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					THE CIA
Basic concepts of intelligence
gathering for Lake View CIA
What is “Intelligence”?
 Definition: Information about events or trends in
  foreign countries that could impact our national
 The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has this
  responsibility in the United States.
 Different kinds of intelligence:
   Current intelligence: day to day events
   Estimative intelligence: looks at what might by happenings
   Warning intelligence: gives notice to our policy makers that
    something may require their urgent attention
   Research intelligence: in-depth study of an issue
   Scientific and technical intelligence: information on foreign
How is intelligence collected?
  Human Intelligence: information collected by
  humans (agents, spies, or informants)
  Communications Intelligence: gadgets that are
  used to intercept the target’s communications
  Signals Intelligence: intercepting a target’s
  electronic emissions, radar systems,…
The Intelligence Cycle
1. Planning and Direction
     CIA officials are given a task and they plan the best
     way to get this information.
2. Collection
     Getting the information that policy makers requested.
3. Processing
     Converting the information gathered into something
     useful. This involved decoding, translating, or other
     interpretation methods.
4. All Source Analysis and Production
     All the data is integrated and evaluated together.
5. Dissemination
     A finished report is given to the policy maker.
An Example of the Intelligence Cycle
Problem: A rumor that Schurr High School is planning to vandalize Lake View
   Soccer Field.
1. Planning and Direction
        Dr. Werner approaches our class and asks us to find out everything we can
        about Schurr High School students potentially vandalizing Lake View Soccer
2. Collection
        Lake View CIA starts riding the bus wearing street clothes at the end of school to
        try and listen in on conversations amongst Shurr students. Lake View CIA will
        hack into Schurr student Facebook pages to try to find information. Lake View
        CIA student will make friends with a Schurr student to try to gain information.
3. Processing
        Lake View CIA will decode any intelligence found on Facebook pages. Schurr
        informant will be brought in for lie detector test or interrogation.
4. All Source Analysis and Production
        Lake View CIA will brief each other on conversations overheard on the bus.
        Lake View CIA will compare intelligence from different Facebook pages.
5. Dissemination
        Lake View CIA will prepare a final report for presentation to Dr. Werner. She
        will then contact Schurr principal to determine further action.
Coding and Decoding
• To transmit information, coding is used. This is like a
  locked puzzle but if you don’t have the key, its useless.
• Some ways this can be done:
  ▫   Letters are represented by numbers
  ▫   Words are scrambles
  ▫   Symbols replace words or letters
  ▫   Unnecessary letters are inserted to confuse the message
Covert Actions
• If the CIA wants to use the intelligence they’ve gathered to
  make a change, but not make it publically known, they will
  use covert actions.
• Ways to implement covert actions
    Propaganda: change people’s beliefs and values
      Ex. Radio broadcasts, distribution of written material, paying
      journalists to write articles in a certain direction
    Political Actions: taking action to try to change the power
    structure of a foreign country.
      Ex. Offering financial support to a competing political candidate
    Paramilitary Operations: military forces are used that are
    separate from the regularly used forces of a nation.
      Ex. Providing financial support or training for information
      military groups with the intent of suppressing the enemy
Covert Actions in Latin America

Latin America is turning Communist!!!!!

You, Lake View CIA, are responsible for
 developing a plan to stop this. You will be
 broken into teams and to develop a plan. Have a
 final intelligence report prepared for all-class
 briefing in the form of a power point
Jacobo Arbenz
Jacobo Arbenz has been elected as
President of Guatemala. He is not
friendly to United States companies that
operate in Guatemala. His speeches
scream Communism and if we don’t do
something about him, soon all of Latin
America will be communist.

Agents on this task:
1. Karina
2. Catalina
3. Yesenia
4. Laszlo
Fidel Castro
Fidel Castro is a pesky nuisance. He and
his rebel army have overthrown the
leader of Cuba. He runs with Ernesto
“Che” Guevara, a known communist.
Cuba is only 80 miles from United
States territory. That is too close for

Agents on this this task:
1. Sofia
2. Monica
3. Daleris
4. Mynor
5. Jessica
6. Cynthia

Group #2
2. Agi
3. Jonathan
Salvador Allende
Salvador Allende is a growing concern.
His party is the Popular Front but it may
as well named be the Communist Party!
He is gathering a lot of support in Chile
and we fear he is soon to be elected. It
would be best if we could prevent his

Agents on this task:
1. Ariel
2. Julio
3. Erick
4. Jorge
Daniel Ortega and Frente
Sandinista de Liberacion Nacional
The FSLN are a bunch of socialist
trouble makers. Their leader, Daniel
Ortega, is really causing problems in
Nicaragua. This group models
themselves after the bad example of
Augusto Cesar Sandino, but we were
able to get rid of him with the help of
Anastasio Somoza. Unfortunately, the
problem has come up again and we have
to put it to a stop.

Agents on this task:
1. Juana
2. David
3. Ariana
4. Josh
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