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									   There is over            It is believed that
    61million people          Thailand was
    living in Thailand.       populated by the
   Thailand was              south of china.
    founded in 1238 by
    two Thai governors
    Khun Bang Klang
    Thao and Khun Pha
A civil design made in the year
A design made by king Buddha
       Yodfa Chuloloke
A design made by King Buddha
       Laetla Nabhalai
A design made by king
A design made by State and
A design civil design
National flag, civil and state design
   White stands for purity and it is the colour of

   Blue is Thailand's main colour and represents the

   The blue is also used to honour Thailand's World
    War I allies, Great Britain, France, United States
    and Russia, who all had red, white and blue flags.
   Thailand has many sports such as
    rugby golf and football, but Thai
    boxing is the most common.
In 1873, King Chulalogkorn designed a coat
  of arms for use in Siam (the old name for
  Thailand), in the western heraldic style.
  Forty years later, he decided that the coat
  of arms was too westernized and lacked
  any image of the Garuda (which the kings
  of the Ayutthaya Kingdom had used as
  symbol of their power).
He then ordered his brother Prince Naris to
  make a new emblem in place of the coat of
  arms. At first, Naris had designed an emblem
  featuring Garuda, Naga and Vishnu inside a
  circle. The emblem was only used for a short
  while before the king suggested Naris
  removed the images of Vishnu and Naga.
After Chulalongkorn’s reign, King Vajiravudh
  ordered (Thai to create a new emblem. The
  new one featured Chulalongkorn's emblem,
  but encircled it to create an outer rim, which
  contained the royal ceremonial name.
Upon coronation of a new king, the royal
 emblem is changed to correspond with the
 name of the new king. After the
 abdication of King Prajadhipok in 1935,
 King Ananda Mahidol succeeded to the
 throne, but he was never crowned, so a
 new emblem was not created and
 Chulalongkorn's emblem was used
Today, an image of Garuda without the
 circle around it is used as the emblem of
Bangkok is the capital.
The currency is Thai baht.
Climate:Tropical; rainy, warm, cloudy
southwest monsoon (mid-May to
September); dry, cool northeast monsoon
(November to mid-March); Southern
isthmus always hot and humid
Religion: Buddhism.
By Shane English

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