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									Kitchen Principles

     Chapter 7
• Define and give examples of major
  appliances, small appliances, and utensils
• Explain what a work center is an identify
  the three basic kitchen work centers
       Your New Apartment
• What items would you need for your new
    Introduction to the Kitchen
• Three Basic kinds of equipment
  – Major appliances
  – Small appliances
  – Utensils
          Major Appliances
• Large device that gets its energy form
  electricity or gas
• Examples:
  – Range (Stove/Oven)
  – Refrigerator-freezer
  – Microwave
  – Dishwasher
          Small Appliances
• Small electrical household device used tp
  perform simple tasks
• Examples:
  – Mixer
  – Food Processor
  – Blender
  – Toaster
• Kitchen tools
• Examples
  – Measuring cups
  – Knives
  – Peelers
  – Pots
  – Pans
  – Cookware
• In groups find an example of each of the
  three basic kinds of kitchen equipment
  – Major Appliance
  – Small Appliance
  – Utensil
       Kitchen Work Centers
• What is a Work Center?
• Area designed for specific kitchen tasks
• Well-designed work centers include:
  – All the equipment you need
  – Sufficient storage space
  – Safe, convenient work space
   Three Basic Work Centers
• Cold Storage Center
  – Refrigerator-Freezer is the focus of this center
   Three Basic Work Centers
• Sink Center
  – Main source of water
    • Uses?
       – Washing fresh fruits and vegetables
       – Draining foods
       – Washing Dishes
   Three Basic Work Centers
• Cooking Center
  – Range and related items
    • What are some of these related items?
       –   Cooking tools
       –   Pots and Pans
       –   Pot Holders
       –   Small cooking appliances
           Work Center Activity
• In small groups, draw a rough floor plan of the
  school foods lab kitchen.
• Show the location of:
  –   the sink
  –   major appliances
  –   Cabinets
  –   counters
• Circle and Label each work center
• Identify the location of at least:
  – two small appliances
  – three kinds of utensils
           Section One Quiz
•   What is a major appliance?
•   What is a small appliance?
•   What is a utensil?
•   What is a kitchen work center?
•   Name three major work centers of the

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