g. Senior Director, Vice President, etc.)
     Position Profile
   Assistant Marketing Manager

•Expected Areas of Competence
•Leadership Behaviors and Themes
•Experience Desired
•Knowledge Desired
•Developmental Value
                     Expected Areas of
Assistant Brand Manager
•Participates in the development of the brand/product strategies and tactics.
•Participates in developing tools for effective and consistent brand
communication to customers.
•Participates in the development of relevant methods, tools for market research.
•Participates in the development of materials required for launch of new product
or line extension.
•Conducts cost-benefit analyses on assigned projects when relevant.
•Coordinates executional aspects around the development of communication
•Initiates and builds relationships with key internal and external contacts to
effectively work on assigned activities.
        Leadership Themes
• Creates and Articulates a Vision
• Sets Priorities & Allocates Resources
• Drives Innovation through Embracing Diversity
  and Change
• Takes Accountability & Achieves Results
• Develops Self & Others
• Sets the Example and thereby Shapes the Culture
            Experience Desired
• Successful academic experience with a top tier University or
  undergraduate degree with relevant business experience.
• Experience organizing and prioritizing multiple projects to meet
  timelines and budgets.
• Experience in working individually or as a team member.
• Experience in a time-demanding and dynamic environment.
• Experience in using Computer software applications (e.g.
  spreadsheets, presentation, word processing).
              Knowledge Desired
• Basic understanding of marketing concepts and relationships
  with cross-functional partners (sales, advertising, public
  relations, agencies, vendors etc).
• Knowledge of general business acumen; e.g. finance,
  accounting, distribution.
• Knowledge of general business and market trends.
         Developmental Value
• Build consumer and ethical marketing knowledge
• Develop understanding of brand development/ creative process
• Develop understanding of market research and market trends
• Gain knowledge of MJN financial management and budget
• Impacting and influencing decisions in a matrix organization
      Leadership Development
•   Position Profiles
•   Performance Partnerships
•   Career Dialogue
•   360 Degree Feedback
Why Marketing?
Typical Day

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