Infertility 101 by perez111


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									   Having a baby of your own is considered one of
    the most invaluable gifts of life. It is considered a
    different type of accomplishment and fulfillment
    in which the love of the couple for each other is
    fortified. Unluckily, not all individuals are blessed
    with a gift of childbirth. There are circumstances
    when a married couple suffers problems in
    getting pregnant even after a year or month of
    regular contact or when a woman is incapable to
    accomplish at least 7-9 months or full term
    pregnancy. This is termed as Infertility.
   Several researches have been completed to give
    information concerning the explanations on why
    infertility occurs among couples. Although it is
    widespread that most of the explanations are
    because of complications on the part of the
    female. Such as a female suffering issues in her
    ovulation or when she is not ovulating at all. It is
    imperative for a female to have his period
    regularly and properly for this will influence her
    fertility in the long run. Other factors which also
    bring infertility to women are complications in
    the uterus, tubal blockage, tubal ligations, etc.
   Obviously, the notorious reason for the
    fertility problems of men and women today
    can be attributed on the rising big amount of
    individuals who have STDs (sexually
    transmitted diseases). Sexually transmitted
    diseases are not only deadly through the
    passing of time but they also portray a
    significant role in issues encountered in
    getting pregnant among couples.
   Infertility can also be attributed on the age of a
    woman. Each month, a female drops ten
    thousand eggs. With this in mind, there actually
    is a particular timeframe for a female wherein
    she is naturally unable to get pregnant because
    of the scarcity of egg cells. Females in their early
    30s and late 20s are the ideal years for child birth
    and child conceiving. On the other hand, fertility
    problems in men are associated with their sperm
    count. Generally, sperm disorders or
    complications make a man infertile. This is why
    tracking sperm counts are very imperative.
   Diseases such as Gonorrhea, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
    (PID), Endometriosis and Polycystic ovarian syndrome
    (PCOS) also result to fertility problems between couples.
    These diseases are very extreme medical concerns which
    need intensive health care. Even though some of these
    health problems can be healed just like PID which is a type
    of inflammation of the pelvis. Conception can be
    accomplished if a married couple is eager to undertake a
    procedure called IVF (in vitro fertilization). In vitro
    fertilization is a very well-known process of fertilization or
    reproduction in which the egg cell is inseminated by a
    sperm outside the womb of a woman. This type of
    procedure has been proven and tested effective but it is
    sometimes expensive.
   In many cases, fertility problems can be
    linked solely on the lifestyle of a person.
    People always take for granted their vices like
    use of illegal drugs, drinking, smoking and
    weight-related diseases. What people do not
    know is that these unhealthy habits have a
    huge impact on the fertility of a person.

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